What Is Development Testing ?

You might be wondering:

What is this thing known as development testing? How can developers test? What’s their role in testing?

development testing

Well, hold on with your questions, as we are going to discuss about the same in this article.

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Getting back to development testing:

It is based on the idea of applying testing practices reliably all through the software development life cycle model. This strategy for testing guarantees discovery of bugs at the correct time which additionally guarantees shirking of any sort of risk involved as far as time and cost is concerned.

The development testing process may comprise of couple of metrics for investigation. Here is a rundown of a few of them:

  • Metric Analysis:

Metric is an equivalent word for estimation. Different software metrics like computing cyclometic complexity, counting Lines of code (Loc), function points and so forth are utilized to ascertain the proficiency of a program.

  • Static code analysis:

This includes inspecting the source code, without really running the program.

  • Code review:

The source code is investigated and is checked for any blemishes in it.

  • Data flow analysis:

This concept utilizes the Control flow Graph system to check the stream of the program, at various levels.

These previously mentioned points are the measuring criteria for monitoring the progress of a software project.

The thought behind developing testing is keeping the detailed reports baselined so that as the test cases are executed, one can break down whether the development process has taken after the guidelines/specifications all through the way towards making the edifice. In this way ‘Development Testing’ means to set up a system to confirm whether the prerequisites of a given venture is met as per the tenets of the mission to be achieved.

Development testing is carried out by the software developer or the programmer amid the development phase of the software development life cycle.

Instead of replacing conventional QA focuses, it expands it. Development testing is meant to dispense with construction mistakes before code is handed over to QA; this method is proposed to build the quality of the resulting software and additionally the productivity of the overall development and QA process.

Development testing additionally incorporates peer code review as an essential quality action. Code review is generally viewed as a standout amongst the best defect identification and avoidance strategies in software development.

Development testing Vs Regression Testing:

  • Development testing is implemented just once, however, regression testing might be executed a few times over the life of the software.

  • Development testing is a constant process all through the development stage while regression testing is the way towards analyzing any kind of deviations.

  • Since development testing is amid the development phase of a software product, it is regularly conducted to meet the due date. On the other hand, regression testing is frequently performed in a crisis circumstance.

  • Development testing is to guarantee on time and efficient delivery of a software framework, regression testing is the check carried out to guarantee that the same software product acts as productively as it was before.

  • Development testing is regarding new software system but regression testing is regarding the old system with extra functionalities.

To conclude:

By and large, regression testing is finished by the testing pros. It is completed with the assistance of automation tools. This sort of testing is carried out towards the end of the development process. Testing pros run the past test cases for the same yet upgraded software and check if there are any deviations.

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