Selenium: WebDriver Plus Eclipse Installation

Selenium: WebDriver Plus Eclipse Installation.In this tutorial, we would talk about the installation process to begin with WebDriver starting from the scratch. We would likewise be talking about the assorted scope of drivers provided by WebDriver, every taking into account distinctive testing and environmental institute for software testing in pune

To have the capacity to utilize WebDriver for scripting, there are some per-necessities that should be set up like the essential environment setup. In this series, we would utilize Java as a programming language inside our specimen cases. In this manner let us kick start with the Java installation at first.

Installing Java:

  1. Go to Oracle official website – “JAVA download”, download Java Platform, Standard Edition. All the latest releases are accessible on the page.

  2. When you click on the Download button, following screen would show up. Acknowledge the License agreement for Java installation and pick amongst the different listed Java Development Kit’s. Select the one that best suits your system configuration.

Keep in mind to download JDK (Java development kit). The unit accompanies a JRE (Java Runtime environment). In this manner the client user required to download and install the JRE independently.testing classes in pune

Installation of Eclipse IDE:

  1. Go to Eclipse official site and explore to its download page – Eclipse download. Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers. All the latest releases are accessible on the page.

Ensure you opt and download the suitable eclipse IDE according to your system configuration. There are two download links accessible for 64 bit windows operating syatem and 32-bit windows operating system.

  1. When we click on the download link, the user is re-directed to the new page securing data about the current download. Click on the download icon and you are finished. It might require a while.

  1. Post downloading, copy the folder and place it at the desired location on your file system.

  1. Extract the zipped folder, now a folder named eclipse can be seen. The folder consists of the necessary source and application files.

  1. Initiate the eclipse IDE using “eclipse.exe” present inside the eclipse folder.

  1. The application will provoke you to determine the workspace area. Workspace is that area where all your eclipse products will dwell. Enter/Browse the fancied area or the client can essentially pick the default area and click on the OK button.

Web driver configuration:

As we would utilize Java as the programming language for this arrangement and so as to make test scripts in Java, we would need to present language particular client drivers. In this manner, let us start with the downloading of Selenium Java Client Libraries.

  1. Go to Selenium’s official site and explore to its download page – “”. Allude the segment in the underneath outline where you can discover Client Libraries recorded for distinct programming languages. Click on the download link for Java Client Library. It might require some time to download.

  2. After downloading, copy the folder and put at the desired location on the system.

  3. Extract the zipped folder, a folder named as “”can be seen. The folder exemplifies all the required jar files which empower clients to make test scripts in Java.

Subsequently these libraries can be designed in Eclipse IDE.

Configuring libraries with eclipse IDE:

  1. Navigate to eclipse IDE and create a new Java based project following File->New->Java Project.

  2. Give a user defined name to your Java Project. Let’s give the name as Learning_Selenium and Click on the Finish Button. The recently made venture can be seen at the left half of the screen in the package explorer panel.

  3. Create another Java class named as “First_WebdriverClass” under the source folder by right clicking on it and exploring to New – > class.

  4. Step 4: Now let us configure the libraries into our Java project. For this, select the project and Right click on it. Select “Properties” inside the listed alternatives. The accompanying screen shows up, Select “Java Build Path” from the alternatives.

  5. As a matter of course, “Libraries” tab is opened. If not, click on the “Libraries” tab. At that point, click on the “Add External Jars… ” button. Browse to the area where we have saved the extracted folder for Java Client Libraries.

  6. Select all the JAR files exhibit in the “selenium-java-2.41.0” folder and click on open button inside the dialog box. The properties dialog box ought to resemble the beneath outline.

  7. Click the OK button inside the dialog box in order to complete configuration part of Selenium libraries in our Java testing jobs in pune

With this, we are done with the entire setup alongside the installation. Further, we can create our personal WebDriver test script using Java.

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