A Guide On Manual Support Testing

As a part of software testing, you must have definitely heard about Manual testing, and that’s for sure. But, have you heard about manual support testing?

manual support testing

Well, the answer might be a “yes” or a “no”. If “yes”, its good. If “no”, no need to worry as we would be telling you about the same, in this article.

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What do you understand by manual support testing?

Systems start when transactions begin and finish up with the utilization of the consequences of processing. The manual part of the framework requires a similar consideration to testing, as does the automated portion. Despite the fact that the timing and testing techniques might be unique, the targets of manual testing continue as before as testing the automated section of the application framework.

Aim of manual support testing:

Manual support includes every one of the functions performed by individuals during data preparation for, and utilizing data from, automated applications. The aim of testing the manual support systems are as follows:

  1. Determine whether the manual support responsibility has been alloted.

  2. To ensure that the automated portion and manual support are rightly interfaced.

  3. To make sure that the manual support procedures are archived and complete.

  4. Ensure that the manual support individuals are sufficiently trained.

When can Manual Support Testing be used?

Ensuring that the manual frameworks work appropriately ought to be conducted all through the system’s development life cycle. This part of the system testing ought not be left to the last phases of the life cycle to test.

Intensive manual support testing is best done amid the installation stage so the administrative individuals don’t end up noticeably included with the new system until promptly before its entrance into operation. This keeps away from the disarray of knowing two systems and not being sure which principles to take after. Amid the maintenance and operation stages, manual support testing may just include furnishing individuals with directions on the progressions and after that checking with them through scrutinizing that they appropriately comprehend the new methodologies.

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What does it consist of ?

Manual testing includes the assessment of the ampleness of the procedure to begin with, and afterwards, second, the execution of the procedure. The process itself can be assessed in all sections of the SDLC. The process execution should be possible in conjunction with typical systems testing. Instead, get ready and enter test transactions, the system can be tested having the clerical and supervisory individuals get ready, enter, and utilize the results of handling from the application system.

Manual testing typically includes a few cycles of the process. To test individuals processing requires testing the interface amongst individuals and the application system. This implies entering transactions, and afterwards recovering the outcomes from that handling, making extra actions in light of the information got, until the point when all parts of the manual PC interface have been satisfactorily tested.

The manual support testing ought to happen without the help of the systems staff. The manual care group ought to work utilizing the training and techniques given to them by the systems individuals. The systems staff ought to assess the outcomes to decide whether the tests have been sufficiently performed.

We presented to you, quite a few things related to Manual Support Testing. You must have got an insight into this concept by now. Isn’t it? For more on this, you can search online as well.

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