Career As A Software Tester !

Career As A Software Tester ! CRB Tech happens to be one of the best institute for software testing in Pune. Being in this domain, we would like to tell the students about a career in software testing. This would help you in deciding whether you want to start a career in this field of not. It is always better off having knowledge about the field you want to enter into.

Software testing definition:

Software testing is a process of rating properties of a computer application to choose whether it meets the predefined prerequisites and produces the desired results. In this process, you distinguish bugs in software product/project.

Software Testing is key to give a quality product with almost no bug or issue, even though 100% testing is never possible.

Normal working day of a software tester:

On any run of the mill work day you will be caught up with comprehension of system requirement specifications title, implementing test cases, executing test cases , reporting and re-testing bugs , going to review meetings and other team building exercises.

Educational background:

Academic foundation of a test engineer ought to be in Computer Science. A BTech/B.E. , MCA , BCA , BSc-Computers will get you a job effortlessly.

In the event that you don’t hold any of these degrees than you should finish a software testing certification like CSTE and ISTQB whichs help you learn Software Development/Test Life Cycle and other testing methodologies.

Desired skills:

  • To be a decent software tester you should have a GREAT disposition. A mentality to ‘test to break’ , detail introduction , eagerness to learn and propose process upgrades. In IT industry, advancements developed with a mind-boggling speed and a decent software tester ought to redesign his/her specialized abilities with the evolving advances. Your disposition must mirror a specific level of autonomy where you take responsibility for task allocated and finish it without much direct supervision.

  • A good software tester must have solid specialized abilities . This would incorporate high state of capability in tools like MS Office , OpenOffice and so on , Testing tools like QTP , Loadrunner , and so on furthermore, of course profound comprehend of the application under test. These aptitudes can be gained through pertinent training and practice. Likewise it’s an additional preferred standpoint that you make them programming abilities yet its NOT a must have.

  • Testing now and then could be a requesting work particularly amid the release of code. A software tester should proficiently oversee workload, have high productivity ,show ideal time management and organizational aptitudes.

  • To exceed expectations in any profession, one must have an awesome level of the energy for it. A software tester must have liking for his/her field. Yet, how would you figure out if you have a passion for software testing on the off chance that you have never tried? Basic TRY it out and if software testing does not energize you change to something else that holds your interest.


Remuneration of a software tester shifts from organization to organization. Normal pay scale of a test engineer in US is $45,993 – $74,935. Normal compensation scope of a test engineer in India is Rs 247,315 – Rs 449,111.

Career Path:

Your career path in the field of software testing can grow from QA Analyst to Sr. QA Analyst to a Manager to a senior manager. The hierarchy can grow as you grow in your experience. Each position has a requirement in terms of years of experience you possess.

So, we looked at the various aspects related to the field of software testing. If you are interested, then you can prepare by attending testing classes in Pune, and then look for software testing jobs in Pune.

To learn this with practical implementation and get a job, join a software testing course in Pune with placement.

The software Testing review by CRB Tech Solutions will help and guide you in obtaining your Software Testing career.

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