A Detailed Look At White Box Testing

A Detailed Look At White Box Testing.In this blog, we are going to see the concept of white box testing. It happens to be one of the important concepts in software testing, and you need to know it. After reading this blog, you will get a fair bit of idea regarding the topic. For a better feel of the concept, a best software testing institute in Pune, is the place for you.


White Box Testing is the testing of a software product’s back end coding and infrastructure. It concentrates essentially on fortifying security, the stream of data inputs and outputs through the application, and enhancing design and usability. White box testing is otherwise called clear box testing, open box testing, rationale driven testing or path determined testing or structural testing and glass box testing.

The testing is feasible at system, unit and integration levels of software development. One of the essential objectives of whitebox testing is to check a working stream for an application. It includes testing a progression of pre-decided inputs against expected outputs so that when a particular input does not bring about the expected yield, you have come across a bug.

Executing White Box testing:

  1. Understanding source code:

The primary thing a tester will frequently do is learn and comprehend the source code of the application. Since white box testing includes the testing of the internal workings of an application, the tester must be exceptionally skilled in the programming languages utilized as a part of the applications they are testing. Additionally, the testing individual must be exceptionally mindful of secure coding hones. Security is frequently one of the essential targets of testing a software. The tester ought to have the capacity to discover security issues and keep attacks from hackers and gullible users who may infuse malevolent code into the application either purposely or unwittingly.

  1. Write test cases and run them:

The second essential stride to white box testing consists of testing the application’s source code for appropriate structure and flow. One path is by developing additional code to test the application’s source code. The tester will develop small tests for every process or structure of procedures in the application. This technique requires that the tester must have knowledge of the code and is frequently done by the developer. Different techniques incorporate manual testing, trial testing and the utilization of testing tools as we will clarify further on in this article.

Techniques of White Box Testing:

A noteworthy White box testing technique is Code Coverage examination. Code Coverage analysis, takes out loopholes in a test case suite. It distinguishes areas of a system that are not practiced by an arrangement of test cases. Once crevices are recognized, you develop test cases to confirm untested chunks of code, along these lines increase the nature of the product item

There are tools accessible to perform Code coverage analysis. The following are a couple of scope analysis methods:

Statement Coverage method requires each conceivable statement in the code to be tested in any event once, amid the testing process. Branch Coverage – This method checks each conceivable way (if-else and other conditional loops) of a software application. Tools: TCAT-PATH is one tool useful for C, Java based applications.

These two coverages cover almost 90% of your code which is more than enough.

White Box Testing types:

Here are some of the types of white box testing:

  1. Unit testing:

Unit testing is basically done by the developer. As a product developer, you build up a couple lines of code, a solitary function or an object and test it to ensure it works before proceeding

Unit testing recognizes larger part of bugs, right on time in the product development lifecycle. Bugs recognized in this stage are less expensive and simple to fix.

  1. Penetration testing:

In this testing, the developer/tester has full data of the application’s source code, itemized system data, IP addresses included and all server data the application keeps running on. The point is to assault the code from a few edges to uncover security threats.

Others include testing memory leaks, mutation testing etc.

White box testing can be very intricate. The complex nature involved has a considerable measure to do with the application being tested. A small application that plays out a solitary basic operation could be white box tested in couple of minutes, while bigger programming applications take days, weeks and much more to completely test.

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