Tools For Enhancing Your Online Marketing Campaign

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Most of the fellow SEO consultants always ask this question: “ What online marketing tools do you use?” In the evolving SEO world it is required to update our current tools for using a frequent basis in the variety of projects. Here are few tools mainly for SEO use but the website owner use them very easily. Site’s health can be checked along with improving the communications and make a note of your SEO traffic. There are some significant aspects of online marketing . So let us check it out:

Google Analytics

SEO/SEM campaign’s main engine is Google Analytics. For tracking the click on your website and impacting the things can modify the time. It is for instance the best to note how successful your advertisements, email blasts, and SEO campaigns are.

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For installing Google Analytics on your site you need to insert the Google tracking code on each page of your site. Joomla, Drupal or WordPress are some of the CMS and if you use them for creating your site, you should find easier way of doing it. Here are few easily available extensions like Monsterinsights.

Page Analytics by Google

An online marketing tool, a handy little Chrome extension will help you to know about Google Analytics data on a per page basis. You will find lots of extension like it but this one is from Google.

Google Analytics Tracking Code Debugger

If you want to switch your Google Analytics tracking to an advanced level then use the tracking code debugger extension for Chrome as it is very useful. Google Analytics tracking for the existing page can be seen by this page.

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Get Clicky

For analyzing the traffic on your site you will find Get Clicky is another great online marketing tool. If you are among those people who do not want to use Google Analytics then this is for you. You can get the view of their landing pages, their click on, their download and leaving page, etc. You can also get IP address using this spy tool.

Google Search Console

You will find lots of options for analyzing and checking your site’s performance using Google Search console. Most of the people underuse it over the web. There are several articles written about Google Search console to know more go and read about it. Structured Data section is the nice section to check under Search Appearance. All you need to check is whether it is well configured . This will help you to understand your site and read more over here.

Fetch as Googlebot

This is one of the most demanding features as it allows you to get a page exactly the way Googlebot does. If there is any issue for avoiding Googlebot from choosing your content then it would be revealed.

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The relationship between text and graphics on a page is revealed to you by Wirify. When you are looking at complex pages this is practical and you need to see the relationship between the amount of text on a site and number of graphics. This allows you to see where these elements appear with respect to one another in a schematic way. Just visit the Wirify page for using this tool and drag the wirify by Volkside link to your bookmark toolbar. Click the link by visiting any page and see a wireframe version of your site.

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