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Latest Car Technology 2016

Latest Car Technology 2016: 

Garmin wants to bring current car owner diversion features to the public, while Harman is already looking quite basically to the future and at better ways of monitoring car owner pressure and performance.

Volvo revealed the globe’s first car owner sleepiness recognition program back in 2007. And while techniques capable of calculating how aware or exhausted a person is by leader information, duration of trip and additional factors are now standard gadgets on many vehicles, it’s still mainly used by of top quality automobile producers.

“The most interesting growth and development of the new Garmin Drive line is that car owner attention features generally seen in high-class automobiles are now available as an upgraded solution for all motorists,” said Dan Bartel, Forerunner vice chairman of globally sales.

The new Drive line of gadgets can pre-warn motorists about an future hairpin turn, for example, give guidelines via attractions rather than street symptoms for quality, and instantly build in rest prevents to an outing if it’s measured to be over a certain duration. And, when linked up to a dashcam, it can definitely observe the space around the car, notifying possibly diverted motorists when lighting change or when the traffic ahead has started moving again.

New single-camera approach

One of the reasons why compression car owner assist and monitoring techniques are still used by of producers like Bmw and Rolls royce is that they are very expensive and sophisticated, often demanding an range of receptors as well as several car owner experiencing cameras.

However, Harman may have found a new way of keeping a close eye on sleepiness, pressure and diversion via a individual, driver-facing digicam. Charged as a globe first, Harman’s technological innovation paths the motorist’s students and watches their dilation. Measuring student response is an precise way of evaluating psychological amount of work as well as performance. If a person is having difficulties to focus or is becoming sleepy, the program can induce effective car owner assistance techniques if needed.”Safety on the way is more important than ever as more automobiles become linked,” said Alon Atsmon, vice chairman of technological innovation technique at Harman. “Our concern is to arm Unique Equipment Manufacturers with a natural range of incorporated technological innovation that address both car owner wants and needs, and the Harman eye and student monitoring technology is another innovative step toward a more brilliant driving experience.”

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