A Look At Installation Testing

Installation testing happens to be one of the fundamental forms of testing. In fact, it comes at the very beginning of the testing process.

installation testing

One can understand the importance of installation testing from the fact that one cannot proceed to other Types Of Testing, without installing the software under test. It is the basic thing.

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What do you mean by installation testing?

Installation testing is verifying that the software application is installed properly and it is functioning as per expectations post installation. This is the testing stage preceding end users will initially collaborate with the actual application.

Installation testing is additionally termed as ” Implementation Testing”. This is the most imperative and also most fascinating stride in the Software testing life cycle.

Installation testing resembles presenting a visitor in your home. The new visitor ought to be appropriately acquainted with all the relatives so as to make him feel comfortable and good. New software installation is likewise similar to the above case.

In the event that your installation goes well on the new system, then the customer will be certainly upbeat. However, imagine a scenario where things are exactly inverse. On the off chance that installation fails, then the software won’t function on that particular system. This as well, as can leave the client’s system severely damaged. User may need to reinstall the entire operating system again.

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Installation testing prerequisites:

  • Verify whether all the requirements for software installation testing are in place.

  • Ensure that the user should be able to carry out software installation from various locations such as over the network, CD installation, online installation and so on.

  • Check the software installation sans the administrative rights.

  • Installation should be carried out at the default location and user should be able to alter the default location.

  • Check the software installation on different platforms, prior to doing this, one needs to affirm the supported rundown of platforms.

  • Check whether the Installer.exe file calculates the disk space required prior to proceeding with the software installation.

  • Confirm that successful “Silent installation”. During the Silent installation prompts during the process installation are not shown on UI, all messages are included in log records and in light of the messages occurred is utilized as inputs to the installation procedure.

  • Ensure that after successful installation of the software, is it functioning according to the mention in the SRS and meets the user requirements.

  • Post un-installation of software application, check for the all the already installed files and registry entries are removed or not.

  • Check whether the user is able to uninstall or repair the software application.

The installation testing of the software ought to be done on various platforms using automated or manual method. In any case, to finish this time is the real concern. It is a tedious task and to execute a solitary test case on various platforms may require lots of time. Also, there are different test cases to execute. That’s where automation would come in handy.

How can we implement automation in this process? Well, allot a few systems devoted for creating essential images (utilize softwares such as VMWare for making exact images of operating systems fast) of the base setup. This will spare your huge time for each test case. For instance, if the time required to install one OS with basic configuration is say an hour, then for each test case on a fresh OS you will need 1+ hour. In any case, creating an OS image will just need 5 to 10 minutes and you will spare roughly 40 to 50 minutes!

Thus, we saw a few things related to installation testing. Search for software testing classes in Pune, and see which suits you the best.

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