The Art Of Writing Good Test Cases

The Art Of Writing Good Test Cases.This article is dedicated towards test case writing. Test case writing forms an important part of any good software testing course in Pune with placement. In fact, it forms the backbone of software testing.

In order to learn how to write good test cases, we must first understand as to what is a test case. So, let us see that first.

What do you mean by a test case?

A Test Case is a set of actions executed to analyze a specific feature or functionality of your software application.

Now, that we have defined as to what is a test case, let’s proceed towards the art of writing it.

Required components of a test case:

A test case should consist of the following information:

  • A test case ought not be more than 15 steps

  • Automated script is commented using inputs, reason and expected results

  • Setup offers contrasting option to per-requisite tests

  • With different tests, it ought to be in right business situation order.

  • The depiction of which requirement is being tested.

  • The clarification of how the system will be tested

  • The test setup like: application under test version, software, data records, O.S., hardware, security access, physical or legitimate date, time of day, essentials, for example, different tests and whatever other setup information germane to the necessities being tested

  • Inputs and outputs or actions and expected results

  • Any confirmations or attachments

  • Use active case language

Some characteristics of good test cases:

1.Test cases require to be simple and easy to understand:

Write test cases that are as simple as could reasonably be expected. They should be clear and compact as the creator of test cases may not execute them.

Use assertive language like go to landing page, enter information, click on this etc. This makes the comprehension of the test case simple and test execution quicker.

2. Keep end user in mind:

The objective of any project is to prepare test cases that meets client necessities and is anything but difficult to utilize and execute. A tester must create test cases remembering the end user point of view.

3. No room for assumption:

Try not to assume features and functionality of your product application while writing a test case. Adhere to the Specification Documents.

4. 100% coverage:

Ensure you write test cases to check all product requirements said in the SRS. Use Traceability Matrix to guarantee no capacities/conditions is left untested.

5. Peer review:

In the wake of creating test cases, get them assessed by your associates. Your companions can reveal defects in your test design, which you may effortlessly miss.

6. Try not to repeat:

Try not to rehash test cases. On the off chance that a test case is required for executing some other one, call the test case by its id in the pre-condition section.

7. Implementing various testing techniques:

It’s not feasible to test each possible condition related to your product application. Testing techniques help you select some test cases with the most extreme plausibility of finding a defect.

BVA (Boundary Value Analysis):

This is nothing but a validation technique that involves testing the boundary values for a certain range of values.

EP (Equivalence partition):

Partitions are done over here keeping in mind those having same sort of behavior.

Error guessing method:

This is speculating/expecting the blunder that may emerge while testing. This is not a formal technique and takes points of interest of a tester’s involvement with the application

State transition technique:

Used when behavior of software changes from one state to another post a particular action.

Template for test case writing:

Here is a standard template for writing test cases:

Test Case ID

Test Scenario

Test Steps

Test Data

Expected Results

Actual Results


More about test case template can be learn’t in software testing training in Pune.

Hope that this has given you a fair bit of idea on how to write good test cases. Happy hunting for a software testing job in Pune.

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