Page Title & Meta Description Pixel Updates From Google For Search Results

CRB Tech reviews would like to throw some light on the new Page Title & Meta Description lengths for Google SEO in search results. This happened some where mid last year. Let’s check the same…

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On the off chance that you haven’t given your title and description meta tags some adoration recently, it may be something worth being thankful for you procrastinated… there are updated title and description lengths in the Google Search Results. Google has expanded the width of the search results for almost all users (in spite of the fact that they could roll it back at any point of time).

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For instance, the space utilized for the organic search results is presently 600 pixels wide, contrasted with the earlier 500 pixel size.


The new title length is 70 characters before Google will suffix the title with ellipses (… ). This is an expansion of 10-15 characters, which is quite critical. It can go up to no less than 71 characters, contingent upon the letters utilized, since l and i are small characters.

Contingent upon the length of the words, that is an extra 2-4 words that can be added to the title tag. Alternately a few sites that are content with their title tag could add their site name to the end.

Obviously, as with any SEO transforms, you will need to screen CTR of old titles versus new ones, however keep in mind that there are numerous other outside variables that influence CTR, incorporating that in a few outcomes, every organic result will be higher up on the page, and some that were underneath the overlay might be above it.

Note: Mobile has additionally expanded the length of their title tag and it is considerably lengthy than desktop titles.

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Descriptions have additionally expanded by around 16-20 characters for every line. The new length of description per line is 100 characters long.

Be that as it may (essential!) Google has still truncated the descriptions for quite a few search results. This implies the general depiction is just showing 150-160 characters add up to right now, for a typical 2 line piece.

One would expect that Google would modify their search results to take into consideration longer general descriptions, rather than the present circumstance where the second line is just utilizing recently over a large portion of the line space when contrasted with the first line.

We are additionally observing descriptions that were 100 characters or less just appearing with a solitary description line in the search results.

On the off chance that you have some “short however sweet” search lists that are under 100 characters, you will need to focus on those, since they will lessen your outcome’s impression in the indexed lists.

For those with three line pieces, they are at present 278 characters for each line.

These new changes will make it more pleasant for SEOs were battling inside the title constraints and could utilize those additional 10-15 characters for their titles. Be that as it may, do remember, Google could move back the progressions to the search results width, and these character checks could fluctuate for non-English character dialects.

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New lengths:


Title Tag in Characters

71 Characters

Title Tag in Pixels (Most Accurate)

600 Pixels

Description in Characters

100 Characters

Description in Pixels


Google has also rolled out a noteworthy enhancement to the search results column as well. In a significant upgrade of the search results appearance, Google has fundamentally expanded the width of the section in the main search results column, affecting everything Google shows in that column.

It would be interesting to see as to how these changes work.

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