How Do Test Cases Differ From Test Scenarios?

How Do Test Cases Differ From Test Scenarios?

In this article, we will talk about test cases and test scenarios. We will see their definitions and try to understand the differences between the two. These two are a part of software testing.


Test case: A test case comprises of certain variables or conditions, using which a test engineer can determine as to whether a software product, system,application or any one of its modules are functioning as per the requirements of the client or the customer.

Test Scenario:

A test scenario comprises of a detailed test procedure. A test scenario has many test cases linked with it. Before a scenario is covered, we need to cover all the test cases associated with it.

Scenario testing is to ensure that, end to end functionality of software under test, is as expected. Additionally check if the all business streams are functioning as expected. In scenario testing, tester needs to put his/her foot in the clients shoes to check and perform the activity as how they are utilizing the software application under test. In scenario testing the arrangement of scenarios would be the most critical part, to set up the scenario tester needs to counsel or take assistance from the customer, partner or developers.

Software Testing field is particularly fascinating field to take a shot at, however once in a while many of the testers get confounded in like manner software terms. Few days back, one of the associates was conducting an interview of Software tester of 2 years experience. In the interview, he questioned “What is difference between Test Case and Test Scenarios” then that person was confounded on the noting the inquiry and not able to answer the question legitimately. So, we thought to reveal some insight into fundamental software testing phrasings.

In simple terms, Test Case is ‘How to be tested’ and Test Scenario is ‘What to be tested’

Test Cases vs Test Scenarios:

Test Case:

  • Test cases comprise of test case name, Precondition, steps/info condition, expected result.

  • Test case is give point by point data about if any pre-condition, what to test, how to test and expected result and so on.

  • Test cases are set of steps or procedures which are performed on the software to verify the expected result.

  • Preparing test cases is one time exertion which can be utilized as a part of future while executing test cases. While reporting bugs, it will help tester to connect the bug with id of the test case.

  • It requires additional time and assets because of in depth test case which discusses how to test and what to test.

  • Test cases are low level activities and it can be gotten from test scenarios.

Test Scenario:

  • Test scenario comprises of a Netty gritty test procedure. We can likewise say that a test scenario has numerous test cases connected with it. Before executing the test situation we have to consider test cases for every situation.

  • Test scenario is short explanation which let us know about what to test.

  • In this case, it is a set of operations.

  • In new software testing era it is new thought and time saving activity. The expansion and change (simple maintainability) of test scenarios is simple and free on particular individual.

  • In the event that the test scenario is not elaborate enough then it may require some investment to discourse and comprehend what test scenario is precisely discussing.

  • Test scenarios are the higher state classification of test prerequisites assembled relying upon the functionality of a module and it can be gotten from use cases.

Hope that this article would add to your knowledge, as far as test cases and test scenarios are concerned.

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