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Acquainted with what is configuration testing? Well, if yes then its good. If not, here’s your chance. Over here, we are going to discuss configuration testing…

configuration testing

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On to configuration testing….

Configuration testing is the way of testing a system that is under development on machines with different mixes of hardware and software. By and large, the number of conceivable setups is excessively substantial to test.

Since the number of conceivable configurations to test is regularly too extensive to adequately test, it is necessary that the planning exertion for a software testing process obviously recognize which platforms will be compatible. On the off chance that, as is frequently the case, the amount of combinations of hardware and software is essentially vast to test thoroughly, making it impossible to test completely, at that point the test planning effort should deliberately organize testing diverse arrangements in view of various factors, e.g. the extent of the user base, and the risks related with an unfounded bug in a specific configuration.


Assume you are an individual from a test team which is taking a shot at some desktop based user application. The amount of combos of O.S. variants, memory sizes, hard drive sorts, CPUs alone could be tremendous. In the event that you target just 10 diverse operating system versions, 8 distinctive memory sizes, 6 diverse hard drives, and 7 unique CPUs, there are as of now 10 * 8 * 6 * 7 = 3,360 diverse hardware arrangements.

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At that point in the event that you include different software components, e.g. Web browser versions, anti-virus programs, prior versions of the system under development, the amount of conceivable configurations rapidly winds up noticeably unmanageable. Take a note that not all product development endeavors fundamentally confront an unmanageable number of configurations. For instance, softwares produced for particular, non-PC gadgets may have just a modest bunch of hardware and software configurations.

  • Hardware specific configuration testing:

Hardware configuration testing is regularly performed in test labs which essentially comprise of large number of machines with various sorts of hardware. At the point when a testable build of the system that is being developed is released, the build is installed on every system in the lab, and a suite of tests keep running on each machine. Since there are typically an expansive number of machines in a test lab, much of the time a lot of automation is done to install the system under test and run test suites. Setting up of a test lab can prove to be costly, so, it is advised that configuration testing be outsourced to those associations who expertize in this sort of testing.

  • Software specific configuration testing:

Software configuration testing can be exceptionally tedious due to the time required to install and uninstall software that includes O.S. software. Hence, software configuration testing is additionally frequently vigorously automated.

This type of configuration testing can be carried out on virtual machines.

A software configuration test process allows to keep up a collection of virtual machines in .vhd file format which can be utilized when required for testing. There are both commercial virtual machine frameworks and additionally frameworks which are available free of cost. In case of Microsoft platforms, free virtual frameworks incorporate Virtual PC and the closely associated Virtual Server (the contrasts between the two are little and for the most part technical in nature), and the 64-bit systems based Hyper-V system. There are a number of free or open source virtual machines for Unix based platforms. One such virtual machine is VirtualBox.

Hope that you got a fair bit of idea about configuration testing.

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