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Thought Communication

Thought Communication

Once upon a time today’s gadgets were considered as yesterday’s imagination or future world of today’s perception. Today everything has become smart enough use a smart phone and make calls, surf the Web, play games, run applications and accomplish more than most speculative fiction authors dared to dream. So what is tomorrow’s fiction of today.

There is going to be an extinction of basic phones. As it has become cheap and best smart phone is on the process of becoming everything. The process is gradual. Well the general population follows the pioneers of mobile buyers or any rich business man or woman.

Smart phone is the fastest finger first option and other innovations like Apple’s I-phone and Google’s Android have kicked out smart phones.  Internet is already the king of communication and it is thriving to be an emperor as well. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has become an important asset in many gadgets. Social websites like face book and twitter are always there to connect with people. You need to be a VIP to address one to many communications. Now anyone can do it at the blink of your eye.

From entertainment to politics everything will be evolved with such technology. Using the Web as a communication tool, people with aspirations may be able to find an audience more easily than ever before. Well there might be a possibility of politicians contesting elections through their smart phones and people voting or doing a NOTA through their smart phone. So no more QUEUES!

A technological overlay view is used for augmented reality system. Most probably it will be the form of a smart phone and there are many augmented reality systems for many such phones. Another possibility of application is through a set of augmented-reality glasses. In either case, you can view the world around you and see real-time digital information about what you’re viewing.

Using such sophisticated reality systems you can stand in front of a restaurant and you can read the daily specials as well. Well if you want to extend it to people then imagine of seeing a stranger and getting his name, profile picture in face book, twitter and other social websites. Clearly, augmented reality systems will raise concerns about privacy and safety, but such systems are already in development.

Then there’s video conferencing. While the technology has existed for years, video calls aren’t popular in the United States. It might be because the hardware hasn’t been compelling or cost-effective enough. But now webcams are starting to appear on televisions and are standard on many laptops. Are we about to enter an era of video conferencing, or is it too much works to make sure you and your house look nice before you order that pizza?

Language will not be a barrier anymore because you will be carrying a multi linguistic device so no need of any physical mediator.

There is going to be an electronic version of telepathy by sending your thoughts to the other person through network.

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Mail check

Mail check

Will technology invade into our personal life? Well, probably it is and it will be

If you want to check your mails that are being read or not well there is software called tout has been used on us, and it actually works.

It works as a spy suppose if someone has mailed you an important assignment and you don’t want to have a look at it but conveyed that you have you viewed it and guess what it will be viewed by the mailer using tout. Well every coin has two sides positive and negative it depends on how you use it choice is yours you can use it for marketing strategy or be villain to check or does a spy work

Once you send out emails using Tout, you can instantly check which emails have been opened using a convenient tracking screen. Even the history of clicking the links can be checked.


There is some top secret that company doesn’t want to share. It somewhat works like this that when you open the mail sent by the sender then one signal goes into the tout or else it will be as unread. The point is it works. You can see when and who opened a specific email you’ve sent out using Tout. Just check out the real screenshot pasted below. Tout will also see for are you sending the same mails again and again. So it will be tough for you to survive if you want to do some forgery. Yeah but if want to send a predefined mail like welcome, birthday wishes, new year wishes it can be used for such purposes

This is also like Boomerang such that it can schedule the mails for the future. You can schedule time for the morning or in the evening whenever you want it o send automatically. With Tout, you can finish an email, set it to send the next morning, and be done with it.

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Virtual Healing

Virtual Healing

virtual healing
Well most of the phobias are inauthentic or irrelevant and the only authentic fear for any human being is that moment when your life is at stake or you are about to die. Well there might be various fears like fear of water, fear of public speaking, fear of dream, fear of darkness, fear of dogs or whatever it may be. Virtual reality helps them say for example spider world was created for those people who have fear of spiders. They were asked to wear a virtual healing gadget for virtual world and then asked to operate upon the spider with jockey and a sensor was used to touch it and the whole process was repeated until the anxiety is reduced.

virtual healing
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder of a person and his/her activities will be like abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize what is real. It can also be used for the treatment of schizophrenia. It may look like virtual world doesn’t seem to be a good idea, because of the safety of the patient as well as people around him or her. Don’t worry virtual healing environment is completely safe. It can be measured much easily in a virtual environment than a real environment. Like a lot of mental illnesses, schizophrenia must be understood in social context. For instance, if a patient is convinced one of the virtual characters is talking about him or her, it would indicate a high level of typical behavior to the clinician.


Virtual healing reality is very much useful in psychological context, it’s also been found to have some healing benefits when applied in patients requiring physical rehabilitation.

Stroke patients have been realized physically using virtual reality technologies to improve their responsiveness to stimuli after a neurological disability. Possibly, this has something to do with the motivation of a virtual environment. Most rehab is done in clinical or hospital, and it’s been suggested that virtual reality created a more engaging, interesting atmosphere to complete therapy.
virtual healing

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Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom

smart clasroom
Well everything is under change so why not classrooms why not that be empowering enough. So let us start with college but mind you there is no surety of the change as such or as expected but less assume out of over on creative imagination. Everyone whether they are having a lap or not but they have a laptop. Most of them use it for assignments, paper presentation or games, movies, chatting etc. well even the lower standard students have started using tabs for reference. We were with tables now the students are with tabs wow what a transition!

This kind of Smart Classroom learning through visuals helps students to be very much effective and getting involved with the studies and very much interesting and fascinating. They envision a classroom where each student has a computer, but the teacher can press a button to make all devices freeze, capturing a large group’s attention. Beyond that, the teachers would use the broader big-group lessons to let each child find an individual understanding of how that lesson impacts them, personally

This kind of Smart Classroom doesn’t lack content. Using the internet technology teacher’s can use it for teaching the students and the only thing they need to do is providing  These digital teaching platforms will have assessments that will theoretically help teachers determine a curriculum that’s best for their community, classroom and even each individual student, in real time.

Let us see the pros and cons

It need not be laptop for each and every kid well if you consider a biometric technology that can measure facial expression even how fast they’re typing and their way of breathing as well for the teachers to have an upper hand on the students.

There’s also been a fair amount of attention to giving sophisticated reality glasses to kids in classrooms. It can be used for mapping as well. Even better, sophisticated reality glasses could provide a video of the teacher giving instructions to each kid at a time.

But will there be a lack of originality is the key here. For one, there’s the concern that technology in the Smart Classroom has had no real impact on student achievement or test scores. There’s the fear that money would be drained from the pockets of teachers and education professionals.

It will be problematic for the teachers and the understanding will be lost between the student and the teacher.

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Information vs light

Information vs light

Well according to the Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity is that nothing can near or even match the speed of light in vacuum. It is widely accepted by the scientific community that light is the best in it speed and nothing can cope it up. Anyway they say rules are made to break them and law of light is no exception so it has been taken to task Information vs light.

Light, in a vacuum, travels at approximately 299,792 kilometers per second (186,282 miles per second). Physicists working on the Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tracking Apparatus (OPERA) created a frenzy in the scientific community when they declared that their experiments resulted in subatomic particles called neutrinos traveling from the European Organization for Nuclear Research to Switzerland to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory near L’Aquila, Italy and arriving at a speed of 60 nano seconds earlier than the speed of light. Everyone was taken an aghast that how come these neutrinos overcome the speed of light how is it possible finally it was found that due to some loose cable connection the transfer became erroneous. So later Information vs light phenomenon was dismissed.

Later there was a trial for bending the rules rather than breaking them. In fact, bending space-time is one theory of how making something else faster than the speed of light. The idea is that space time could be contracted in front of a spaceship and expanded behind it, while the ship would remain stationary in a warp bubble that itself was moving faster than the speed of light. Miguel Alcubierre in 1994 originally modeled a theoretical possibility, but one that would require a universe-sized amount of negative energy to power the phenomenon. Earlier refined to a planet-sized amount it was then again to an amount around the size of the Voyager 1 space probe. Unfortunately, the negative energy would have to come from exotic matter that is difficult to come by, and we’re currently only at the level of miniature lab experiments on warp drives. The base is the law of relativity so theoretically it wouldn’t be breaking the rules. If suppose such a thing exist then it

Space travel is just one of the options for reaching or exceeding the speed of light. Work is going on the same for making the data transfer faster than light.

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Future Technology

Future Technology

future technology
Will the generation of mind reading through computers come into existence as a Future Technology? Don’t worries there is a possibility and the work has started and moving in since a decade. Neuroscientists are finding ways to read people’s minds with machines, real progress is being made by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and elsewhere. IT is generally done by transmitting electrical energy from brain waves signal to a decoder for the help of sufferers of dementia, for example, people who are unable to put their thoughts in words or who doesn’t know how to speak or dumb can be the beneficiary community.

Implications for neurohacking into people’s thoughts have also been studied in relation to neuromarketing, it is for manipulating our thoughts and actions to alter it according to what we want and what we don’t want and this can be used for business purpose to attract people.

Zero Sized Intelligence
future technology

Packing a whole lot of brains within a tiny single chip is none other than zero sized intelligence. Forward-thinking creativity, and some, such as Intel, even have futurists on board to predict where technology is headed are encouraged by many computer companies. There is a possibility of the future advance of computing to so small a size that the housing for the computer itself is almost zero. We have the technology to put computers almost anywhere and in almost anything. It is a good transition from using the entire room to laps and palms, to micro-chip-sized as a Future Technology casings and atom-powered transistors invisible to the naked eye

Space in Space to live?

future technology
Well if you explore 21st century space exploration is the talk of the day, with cuts to the U.S. and other international space program budgets. There are plans to launch the legendary rocket in history the Space Launch System (SLS) by 2017, NASA is still very much in the business of the future. Following the autopilot sendoff of the SLS in 2017four astronauts are intended to be sent by NASA in 2021. This could be a return to the moon, with capabilities for missions on other planets. 

Youth Future

Young people are very much fascinated by the latest technologies to stay interconnected irrespective of their locations and everything is in their hands. There has been a tough fight for youths own establishment and freedom of independence with their parents and they are inculcating new trends by invalidating the old regimes. But there is a possibility of youngsters being jobless between the age of 16 and 24 from their tenth standard to doctorates will be unemployed due to recessions. All of this discontent may breed organized anarchy or rebellion in the form of technological or infrastructure sabotage, either physically or in cyberspace for the Future Technology.

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Broadband internet connection

Troubleshoot your broadband internet connection

Address Not Found message in your Web browser, Timed-out connections, a little red X in your network connection icon or an Internet Explorer cannot display the Web page error screen all add up to the same dismal problem which leads to total frustration especially when you are doing some important task and your falling short of time.

Either it is in real life or in computer world it is very difficult to bug the main problem whenever there is a breakdown and then you experience a stop or an inactive state. Here are five steps as remedy for your trouble shooting problem irrespective of your broadband or normal connection.

Whether the weather is good
Troubleshoot your broadband internet connection
You will be having your own set of issues to deal with when you are using your satellite connected internet. To begin with line of sight, well there is a two way dish and there is particular angle for the dish to be pointed towards the satellite. The problems start when anything gets between your antenna and the satellite.

Well there are many obstacles like snow, green leaves and therefore you need to keep the dish clean but it will be difficult if it is not reachable.

And second thing is the distance between the satellite and the dish; if the satellite is above the equator and the dish is somewhere pointing away say in the southern zone then it will be a nuisance for your connection.

It’s probably a good idea to call your Internet service provider for help, rather than trying to adjust it yourself.

Wire Connections
Troubleshoot your broadband internet connection
This is the easiest means and a matter of common sense that the wire connections should be proper enough for your internet connection to work. So there might be some loose connection due to an unusual pull of wire. Start where your Internet service enters your house. This might be your cable company’s line drop, a satellite dish antenna or a phone line. Make sure the cable is connected securely, and any cabling that runs outside the house hasn’t been damaged by weather or chewed on by birds, bugs or squirrels. Just be careful if there are any electrical lines around — and if you see damaged lines of any kind, don’t touch them, just call the cable or phone company.

Wireless Issues
Troubleshoot your broadband internet connection
Yes if you are using a wireless connection then this will be another problem because of tower problem you might not know perfectly what will be the right place for access. So try different locations or better use a wired connection until then.

Well if you want to know more about wireless connections; configuration problems and security problems are also a bane. Consult the user manual to see how to access the wireless device — this is usually done by typing the device’s IP address into a Web browser. If the problem persist call your Internet service provider (ISP) for assistance, because the necessary configuration will vary tremendously depending on the type of network you have and the type of connection provided by your ISP.

Power Cycling
Troubleshoot your broadband internet connection

Power cycling might sound exciting, but it just means turning your modem off, waiting a few seconds, then turning it on again. This works regardless of your connection type, whether you get your Internet via cable, DSL or satellite. The easiest way to turn it off is to disconnect the power cord where it plugs into the modem itself (they don’t always have on/off switches, but if yours does, that should work, too). Wait about 30 seconds, and then plug it in again. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Once the modem has cycled through its usual boot-up sequence, you may find your connection works again.

Cable and configuration issues.

If the Ethernet cable you are using is not the right one then the efforts for making the connections proper would go out to be a popper. Crossover cable should only be used to connect two computers directly.  Straight-through cables should be used for getting connected via router or hub. Sometimes crossover cables are labeled by the manufacturer. If possible, just try a different cable to see if that helps.

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The Secrete Eye

The Secrete Eye

There has been a long way of effort to put or to install computer hardware into contact lenses. Although in 2009 a prototype that incorporated an integrated circuit, an antenna, a radio receiver and an LED into a contact lens that could receive power via RF from an external battery to light the LED. Even Google X labs is about to create a prototype for a glucose-detecting smart contact lens and declared the project by the company in January 2014.
secrete eye
It is already on the track well in the phase of patent. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in early 2014 released integrating computing components and several patents filed by Google in 2012. At least one of them, titled “Image Capture Component On Active Contact Lens,” involves embedding tiny camera hardware.

In a way, smart contacts are the next logical step after Google Glass. This integrated a Smartphone with image capture and other capabilities into a glasses form factor.

Since the camera-laden contact lens is only at the patent level publicly the realization of the partially visualized dream is not to far but if it does then it will be the dawn for the new game.

Hardware for the Soft eyed wearer

Integrated tiny thin chips

  • Wires
  • Antennae
  • Other miniature hardware either bonded on top of or embedded within contact lens material.
  •  control circuit
  •  sensor and a camera
  •  embedded wires, wirelessly, or a combination of the two
  • Image capturing component would need or a sensor that can take in light and convert it into digital data.
  • complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor
  •  A charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor.

The other embedded sensors listed in the patent include:

  • Photodiodes
  • Pressure sensors
  • Conductivity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Electrical field sensors
  • Micro-mechanical switches
  • control circuit
  • Processor.

The patent lists the following possible power components:

  • battery
  • capacitor
  • solar power source
  • radio frequency (RF) power source
  • electrochemical power source
  • temperature power source
  • mechanically derived power source
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Panda 4.0

Panda 4.0

To help boost great-quality content sites while pushing down thin or low-quality content sites in the search results panda has always targeted scraper sites and low-quality content sites in order to provide searchers with the best search results possible.
panda 4.0
Panda 4.0, confirmed by Google and Matt Cutts began rolling out and has definitely caused some fluctuations in the search results. However, the fact that Panda 4.0 also acts as a refresh of an algorithm targeting spammy queries like payday loans makes it a little bit more problematic for webmasters to sort through the damage.

So with pay day loans refresh was continuously supporting and with panda for low quality content sites. Some webmasters could potentially get hit with both of these or by just one or the other.

Cutts pretweeting that Panda 4.0 hit, there was a plenty of speculation about a change with either Panda or Penguin, change was difficult to cement it.

It was the chatter amongst SEOs over the last couple of days. It was known that there was some momentum, an important disagreement followed in Google. It was said that there was a relation with penguins due to huge drops in their sites.

The changes to the payday loans update is certainly the same, where the goal is to target the spammiest search queries Google sees. Debates prolonged on forums and twitter about whether the shake-up we saw was Panda-related or Penguin-related. And with the payday loans update thrown in there for good measure, it was definitely confusing.

Google did not want to put more of updates and therefore some of the updates which are irrelevant were thrown out of the site

Releasing two back-to-back updates makes it a lot harder for webmasters to analyze the changes and what specifically was targeted in these updates, and could affect Google’s ability to evaluate how well (or not) the two updates worked. It also means webmasters might have a challenge knowing what changes need to be made in order to recover search rankings.

The result of Panda being changed might have been to reverse some of the damage done to sites that had great content yet were impacted for other on-page reasons.

Panda was launched in feb 2011 initially everyone thought that it was due to Google’s response to criticism. But later Google said that it was called as Big Panda within the company

Each update rolled out monthly over a period of 10 days, Google had declared couple of months ago that Panda would be integrated into the algorithm updates and that the ineffective Panda would be less noticeable. It is not the case with Google Panda 4.0 which is wide spread both positively and negatively.

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Hadoop technology

Go places with Hadoop technology

There is one thing that links popular social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. It is Hadoop technology! Being a relatively new technology, there is humungous scope for Hadoop professionals, both in India and abroad. Its ability to successfully process data, both structured and unstructured, makes it the most preferred next gen technology today. Hadoop professionals are not easy to find due to relatively less awareness about the technology. If you wish to learn something new and yet enjoy a successful career, a course in Hadoop should definitely be on your wish list.

Institutes in Pune including CRB Tech are offering courses in Hadoop to students and working professionals. An excellent support system along with state-of-the-art amenities enhances the learning process. Qualified faculty with relevant experience teach Hadoop with exhaustive training on live projects. Hadoop careers are ideal for developers as well as data analysts.

A good course in Hadoop will include Hadoop cluster management along with its popular ecosystems. All big companies are eager to hire Hadoop professionals because of its ability to change the economics as well as dynamics of computing especially where data is massive. Hadoop wins the battle hands down as compared to other technologies because it offers computing solutions that are flexible, scalable, affordable, and versatile. It allows users to add new nodes without requiring any change in the way data is fed, processed, or used.

Given the fact that more than 80% of the data in the world is unstructured, Hadoop gives companies the power to use it effectively and keep the entire data that is generated. If you have the right training and certification, you will have the power to take Hadoop technology wherever you go. And interestingly, Hadoop will take you places quite literally because global enterprises would be looking for you.

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