Scrum Testing: A Beginners Guide

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scrum testing

What do you understand by scrum?

Developing complex software applications is a troublesome undertaking. The Scrum technique comes as an answer for implementing such an entangled task. It encourages development team to concentrate on all parts of the product such as quality, performance, ease of use etc.

Scrum and its key features:

Scrum has a short set schedule of release cycles with flexible scope known as runs to address quickly changing development requirements. Every release could have more than one sprints. Every Scrum Project could have different Release Cycles.

  • A practice with regards to testing and actualizing new requirements, called stories, to ensure some work is launched ready post each run.

  • A repetitive sequence of events, meetings and milestones.

Tester’s role in scrum:

There is no active part of a Tester in the Scrum process. For the most part, testing is done by developers with Unit Test. While the product proprietor is likewise often associated with the testing procedure amid each sprint. A few Scrum ventures do have committed testing teams relying upon the nature and the complex levels of the undertaking.

Pillars of Scrum:

Scrum sits on the following three pillars-

  • Roles

  • Artifacts

  • Ceremonies

1. Roles within Scrum:

Scrum Testing can be divided into three distinct parts namely – Product Owner, Scrum Master and The Development Team.

2. Artifacts:

A few of them are as follows-

  • Sprint backlog

It’s an arrangement of user stories to be finished in a sprint. Amid sprint backlog, work is never doled out, and the team signs up to function on their own. It is possessed and overseen by the team while the evaluated work remaining is refreshed day after day. It is the rundown of tasks that must be performed in Sprint.

  • User stories

They are short clarification of functionalities of the framework under test. Case for Insurance Provider is – “Premium can be paid utilizing the online system.”

  • Block list

It is a rundown of blocks and unmade choices claimed by scrum master and updated every day.

3. Processes/Ceremonies within Scrum:

Daily Scrum: It is facilitated by scrum master, it lasts around 15 minutes. Amid Daily Scrum, the individuals will talk about the work finished the prior day, the planned work for the following day and issues confronted amid sprint. Amid daily stand-up meeting, team progress is analyzed.

Retrospective/Sprint Review: It is likewise facilitated by scrum master, it lasts around 2-4 hours and talk about what team has achieved in the last run and what lessons were learnt.

Testing tasks in Scrum:

1. Sprint Planning:

  • Being a tester, the individual should be aware of the sprint goals.

  • Tester ought to choose a user story from the product backlog that ought to be tested, during sprint planning.

  • Being a tester, contribute towards the prioritizing process

  • Being a tester, he/she ought to choose how long (Effort Estimation) it should take to get done with testing for each of chosen user stories.

2. Sprint:

  • Tester is in charge of creating automation scripts. He plans automation testing with Continuous Integration (CI) framework. Automation gets the significance because of short delivery deadlines. Test Automation can be refined by using different open source or paid tools accessible in the market. This demonstrates effective in guaranteeing that everything that should be tested was covered. Adequate Test scope can be accomplished with a nearby communication with the team.

  • Implementing non-functional testing for approved user stories

  • Towards the finish of the sprint, tester likewise does acceptance testing(UAT) for some situations and affirms testing fulfillment for the present sprint.

These and other such responsibilities….

That was an introduction to scrum testing, for you.

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