What To Do If Certain Keywords Are Not Helpful For Your Websites Google Ranking?

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A new or an enhanced website is nurtured and launched for your enterprise and like other business owners, you search for it with relevant keywords for the new site. Page 1, nothing. Page 2, nothing. Page 3, nothing! Did Internet lay a trap to your site called the black hole. Perhaps yes, there are various factors for such reasons. There are several reasons behind the actions of the Google. So here are few steps to show up your page in the most relevant way:

1) Your site is not Indexed by Google

Pages are indexed automatically by Google but it is not a quick process and there are no strict rules from Google about its duration. For the purpose of indexing give your site and using Google Web-master Tools > Search Console. You can include your website to Google My Business. Be sure about the information you provide on Google My Business being accurate and fully filled out. For the purpose of launch preparations you have in future just build this step and avoid the catch-up play.

2) Lack of Inbound Links

If your site is not a redesign and is brand new then you need to enhance the number of inbound links to your site. Imported links or Inbound links from foreign sites to yours is the prime factor as it shows Google about relevancy and authority on a particular subject. This tough and you dont want to resort spamming for getting some link to your site and this could be penalized or discarded by Google. By providing relevant content on your site and promoting blog posts and user readable content. The more efforts you put in it will give more rewards from the SEO point of view irrespective of its time consuming nature.

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3) Tough Competition

If outdoor apparel is produced by your pioneer company then your keywords must be specific, but there is a requirement of awareness of the competitive market for your site’s keywords. With respect to Moz, there are some popular terms with only 30 % of total searches. Long-tail keywords are given by remaining 70%. It is an easy way for competing using this Long-tail keywords during the capture of 70 % searches.

Have a glance at the competitors and review high rank keywords with the use of many online tools. There are various offers of insight for free and SEMrush is very useful. With the use of HubSpot platform the ranking and the potential keywords can be reviewed under the Reports> Keywords Section of the admin panel in Hubspot. There are lots of tools available just know the one that works for you and continue testing, changing and adapting along the way.

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4) Poor Content

There are new rules coming with Google further and further away from the metadata and keywords and moving its focus to content and whether users find it relevant. Based on target buyer personas you should create your content. Have a target about creating attractive contents with the user for a comeback rather than targeting on pitching. These customers will get converted into buyers. Provide relevant blog posts and resources to solve the issue they experience in the buyer’s journey and a regular method for doing it. New contents are churned out by Google only if it is good content. Thus more inbound links are provided and long with traffic which will offer your SEO and, ultimately your enterprise.

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