Procedure For Keyword Research In An E-commerce Website

We will see how to do keyword research for an E commerce Website for easily achieving the target. Join the training on digital marketing to know more about this field.

Step 1: Amazon

The first thing that grabs your attention when it comes to e-commerce is Amazon. It is one of the biggest e-commerce store online and has various studies shown with people searching for something, initiate with Amazon ( do not go for Google or other Search Engine or platform). Initiate your keyword search with Amazon and follow people’s path. This is how it is executed. Start typing a keyword in Amazon that explains your products. You will get an overview from Amazon suggest with respect to what people are searching. You can view the most popular bags for school, work or with respect to brands you can check some of the famous brands like Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton etc.

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Step2: Use Google Search

After getting to know what most people search for on Amazon. It is time to consider Google and the best way for starting your keyword research is by hitting the page Google will provide suggestions after you have started typing on how to complete your search query. Just restrict your search to 2-3 keywords, for example: “women’s purse”. This is a great new keyword for analyzing with our keyword tools for finding more details. Now take this keyword and repeat your search using Amazon.

Step 3: Use your Favourite Keyword Tool

After gathering enough keywords from Google and Amazon and it is time to use the power of a keyword tool. A better insight can be provided using good keyword tool on the search volume for each keyword and it helps us in providing how to optimize our product pages. Among various tools available th best tool to use is SEMRush. If you are not having semrush subscription you can login to SEMrish and choose the SEO MAGIC KEYWORD. 

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Step 4: Use the Google Keyword Tool

It is quite sure that not all people are subscribed to a keyword tool. And you need to pay for using or download these good tools. But for success in e-commerce you need to have a tool. Other than keyword search you can use it for spying your competitors and for enhancing your SEO and content.

There is another free choice for use and it is called as Google Keyword Tool.

The only thing you need to know about the Google keyword tool is that although it is free, you don’t have an active campaign running, it will show you lots of search volumes and not the exact results.

Step 5: Steal Your Competitor’s Keywords

For finding out which keywords work for your niche is for stealing your competitor’s keywords and using the right tools is a straightforward process:

1) Find out Google target keywords that is women’s handbags for work.

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2) Look for websites selling identical products and avoid major websites but focus on websites looking like your e commerce store.

3) Choose the specific product page or the domain and go to SEMrush and choose URL under Domain Analytics-> Organic Search.

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