How To Get The Desired Results From Your Email Campaigns?

For achieving success most of the brands use an email marketing program. But due to unfavourable circumstances some of the programs might not work effectively. So what is required to be done?

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 1. Re-Work On Your Preference Strategy

Customer satisfaction is the key! You need to note, observe, and prioritize the customers in relevant groups. Ask them to prioritize about the preference page including social media outlets. You will be able to fix your priorities more aptly by following this method.

2. Synchronize your data well enough

There are various touch-points to reach a customer in a business. You need to check whether the data used is up to date for the campaign. Check whether the channel data matches the master data.

10 Ways For Effective Email Marketing in 2017

3. Mail acknowledgement

You need to authentic and must get an acknowledgement. It shows that all your emails are reaching properly, and the complaints about the spam are noted down. Thereby helping you to delivery issues.

4. Use your smart phones effectively.

Most of the people in the globe use smart phones and it keeps increasing day by day. There are lots of brands trying to reach the home of the customers. For this purpose responsive designs are used increasingly.

5. Mail Segmentation

You can get desired result from micro segmentation. Most of the informed marketers gather the demographic data and various other segmentation are also available. It is good to refer the past purchases through an up selling campaign and your list can be geography specific as well. A customer who has bought a T would require another DTH connection. A customer purchase data available can partition them into Rich shopper (higher pay), Discount Shopper (Sales discount shoppers), Brand Shopper (brand lovers). Your purchase time and date can also be the reason for your segmentation. You can partition according to one-time buyers and frequent buyers.

6. Get to know about the reports from the series of campaigns.

It is necessary for each campaign to have good performance. It is also good to track the conversions more than a period for campaign alone. Gauging the customer behaviour is possible with the help of just a single purchase.

Benefits of email marketing

7. Templates should be used

There are email marketing with various templates which can be used on particular holidays or for providing promotional codes or for emailing others. Be sure about the brand consistency as it should be maintained well.


If you want to get the wanted results from your campaigns of email marketing, you have to follow the above mentioned tips to the maximum.

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Best Factors For Increasing The Google Ranks In SERPS

Explain what,,, and commonly share?

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On Google SERPs these sites have higher rank and enjoy unshakable authority. Here is the kicker.

What is the reason behind their consistency?

It depends on two factors:

At first they focus on creating the biggest impact that is the Google ranking factors.

Scaling these ranking factors put all their resources secondly.

More than 200 ranking signals are used by Google for ranking the websites. So you may be wondering how can you find out which factors I should focus on for getting a higher Google ranking?

Best Seo Tricks For Increasing Your Google Ranking

Here are a few significant Google ranking factors:

1. Page authority

Every owner requires this most critical Google ranking factor called as Page authority for getting a higher rank on Google SERPS for being mindful in 2017.

Authority/credibility of your page in the vision of Google crawlers is referred with Page authority. By having a look at your website’s link profile Google determines the credibility of your webpage.

An inbound links quality and quantity when higher points to your webpage, it will enjoy higher authority on Google SERPS.

For achieving this you must try high quality inbound links on every page of your site but do not go for buying the links as it will bring your site.

2) Link Relevancy

The quality and quantity of the links in a website is what Google checks for getting higher ranking factor. It is not just about high quality links it actually means relevant inbound links. You guessed it right!

You should target those link buildings only from relevant and authoritative sites. Sites or blogs from the same industry will be guaranteed when the links are pointed back to your site. If your domain is about digital marketing content then you must focus on the same sites where you find the same kind of contents.

Top 7 Google Ranking Factors that Boost your Ranking

3) Length of the Content

Content is also considered as one of the most important ranking factor and it is surprising. For ranking on SERPS Google uses content as the second most important signal.

Since many years content is considered a driving force that runs the modern-day marketing machines. There are plenty of business relying on content marketing for generating leads, traffic and optimize lead conversion rates.

Only 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing, there are lots of white noise in Google and how to be sure that content can surpass through the noise, generate traffic in our website and provide higher ranking on Google SERPS?

Do not go for creating short form content and focus on creating long content at least 2000 words.

IT need not be boring and you can make it more creative, interesting, and apt for the target audience.

The Google Ranking Factors

4) Thinness of the Content

As you know the impact of content length on Google rankings and those with small or thin content which gives less impact are thrown away by the Google.

Thinness of the content means it has no value or gives no impact to the Google ranking. Supposing if you are having small content, Google will not penalize your site but will misguide the Google crawlers and thereby reducing the ranking factor in Google.

So what can you do?

You can actually delete such page or give a no index page as it will not give any good value or impact to the Google ranking positively. If you remove all these indexes from the page then you will be in the safer side from getting Lower SERP ranking factor.

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Significance Of Web Site Framework For An SEO Optimized Site

SEO Certificate programs are more than enough for you to provide complete knowledge of SEO.

The framework of your blog, ecommerce store or web site is very significant in terms of SEO and a good user experience. Easy navigation, quickness, friendly behavior are all attractive behaviors for getting more customers, making a deal, make money from advertising or just present the information in the best possible way.

There are few components required for high quality sites other than design, look, and feel of a website. They make the site friendly, reliable, usable, and professional. Therefore you rank higher in Google and other search engines for getting more love from the social media.

SEO Optimized site Framework

For helping the users to find the information easily and quickly your primary aim is to design your web site in that manner. Crawling should be made easy for the search engines and offer them with various signals for understanding the web site and convincing the bots for making it a high quality site with suitable ranks in their index.

Does Social Media Have An Effect On SEO? Here Is Answer

The home page

This is very significant for your website,blog or online store as it must display your best content, promoting the brands and give a unique identity for your site. The way your website is designed depends on the blog owner, designer, and other points discussed below:

1) Logo- Be creative and different from your competitors

2) Reveal your best contents- Best contents will always get more visitors

3) Project the primary purpose of your site- work towards your primary goal whether it is for getting more subscribers or something else but it should be visible on the first page.

4) Main menu- for linking to important categories

Static Vs Dynamic Page

There are some who are still under a dilemma whether to create a static or a dynamic page.

Static page will have best contents, displaying the product or service your selling or a unique characteristic which stands apart from the rest.

A Startup Guide To Social Media and Marketing

The dynamic page shows the latest feed and blogs.

If you keep updating your sites you will get more visitors to see what is new in your website.

Significant pages for your high quality site

About Page- For increasing the credibility and trustworthiness of a web site a web page is required. There are some important items to be included in your About page:

Welcome message- A few details about the web site and the year it was established.

Philosophy and goals- vision, mission, motto, purpose of the website

Team- Owner of the site, author of the articles, person to contact during problem.

Ad strategies- Run ads and initiate promotions on your site.

SEO: Preventing Undesirable Advertisements

Contact Page- Provide contact address, phone number, email id, etc.

Privacy Policy- How do your protect your personal information? How do you protect the privacy from data that you gather from the users.

Disclaimer- Giving precautions about what can go wrong.

HTML (User) SitemapEasy access

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4 Essential Tools For Controlling And Growing Your Website


Advanced SEO course in Pune will let you understand the concept of these basic tools.

You need to have a clarity of the performance of your website for running a successful web site or blog. You won’t be in a position to correct your blogs if you dont know the basic information with respect to your website.

Let us see the life cycle of SEO before explaining the 4 tools for controlling your website.

1) Create a website by choosing domain name and set it up.

2) For the usability and trust structure of the site is important – so you need to build a good structure.

3) Generate contents with good topics and proper titles.

4) SEOs optimize your content and website

5) Promote your blog posts

6) With the motto of increasing traffic follow an INTERNET marketing strategy.

7) Repeat 3-6 steps again.

How To Carry Out SEO Analysis Using Google Analytics ?

1) Importance of Google Analytics for your websites success

If you want to know significant things about your website, Google analytics will help you with that. For instance:

Number of visits you receive per day

Who all visited

Keywords they use for searching your website

Famous pages

so on and so forth…

You need to install analytics after your website has been created and is running. You can know from Google about the installation procedure of Google Analytics. After your installation of analytics and its proper working of gathering data for your site, the next thing would be to know the basic reports and understand their data. Google analytics softwares like web trends are also used for gathering the information.

4 Vital Google Analytics Metrics One Should Be Aware About

2) The Google webmasters tools

The set of tools also known as webmaster tools by Google for assisting web site owners discovering more about their website. Webmaster tools can be used for registering your website for gaining lots of benefits like:

In case your website has a problem you the only way for communicating with Google is this tool.

For finding out what Google knows about your website this is the best method.

The number of pages indexed by the Google can be checked by this tool.

The source and the number of links pointing your website.

Server unavailability, malware, and the like many problems will be reported to you by Google because of this tool.

This is a simple and a straightforward method.

3) Bing Webmaster tools

One of the biggest and common mistakes most of the people make is ignoring the power of Bing as a search engine. It might not be popular and powerful like Google but still it brings up good traffic. You will get the same benefits by submitting your website to this page like the above mentioned Google Webmaster tools.

Analytics and Webmaster tools provide information for creating a good INTERNET marketing strategy and dedicating your time and efforts on particular goals and not just post contents.

3 Google Analytics Tricks

4) My web site control system

For controlling your websites you can use softwares like Excel or Google docs or Evernote. It is very simple and easy. One should learn to keep records every month in tabular format for each and every website. You can note down the count for the number of posts, index pages, links, Rss subscribers, twitter followers, Google + followers, Pinterest followers, Facebook fans, android mobile followers, Visitors from Chrome etc. for noting down total number of organic visits and total number of views.

With all these information in a tabular format for all the sites one can get a view which websites are doing well, for websites and having a good growth and special attention for those which need more growth.

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5 Social Media Websites That Influence Your SEO

It is a known fact that both SEO and social media go hand in hand. So let us see how these sites make an impact on your content. To know more join the SEO Certification course in this field.


It is not that famous like other user generated content sites but Los Angeles Times considered it a worthy investment. It has been considered as the most reliable social media site by the New York Times.


The smaller user base of Mixx can be used for your advantage. A better chance of sharing your content and getting renowned is possible using Mixx. The reason is there is no much competition when compared to sites like Digg. After selecting your keywords carefully and linking your content properly you will see the page with higher ranks.

Disadvantage :

Mixx is often misleading as you will find different contents in different categories for example in the technology section you might find article on a sports activity. The category has nothing to do with such articles and must turn down the content. Mixx users has the provision for voting these shares but then if it is a niche category submission it is going to be there . If Mixx users and entries get moderated in some fashion then Mixx will not have to struggle competing with its major rivals.

6 Principles That Define PPC Landing Page Optimizations


Most of the Internet Marketers and Search use this Social Website. For sharing and discovering new stories, participating in discussions, finding events of interest and networks with others is what it is designed for.


If you take time to sift through the submissions you will find some smart people at Sphinn. Search industry leaders are available on Sphinn or the talking topic on Sphinn. Their stories are worth reading.

Disadvantage :

There are some submissions which are not worthy but it still takes up the front page. Repeatedly promoting your own work and submitting an entry about how an article managed to be successful, etc. This type of activities are very disgusting but then it is subjected to change as of now.


It is a good way to connect with your family, friends, coworkers, celebrities etc. Many people use it for sharing their opinions through tweets.


Twitter limits the number of characters for input up to 140 characters. This shouldn’t be the basis for avoiding twitter as it is not what you say but how you say. You can keep the description short but in detail and catchy way to get more views.

10 Ways For Effective Email Marketing in 2017


If you are not looking for something you can easily miss it. Establish your followers for putting your message on Twitter. It will take a lot of your time. Just stay away from users who just add you with an expectation that you will follow them back.

4) Digg

Digg has recently changed their promotion algorithm. There have lots of power to decide what is hot and what is not. It is not the be-all, end-all of social media.

Advantage :

If your content gets on the first page of this site then it is guaranteed that you will have a good amount of traffic increase. Digg can give a lot of exposure for your website.

Disadvantage :

It is not sure that if you submit a good content it will hit the first page. The current algorithms have changed and it will check for parity and common sense in the famous story. The second issue is the Digg effect that can cause servers to crash thereby becoming a headache. You do not get much of ROI over here because of too much dugg.

5) Delicious

if you are an SEO expert or just an avid Web 2.0 user you need to do social bookmarking on this site. It is not only convenient for storing all your favorites online. It is famous for its simplicity.

5 Amazing Email marketing tips


You can tag and submit a bookmarking that gives exposure for the bookmarking site and for being sure that will be projected in major bookmarking sites. Creating quality tags can take but can make a major difference in getting bookmarked a hundred times.

Disadvantage :

Most of the users the service of bookmarking for their private bookmark collection. This has no meaning to the motto of the website.

A digital marketing certificate will take you to places in this SEO field.

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Best Tips For Social Media And SEO

SEO training program in Pune is always there for you to provide detailed information about SEO to get you placed.

SEO and social medias are two inseparable entity and they both go hand in hand. One does not exist without the other and for getting improved results both of them must work together. Great efforts in both SEO and social need to be taken for earning higher rankings.

Here are few worthy tips for boosting your SEO results using social media.

Increasing the count of your followers.

Grow your follower base in SEO by implementing social media into it. IF you get large number of real followers in your social media then you will get higher rankings. How often your social media is active, how often do you post your contents, number of people engaged etc all these act as a proof for Google to increase the rankings. Increase your followers organically or else fake followers will penalize your account.

Enhance your link building with social media.

High quality links are always preferred for increasing the social ranking factors. Make use of social media. For enhancing the quality social media can be used effectively. You can achieve rankings by increasing more links to your social media account. In turn if your links are shared more then you will be considered with higher rankings.

Enhance Your Link Buildings With The Help Of Social Media

Insert relevant hashtags on social media for SEO

It is not the case that if you provide good quality content you will get good rankings, NO! You need to make your content findable and reachable. For this you need to use hashtags appropriately in your postings, announcements, or updates as your content is easily searched and thereby leading to good rankings.

Make a global reachable content

If you include blog post in social media along with hashtags it is not necessary that it will be easily reach globally. There are some social media settings that you need to change like your page visibility is public, country restrictions to global or to any particular country and which age section should read it.

Using Social Media For Improving Search Ranking

Keywords optimization

Optimizing your post with right keywords and its density will also increase the Google search. For getting the required results it is the keyword the user enters in search engine for getting the required result. You can include the keywords in the post of Facebook as you share your blog posts or new launch of products.

Social media SEO with good local presence

It is very important for engaging a good amount of local crowd for your website. For achieving this you need to include a local listing in Google+ with your business name, address, and other required information. You must also include your locations or map in the Facebook profile as well. The customers will easily find you and therefore will enhance your results by SEO. You can also join the local community on social channels.

7 Quick Tips For Effective Social Media Optimization

Attract more positive reviews

In a product or service one Google when a user includes highest positive reviews at the top the Social SEO can be utilized. If there are more Google reviews then it will give a good branding for your product or website. The users can also add reviews of your business in Facebook as well. So if your website is filled with positive reviews then it will increase your search engine results.

Contents from the Users will enhance the results

User engagements on social medias will also provide a good Google result. If your user provides content with normal pics of them using the product will also be sufficient enough and an engaging content. Which will automatically increase the number of followers.

If you have done a certificate course in digital marketing then you can really be successful in this field.

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3 Best Affordable Steps For Generating Leads

Leads are considered as the heart of any company. For generating more revenues and sales the company must have sufficient amount of leads through the sales or through walk ins.

There are various cheap ways that internet projects for generating leads when compared to the traditional methods for many industries through social medias.

There are several methods both low level enterprise and organizations use for bringing more leads and conversions. Here you will see how social media blogging influences your company.

  1. Grab The Competitor In Twitter:

For this you would require a twitter account, a landing page and a giveaway. It also good to use a manage filter. Now start searching for competitors on twitter you might know some of them. Use the Social Media Examiner as they have lots of followers. Make a note of these Twitter Competitors.

Landing Page and Giveaway

Your landing page should take the leads with a form and your title should be attractive and also mention the advantages of downloading your free guide.

Using Social Media For Improving Search Ranking

The content we are using in this method is called giveaway and the content used in this method are highly relevant to the visitors.

Lists and tips are always recommended:

17 tips to succeed

10 ways to improve

5 Technical SEO training institutes in Pune.

Twitter Bio

Just give an explanation about yourself and what you do and why you are here. It should be very attractive.

  1. Use fan page robot for conversion

A social media content generator and auto poster is called the fan page robot. The campaign building tool is the most powerful technique and less known feature for automatically turning internet page into your leadpages.

Fan page robot will convert everything into lead page irrespective of whatever you share from videos, to a press release.

Out of the many templates of Fan robot the only interesting thing is that it asks the visitors to follow or share your social media pages or subscribing to your view of contents.

How it handles the new top level domains

Small Business: If your vision is for generating leads then make a simple lead generation campaign with a neat offer like free ebook or giveaway product. For promoting certain product and showcasing it use a template and a click here button for redirecting it to ecommerce website.

Organizations: You need to play a big game here by calling all those visitors online to face to face. Throw a fun part or a free event by inviting them online.

  1. Social media blog posts results

If you have website add blogs to it. It should be creative, unique, attractive and user readable for generating more leads and conversions.

Title examples:

  1. How did to 10,000 dollars in 5 days

  2. How to peel onion in 5 mins

  3. How to reduce 5 kgs in a week.

If you have such blogs then you will attract lots of visitors for your website. Use social media and share your blogs across the followers.

Small business: Guest blogging will help you get more followers.

Here Are The To Do Things For A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Organizations: Send a major social media message or a trailer about your post. Have a click here button to read your website. A promo will also add beauty, ask your workers to share the promo across their social media platforms.


You discuss topics with your visitors in social media and turn the visitors who are interested in leads for your business. It is said that both social media and content goes hand in hand for achieving your need. Still there is lot more ideas to explore the ways of converting your leads apart from the above mentioned three points. For more details join the SEO course in Pune to make your career in this field.

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Enhance Your Link Buildings With The Help Of Social Media

You can improve link buildings with the help of effective usage of Social Medias using these techniques. Digital marketing certificate would help you get a job in SEO.

1) Creating the Right Mindset (Value)

I) Define your goal and objective

If you want build links with the help of social sites then you are following a wrong track.

What is your goal? What’s your objective?

If your primary objective is to build links from social sites, you’re moving in the wrong direction. You should actually focus on generating more revenue and get leads. Do not use the social media platform to change the SEO but treat it as it is.

7 Quick Tips For Effective Social Media Optimization

ii) Avoid spam techniques and create the right mindset

For interacting with the community and staying connected to people can be done with the help of social media platform for building excellent audience. Ranking factors are highly affected with the use of social medias but that does not mean you can spam Facebook with lots of links of your landing page. Work on engaging your community with good quality works.

Social media is a fantastic platform to build an audience and interact with your community. Yes, social signals can influence ranking factors, but you shouldn’t go out and spam Facebook with links to your landing page. This is more likely to have a negative impact. Instead, you should work to engage with your community and deliver real value to your audience.

12 Ultimate Mantras for Social Media Marketing Success !

Explain bad social media strategy

Do not use the social media strategy for pushing the products, asking people to buy and much more. There are many people who use social media for engaging and having a fun time chat and not for shopping new products. For impacting SEO your social media need not carry any links. Make valuable posts using your social medias and it is the ability amplify that really matters. If you want to increase brand awareness then you need to generate more leads and this will happen if you engage more social fans.

2) Track and Monitor Trends

Your fans and readers should be satisfied with your and must share it. So you need to provide trending topics by providing high quality user readable content for creating such attractions.

As you can witness the trends are very static with a very minute increase in 2016. You will require related searches. If you scroll down the Google Trends result page, you could really find the related searches in the related queries section. Landing page is the keyword here and the topics shown here will be related to this. As they gain popularity any of the queries will guide the content topic. Just help out the people whoa re interested in trends and they will wish to join the movement.

Using Social Media For Improving Search Ranking

I) Here are a few simple steps that you can follow:

1) Latest trends in marketing can be found by using Google Trends ( You can pick any of the related queries by scrolling down the page).

2) If you get a trending topic, create a blog post around it. Make it 10 times better than what’s actually present.

3) For finding the people who are interested in your post you can find the appropriate hashtags.

ii) The simple steps you can take are:

  1. Use Google Trends to find latest trends in marketing (scroll down the page and pick any of the related queries).

  2. Create a blog post around the trending topic. Make it 10x better than what’s already out there.

  3. Use the appropriate hashtags to find people who will be interested in your post.

  4. Connect with more influencers for giving them your post links. If you gain 5 links by connecting with 30 influencers then it is really worthy.

For example during the release of iPhone 6 Plus, most of them were talking about the usability flaws and how it was broken. KitKat posted this amazing tweet “We don’t bend, we break”. #bendgate #iPhone6plus

Because of the use of hash tags at a right time it got 26000 tweets and 13000 likes. For creating more brand awareness and increasing the visitors you can follow the similar techniques.

Join the Best SEO classes to know more about the above topic.

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How To Increase Traffic Without Using Link Building?

Join the SEO training course to make your career in this field.

For improving the traffic of online visitors without breaking the rules of Google web master and link-building by focusing on less vulnerable and more effective ways for long term success.

Link buildings was a trend used in the past but now the trends have changed and if you use on then

you will get adverse results.

Google has finally changed the use of link-building with the introduction of Panda and Penguin.

Rewind for beginners

The biggest blunder was using links for increasing your ranking in the search engine. While Google was eradicating spammers there were some people who used links for tricking the algorithm and rank any keyword by creating thousands of links.

Top 5 Future Predictions of SEO and Web Marketing for 2016

This strategical game between Google and SEO came to an end in Feb 2011 while Google initiated to roll out with Panda updates and in 2012 with the Penguin updates. Google started to intelligently separate the natural links from artificially created links and reduce the importance of anchor text.

Google is now more intelligent in identifying the links used for tricking the algorithms which were earlier used with the motto of increasing the ranking.

There are some other search engines like Yahoo and Bing who still rely on link buildings and they lag behind when compared to Google as it penalizes those who are using link buildings and removes them from the first page but those can be found in higher ranks in other search engines.

Another name of Link building is guest posting

There are many people who have started encouraging guest posting as a legal way for enhancing the Page rank of a website. For achieving good ranks SEOs are using it today for many guest post on your blogs.

By reading the following you will come to know when to accept a guest post and is it an ideal way for getting links:

Social Signals and Their Effect On SEO Campaigns

Guest posting is considered link building and link building is illegal in Google norms.

Guest posting is awesome for new connections, for getting new readers, you need to do guest posts on higher quality websites when the conditions mentioned above are met.

Do not use anchor text for incoming links, perhaps they are not against you, but don’ take the risk.

SEO is not link building

As mentioned earlier please take into your mind that SEO is not about link building and therefore please avoid using it.

Then what is SEO?

SEO, as mentioned in the Google article, states that it is from high-quality websites optimized for both search engines and users. Fast, shareable, user-friendly and provides a wonderful user experience irrespective of the platform used by others.

The significance has been shifted to On page SEO where you can make your page more functional and better for tough competitions.

A Startup Guide To Social Media and Marketing

What are the other ways of increasing web traffic?

Social media marketing- For building links to your website, this technique has been used since ages and still has its popularity and importance today. If Social media ranking is higher it is the same in Search Engine results as well. You can use the social media tools like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Mobile Marketing- Mobile markets (Apple Store, Google Play) and mobile optimized websites. Statistics state that more than 30 % searches are coming from mobile and Android + iPhone users.

Content Marketing- This is the new marketing trend. For getting links from link network do not use the technique of creating low-quality content. If you provide high-quality contents you will automatically generate more links from social media visits, mobile searches, direct visits, etc.

You need to acquire the TOP digital marketing certification for knowing more.

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Content Marketing Strategies 2017

Define Content Marketing

By creating and distributing a genuine and a user readable content, content marketing helps for building authority of the company and promoting products and services of the company. In Digital marketing content is considered as the king.

To know more join the Advanced SEO course in Pune to make your career in this field.

How to Evaluate Content Marketing Success?

As said earlier, content is the crowned king. Its marketing is considered as a forward-thinking vision. Content does not mean just filling the documents with the words it is much more than that. Content marketing will be the game changer in 2017 if you can conduct a successful strategy using it. Therefore it is really required to measure your success every step.

It is of no use if you cannot assess the results.

What All Information You Should Know as a Marketer in 2017?

The steps that are measurable and can influence the content marketing strategy, are:

1. Ideation

So here one must know what should be on the content with respect to their product, service and clients. It is very necessary to have an ideal content marketing strategy. It is also said that only smaller organizations have content strategy when compared to the larger one. Most of the B2C marketers have documented content strategy and B2B marketers are not based on single tactics.

2. Creation

Content is not just mere text or data but you have to very innovative.

Most of the marketers want the content to be relevant to the audience, some of them feel it should be engaging, half of them think it should trigger an action and others say that they should produce high-quality content.

Half of the marketers use the strategy of one content per day. The demand for info graphics is increasing.

SEO in content marketing latest updates

3. Sharing

You need to share and promote your content and just writing mere content doesn’t increase the ranking of the page. Most of the marketers find social media as the best tool for delivering content marketing mechanism. Some even use Linked In, youtube, or even publish case studies for sharing the content.

4. Measuring

There is no use in continuing something if it does not provide any profit. All the contents should be analyzed, tracked, and built upon. The content marketing strategies used by some companies shows 6 times better result than those without. But only few of them using the strategy successfully execute it till the end. Few of them fail to achieve due to lack of proper strategy.

5. Costing

Content marketing is quite cheaper when compared to traditional marketing and it provides more lead generation too. Costing is very important part of any organization with respect to its business growth. That is the reason content marketing is in boom today. There are proofs from the marketers that it is more effective than digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques. 39% of marketing budget is spent on content marketing. As you are aware now about the techniques and the budgets of content marketing. It is going to be easy for you to decide whether you want to apply this strategy or not. Content marketing struggler would be relieved from the stats provided above. Let us see whether this info graphic is for you or not.

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