Software Testing and Test Environment

Over here, we are going to see the various aspects related to test environment and its importance in software testing.

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Returning back to the topic,

1. What do you mean by a test environment?

A testing environment is nothing but a setup of hardware and software requirements for the testing teams to run the test cases. As such, it provides support for test execution with software, hardware and network arranged.

A test environment or test bed is arranged according to the requirement of the Application Under Test. In few cases, a test bed could be the blend of the test environment and the test data it uses.

2. Test Bed:

By and large, a test bed is an environment for software development. It enables the developers to test their modules sans the use of live servers. The test bed is not bound to developers just but rather additionally utilized by testers. It is alluded as test environment also.

3. Areas required to be covered during setting up a test environment:

  • Database servers

  • Networking

  • Data for testing

  • Client end operating system

  • Hardware consists of the Server Operating system

  • Browsers

  • Running environment for front end

  • Necessary documentation like install guides, user manuals, reference documents and so on

  • Applications and system

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4. Best practices to follow for setting up a Test Environment Management:

  • Browsers and their versions

  • Automation softwares and their configuration

  • Comprehend the test requirements completely and instruct the test colleagues

  • Look out for the necessary software and hardware, along with their licenses

  • Connections should be verified before beginning with testing

  • Chalking out the scheduled use of the test environment

5. Questions to be answered prior to setting up the test environment:

  • Whether the necessary equipment is available for testing?

  • Are the required applications listed down? E.g. Word, Excel etc.

  • Whether the desired data sets are available?

  • Whether a sole point of contact is present for test environment maintenance?

  • Is it possible to use the current setup for other ventures in the organization?

  • Whether to create an internal test environment or to outsource the same?

  • For what time frame will the test environment be required?

…………and such other.

6. Challenges faced:

  • Complicated test configuration:

Some tests need complex test environment configuration. This could pose as a challenge to the test team.

  • In case of remote environment:

There could be a case where the test environment is situated at a distant place. If this is the case, then the testing team depends on the support team for varied test resources such as hardware, software etc.

  • Simultaneous use by different teams:

In case the test environment is being used by the testing and the development team at the same time, test results can be corrupted.

  • Elaborate time for setup:

A few times, the test set up becomes too elaborated in case of integration testing.

  • Proper planning :

Improper planning for usage of resources can impact the actual output. Also, it can lead to conflict amongst teams.

Hope that we were successful in giving you a fair idea regarding testing environment and related aspects.

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