The Reason Behind The Failure Of E-mail Marketing

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An effective tool for connecting with profitable customers is called as E-mail marketing but it is not guaranteed that all the campaigns provide the same result. It is very important to know that why E-mail marketing might fail.

1) Spam

There are various reasons that results in making your mail a spam and it is due to the following reasons:

Subject Line Keywords: If the keywords are unclear, irrelevant and not in to the content to follow.

Mail Body Keywords: Spam occurs if the keywords are not well researched.

Induces Inquisitiveness: Words should be chosen carefully and it should generate interests for buying and must not be inquisitive

2) Personalized Content For Better Connect

Content should be reader friendly and hence it should be segmented. For instance content of an entrepreneur can not be the same for a working professional.

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3) Email Optimized For Mobile Phones

Most of the emails are opened through smart phones. There are some mails that are not optimized for the smart phones and almost 70 % of the users delete it because of this reason. It is better to have images that loads quickly and are not heavy. Generate links with more size therefore users with click on it as it is highlighted properly. For easy reading on the mobile screen it is better to break down the text into smaller paragraphs.

4) Preferred For Double Optin Database

A good source called as Optin database as it gives you surety of the mail id but still it is better for double opt in database for being doubly sure about your target audience who are wanting to hear from you.

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5) Segmenting Email List And Separate E-Mailers

No two customers or their requirements are the same and therefore it is significant to make your list of customers basis the sales funnel/decision funnel.

6) Regular Cleaning Of Email List

If the efforts for your email marketing lead to hard bounces then clear them off from your mailing list. If you pursue to mail to closed or full account the sender score will get a good hit. A poor sender score leads you being blacklisted by lots of major email clients.

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7) Separate Domains And Servers For Random Database

If you are using random database over a period of time or have included it from a third party, it may lead to being obsolete or fake, hard bounce will be the end product if you are using business domain or main server. It is good to have separate domains and servers for managing the risk.

8) Email Frequency And Duration

Customers should get the value with the frequency of mails and that is how the value must be gauge and the understanding parameters are:

Open Rate


Unsubscribed Rate

Conversion Rate

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