Enhance Your Link Buildings With The Help Of Social Media

You can improve link buildings with the help of effective usage of Social Medias using these techniques. Digital marketing certificate would help you get a job in SEO.

1) Creating the Right Mindset (Value)

I) Define your goal and objective

If you want build links with the help of social sites then you are following a wrong track.

What is your goal? What’s your objective?

If your primary objective is to build links from social sites, you’re moving in the wrong direction. You should actually focus on generating more revenue and get leads. Do not use the social media platform to change the SEO but treat it as it is.

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ii) Avoid spam techniques and create the right mindset

For interacting with the community and staying connected to people can be done with the help of social media platform for building excellent audience. Ranking factors are highly affected with the use of social medias but that does not mean you can spam Facebook with lots of links of your landing page. Work on engaging your community with good quality works.

Social media is a fantastic platform to build an audience and interact with your community. Yes, social signals can influence ranking factors, but you shouldn’t go out and spam Facebook with links to your landing page. This is more likely to have a negative impact. Instead, you should work to engage with your community and deliver real value to your audience.

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Explain bad social media strategy

Do not use the social media strategy for pushing the products, asking people to buy and much more. There are many people who use social media for engaging and having a fun time chat and not for shopping new products. For impacting SEO your social media need not carry any links. Make valuable posts using your social medias and it is the ability amplify that really matters. If you want to increase brand awareness then you need to generate more leads and this will happen if you engage more social fans.

2) Track and Monitor Trends

Your fans and readers should be satisfied with your and must share it. So you need to provide trending topics by providing high quality user readable content for creating such attractions.

As you can witness the trends are very static with a very minute increase in 2016. You will require related searches. If you scroll down the Google Trends result page, you could really find the related searches in the related queries section. Landing page is the keyword here and the topics shown here will be related to this. As they gain popularity any of the queries will guide the content topic. Just help out the people whoa re interested in trends and they will wish to join the movement.

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I) Here are a few simple steps that you can follow:

1) Latest trends in marketing can be found by using Google Trends ( You can pick any of the related queries by scrolling down the page).

2) If you get a trending topic, create a blog post around it. Make it 10 times better than what’s actually present.

3) For finding the people who are interested in your post you can find the appropriate hashtags.

ii) The simple steps you can take are:

  1. Use Google Trends to find latest trends in marketing (scroll down the page and pick any of the related queries).

  2. Create a blog post around the trending topic. Make it 10x better than what’s already out there.

  3. Use the appropriate hashtags to find people who will be interested in your post.

  4. Connect with more influencers for giving them your post links. If you gain 5 links by connecting with 30 influencers then it is really worthy.

For example during the release of iPhone 6 Plus, most of them were talking about the usability flaws and how it was broken. KitKat posted this amazing tweet “We don’t bend, we break”. #bendgate #iPhone6plus

Because of the use of hash tags at a right time it got 26000 tweets and 13000 likes. For creating more brand awareness and increasing the visitors you can follow the similar techniques.

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