Is Your SEO Campaign Failing? These Could Be The Reasons!

You have started this SEO campaign of yours, with great anticipation. However, it is not running as expected. What could be the reasons for the same? Well, CRB Tech reviews would reveal before you, some of the probable reasons for it. This way, you can understand as to where you are going wrong and rectify the same. A SEO certification course will help you big time if you dream of a career in this field.


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Let’s move on to the factors:

1. Improper content:

Your substance remains the most critical ranking variable. You can get every single other component right, however without great content, your SEO will continue to fall.

The Panda update of Google’s algorithm basically focused on sites with thin substance that gave less value to the visitors. So put resources into delivering content that your perusers love and make a point to enhance it for relevant keywords.

Abstain from utilizing copy content when in doubt, however at this point Google can without much of a stretch tell which occurrences of copy content are expected to control and which are for more noteworthy visibility.

Alongside being longer and more full, your content additionally should be relevant to user goal. Through Hummingbird, RankBrain, and other algorithm upgrades, Google is progressively going for comprehension of visitor intent and is improving at mulling over it.

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2. Penalized by Google:

A sudden drop in rankings for your brand image or organic traffic is one sign that you may have been penalized. Your PageRank has dropped for no specific reason or your whole page has been expelled from Google’s stored results.

What all can you do in such case? On the off chance that you’ve gotten a penalty, don’t get scared. Attempt to set up the reason for your penalty. Contingent upon the way of your punishment, you may even need to suspend other SEO tasks for some time and concentrate your endeavors altogether around getting the penalty lifted.

3. Improper link building:

Looking past internal linking, building inbound links is fundamental for your site. It is viewed as the second most vital ranking variable, with content being the first.

Actualizing any inbound link technique won’t cut it — links should be of good quality, originating from authority domains.

Obviously, outbound links from your site are additionally a critical resource you can use to offer further an incentive to your visitors and increment their appreciation about your content. They can likewise be a benefit in setting up tie-ups with other high-esteemed sites.

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4. Site responsiveness factor:

Mobile is rapidly overtaking desktop in how individuals are looking and perusing the web. That makes the responsiveness of your site and its speed especially critical.

This is reflected in a couple of late moves by Google: the development of the AMP project in 2015 and, all the more as of late, the declaration on mobile first indexing. To remain on top of these patterns, your site ought to fit in with the speed necessities as well.

5. Website speed:

Site speed is a vital ranking component. Just by enhancing the loading time for your site, you may see a change in its positioning. One of the most ideal approaches to evaluate speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Run a test for your domain to see proposals for enhancement.

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6. Website architecture:

A site structure that is excessively complex and requires visitors, making it impossible to make at least three clicks to get to the page they’re keen on, is the explanation behind increased bounce rates. Complex navigation amongst pages and drop-down menus with excessively numerous links are the other fundamental guilty parties.

Therefore, the next time you think that your SEO campaign is failing, analyze these factors.

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