Introduction To Unit Testing Framework Called TestNG

Introduction To Unit Testing Framework Called TestNG. Today we are going to see something about ‘TestNG’. What it is and its use in software testing. In all probability, this would be taught in almost none or a few of the testing courses in Pune. Therefore, the importance of this article is even more.

Testing is the way towards checking the functionality of an application to guarantee it functions according to requirements. Unit testing comes into picture at the developer level where sufficient measures are taken to test each and every element (class or method) to guarantee the final product meets the requirements.

JUnit has driven engineers to comprehend the value of tests, particularly of unit tests, when contrasted with whatever other testing system. Utilizing a somewhat straightforward, commonsense, and strict design, JUnit has possessed the capacity to “infect” awesome number of developers. Do take a look at our tutorial on JUnit to have a decent comprehension of its features. JUnit, in the meantime, has a few shortcomings too,

  • At first intended to enable just unit testing, now utilized for a wide range of testing.

  • Can’t do dependency testing.

  • Poor configuration control (setUp/tearDown).

  • Intrusive (compels you to extend classes and name your methods a specific way).

  • Static programming model (constrains you to recompile superfluously).

  • The administration of various suites of tests in complex projects can be exceptionally precarious.

TestNG is unit testing framework and it has been most widely well known in exceptionally short time amongst Java software developers and selenium web driver software automation test engineers. One can state, TestNG has not just above all else the components of JUnit additionally numerous more propelled elements as far as selenium web driver testing framework. Fundamentally,

TestNG’s software unit testing framework advancement is roused from blend of NUnit and JUnit. You can VIEW JUNIT WITH WEBDRIVER TUTORIALS AND EXAMPLES before going to learn TestNG framework. There are numerous new features in TestNG which makes it all the more powerful, more grounded and simpler to utilize. See SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES amongst TestNG and JUnit.

Major features of TestNG:

  • TestNG has an implicit numerous Before and After and other annotations like @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeTest, @BeforeGroups, @DataProvider, @Parameters, @Test and so forth.. All the TestNG annotations are straightforward and execute. We will look each and every annotation with point by point portrayal in the later posts.

  • We can configure subordinate test techniques in TestNG implies TestTwo() is dependent to TestOne(). We can likewise configure that if prior test method (TestOne()) falls flat amid execution then dependent software test method(TestTwo()) must be executed or not.

  • No class is required to be extend in TestNG.

  • We can configure our test suite utilizing test methods, classes, packages, groups, and so on in single testng.xml file.

  • Support of configuring test bunches like backendtest-group, frontendtest-group and so forth also, we can advise TestNG to execute just particular group/groups.

  • TestNG is bolstered by many tools and plugins like Eclipse, Maven, IDEA, and so on..

  • TestNG bolster parallel testing, Parameterization (Passing parameters values through XML configuration), Data Driven Testing(executing same test strategy numerous times utilizing diverse data) .

  • TestNG has built in HTML report and XML report generation facility. It has additionally worked in logging facility.

All these are major elements of TestNG software unit testing system and some of them are accessible in JUnit as well. I prescribe you to utilize TestNG system with WebDriver test in light of the fact that there are numerous valuable components accessible in it contrasted with JUnit. Read the later posts to learn TestNG system with its nitty gritty components.

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