Guest Blogging: A Genuine Way Of Increasing Google Ranking

Best SEO training always teaches you the best about Guest blogging and increasing the Google rankings.

A valid way for getting links is nothing but guest posting and it also helps in enhancing website rankings. It is not 100% true and at the same time it is not completely false but it relies from where and how you get links referring back to your site.

Importance of Links

After Panda and Peguin is there any importance for links? This is declared by both Google and Bing officially and not by me or other SEO. The best distinguish factor between important and non important sites are done by incoming links or votes. Seeking links from other important sites, a website is predicted to get higher ranks in the search results from a site with no incoming links from other sites.

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Lower ranks in the search results is done by the website that gets links from a spam or low quality site and sometimes no rank at all when it is imposed with a penalty.

For convincing the bloggers there are many marketers and companies with guest blogging in a legitimate way for getting links without getting any risks.

A valid link from guest posting

For a positive count from guest blogging positively without considering any risks these are the following factors that must be true:

In the same niche you will find the post published on a related website.

Since you are an expert in the field, this post is written by you.

Adding value to the website the post is well written and is published.

It has original and unique content with guest posts and the website post is not accepting it.

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Explain invalid link from guest blogging

For getting strong links do not go for the above path as you can choose an easier way by participating in blogging exchange schemes, there are other similar programs or guest posting programs that you will see on the net, you will lose your time, money, and get your site banned.

Don’t do guest posting like spinning and publishing articles thereby leading to low quality sites.

Article Directories

Maintaining subscription based programs for a maintaining a network of sites that accept guest posts.

There is no original content in the guest posts.

How else can I boost my rankings other than guest blogging?

Organic links, social media links and quality guest blogging links are the only ways for enhancing your ranking without any risks. If your getting easier links then forget as it will get penalize by Google and Bing sooner or later.

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Do you need to accept guest posts on your website or blog?

There are some experts who are willing to provide free quality content. In the author area you need to link their website within the post as a matter of good trade off. Do not consider such emails and mark them as spams and continue your work. Only guest post from your website and guest blogging is for increasing the rankings and not the links.

Guest blogging and Google’s official view:

There was a short video published in November 2012 by Matt Cutts providing explanations about Google handling and guest blogging. Both author and the publisher gets the benefit of guest blogging and it is a valid way of getting links. Join the training on digital marketing to know more about SEO.

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