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10 Ways For Effective Email Marketing in 2017

CRB Tech reviews considers email marketing to be an important aspect of digital marketing. As expanding number of email marketers are competing for recepient’s consideration, the response rates are going downwards. What are those minor changes which will help you emerge? What can be done to get that steady stream of response?


As an answer to the above questions, here are a few takeaways to help you accomplish sought after outcomes from email marketing campaigns:

Before moving further, we would like to suggest you the best SEO training course for a promising start to a career in SEO.

  1. Use a compact subject line:

A concise and impactful title gets the consideration of peruser really quickly. Utilize to the point and smaller titles to expand the odds of being perused.

The Best Email Marketing Campaign ideas In 2016
  1. Make use of a valid account to send mails:

Nobody likes to see an email from It takes a shot at your end, as well. Just about 64 percent of recipients open just those mails which originate from known and legitimate sources.

  1. Optimize for mobiles:

An ever increasing number of organizations are going for mobile responsive sites. Therefore, focus on developing mobile friendly email content that would keep the viewers hooked and can be effectively perused on the smart phones. The way that 71% individuals discard the email instantly which doesn’t open on their cell phones properly requests content to be elegantly composed and portable.

  1. Choose the best time of the day:

All the exertion is futile if it doesn’t reach on time. In the event that you are running a worldwide email campaign take a stab at isolating your email records on the premise of time-window of different topographical regions.

5 Amazing Email marketing tips
  1. Sync the campaign to your landing pages:

Numerous advertisers commit this error of not syncing their email campaign to the landing pages. They may wind up making the campaign message-less and lacking direction. It might wind up having no impact at all. Further, keep in mind to make the pages responsive as the market is moving towards smart phones and mobile devices.

  1. Content quality:

Quality content happens to be educating and attractive. It can have pictures and brief description of the message it needs to pass on. Longer messages are inclined to deletion. Normally, messages with littler reading time and having exact information are welcome over long and exhausting ones.

  1. Maintain your mailing lists on a regular basis:

A well maintained mailing list delivers the coveted result. On the off chance that you need higher engagement rates make it a propensity to maintain them routinely.

Email marketing secrets
  1. Message centric mailing lists:

Having separate mailing records for particular message passed on by them really assists in conveying the correct message to the correct audience. For instance, all the beneficiaries of a discount emailer ought to be kept together. Such list division has been found to expand the open rates by around 14 percent.

  1. Analyze in case your campaign has a low open rate:

A low open rate can be exceptionally harming to your email campaign and it demonstrates that spam complaints and unsubscribes are coming. Take a stab at subject lines to increase open rates.

  1. Do not be worried if you receive unsubscribe:

Unsubscribes happen to be a piece of any email campaign. Attempt to discover the potential cause if the number of unsubscribes grows too high.

This was about the various ways to improve email marketing in 2017.

Join a SEO training program in Pune, and be a certified professional in this field.

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Get Trained At CRB Tech And Become An Expert In Digital Marketing

Prior to moving on with the details of the Digital marketing course in Pune, conducted by CRB Tech;

Lets have a look at the field of digital marketing in brief.

What do you mean by Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is basically making use of the digital platform like social media for promotional activities for your business. This can be called as the layman’s definition. SEO is a part of the broader domain called digital marketing.

Marketing forms the heart and spine of any business to flourish and grow. In today’s digital age, the primitive marketing practices have become a thing of the past. Digital is the way to go! That’s the reason why digital marketing has turned out to be the key growth factor for any kind of business. With the fast growing rate of technologies and their constantly evolving nature, literally, billions of dollars of budget is assigned to digital marketing. That too the world over. It happens to be the fastest developing field in today’s times.

Keeping in mind these things, and the shortage or lack of training facilities in this field, we have designed an advanced SEO course in Pune, as a part of the digital marketing training in Pune.

The finest of details related to digital marketing are taught over here.

Job opportunities in Digital Marketing (SEO):

There is an ocean of opportunities as far as digital marketing or SEO jobs are concerned. All thanks to its cost effective and fast results nature which the various companies have realized. Also, there are a large number of digital marketing companies in Pune, that provide ample job opportunities to skilled individuals.

Simply in Social Media, around 9,000 employment opportunities were created in 2013 alone. With regards to India, a Digital Marketing proficient earns anyplace between 12,000 to 25,000 every month. That’s just the beginning!

Grabbing this opportunity:

If you want to benefit from the above mentioned opportunities by opting for a career in this field; then, first you need to be a skilled individual.

To acquire the desired digital marketing skills, you need to take our digital marketing classes in Pune. If in any kind of doubt, you can research about the various SEO training courses in Pune; and then come to a decision.

CRB Tech offers you, digital marketing courses in Pune with placement. Our course is designed in such a manner that, once you walk out, you are a digital marketing expert professional.

SEO training institute in Pune

Duration of the course:

The digital marketing course extends up to 120 days with classroom sessions being conducted 5 days a week for 8-9 hours. It is a full time course.

Financial options availability:

A number of options are available for the students to reduce the financial burden on them during the duration of the course. These include the following:

  • CRB Reward Amount

  • Payback of fees after getting placed

  • Credit card, debit card, cash payment options.

  • Loan facility to reduce the financial burden on students.

These are the financial support policies that we provide at CRB Tech with regards to SEO course fees in Pune.

Placement Zone:

As a leading digital marketing training institute in Pune, providing good jobs to our students is our main motto. We have done so in the past and continue to do so. Here are a few highlights from the placement corner.

  • A 100% job guarantee on legal stamp paper is what we assure. It’s our USP.

  • A special experienced in house team is there to coordinate the placement activities for the students.

  • 30+ of our students are placed in companies like Markets and Markets, Xebec, Mittal Brothers etc.

  • A conditional LOI of client company is provided at the beginning of the course. In simple words, it resembles an offer letter. So, you get a job soon after admission to our SEO course in Pune.

  • Unlimited interview calls are provided till the candidate gets placed.

  • Regular on campus and off campus drives are conducted.

  • List of our placement clients for Digital Marketing domain:

– Cybage

– Accenture

– Sokrati…and many more.


Ours is a SEO Certification Course, in the sense that, we provide certification in following cases:

  • Course completion certificate post the successful completion of training.

  • Amcat certification is provided upon passing the required exam.

After all, certification matters!

Digital Marketing (SEO) Training Course Contents (Syllabus):

Knowing the digital marketing fundamentals by heart is a necessity for those who want to be successful in this field. Here at CRB Tech, which happens to be one of the best SEO institute in Pune, we have developed a digital marketing course in such a manner that, it would touch all the aspects of digital marketing and thus SEO.

This best SEO course is a perfect blend of academics and practical sessions. This makes it possible for the students to get hands on on various tools and technologies used for digital marketing e.g. Google Analytics etc.

The course syllabus designed by our SEO training institute in Pune, is a customized one. Along with theory, the course syllabus also consists of case studies, live projects etc. In this way, the students can understand online marketing strategies in a better manner. The get a feel of the actual ground level work.

The syllabus is exclusively prepared by brainstorming with the industry experts and the digital marketing professionals, who are well versed with this domain.

All these efforts have been taken by CRB Tech to make our course stand out amongst the various professional SEO training courses in Pune.

Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune

Lets now go through the module-wise breakup of the course to give you a better idea :

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • What is marketing?

  • How we do Marketing?

  • What is Digital Marketing?

  • Benefits of Digital marketing

  • Digital marketing platforms and Strategies

  • Comparing Digital with Traditional Marketing

  • Defining Marketing Goals

  • Latest Digital marketing trends

  • Case studies of Digital Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization:

Introduction to Search Engines

  • How the search engine works?

  • Components of Search Engines

  • Google Algorithms

  • Google Results Page

  • Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird & Pigeon

  • Latest Updates in Google

  • Online Resources

Keyword Research and Competition

  • Introduction to Keyword Research

  • Types of Keywords

  • Keyword Research Methodology

  • Business Analysis & Categorization

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • Market Research and Analysis

  • New Keyword Ideas

  • Competition Analysis

  • Finalizing the Keywords List

Onpage Optimization

  • Introduction to Onpage

  • What is Webmaster Tools

  • Verification Process in GWMT

  • Selection target Location

  • Onpage Analysis Methodology

  • Fundamental On-page Factors

  • Website Speed

  • Domain name in SEO

  • URL Optimization

  • Title Tag Optimization

  • Meta Tags Optimization

  • Content Optimization

  • Sitemaps Generation

  • Using Robot.txt in Site

  • URL Redirecting Techniques

  • Canonical Links

  • Rich Snippets

Offpage Optimization

  • What is Link Building

  • Types of Linking Methods

  • DoFollow Vs. NoFollow

  • Link building Guidelines

  • Linking Building Methodology

  • Links Analysis Tools

  • Directory Submissions

  • Local Business Directories

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic

  • Question and Answers

  • Blogging & Commenting

  • Guest Blogging

  • Press Releases

  • Link Building Resources

Google Adwords:

PPC Advertising (Google AdWords)

  • Introduction to Paid Marketing

  • Google Account setup

  • Interface Tour and Billing Settings

  • Account Structure

  • Campaigns settings

  • AdGroup setup

  • Keyword Match Types

  • Keyword Research Tools

  • Understanding Ad Auction

  • What is Quality Score

  • Factors to improve Quality Score

  • Types of CPC’s

  • Bidding strategies

  • Ad Formats

  • Ad Guidelines

  • Ad Extensions

Mobile Marketing

  • Growth in Mobile Industry

  • Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing Goals

  • Creating a Mobile Website

  • App Creation Strategy

  • Mobile Search Ads

  • Mobile Call Only Campaigns

Social Media Marketing:

Introduction to SMM

  • What is Social Media?

  • SMM Vs. SMO

  • Benefits of using SMM

  • Social Media Statistics

  • Why use Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Impact of Social Media on SEO

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook account setup

  • Personal account properties

  • Facebook marketing strategy

  • Competition analysis

  • Facebook business page setup

  • Types of Business pages

  • Cover photo designing

  • Increase the Likes to page

  • Page management options

  • Types of Posts and Statistics

  • Dimensions in Posts

  • Creating a post strategy

  • Examples of Creative Posts

  • User engagement metrics

  • Facebook Insights

  • Facebook Groups

  • Facebook Apps creation

  • Integration FB in Site

Facebook Advertising

  • What is Facebook Advertising

  • Types of Promotions

  • Audience Targeting

  • Advanced Audience Targeting

  • Bidding Strategies

  • Ad Formats

  • Ad Dimensions and Rules

  • Re-marketing Strategy

  • Conversion Tracking

Twitter Marketing & Ads

  • What is Twitter?

  • Benefits of Twitter

  • How brands use Twitter

  • Profile creation and management

  • Customizing the profile

  • Types of Tweets and Statistics

  • Content strategy for Twitter

  • Post your First Tweet

  • Analysis of Big Brands

  • Twitter Contests

  • What is Hashtag?

  • #Hashtags and its uses.

  • Tools for Twitter marketing

  • Twitter Analytics

  • Twitter Advertising

  • Types of Campaigns

  • Audience Targeting

  • Bidding Strategies

  • Reporting

Google+ Marketing

  • Benefits of Google+ in SEO

  • Creating Profile

  • Managing Connections

  • Creating Google+ Page

  • Types of Pages

  • Content Strategy and Statistics

  • Posting on Google+

  • Increasing the Reach and Followers

  • Linking Google+ with Site

  • Google+ Badge Integration

  • Google+ Groups

Email Marketing

  • What is Email Marketing?

  • Importance of Email Marketing

  • Popular Email Marketing Software’s

  • Email Marketing Goals

  • Introduction to Mail Chimp

  • Mail Chimp pricing structure

  • Account setup and settings

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Creating a Subscriber List

  • Integration of Forms in Site

  • Import subscribers in list

  • Types of Email marketing campaigns

  • Creating an Email Campaign

  • What is Newsletter

  • Design a Newsletter

  • Reports

  • Marketing Automation

    The Best Email Marketing Campaign ideas In 2016

Online Reputation Management

  • What is ORM?

  • Why we need ORM

  • Examples of ORM

  • Areas to analyze in ORM

Search Engine Results

Blogs & Websites

Reviews & Complaints

Complaint sites

Social Media

  • Generate a ORM Report

  • What we need to do in ORM

  • Monitor Search Results

  • Monitor Complaint sites

  • Monitor Reviews

  • Monitor Sites and Blogs

  • Monitor Social Media

  • Case Study

  • Tools for Managing Reputation

Google Analytics

  • What is Analytics?

  • Importance of Analytics for Business

  • Popular Analytics Software’s

  • Key Performance Metrics [KPI] in

  • Analytics

Visits and Users

Time on Page / Site

Bounce Rate

Exit Rate

Conversion Rate


  • Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Installing Analytics code in site

  • Analytics account structure

  • Interface tour of Google Analytics

  • General Tools in Analytics

  • Real-time Reports

  • Settings in Analytics

Traffic Reports

  • Traffic source overview

  • SEO Traffic

  • AdWords Traffic

  • Social Traffic

  • Campaigns

Behavior Reports

  • Behavior Overview

  • Site Content

  • Site Speed Analysis

  • In page Analytics

Personality Development

  • Analysis of Successful People

  • Problem with Education System

  • Principles of Think and Grow Rich

  • Desire and Aim in Life

  • Recommended Books

Google AdSense

  • What is Google AdSense

  • How it Works?

  • Top AdSense Earners [Global / India]

  • AdSense Guidelines

  • Website ideas for online earning

  • Finding a Proper Niche

  • Types of AdSense Account

  • AdSense Interface Tour

  • Create your First Ad

  • Ad Formats and Sizes

  • Bidding Models

  • Custom Channels

  • Ads limits in a page

  • Adding code in site / using plugin

  • Blocking Ads

  • AdSense Optimization Tips

  • Recommended Books

Post going through the syllabus of our course at CRB Tech, we are sure that amongst the various SEO certification courses in Pune, you will opt for ours.

Who all can benefit from doing this training program?

Anybody with the following qualifications can undergo this course:

A graduate/postgraduate of any stream is eligible to undertake this course.

Who all can have the maximum benefit after pursuing this course?

This course is ideal for:

  • Sales and marketing professionals

  • Students who desire to start a career in this field.

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for business growth.

  • Experienced individuals who want to switch to Digital marketing.

Other Benefits at CRB Tech:

Apart from those discussed till now, there are a few other benefits you can get at CRB Tech:

  • Foreign language training:

Along with the domain related training, we also conduct German language coaching. This helps students to tap job opportunities in countries like Germany.

  • Aptitude and mock interview sessions:

Aptitude and interview preparation sessions are conducted via aptitude tests and mock interview sessions.

  • Placement clients:

CRB Tech has more than 150 companies in tie-up (MNC’s and Mid-level categories).

These can be termed as add on benefits that make us a stand out professional SEO training institute in Pune.

So, don’t waste your time thinking, and enroll with us! For registration visit………..

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How To Write Effective Content For The Mobile Platform

Content has been the core of digital marketing, and no one can deny this fact. Content is said to be the king. If the content is not good, then frankly speaking, everything else holds no or very less value. Yet again the importance of good content has been underlined. An institute of digital marketing in Pune is the place where you can learn more about digital marketing.

You might be wondering,

Why are we talking so much about content? Well, in this article from CRB Tech reviews, we are going to discuss about writing effective content for the mobile platform. After all, in today’s times, mobile happens to be the most widely used platform.

The number of professional people are constantly evolving, utilizing new technologies, working in various environments, and growing new demands. For instance, as per Dialpad, just 19 percent of all the full time workers spend close to 40 hours or more at their desk every week. Our workforce is turning out to be progressively mobile, working remotely and traveling, and our content needs to change to mirror that shift.

9 Awesome Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO

Changes to consider prior to creating content for mobile workforce:

  • Mobiles have smaller display and offer different UI:

As you must have without a doubt experienced in your own particular life, cell phones usually offer smaller screens and more constrained types of interaction than laptops. This diminishes the mobile experience and drives you to consider smaller, more exact types of content creation.

  • Immediate requirements:

When you consult your mobile phone, it’s most likely to something you require quickly. Else, it could hold up until you were at a formal work station. That implies your subjects and your tone ought to be designed for tackling an issue as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

  • Lesser time:

In the event that a worker is always on the move, they’re presumably heading out from meeting to meeting and attempting to fit everything into a tight timetable. That implies they have less time and are searching for content to address their issues rapidly. As Content Marketing Institute calls attention to, a portion of the best performing mobile content is additionally the quickest and least demanding to peruse.

5 Trends In 2017 That Will Rule The World Of SEO

Enhancement tips:

  • Mobile optimization:

Your site ought to as of now be optimized for mobile screens; in the event that you aren’t sure, you can simply run a check utilizing Google’s tool for this. Your site ought to be responsive, which means it adjusts in view of the size and state of the device seeing it, and all your content ought to load rapidly and effortlessly. Likewise, all your content ought to be plainly intelligible without the need for scrolling or zoom. This is a fundamental essential on the off chance that you need your content to be engaging.

  • More of visual and video content:

Visual content is normally all the more captivating, on account of its interest to our sensory organs, as opposed to processed thoughts. As indicated by Hubspot, the consideration of a video can improve a page’s probability to change over by 80 percent or more, and videos are considerably speedier and simpler to draw in attention than a written article on cell phones. That doesn’t mean you have to make videos rather than written articles, however you ought to consider including them all the more every now and again – whether they’re independent content entries or embedded improvements in your core written content.

11 Things Majority SEO Courses Have To Offer
  • Write more precisely:

As indicated by the Purdue OWL, to the point written work is an approach to pick the best, effective mix of words in your article. Writing all the more succinctly doesn’t really mean utilizing less words; in any case, that is regularly a reaction of the process. Evaluate your articles and kill any language that is excess or superfluous to accomplish a total comprehension of your proposed meaning. This will help your audience read through your content quicker, coming to the heart of the matter of your article instead of harping on the fluff.

  • Choosing useful topics:

Your mobile workforce isn’t as keen on perusing high-level ideas and concepts; they need quick, logical tips. The more valuable your content is, the better, so invest some energy thinking of subjects that are useful for your end users. Tutorials, how to guides etc. are all smart thoughts here.

Thus we saw a few things about content designing, for the mobile workforce. An advanced SEO course in Pune, is the place to be for SEO related training.

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How To Use SEO For Bringing More Traffic To Your E-commerce Business?

CRB Tech reviews would like to ask you – Do you own an e-commerce business? If yes, then you know that a definitive test is to stand out from the several other web based business sites connecting with a similar kind of audience.

Online networking has turned out to be synonymous with e-commerce nowadays. Research shows that a monstrous 93 percent of customers utilize online networking platform to get proposals for buying. Along these lines, social media is the most imperative component in the event that you need to compete on the web.

Guess what?

We are going to tell you how to draw high traffic for your e-commerce site using social media!

A SEO training course is what you need to hone the skills to become a SEO professional.

Coming back to driving traffic using social media….

  1. Create a blog:

Majority from the e-commerce business whine that they don’t have an enduring supply of good content. To tackle this, what about creating a blog? Search for entertaining, educational and inspirational content as it is probably going to draw in customers the most. These blog entries ought to have the arrangement to be shared on social networking sites. Likewise, utilize the blog as a stage to exhibit the activities of your organization and the CSR initiatives.

5 Global Co-Marketing Strategies For Holiday
  1. Keywords:

Utilizing keywords identified with your subject can trigger your traffic in an exponential manner. Keywords can build your perceivability while searching, along these lines broadening your span. To snatch more eyeballs utilize visual components also. Images and videos are demonstrated to enhance engagement of users on the web.

  1. Include sharing buttons:

It is about how well you position these buttons. The “Like” button can be included to every one of the items on your E-trade site. This will pull in new customers. Put a share button close to the reviews of your items. Additionally, on the off chance that you have deals or offers going on, permit your adherents to share it on their networks also.

  1. Share appropriate content:

Keep the entire online networking knowledge as the name recommend, social. Post just the contextual and relevant content.

Make your posts smart and let your followers give their feedback too. Put the requirement of the customer on highest priority and strike a harmony between posts that point towards generating deals and the ones that plan to teach.

  1. Develop relationship with influencers:

Influencers are the ones who have an immense fan following in your domain. Imagine a scenario in which individuals who have a tremendous fan following to support your brand. There is a decent likelihood that your sales will shoot up. On the off chance that they promote or prescribe your product, it will be seen by their a great many followers. These individuals resemble the big names of the Online world and tie-ups with them are to a great degree useful. Instagram is a perfect stage for this sort of vital alliance together.

Social Media and It’s Importance In Brand Building
  1. Using Hashtags:

A compass guides mariners. Numerous islands and even mainlands have been found along these lines. However, how do social media followers find your content? All things considered, hashtags are the compasses of social media. They help the users find and sort out content. It is likewise an easy route to advance communication as what they should simply do is to utilize that hashtag. Try not to stop up your posts with hashtags, however. Two is the prescribed number.

  1. Join groups:

Attempt to be active in various groups. Keep a check on what is trending and what sort of themes your customers normally chat on. Along these lines, you can investigate distinctive posts and if sufficiently intriguing, share them too. Along these lines you will set up a decent affinity with your followers.

  1. Post to Reddit:

Do you realize that a huge percent of the web hangs out on Reddit? This may be on the grounds that there are a huge number of specialty on Reddit called subreddits. You can discover subreddits on the greater part of the subjects. E.g. –/r/Pizza,/r/Soccer or/r/Ballet.

The traffic from Reddit is constantly significant on the grounds that subreddits are formed in light of specialties and you can discover subreddits that are identified with your store.

Top 5 Indian Identities Turned Brands, Owing To Out of the Box Marketing
  1. Paid advertising:

Facebook advertisements, LinkedIn advertisements and promoted tweets have the abilities to take your social media marketing a step further on the off chance that you have the correct spending plan. This will help you to target precisely and support the general traffic of your site.

  1. Look for more Email subscribers:

As per recent research, 80% of individuals get marketing E-mails on daily basis. 70% of individuals go for the offers, coupons, and rebates which they come to know through emails. Individuals have likewise proposed that they are subscribing to numerous business bulletins on account of these selective offers. We should place this into viewpoint: there are an excessive number of posts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This can make it troublesome for your tweet or post to highlight. However, individuals dependably appreciate personal mails, particularly on the off chance that it offers value. Emails likewise can furnish you with significantly more space to elaborate your offers or discounts when contrasted with social networks.

Make use of these tips and see a rise in your traffic. For in depth study of SEO concepts, opt for a SEO training institute in Pune.

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5 Effective SEO Softwares That Would Help In Rank Tracking

SERP tracking happens to be one of the very basic components for SEO and a key portion of web based marketing. CRB Tech reviews agrees with this. It is really essential for every blogger and SEO expert to monitor how your site positions change in light of inner and outside changes.

Guess what?

A standout amongst the most widely recognized errors that bloggers and site hosts do is they do exclude target keywords into articles. You can learn more about this by joining the best SEO training course.

For now, we will take a look at some of the accurate SEO rank tracking softwares for Internet marketers.

  1. SE Ranking:

SE Ranking is a totally unrivaled 100% exact rank following system. It is anything but difficult to utilize: simply include keywords, choose search engines and areas and get momentary results. This software offers an extensive variety of helpful components like local and mobile rankings, additional data on your filtered keywords, adding additional users to your record with access to specific ventures, amazing reporting facilities, spotting major 10 contenders and checking sub-domains consequently.

SE Ranking has some incredible additional opportunities that can enhance your SEO procedure. The White Label feature and adaptable reports make your work less demanding. It’s anything but difficult to work straightforwardly with a client through your customized interface with your logo.

9 Awesome Tips to Optimize Crawl Budget for SEO
  1. Google Webmaster:

Google Webmaster Tools is the most acclaimed SEO software that gives a free keyword positioning investigation and is utilized by any site host. As you most likely are aware, there is much level headed discussion about the exactness of Google’s data in Webmaster tools, however it can be fine for SEO amateurs.

This software offers a group of other amazing features and information for your projects like search traffic, links to your site, site errors, internal links, crawl details and so on. See that you can’t get any information regarding your top contenders until you confirm the responsibility for your site.

  1. SEMrush:

SEMrush is a standout amongst the most famous research tools that has a considerable measure of elements to offer. As the greater part of the previously mentioned tools, it permits you to screen worldwide and local particular rankings of your projects and your rivals. All information from Google is updated regularly and demonstrates to you a clear cut picture of how your rankings are changing after some time.

The tool is multilingual and permits you create tracking based projects in various nations and talk in distinctive dialects. It offers an effective unit of valuable tools like examination reports on organic and paid traffic, back-links, social media, evaluating, publicizing, and so on.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Giants In SEO
  1. Web CEO:

Web CEO is intended for more advanced users, however, despite everything it has a basic interface and setup. The reports are all around definite and have an access to chronicled reports keeping in mind the end goal to investigate ranking changes after some time. You can likewise get a quick look at how you are positioning in search with respect to your rivals.

Web CEO is a standout amongst the most capable tracking tools that offers web and desktop choices. The software has a free and paid version. The free one permits you screen up to 5 keywords and develop two projects, additionally breaks down 200 pages for broken links and screen up to 40 links prompting to your site. It is coordinated with Google Analytics and gives data on worldwide search statistics, content optimization and ranking dissemination.

  1. Advanced Web Ranking:

Advanced Web Ranking is a standout amongst the most effective tools used to check site rankings in search. It offers desktop and cloud-based renditions and the likelihood to screen a boundless number of sites, contenders and projects. Ensure that in the event that you need to track a huge number of keywords consistently, you have to get some additional intermediaries keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from hindering via search engines.

The Easiest Way to Automate Your SEO Reporting

You can without much of a stretch recheck site positioning consequently whenever or simply plan automatics updates of your keywords. One of the wonderful elements is to dole out users a few authorizations to see or alter data and run white-label reports. Everything runs together with email notifications and report planning.

Choose amongst these and see which serves you the best. Get a top digital marketing certification, and give your career a boost!!!

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Page Title & Meta Description Pixel Updates From Google For Search Results

CRB Tech reviews would like to throw some light on the new Page Title & Meta Description lengths for Google SEO in search results. This happened some where mid last year. Let’s check the same…

Meanwhile, choose an SEO course in Pune, for complete training in this particular domain.

On the off chance that you haven’t given your title and description meta tags some adoration recently, it may be something worth being thankful for you procrastinated… there are updated title and description lengths in the Google Search Results. Google has expanded the width of the search results for almost all users (in spite of the fact that they could roll it back at any point of time).

Killer On Page Techniques to Rank First Page in 2016

For instance, the space utilized for the organic search results is presently 600 pixels wide, contrasted with the earlier 500 pixel size.


The new title length is 70 characters before Google will suffix the title with ellipses (… ). This is an expansion of 10-15 characters, which is quite critical. It can go up to no less than 71 characters, contingent upon the letters utilized, since l and i are small characters.

Contingent upon the length of the words, that is an extra 2-4 words that can be added to the title tag. Alternately a few sites that are content with their title tag could add their site name to the end.

Obviously, as with any SEO transforms, you will need to screen CTR of old titles versus new ones, however keep in mind that there are numerous other outside variables that influence CTR, incorporating that in a few outcomes, every organic result will be higher up on the page, and some that were underneath the overlay might be above it.

Note: Mobile has additionally expanded the length of their title tag and it is considerably lengthy than desktop titles.

7 Advanced On Page SEO Techniques In 2016


Descriptions have additionally expanded by around 16-20 characters for every line. The new length of description per line is 100 characters long.

Be that as it may (essential!) Google has still truncated the descriptions for quite a few search results. This implies the general depiction is just showing 150-160 characters add up to right now, for a typical 2 line piece.

One would expect that Google would modify their search results to take into consideration longer general descriptions, rather than the present circumstance where the second line is just utilizing recently over a large portion of the line space when contrasted with the first line.

We are additionally observing descriptions that were 100 characters or less just appearing with a solitary description line in the search results.

On the off chance that you have some “short however sweet” search lists that are under 100 characters, you will need to focus on those, since they will lessen your outcome’s impression in the indexed lists.

For those with three line pieces, they are at present 278 characters for each line.

These new changes will make it more pleasant for SEOs were battling inside the title constraints and could utilize those additional 10-15 characters for their titles. Be that as it may, do remember, Google could move back the progressions to the search results width, and these character checks could fluctuate for non-English character dialects.

SEO on page and off page

New lengths:


Title Tag in Characters

71 Characters

Title Tag in Pixels (Most Accurate)

600 Pixels

Description in Characters

100 Characters

Description in Pixels


Google has also rolled out a noteworthy enhancement to the search results column as well. In a significant upgrade of the search results appearance, Google has fundamentally expanded the width of the section in the main search results column, affecting everything Google shows in that column.

It would be interesting to see as to how these changes work.

An SEO institute in Pune, is the place where you can learn everything about SEO.

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Is Your SEO Campaign Failing? These Could Be The Reasons!

You have started this SEO campaign of yours, with great anticipation. However, it is not running as expected. What could be the reasons for the same? Well, CRB Tech reviews would reveal before you, some of the probable reasons for it. This way, you can understand as to where you are going wrong and rectify the same. A SEO certification course will help you big time if you dream of a career in this field.


AdWords Campaign:9 Proven Steps to Build Up AdWords Campaign

Let’s move on to the factors:

1. Improper content:

Your substance remains the most critical ranking variable. You can get every single other component right, however without great content, your SEO will continue to fall.

The Panda update of Google’s algorithm basically focused on sites with thin substance that gave less value to the visitors. So put resources into delivering content that your perusers love and make a point to enhance it for relevant keywords.

Abstain from utilizing copy content when in doubt, however at this point Google can without much of a stretch tell which occurrences of copy content are expected to control and which are for more noteworthy visibility.

Alongside being longer and more full, your content additionally should be relevant to user goal. Through Hummingbird, RankBrain, and other algorithm upgrades, Google is progressively going for comprehension of visitor intent and is improving at mulling over it.

Link Campaigns: Plan, Review and Development

2. Penalized by Google:

A sudden drop in rankings for your brand image or organic traffic is one sign that you may have been penalized. Your PageRank has dropped for no specific reason or your whole page has been expelled from Google’s stored results.

What all can you do in such case? On the off chance that you’ve gotten a penalty, don’t get scared. Attempt to set up the reason for your penalty. Contingent upon the way of your punishment, you may even need to suspend other SEO tasks for some time and concentrate your endeavors altogether around getting the penalty lifted.

3. Improper link building:

Looking past internal linking, building inbound links is fundamental for your site. It is viewed as the second most vital ranking variable, with content being the first.

Actualizing any inbound link technique won’t cut it — links should be of good quality, originating from authority domains.

Obviously, outbound links from your site are additionally a critical resource you can use to offer further an incentive to your visitors and increment their appreciation about your content. They can likewise be a benefit in setting up tie-ups with other high-esteemed sites.

A Simple Setup Guide For Twitter Ads Campaigns

4. Site responsiveness factor:

Mobile is rapidly overtaking desktop in how individuals are looking and perusing the web. That makes the responsiveness of your site and its speed especially critical.

This is reflected in a couple of late moves by Google: the development of the AMP project in 2015 and, all the more as of late, the declaration on mobile first indexing. To remain on top of these patterns, your site ought to fit in with the speed necessities as well.

5. Website speed:

Site speed is a vital ranking component. Just by enhancing the loading time for your site, you may see a change in its positioning. One of the most ideal approaches to evaluate speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Run a test for your domain to see proposals for enhancement.

How To Make Your SEO Campaign?

6. Website architecture:

A site structure that is excessively complex and requires visitors, making it impossible to make at least three clicks to get to the page they’re keen on, is the explanation behind increased bounce rates. Complex navigation amongst pages and drop-down menus with excessively numerous links are the other fundamental guilty parties.

Therefore, the next time you think that your SEO campaign is failing, analyze these factors.

Choose the best SEO course for an intensive training program in SEO.

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Link Campaigns: Plan, Review and Development

CRB Tech reviews will talk about link campaigns strategy development and review through this article. Those who are thinking of going after links in the coming year can benefit from this one. For those who are planning to start a career in this field in 2017, digital marketing training in Pune can be of great help.


Moving on to the link campaigns and various things associated with it.

A Simple Setup Guide For Twitter Ads Campaigns

Link campaigns require strategy.

Link building in SEO, is a troublesome, tedious process that doesn’t comes with results just overnight. Be that as it may, strategic link procurement is important to accomplish long haul improvements in organic search.

It’s conceivable to get “quick win” links here and there (and one would support seeking after these open doors), however you will require a continuous battle to accomplish feasible outcomes.

Whether you’re wanting to seek after links in 2017 or proceed with a current link establishment project, December is a perfect month to audit your link building strategies and get ready for the new year.

December is a moderate month for link establishment, with many individuals looked at for the holidays — either physically, mentally or both. As opposed to sending outreach messages that arrival out-of-office auto-answers, you can take a shot at your link building techniques for the coming year.

Here are the four pillars for a successful link campaigns strategy; whether it is for yourself or as a link building service provider.

1. Conduct an SEO audit:

Site audit ought to be the establishment of your whole SEO process plan; they are basic for effective link campaigns.

Not just will a review be valuable in arranging your campaign, yet it’s vital to audit your site occasionally to guarantee there aren’t any new or prowling issues hampering execution. The audit should reveal about factors like technical glitches, undervalued or forgotten pages, internal link opportunities etc.

Links may not help your site on the off chance that you have progressing technical or on-page SEO issues. Regardless of the possibility that you secure several quality links, however Google isn’t crawling your site, those links won’t affect search traffic. Regardless, you ought to audit your site frequently to guarantee it is performing appropriately and accepting the greatest estimation of your links.

Top 5 Indian Identities Turned Brands, Owing To Out of the Box Marketing

2. Review present link strategy and sources:

Before you can upgrade your link campaign, you have to see how you’ve secured links previously, and which pages claim most to your visitors/niche crowd. This is valid for both new and current campaigns.

In case you’re propelling another campaign, you’ll need to dive into your backlink profile. For a current campaign, the information ought to be contained inside your own reports — despite the fact that you ought to survey your site’s back-link profile, as well. In any case, break down your links and state inquiries like these:

  • What sort of sites link most?
  • What kinds of pages on your site have max links?

And so on….

Whether you’re right now constructing links or are arranging another initiative, there is imperative data to be gathered from your site’s backlink profile.

Looking into past procedures and investigating results ought to be a piece of your link building process. You ought to dependably look at your site’s backlinks through backlink analysis to advise your link campaign.

The data will help you build links proficiently and adequately.

3. Study your search rivals:

Competitive analysis is a foundation of any strategy advancement.

Inspecting the existing competitive search scene will educate your link campaign and help you comprehend why contenders are ranking in hunt and where you’re missing the mark.

Competitive analysis will likewise help you set sensible desires and venture objectives, and additionally find new link openings.

Competitive investigation is basic to effective link activities, and it ought to be returned to at any rate once every year (Often, competitive analysis is continuous all through a campaign).

Search competition never ceases. The web is a rapidly developing, continually changing environment. Indeed, even as you secure more links and pick up in search perceivability and traffic, your opposition likewise develops and varies. What’s more, there are constantly extra search terms to target. No fruitful business is stagnant, nor is SEO and link building.

Conducting customary analysis on the rivals helps you remain in front of contender strategies and guarantees your crusades stay key.

5 Key Facts To Learn From Link Building In 130 Countries

4. Look for fresh link opportunities:

December is an incredible month to prospect for link opportunities in 2017, with the moderate answer rate amid the Christmas season.

Obviously, you shouldn’t forsake any current work, but since it’s difficult to contact individuals in December, your time is frequently better spent scanning for newer link prospects. Building this rundown now gives you a kick off for one year from now, so you hit the ground running in January.

You ought to as of now have a pleasant rundown of opportunities from the information you’ve gathered so far — links indicating 404s on your site, near miss openings worth returning to, applicable sites that link to competitors, competitors’ broken links et cetera.

I would likewise urge you to prospect for new open doors, to set yourself up for accomplishment in your campaign.

Link acquisition is a ceaseless cycle of prospecting, effort and securing links. By filling your prospect pipeline now, you’ll be set up to secure links on the very beginning of the new year.

For learning link campaigning and SEO in greater detail, opt for a digital marketing course in Pune.

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Top 5 Indian Identities Turned Brands, Owing To Out of the Box Marketing

CRB Tech reviews believes that we have seen a transformation from a non-digital age to a digital one. This resulted into a change in the marketing strategies of various businesses; not only in India, but around the world. Not many have mastered the art of marketing. For those who have, they have transformed themselves into brands.

You can enter the field of digital marketing by choosing the best SEO course.

Here is a list of top 5 Indian names turned brands, owing to successful marketing.

5 Key Strategies For Brand Building to Attract Customers

1. Patanjali:

Yoga guru Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali practices a ‘Branded House’ marketing strategy while its competitors like P&G and HUL take after a ‘House of Brands’ strategy. That is the greatest distinction why Patanjali could capture a large share of the market in such a short duration. On the other hand, it took decades for its rivals to reach where they are today.

In this kind of marketing strategy, the organization becomes the parent brand. Every one of the products manufactured will be marketed under one brand. For instance, Apple! It has different products like Mac, iPod, iPhone and so forth. In spite of the fact that every one of them are distinctive and perform diverse functions, yet they are altogether marked as ‘Apple products’. Consumers go insane for their products, since they aspire to possess a product of that brand. Correspondingly, Patanjali is taking after the branded house marketing technique and is coming up with different products under one brand, i.e., ‘Patanjali Ayurveda’. Regardless of the possibility that you take a gander at promotions, they don’t promote individual items (say a toothpaste). Rather, they promote the whole brand which helps them spare marketing and publicizing costs too.

Now you know the secret!

2. Paytm:

Paytm is India’s biggest mobile commerce stage. Paytm began by offering mobile recharges and bill payment services and today it has on offer a full commercial zone to buyers on its mobile applications and rose to be amongst the top online businesses.

Industry experts say that Paytm’s continuous sale strategy is a decent approach to draw in more buyers and vendors to its commercial place. Paytm’s method is to continue offering rebates to build up an extensive client base in the meantime compel alternate contenders to flee far away from the market. Paytm gives fabulous and mind boggling offers. People are getting dependent on this application for recharge of their mobiles with various schemes. It gives preferable plans over different applications and are substantial for wallet balance as well. It is an instant way for recharge and simple and reliable. With cash backs, recharges referral offers and rewards, flash deals, offers of the day, and seasonal offers they are unequaled destinations for sales buffs.

4 Awesome Tips For Build Your Brand on Social Media

3. Narendra Modi:

As per a conducted study, Modi utilized the 4Ps of marketing that is- place, product, price and promotion – on the premise of which organizations create effective marketing strategies. This helped him immensely in getting the top job in the country!

The study groups identified Modi as the “Product” in the marketing mix as the BJP concentrated on the ex Gujarat CM in its battle and not on the party. The “product” was very much characterized, as Modi is seen as a man known for good administration and great choices, and is industry-accommodating and with a clean image.

The review says that the BJP’s campaign planners utilized the second P of marketing, Place, by deliberately connecting with individuals with focused messages. E.g. Clean Ganga in Varanasi, farmer suicides in Maharashtra etc.

The third P, Price, is the estimation of the product or Modi’s guarantee of what he will deliver. There was the Gujarat model, the twofold digit growth and development that he displayed.

As per the study, Modi utilized the fourth P, Promotion, most successfully with his ‘chai pe charcha’ crusade, interacting with the general population through content, voice messages, social networking and reliably giving the message that he is a man of less government and maximum administration.

4. Reliance Jio:

The founder of Reliance Jio, Mukesh Ambani dependably had faith in a composite and a firm plan to release his product. Majority of the times, he did not believe in phase release of a product. While the vast majority of the organizations dependably intend to release their service or product in a couple of urban areas or locales to experiment with, Mukesh Ambani dependably had faith in a national kick off. He developed a name for himself while executing the petro-chemical ventures shocking the World’s top business consultants with his effectiveness.

Now, let’s talk about a few aspects of the marketing strategy of Jio, that made it a grand success.

  • Create disturbance in the market with pricing.
  • The product needs to be universal targeting the rich as well as the poor.
  • Acquire a customer base across the country with a solitary stroke. It resembles getting 500 crores in 2–3 weeks for a new film nowadays. Simply that, it gets greater with Mukesh Ambani.
  • Ensure constant pressure on competitors’ margin.

No wonder Jio became such a hit in such a short span!

Social Media and It’s Importance In Brand Building

5. Swiggy:

Swiggy’s promotional strategy incorporates both offline and online marketing, with the web based reflecting all the offline crusades. It advances its campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. Some of its promotional drives incorporate #Secondtomom, #DiwaliGhayAayi, #SingwithSwiggy, Know your food series of pictures and food strolls in a neighborhood. The organization creates its brand awareness and associates with its customers through these channels. Their Facebook page is very dynamic with consistent upgrades, averaging to one post a day. The posts are attractive, enhanced with cleverness and great quality creatives. The Facebook customer base of Swiggy is near about 70k fans. The posts collect active engagement, with week on week increment in the amount of likes. Videos from the organization are extremely inventive as well.

Similar in case of Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Swiggy’s wonderful development from origination till date, splendid brand review, high adequacy with financial speculators, a developing fan base via social media channels, a very advancing mobile application are a portion of the conspicuous aftereffects of the Swiggy success story. The unobtrusive outcome, however is by all accounts creeping nearer to their underlying target of no kitchen homes.

Thus we saw the success stories of these five brands.

Do a SEO certification course, and get a kick start to your career in digital marketing.

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101 Best SEO Tools: The Complete List of Useful Tools in 2017

Here on, you would not need to depend on Google for doing your site analysis.

Guess what?

In this blog from CRB Tech reviews, we are going to tell you about 10 web analysis tools that would analyze your site similar to Google. Isn’t that a great news? Well, then go through them and decide which is the best for you. For learning other SEO concepts, look for a SEO institute in Pune.

These tools tend to be important for your organic search strategy, as they permit you to focus on those factors of the site, which Google would treat to be critical.

How To Decide Content Priority and Amplify SEO Content

Popular tools:

1. Google Webmaster tools:

Cost: Free

Maybe the most ideal approach to comprehend the way Google sees your site is to ask Google. Google’s Webmaster Tools are amateur friendly sources that get into the essentials of Google search.

Google’s Fetch as Google tool permits you to see a specific URL as Google reads it, which is basic when investigating for poor SEO performance. The data returned can help you modify the page being referred to for better outcomes, and can even help you disengage problematic code when you think that your site’s been hacked.

Every week users are assigned 500 fetches. On the off chance that you verge on hitting your farthest point, you’ll see a notification on the report.

Another extraordinary component of Google Webmaster Tools is PageSpeed Insights. This tool measures the execution of both your desktop and mobile site from the speed perspective. With mobile search queries outperforming desktop searches, page speed is turning out to be progressively essential to organizations that need to grab their visitors.

Official Website:

2. Moz Pro:

Cost: Trial period is one month with paid plans from $99-$599 per month

The Moz Pro membership serves as a holding nothing back tool for expanding your business’ search ranking. Moz’s bunch of research tools gives endorsers the sources they have to distinguish SEO opportunities, track development, construct reports, and streamline their general endeavors.

This is super useful in case you’re hoping to distinguish crawlability components, for example, copy content and redirects that could impact your SEO performance.

Official Website:

3. SEO Report Card:

Cost: Free

This tool enables you to analyze your site to determine how it stands against your competitors. Report generated from this tool includes factors like Rank analysis, On-site analysis, Trust metrics, Current indexing and so on…

4. Website Grader from HubSpot:

Cost: Free

In 2007, HubSpot launched a tool called Website Grader that helped organizations reveal SEO opportunities. Since a great deal has changed from that point forward, they as of late released a better than ever form of the tool. Generated reports consist of details regarding:

  • Performance
  • SEO – Determines whether the site is easily search-able etc…
  • Security
  • Mobile readiness

All you need is your site URL and an email address to begin with. Basically connect to your information and you can expect a score (1-100) and in addition a nitty gritty report in simply a matter of seconds.

5. Remove’em:

Cost: $249 per domain or subscription at $99 per month

This supportive tool filters your backlink profile and turns up a rundown of contact info. for the links and domains you’ll have to connect with for evacuation. Then again, the tool additionally permits you to send out the rundown in the event that you wish to deny them utilizing Google’s tool. (Basically, this tool advises Google not to consider these links when crawling your site.)

Official Website:

6. Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool:

Cost: Free

This SEO auditing tool gives users with data with respect to their doamin quality, links, image SEO, social counts and says, page/technical SEO, page speed, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The thorough report is set up in under a moment, and plunges profound into various parts of your site’s performance. You’ll see that the tool utilizes green checks, red Xs, and yellow outcry focuses to indicate the seriousness of the issue.

This zone of the report concentrates on the quality of the images your site utilizes by examining the alt text. In case you’re utilizing an excessive number of words, missing alt text, or the alt text seems feeble, the device will advise you with the goal that you can roll out any important improvements.

Link Building Tools:

7. AuthoritySpy:

Cost: Paid.

AuthoritySpy is intended to help you locate the top influencers in your space. It finds these movers and shakers via seeking in places like AllTop, Twitter and Followerwonk. Other things which you can achieve with this tool include finding authority blogs, export results, create projects and so on. Thus, one can say that it is a multifaceted useful tool for the SEO guys. Do try your hand at it.

Official Website:

8. Buzzstream:

Cost: Paid.

In the event that you do outreach at scale or with a team, you NEED a tool similar to Buzzstream. Why? Buzzstream makes the chaotic job of email effort and link building streamlined and sorted out. Try to look at their new prospecting and email-discovering features.

BuzzStream finds contact data, social profiles, and site metrics for you. It’s anything but difficult to organize the most critical, powerful contacts, using this tool.

BuzzStream also saves your emails and tweets and lets you set suggestions to development. You’ll never forget about a discussion or project again.

BuzzStream gives your whole team one central database to work from. You can work together with teammates, share notes, and keep projects sorted out.

Official Website:

9. Broken Link Finder from Citation Labs':

Cost: Paid.

Rather than chasing for broken links page-by-page, The Broken Link Finder pro-actively scans the web for them. Simply look for a keyword and the tool will scour the web for broken links… and hand them over to you on a platter. At that point you can hit up the Wayback Machine to see what the content was (and create something comparable/better).

USP- One can sort the results in terms of how many people link to the broken link.

How does it function?

  • Utilize the Broken Link Builder to discover broken, dead or generally non-working pages identified with your subject territory.
  • Pick pages you can reproduce (with unique content) or that which are identified with content you’ve as of now created.
  • Contact site proprietors, telling them they’re linking to a broken page and recommending your content. As of January 2016, you can import contacts straightforwardly from the Broken Link Builder into Buzzstream.

At the point when done appropriately, with quality content, Broken Link Building is content strategy that serves the web. You’re building connections to your webpage AND keeping the web brimming with new content.

Official Website:

10. Link Prospector from Citation Labs:

Cost: Paid.

An industry-level link opportunity discoverer. Link Prospector filters the web for link building opportunities such as resource pages, visitor posts, blogs, newer sites and sky is the limit from there.

In case you’re as of now discovering links like a king, this tool from Citation Labs will help you accelerate your work process. Enter your key expressions and discover a huge number of results in only a couple of minutes. Single out your top prospects and effectively send out them to CSV or Buzzstream.

The good thing about this tool is that it’s intended for a particular reason; link prospecting. It’s not bloated with a bundle of other stuff you may not need and it’s anything but difficult to utilize, yet capable, in light of the fact that it concentrates on doing a certain something and doing it extremely well.

Official Website:

11. Content Marketer:

Cost: Paid.

A phenomenal tool that discovers contact data (i.e. emails) and helps you connect with those individuals. One finds that the contact data it releases is pretty damn exact. In view of the accomplishment of the Connector tool, the company has developed an incredible new product for email outreach called Mailshake. It has a similar awesome experience everybody cherished about Connector, yet it’s a completely patched up and all the more effective new platform.

Cool Feature: Content Marketer gives email formats you can use for outreach. They have templates for visitor post requests, LinkedIn outreach and that’s just the beginning.

12. DIBZ:

Cost: Paid

DIBZ is a cool link prospecting tool. Simply enter the kind of links you need to work (for instance, resource page backlinks) and it’ll get the chance to work discovering opportunities for links.

DIBZ is a tool intended to spare you time, disentangle the procedure of link building and influencer opportunities look into. Reasonable for both independent SEO experts and full-service showcasing agencies, DIBZ will help you work all the more productively.

Likewise, get email messages for prospects procured through this tool and in addition the ones got in different ways. Quite a few email prospecting techniques are made use of, so the prosperity rate is truly high!

Official Website:


Cost: Free transforms your rundown of spammy URLs into a Google-prepared disavow document. Great stuff. helps you to rapidly accumulate/clean a Disavow document, prepared to upload to Google Search Console. You can likewise apply your disavow document to a rundown of URLs to see which would and would not be disavowed.

Official Website:

14. Domain Hunter Plus:

Cost: Free

Domain Hunter Plus is like Check My Links. Yet, this tool likewise verifies whether the broken link’s space is accessible for enrollment. Cool element in principle… yet once in a while locate any free domain names with this tool. That is on account of definitive domains have a tendency to get scooped up before long. Still a supportive tool for broken link establishment or The Moving Man Method though.

A look at some features:

  • With just two clicks one can crawl several links on a page.
  • DHP gives back every outbound link with error status codes and allows you to know whether the space is accessible.
  • For every error status code, DHP demonstrates to you SEOmoz’s information (from their Linkscape API) on the quantity of broken links to that specific page AND the domain. You can open the Open Site Explorer report in a new tab ideal from the DHP interface.
  • In the event that you need to buy an domain or numerous ones, you can choose the ones you need and move specifically to GoDaddy to enroll them.
  • In the event that you simply need a report, one can export the greater part of DHP’s outcomes into a .csv file for later use.

Official Website:

15. Free Broken Link Checker:

Cost: Freemium

The tool scans through a website for broken links. Useful for broken link building. This free online Checker/Validator not simply lets you know which of your hyperlinks are dead however it will likewise show to your where precisely those stale references situate in your HTML code! Such a novel element makes our looking at service stand out from other accessible issue recognition tools, and makes it exceptionally helpful for a webmaster to discover awful URLs and clean them right away. It’s never been so natural to find and settle dead weblinks!

This free site approval tool reports just hyperlinks that are truly broken – not at all like other prominent tools which list both great and awful weblinks all combined making it difficult to grasp and work with such “noisy” data. Likewise our linking issue discovers investigations the whole of site – its web-content all in all, monitors issues effectively reported, and doesn’t repeat a similar invalid URL unless you get some information about it: the tool is extremely adaptable.

Official Website:

16. Check My Links:

Cost: Free

To guarantee that your links on a site page – whether internal or external – really work, try out Check My Links.

This broken link checker makes it simple for a publisher or editor to make rectifications before a page is live. Consider a site like Wikipedia, for instance. The Wikipedia page for the expression “marketing” contains an astounding 711 links. Not just was Check My Links ready to distinguish this number in a matter of seconds, yet it likewise found (and highlighted) seven broken links.

The tool marks all the proper links in green, and those that are broken in red, making it simple to detect the ones that don’t work or are no more active.

Official Website:

17. Google PageSpeed Insights:

Cost: Free

You know Google utilizes your site’s stacking speed as a ranking element.

Well, Google PageSpeed experiences lets you know regardless of whether Google sees your site as exceptionally quick or snail like slow. It additionally hands you significant proposals that you (or your web developer) can use to speed things up.

Official Website:

18. Google XML Sitemaps:

Cost: Freemium

A WordPress plugin that makes an SEO-friendly sitemap of your site naturally. In any case, on the off chance that you as of now utilize the Yoast SEO Plugin, you needn’t bother with this as Yoast does likewise correct thing.

Official Website:

19. GTmetrix:

Cost: Free

Google Page Speed Insights checks your site’s code. GTmetrix really stacks your site.

When one needs to judge my site’s genuine loading speed, generally concede to GTmetrix. It additionally gives you proposals for getting your site up to speed (actually).

GTmetrix gives you knowledge on how well your site stacks and gives significant suggestions on the best way to streamline it.

Official Website:

20. HeadMasterSEO:

Cost: Freemium

Need to know whether your 301 redirects are set up effectively? On the other hand what about canonical URLs? Alternately perhaps you’re not certain if your robots.txt files are blocking Google from ordering your pages. HeadMasterSEO gives you a chance to check these potential problems on huge lists of URLs effortlessly.

HEADMasterSEO is a software tool for mass checking the reaction headers of huge lists of URLs for status code, redirects (chains, loops), X-Robots-Tag, Vary, Link HTTP header fields, reaction time etc. You can view, sort, channelize and fare the results to CSV. It is quick, simple to utilize and free to check lists of up to 500 URLs.

Official Website:

Technical SEO tools:

21. All in one SEO pack:

Cost: Freemium

An other option to the Yoast SEO plugin.

The All In One SEO Pack has a couple of novel elements that make it not quite the same as yoast, similar to auto-created description tags, canonical tag support and a “bad bot” blocker.

A standout amongst the most downloaded WordPress plugins (more than 30 million downloads since 2007). Utilize All in One SEO Pack to optimize your site for Search Engines.

Official Website:

22. Woorank:

Cost: 14 day trial for free and after that $149 per month for Premium and $49 per month for Pro subscription

Woorank’s detailed site investigation helps advertisers uncover open doors for optimization and change. This analysis considers the performance of existing SEO activities, social media, ease of use, and that’s just the beginning.

Report is divided into:

  • SEO
  • Local
  • Visitors
  • Mobile
  • Usability
  • Marketing checklist….and so on..

Crossing crosswise over 70+ metrics, it would be hard – if not incomprehensible – to not reveal open doors for development.

To really sweeten the deal, Woorank makes it simple for users to download their reviews as marked PDFs. This makes extensive distribution and presentation more streamlined than any other time in recent memory.

Official Website:

23. Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

Cost: LITE version is free of charge with paid for $160 for an year

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a search advertiser’s closest companion.

Designed particularly for the SEO-minded, this program crawls the sites you indicate, looking at the URLs for normal SEO issues. This program streamlines and facilitates a generally tedious process – particularly for bigger sites. It could take hours or days to physically assess similar URLs.

The Java program is genuinely intuitive, with simple to-explore tabs. Also, you can export any or the majority of the data into Excel for further examination. So say you’re utilizing Optify, Moz, or RavenSEO to check your links or rankings for particular keywords – you could just make a .csv file from your spreadsheet, make a couple of modifications for the correct formatting, and transfer it to those tools.

Official Website:

24. Bing Webmaster Tools:

Cost: Free

As you may anticipate from Bing, Bing Webmaster Tools is great… yet not about tantamount to Google Search Console.

Be that as it may, if Bing is critical to you, this tool lets you know all that you have to think about your site’s perceivability in Bing.

Cool Feature: Bing has a shockingly good keyword search tool. Also, it can hand you keywords that the GKP will NEVER uncover.

Influence your dashboard for the sites you manage. Get a rundown perspective of how well your site is performing and distinguish what needs accentuation. Understanding what drives individuals to your site can help you comprehend what to concentrate on to build traffic. Point by point reports provided by the tool help you with this.

Official Website:

25. Botify:

Cost: Paid

A spotless and clear site inspecting tool. Gives data on site loading speed, HTML mistakes, and click depth. Deliver considerably more productive SEO campaigns. Increment organic traffic and income through data driven optimizations in light of unmatched perceivability into your site structure.

Botify accumulates SEO data from over the whole ranking procedure of your pages including Crawlability, Indexing, Content Quality, User Behavior, and Organic Visits and conveys profound bits of knowledge to help you enhance the effect of your SEO endeavors.

Botify consolidates crawling, log files, and group of onlookers analytics into one effective solution for screening the effects of your progressions and pick up control over search engine crawl.

Official Website:

26. Bright Local:

Cost: Paid

Bright Local is an amazing tool that does madly comprehensive local SEO site reviews.

Cool Feature: Find copy or inaccurate citations that are coasting around on the web. Supportive in the event that you as of late changed deliver or simply need to ensure your NAP citations are reliable around the web.

Official Website:

27. Browseo:

Cost: Free

A clever tool that uncovers how search engines spider spots your webpage. On the off chance that you look at the screenshot, you’ll see that search engine spiders get an altogether different perspective of our sites than us people do.

The output concentrates on pure HTML, like what search engines see when they visit a page. You can rapidly decide a page’s structure and in addition its importance for particular search terms by flipping choices, for example,

  • Server response code
  • Is the URL diverted? Provided that this is true, what sort of redirection is utilized?
  • Number of words on the particular page
  • Heading (H1-H6)
  • Number of internal links to the page (links to pages on a similar space)
  • Number of external links on the page
  • META data, for example, title tag, meta description, meta robots tag and some other tags that are available.
  • External and internal links can be highlighted independently on the page, similar to links with the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Update: you can now download a spreadsheet containing the most critical information from your present session.

Official Website:

28. Clusteric:

Cost: Paid

Somewhat cumbersome to utilize, yet Clusteric gives a huge amount of components like site reviews, rival analysis, search visiblity and the sky is the limit from there. Whether you’re a fashion blogger or a partnership, one believes you have something splendid to impart to the others. You need help to gain the consideration you deserve and pass on your message to the intended interest group.

Regular changes in Google’s algorithms make it appear to be troublesome, yet this tool will be your manual for wanted perceivability. Comprehend your present circumstance, settle on astute decisions and accomplish dependable outcomes. Build up your Internet future with Clusteric!

It gives all of you neccessary information (covering more than 100 positioning factors), various analysis modes and reports to guide you through challenges of search marketing and support your business.

Official Website:

29. DareBoost:

Cost: Freemium

Dareboost is a strong site performance testing tool. Not just does the tool examines your site’s stacking speed, however it lets you know EXACTLY how you can settle issues that are backing things off.

Sans any installation, the tool breaks down your website pages to recognize quality and load time issues. You can see the development of your pages’ real execution pointers on your dashboard whenever. It can send you week after week, emailed reports.

How does your site rank in contrast with your rivals? On the off chance that your site is 20% slower, its loading time will be discernibly diverse to your clients. Dareboost can ensure that your loading time and the nature of your site is an asset instead of a hindrance to the users’ involvement.

Official Website:

30. DeepCrawl:

Cost: Paid

Deep Crawl satisfies its name. It filters each page on your site and gives you a complete report that rundowns out you what number of H1 tags you have on every page, noindexed pages, broken inward connections, broken outer connections and so forth. Hell, it even lets you know whether your Twitter Card portrayals are too long.

Crawl test situations and contrast them with your live site, to comprehend the effect of your progressions before discharge.

Crawl test situations of your progressions before release.

Official Website:

10 Great On-Site SEO Techniques Webmaster Should Follow

31. SEO Audit Tool from Found:

Cost: Free

The SEO Audit Tool by Found is a simple to-utilize tool for promoters hoping to distinguish (and tackle) regular SEO errors on a site.

Basically enter your URL and get a moment automated SEO review of your site. Found’s SEO Audit Tool is categorized into three primary parts:

  • Technical issues. This takes variables like domain canonicalization and XML sitemaps into thought.
  • Content issues. This spotlights on persuasive factors like keywords and meta data.
  • External link examination. This expects to assess the amount and nature of external links.

Like Woorank, once you run a report, the tool makes it simple for you to download the results as a PDF to be effortlessly shared inside your organization.

32. EasyRedir:

Cost: Paid

EasyRidir makes diverting traffic between various domains in a simple manner. Simply enter the URLs you need to send individuals from (and to), and the tool gives you DNS data that you can use to verify 100% of the sidetracks.

Official Website:

33. Forecheck:

Cost: Paid

Forecheck slithers your site to reveal issues that might keep you away from Google’s first page. It additionally color codes its reports so you know which issues to handle first.

Forecheck is the quick SEO Crawler Software that will accelerate a hefty portion of your day by day tasks. From standard SEO investigation to exceptionally one of a kind reports it makes stunning gains.

Time and productivity for analysis software like Forecheck is critical. Forecheck contains one of a kind innovations and profoundly proficient algorithms with conclusive advantages:

  • Up to 1,000 and more parallel solicitations.
  • Hybrid memory design for exceedingly effective data analysis.
  • Investigates more than 100 pages in parallel with a multi-core processor.
  • Grant “Enhanced for intel CORE” demonstrates exceptionally productive algorithms.
  • Constant assessments, Analyses and Reports

Official Website:

34. Google Analytics:

Cost: Free

In case you’re serious about SEO, you have to utilize Google Analytics. That’s all anyone needs to know.

Cool Feature: Go to “Acquisition” –>”Search Console”–> Landing Pages. This will raise the pages on your site that get the most attention and clicks from Google. Take a gander at the CTR field to see your pages that get the best CTR- the click through rate. At long last, apply components from those title and description tags to pages that get a terrible CTR. Also, watch your organic traffic proceed onward up.

Official Website:

35. Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer:

Cost: Free

When you interface your Google Analytics to this free spam executioner tool, it will add channels to your account that expel more than 100 know spammy referrer sites from your rundown of alluding domains. That way your GA data will be squeaky clean.

Official Website:

36. Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

Cost: Free

Google as of late began to downrank sites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Be that as it may, how would you know whether a page on your site is up to snuff? Simply enter the URL into the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool… and you’ll get a straightforward “yes/no” reply from Big G.

Official Website:

Keyword research tools:

37. ScrapeBox:

Cost: Paid

ScrapeBox is the self-proclaimed “Swiss knife of SEO”. Despite the fact that this tool was developed for black hat SEO, you can utilize ScrapeBox for white hat link building tasks (like link prospecting, discovering contact info. and even keyword research).Extensive keyword collector, to deliver a huge number of long-tail keywords from a solitary base keyword.

The most effective and well known SEO tool of its kind! Utilized by SEO Companies and Freelancers from everywhere throughout the world, trusted by significant Fortune 500 companies.

ScrapeBox highlights a quick, multi-threaded keyword scraper which is equipped for taking at least one keyword and scraping a large number of related keywords in no time flat. Many search engines and well known shopping websites offer a search suggestion feature which drop down related search terms as you write which ScrapeBox can gather from. Related keywords can be removed from places such as,

Google Play


Official Website:

38. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator:

Cost: Free

In case you’re searching for an approach to find new keywords, have a go at pounding a pack of words together and see what happens.

(dead serious)

Making keyword permutations is a great Adwords strategy that few individuals in SEO utilize. Furthermore, the Dan Zambonini permutation tool is one of the best keyword combo devices that one must have attempted.

Official Website:

39. Answer The Public:

Cost: Free

Answer The Public consolidates Google Autosuggest scraping with a question scraper.

So in the event that you need to recognize what addresses your target audience sorts into Google, simply pop the keyword into Answer The Public and you’ll get a powerful list.

The auto suggest results coming from Google and Bing are a goldmine of understanding for present day marketeers. As you type you are given a collected perspective of the questions and subsequently an insight of the inspirations and feelings of the general population behind every search query. It’s maybe one of the best however most underutilized sources of research for content ideas. As of not long ago…

Official Website:

40. FAQfox:

Cost: Free

FAQfox is a question scraper tool. You can pick the sites that FAQfox scarpes. So if there’s a specific site that your intended interest group passes out on (for instance, Reddit) you can ask the tool to just pursuit that site.

The information accessible through FaqFox is priceless, instant, and instantly actionable. It doesn’t make a difference if your objective is stellar website design, industry-driving content, or anything in the middle. FaqFox guarantees you’ll be beginning with your best foot forward.

FaqFox is additionally a phenomenal strategy for distinguishing gaps inside your present plan of action. Perhaps you’re concentrating on the wrong services or products, or notwithstanding passing up a major opportunity for whole income openings.

This tool will help you recognize the mis-allocation of assets and additionally ignored business directions, with the goal that you can turn and correct as needs be. It’s difficult to consider everything, and FaqFox makes it so you don’t need to.

Official Website:

41. FreshKey:

Cost: Paid

FreshKey is one of the better keyword look into tools in this rundown (a TON of them have been tried). The tool creates sackfuls of keyword thoughts by scraping Amazon, Bing, Ebay, Google Market and the sky is the limit from there. While most tools require a month to month membership, FreshKey is an extremely cheap one-time expense of 49 bucks. Isn’t that affordable?

Make a definitive reward by offering what individuals are as of now searching for utilizing FreshKey’s real-time buyer keyword list items. When you know precisely what they need, making your Lead magnet to acquire focused on leads will be anything but difficult to do.

FreshKey permits you to view Google Trend information progressively with recorded view demonstrating pattern information begin date through the latest search. The tool additionally has incorporated Google’s Trend forecasts information that demonstrates the anticipated pattern of that keyword expression as indicated by Google’s algorithms.

This is extremely useful data to consider if your market is occasional or you simply need to twofold watch that your market is on an upward pattern.

Official Website:

42. Google Correlate:

Cost: Free

An underrated keyword look into tool that comes straight from Google.

Google Correlate is truly easy:

It demonstrates you keywords that have a tendency to get scanned for together. For instance, suppose you pop “gluten free” into the tool. Google Correlate lets you know that individuals scanning for “gluten free” likewise look for “cheese gluten free” and “flour gluten free”. Exceptionally cool.

Since it is directly from Google, nothing much is required to be said about it. The name alone is sufficient.

Official Website:

43. Google Keyword Planner:

Cost: Free

Probably the most popular tool for keyword based research. The Google Keyword Planner is the only keyword tool that gives you information straight from the steed’s mouth.

Cool element: The GKP lets you know how likely somebody looking for that keyword will purchase something from you. How? Take a gander at the “competition” and “estimated bid” sections. On the off chance that the “competition” and “estimated bid” are high, you most likely have a keyword that proselytes well. One puts more weight on this than straight-up search volume. All things considered, who needs a bundle of tire kickers going to their site?

Are more details required? After all, it is straight from the master himself.

Official Website:

44. Google Location Changer (SERPs):

Cost: Free

A hat-trick from Google. This helpful and useful little tool demonstrates to you the SERPs for a particular neighborhood (Boston)… regardless of the possibility that you don’t happen to live there. Accommodating for examining the primary page for nearby SEO campaigns.

Official Website:

45. Google Trends:

Cost: Free

Follow a practice to check Google Trends before pulling the trigger on a keyword. Why?

Since I need to know regardless of whether my keyword is getting progressively (or less) well known. In the event that you skip this step you chance optimizing your page around a withering keyword.

Cool Feature: Scroll down to the base of the page and look at “Queries”. These are related keywords that you can pop into the GKP to check whether they’re a solid match.

Official Website:

46. GrepWords:

Cost: Paid

A strong, sensibly valued keyword research tool with a phenomenal question scraper.

Cool Feature: “Divergent” demonstrates to you what time certain keywords tend to spike. For instance, in the event that you need to see which present card keywords tend to liven up around Christmas, GrepWords will demonstrate it to you. Same with Halloween and keywords identified with “costumes”.

Grepwords blends a gigantic, crisp keyword database with instinctive tools and the business leading lookup and related APIs to present to you the best keyword tool without a doubt.

Since GrepWords is an API-First application, they have amassed various incredible tools and plugins that have as of now utilized their technology.

Official Website:

47. HitTail:

Cost: Paid

HitTail does two things extremely well:

1. It demonstrates to you which keywords have a tendency to acquire the most traffic for you (this gets around the “not provided” issue.

2. Demonstrates you keyword proposals. Inspiring keyword suggestions since they demonstrated me keywords that one cannot see in different tools.

HitTail is the only long tail keyword tool that creates keyword recommendations by investigating your current website traffic. It furnishes you with particular long tail keywords that are important to your gathering of people.

What’s more, what is essential, you don’t need to be an SEO expert or invest hours on keyword research – HitTail works out of sight, continually giving you new keyword suggestions, while you can concentrate on other stuff.

Scan for keyword ideas in light of your entered term or expression. Get several search inquiries applicable to your topic alongside their evaluated search volume.

One of a kind in the business, this component furnishes you with exceptionally pertinent long tail keywords by breaking down your site’s current organic search traffic.

Official Website:

48. Bulk Keyword Generator from

Cost: Free

In the event that you do SEO work for local customers (like carpenters and electricians), this tool can help you discover local keywords that potential clients scan for. For instance, in the event that you tell the tool that your customer is a plumber in Boston, it will hand you 40-ish keywords list that viewers may use in Google.

49. iSpionage:

Cost: Freemium

ISpionage is a keyword research tool that is like SEMRush. Yes it has some SEO-centered features. In any case, it’s certainly outfitted towards PPC peeps.

Find New Profitable Keywords

iSpionage gives you access to an entire rundown of AdWords contender keywords. You can sort the rundown to locate the best keywords with our proprietary Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) and include the most gainful keywords with the most noteworthy search volume to your crusade.

Cool Feature: “Share of Voice” lets you know the potential organic traffic a page gets crosswise over Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Official Website:

50. Jaaxy:

Cost: Freemium

Jaaxy is a simple to-utilize keyword research tool that works in releasing loads of firmly related keywords. Good tool.

Knowing the competition that a keyword has in the web crawlers is the absolute most significant bit of information that you can have. Without knowing what number of sites are positioned for a particular keyword, you are rolling the dice. It’s the reason as to why keyword tools in the past have never worked for you.

Official Website:

51. Keyword Combiner:

Cost: Free

Yes, Keyword Combiner is intended for Adwords. Yet, it’s an awesome tool to discover keywords that you can use for SEO also. Simply pop in a group of various keywords and the device will pound them all together. At that point transfer them to the GKP to check their search volume. Really useful one.

Official Website:

Rank Tracking Tools:

52. Google Search Console:

Cost: Free

Google Search Console is a suite of accommodating tools straight from Google. You can check whether you have copy meta data, what number of pages you have indexed, security issues and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Cool element: Go to “Search Traffic”— >”Search Analytics” to get a rundown of keywords that you at present rank for. Sort by “Position” so that your #1 rankings are at the top. At that point look down until you find where you rank #10-#25 in Google’s search items. These are pages that you can now and then push to page 1 with some additional SEO love (for instance, indicating a couple of internal links to that page).

53. SEO Monitor:

Cost: Paid

Search engine optimization Monitor is a one-stop dashboard for your SEO performance.

Cool Feature: SEO Monitor takes Google Analytics data, blends it together with your rankings, and understands the “(not provided)” issue. This is SUPER useful for finding keywords that change over well for you. That way you can put more SEO muscle behind those keywords.

When you track a huge number of keywords, assessing SEO execution can be truly deceptive. A portion of the keywords are going up, while others are going down. How might you even start to comprehend whether your SEO crusade is going in the correct direction or not? This is the reason we made the Visibility Score, a metric that totals both ranking and search volume to show how noticeable your site truly is.

Now and then site traffic can vary, because of regularity and patterns. This is the reason you require a metric like the Visibility Score, to recognize genuine SEO performance from outer, deceiving factors.

Official Website:

54. Advanced Web Ranking:

Cost: Paid

A rank tracking and keyword examine tool hybrid. AWR takes a portion of the features of tools like SEMRush and Authority Labs and puts them under one rooftop. It additionally shakes an a strong site review tool.

No more stresses over getting new rankings on schedule for reporting. AWR Cloud assumes control over the workload, so you can invest less energy tracking and additional time streamlining your sites.

  • Basic project setup.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • 100% mobile friendly

Give careful attention to your global and local rivals. AWR Cloud gives you intense bits of knowledge on what it takes to remain focused in your business specialty, for the keywords you target.

  • Find your top rivals in the SERPs.
  • Think about all sites side-by-side.
  • Track rankings performance over time.

Official Website:

55. AMZ Tracker:

Cost: Paid

On the off chance that you sell items on Amazon, AMZ Tracker is an absolute necessity have tool. Tracks your rankings on AND global Amazon sites (like

AMZ Tracker is the main Amazon keyword rank tracker in presence. Effortlessly keep a check on where your products rank for critical keywords.

The Amazon search engine is a treasure chest of clients needing to give you more cash. With this tool, you’ll increase vital understanding into your keyword rankings keeping in mind the end goal to optimize your postings and develop sales.

Cool Feature: “On Page Analyzer” assesses your Amazon product page for critical Amazon SEO metrics like positive reviews and high-res pictures.

Official Website:

56. Authority Labs:

Cost: Paid

A solid and simple to-utilize rank tracking tool. The least expensive plan tracks 250 keywords, which is all that could possibly be needed for majority businesses. What’s more, for those of you that do Local SEO, Authority Labs tracks Google+ Local results as well.

Track search results at the city or postal code level for the most precise and granular reporting available. Easily add pages or domains to be followed from any country and language offered by Google, Yahoo! what’s more, Bing. Day by day rank checking is given on all accounts to give you the best chance to respond to changes in the search results.

Official Website:

57. GeoRanker:

Cost: Freemium

GeoRanker is a propelled local SEO (Google Maps) rank following tool. As you probably are aware, in the event that you track local keywords (like “Boston tacos”), you can’t utilize most rank following devices. You have to see what individuals in Boston see. Well GeoRanker does precisely that. Pick your keywords and areas and recover a report that demonstrates to you your Google natural and Google local outcomes.

Not just is GeoRanker an awesome choice for our customer reports, the API choices have permitted us to make game changing tools that we use for our customers, sparing us a large number of dollars consistently by chopping down our reporting time. GeoRanker has changed our business bigly.

GeoRanker is a remarkable SEO tool. It could be useful for both private companies and national brands. The previous could utilize its usefulness to do focused research on different organizations in a similar industry the nation over, while the last mentioned (brands) could profit by its simplicity of reporting loclaized rankings in various urban areas and in the meantime giving experiences into how coordinate contenders are getting along. One profoundly suggests it.

Official Website:

58. Microsite Masters:

Cost: Freemium

Microsite Masters is an extremely strong rank tracking tool.

Microsite Masters is an intense toolset that permits SEOers and Agencies of numerous sorts to get the most exact and up to date ranking data for the majority of your sites and keywords.

Day by day rank tracking for SEO crusades over numerous search engines. Come up with new strategies easily, lessen costs, and wipe out “trial and error” procedures with their propelled campaign administration tools.

Cool Feature: “Scoreboard” demonstrates to you the keywords that had the most development (positive and negative). Incredible for focusing in on pages that may require consideration.

Official Website:

59. Pro Rank Tracker:

Cost: Freemium

Pro Rank Tracker is a quality rank tracking tool with an awesome UI. In case you’re following hundreds (or thousands) of keywords, you can aggregate keywords into classes to keep things composed.

Pro Rank Tracker is said to have the most exact algorithm of any rank tracking tool.

This best in class algorithm will beat any contender to give you the most precise, progressive outcomes on the positioning of your sites (profound to the top 100 results).

Pro Rank Tracker will consequently check the positioning of your tracked terms each day.

Notwithstanding the day by day updates, you will have the capacity to perform updates on request (sum relies on upon your chosen plan).

Official Website:

60. Rank Ranger:

Cost: Paid

Rank Ranger is a solid rank tracker that comes packs with a modest bunch of additional features like on-page reviews, keyword research, and competitor analysis. Decent tool.

Organic Search – Comprehensive reporting permits you to analyze the most critical rank metrics for every site you oversee.

Local SEO – Get results about for the local pack and maps by city or zip code.

Mobile SEO – Track Mobile rankings versus Organic rank for a site’s target keyword.

Marketing experts around the globe rely on upon Rank Ranger for first class SEO software, social media analytics, white label solutions and stunning support.

Official Website:

5 Trends In 2017 That Will Rule The World Of SEO

61. Rival IQ:

Cost: Paid

Rival IQ pits your online networking and SEO presence against your rivals. If your chief rival getting more Twitter notices than you? Is it accurate to say that they are positioning for another keyword? This phenomenal tool will tell you. Had a considerable measure of fun playing around with this one.

On the off chance that you can’t manage it, you can’t oversee it. Our web-based social networking tools will help you comprehend your prosperity and your chances so you can get more visitors, boost engagement, and increase your social media marketing ROI.

Official Website:

62. Search Latte:

Cost: Free

Need to see the search results for, or any of the other 150+ universal Googles? Look no more remote than Search Latte. Simply enter your keyword, choose an international form of Google, and you’ll see that nation’s search items. No intermediaries or VPNs required.

Fabricate Google searches in any combo of Google supported top notch domain, country and language.

A tool for international SEOs

Official Website:

63. SEO Rank Monitor:

Cost: Paid

This particular tool analyzes your keywords against that of your competitors. Not just this, it also does You Tube rank verification.

Very nearly half of a site visits originate through mobile phones, with search ranking differing definitely from desktop searches. This additional data can help you streamline your site to acquire both desktop and mobile viewers.

Set date-particular “events” and track their outcomes to recognize what works and what doesn’t.

Easy to use dashboard introduces the information you require with the click of a button.

Utilize one of a kind channels to quickly create reports particular to search engines, sites, dates, keywords or keyword groups.

Send out reports in a PDF or Excel format, or produce a URL to in a flash share reports to accomplices or clients.

Official Website:

64. SERanking:

Cost: Paid

SERanking is a quality rank analysis tools comes packaged with some extra features like keyword recommendations and site evaluating.

Real-time positions of your site’s keywords in significant search engines. SE Ranking SEO platform permits following rankings on a nation/area/city level as and when you wish.

SE Ranking SEO softwares empowers profound analysis of your rivals: Major keyword ranking organically and in PPC crusades, traffic channels, key SEO metrics including backlinks profile.

What makes SE Ranking one of the best SEO software tools is the one of a kind module intended to push your site positioning into the top 10 search results by finding and disposing of on-page vulnerabilities.

Find, screen and control all your backlinks. This SEO administration software will convey up to 15 key parameters for every link.

Official Website:

65. Serpfox:

Cost: Freemium

SERPFox is a straightforward rank tracking tool that just works. A powerful one.

Serpfox is one of the most established rank trackers available, which implies that their innovation is developed enough to give the most exact information conceivable. Computer based infrastructure all around the globe to give back the most exact outcomes for your area.

Serpfox can create reports on a schedule and in a wide range of configurations. Need a PDF of ranking changes each week? Don’t worry about it. Need every one of the data that Serpfox has gathered for you over the earlier year? It can deal with that as well.

Create notification rules with the goal that you are reached when imperative changes happen in your ranks. Need to be told when one of your positions enters the first 10? You can do that with notifications.

Official Website:


Cost: Paid is a corporate level rank following tool with an inherent keyword research tool.

Cool Feature: “Tests” let you test how on page-SEO changes influence your rankings. For instance, you can change your title tag, hold up a week, and will let you know whether that change had an effect.

Official Website:

Content optimization tools:

67. Hreflang Tags Generator:

Cost: Free

If you want to create Hreflang Tags easily, then you are at the right place. An excellent tool from Aleyda does the right job.

Create the hreflang tags for your multi-language or multi-nation site effectively and quickly!

This tool will help you to produce the hreflang tags patterns to use in the distinctive language and nation versions of your pages, utilizing the right values and syntax taking after Google’s specifications, with ISO 639-1 for languages and ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 for countries.

Official Website:

68. Lipperhey:

Cost: Freemium

This tool analyzes your website for technical issues related to SEO and facilitates basic content analysis from SEO perspective.

Lipperhey demonstrates to you what keywords will produce the most traffic for each page of your site. This permits you to rework titles and descriptions to get a higher ranking!

  • Keyword recommendations.
  • Estimation of Keyword traffic.
  • Export keywords to Excel.

Investigate your site on technical, search engine optimization content and prominence viewpoints. After the investigation, Lipperhey will demonstrate to you how you can enhance your site for higher conversion rate.

  • Technical analysis.
  • SEO analysis.
  • Constant page per page optimization.

Official Website:

69. Open SEO Stats:

Cost: Free

A clever Chrome expansion that gives you fistfuls of supportive information with the push of a button. You can see a site’s Alexa positioning, indexed pages, page speed, whois, on page SEO… the rundown continues endlessly.

Indicates web rank and SEO details of current page, brisk access to Geo IP Location, Whois, Alexa, backlinks, indexed pages and the sky is the limit from there.

A truly SEO expansion for Google Chrome to effortlessly get to the Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank of the present site page, notwithstanding getting data on backlinks, indexed pages, stored pages, socials, Whois, Geo IP area and then some.

Official Website:

70. Plugin SEO:

Cost: Free

A quick and free on-page SEO examination tool. Gives suggestions to fix up any issues your page has. Connect to SEO gives you a solitary decision: does your site have issues with search engine performance that will be beneficial to fix? Once signed up (for free), Plug in SEO checks your site, decides the decision and showcases subtle elements.

You’ll get basic instructions about how to settle any issue found for no charge. In any case, in the event that you’d like a specialist to settle it for you we offer settled priced packages.

Official Website:

71. Raven Tools:

Cost: Paid

A master level tools suite intended for digital marketing organizations. Raven Tools most likely has the best site examiner tool one has ever utilized. Furthermore, not at all like most site review tools, Raven demonstrates you EXACTLY what you have to do to settle any SEO issues that your site has.

Raven’s internet promoting tools for SEO, Social, SEM and Paid Search Marketing are intended to help marketing agencies spare time and funds.

Find the novel onpage SEO issues keeping your site from ranking and pulling in more visitors from internet search engines like Google.

A great many organizations and promoting experts utilize Raven regularly to automate, plan and send flawless marketing reports to their clients.

Cool Feature: “Thin content” uncovers content that may put you at hazard for a Google Panda penalty.

Official Website:

72. SEO Site Checkup:

Cost: Paid

A simple to-utilize SEO review tool. Likewise incorporates backlink investigation information, uptime reports and site speed suggestions. The white label reports for digital marketing offices look truly sharp.

Free for 14 days, no credit card necessary. Plans begin at $24.95 every month.

Official Website:

73. Seobility:

Cost: Freemium

SEObility is a powerful (yet easy to understand) site evaluator.

Seobility checks your entire site, by crawling each of the linked pages. Every single discovered page with errors, issues with the on-page optimization or issues in regards to the page content like copy content are gathered and showed in every check segment. Obviously, you can likewise break down all issues of a solitary page in the page browser.

For a reasonable and ceaseless audit of your site, every venture is continually slithered and broke down by crawlers to track the advancement of your optimization. You will likewise be told by the monitoring administration with the status of your site by means of email, if server blunders and real issues happen.

Cool Feature: “Page Levels” uncovers pages that are where it counts in your site’s design (jn different words, a few ticks far from your landing page). Pages that are loads of snaps from your landing page are here and there difficult to get listed. So this accommodating element can help you discover these pages… and convey these pages nearer to your landing page.

Official Website:

74. Site Analyzer:

Cost: Paid

Site Analyzer a brilliant site review tool. Yes, $10 for a 100 page analysis is somewhat steep. Be that as it may, the tool attaches you with a considerable measure of supportive data, particularly with regards to page optimization.

More than a straightforward SEO analysis, get a total finding of your landing pages one by one: content, keywords, design and plan, execution, availability… Analyze, optimize and break down once again: check developments with your Site Analyzer Score, enhance your site and control your SEO. You can examine any page, on any site as regularly as you wish. No installation required, no compelling reason to sit tight for quite a long time, the tool is instantaneous!

  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • Accessibility
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Security

Official Website:

75. Whitespark:

Cost: Paid

On the off chance that you do local SEO for customers, you need Whitespark in your munitions stockpile. You can without much of a stretch discover several NAP references with a few clicks… and figure out your rival’s references easily.

Cool Feature: Offline Tracking turns “how could you find out about us?” into online information you can use to twofold down on what works. Incorporates with Google Analytics.

Official Website:

76. Yoast SEO Plugin:

Cost: Freemium

Yoast happens to be the #1 SEO WordPress plugin for one basic reason: it works. It’s additionally the SEO plugin used at Backlinko.

Yoast SEO (once in the past known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) is the most total WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for clients. It joins everything from a snippet editorial manager and real time page investigation usefulness that helps to optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and heaps of optimization alternatives in the middle.

Cool Feature: “Bulk Editor” gives you a chance to alter many pages with a simple click. Uber supportive on the off chance that you ever have copy content issues on your site.

Some of the features include:

  • Content analysis and focus keywords
  • Readability checking
  • Canonical etc…

Official Website:

77. Zadroweb SEO Auditor:

Cost: Free

A free SEO evaluator that gives a high-level SEO overview of your site.


  • Both Page Authority and Domain Authority from Moz for any damn link.
  • Gives Google Page Speed, which is a solid SEO ranking sign.
  • Nearness of numerous technical aspects, e.g. sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
  • Records your top 10 keywords as observed by SEMRush.
  • Existence of social links on your site… thus a great deal more!
  • Best of all, this SEO Audit is totally FREE, and you can download a PDF!

Official Website:

78. SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools:

Cost: Free

SEO book has an arrangement of accommodating SEO software tools that concentrate on technical SEO and keyword explore.

Particularly their “Keyword Suggestion” feature. Super simple to utilize and gives all of you the data you require rapidly (like month to month seek volume, proposed bid and so on.).

Official Website:

79. Webtexttool:

Cost: Freemium

Webtexttool is a blended keyword research and content optimization tool.

Cool Feature: “Overall” tells you which keywords have the best proportion of search volume and rivalry.

Regardless of the amount you are aware about SEO, webtexttool will ensure you make search engine optimized webcontent! At the point when writing your content, this tool gives you realtime proposals on the best way to enhance your content. You concentrate on the creative part, webtexttool will deal with the optimization stuff.

Save your time and make better optimized webcontent. Try not to check SEO friendliness after you write your content, do it on the fly! No repititive work, no bother.

  • Locate the best keywords relevant to your subject
  • Be imaginative and compose your content
  • Get realtime SEO proposals to enhance your content
  • Publish your content
  • Monitor progress with their Pagetrackers
  • Utilize the plugins for WordPress and Drupal

Official Website:

80. YTCockpit:

Cost: Paid

YTCockpit is the most developed YouTube keyword research tool available (by a mile). This product demonstrates to you the normal video length, likes, views, comments, and supporters of the videos that rank on YouTube’s first page.

Disregard Going Viral, Create a Process to Consistently Grow Your Audience

A few videos turn into a web sensation out of sheer brilliance. On the off chance that you feel scared by that, don’t stress.

You needn’t bother with insane innovative juices to rank higher on Youtube.

What you need is a repeatable procedure that you can utilize everytime you make video content for Youtube that can reliably give you a strong number of perspectives.

Official Website:

81. Agency Analytics:

Cost: Paid

A kick-butt reporting tool intended for digital marketing agencies. Helps your customers rapidly comprehend what’s happening with SEO and web-based social networking. Incorporates with Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter and more.

AgencyAnalytics is the best SEO tool you’ve never heard of. Managing a handful of clients can be tough, but the simple client reporting feature makes it easy to export and explain rankings to clients- this is what Neil Patel had to say about this tool.

Official Website:

Backlink analysis tools:

82. Linkbird:

Cost: Paid

LinkBird happens to be a keyword research/rank following/backlink analysis/link building hybrid tool. Shoots email alerts when it discovers another backlink indicating to your site.

With linkbird we can delineate and regulate complex content marketing strategies in one single tool. It coordinates all means essential for an all encompassing and present day SEO and content strategy of today. Moreover the many interconnected tools, like, the Keyword or Site Hunter ease up our every day working routine as to content creation and in this way make our collaboration more productive and fruitful.

Official Website:

83. Linkody:

Cost: Paid

Linkody tells you when you get (or lose) a backlink. It additionally gives data on your new backlinks (like Mozrank and anchor text).

Simple to-utilize and cheap backlink tracker

  • Never verify backlinks physically again, Linkody computerizes the entire procedure.
  • Know when you lose or pick up links.
  • Get bits of knowledge in rivals’ linkbuilding strategies.
  • Effortlessly recognize and repudiate bad links.
  • Be more effective at linkbuilding with the flawless interface

Despite the fact that the scene of SEO is constantly advancing, getting and keeping significant backlinks remains important. But how would you evaluate which backlinks are valuable?What if your well deserved links are expelled without you knowing it?And how are your rivals utilizing backlinks to get more SEO traffic? Linkody helps you answer these (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) questions!

Cool Feature: Linkody emails you when a competitor gets a fresh backlink. That way you can swoop in and attempt to get a similar one for yourself.

Official Website:

84. Sistrix:

Cost: Paid

Sistrix is a corporate level SEO platform that demonstrates to you your site’s rankings, social signs, backlinks, anchor text dissemination and then some. Not at all like numerous SEO tools with a number of features, Sistrix is so natural my mother could utilize it.

It gives you the most critical SEO execution pointers for any coveted domain. However, that is not all. You don’t need to install any software, either, or invest energy making projects. Since 2008, the Toolbox has been automatically assembling critical information on for all intents and purposes for each conceivable domain. You should simply ring in results and assessments in your internet browser with only a couple clicks. This usability, consolidated with the nature of our information and our unrivaled customer bolster, has made the Toolbox the most prominent SEO tool in Germany for a considerable length of time.

Cool Feature: “Keyword Opportunities” demonstrate to you a rundown of keywords that your rivals rank for… yet you don’t.

Official Website:

85. Upcity:

Cost: Paid

Upcity is one section SEO tool and one section internet marketing course.

This implies as opposed to getting a list of fancy charts and error messages, the tool lets you know how to get destined for success. This is ideal for small projects proprietors that do DIY SEO.

Cool Feature: “Curriculum” strolls you through the fundamental strides you need a SEO-optimized site in 2015. Custom fitted to local organizations and individuals new to digital marketing. You get agendas and computer game style focuses for finishing the essential tasks (like developing a Facebook page or setting up a editorial calendar).

Official Website:

86. Ahrefs:

Cost: Paid

The best link examination tool available… by a mile.

Ahrefs has a huge index (over a trillion links) that is upgraded at least once per day. It’s likewise super just to utilize. In light of its phenomenal UI and index, Ahrefs is one of only a handful few SEO tools that one can utilize each day.

I love Ahrefs for the quality of their data. They do a great job of crawling the web and the metrics they give you are pretty accurate. These are the words of no other than Neil Patel. Straight from the master!

Official Website:

87. cognitiveSEO:

Cost: Paid

An SEO tools package that spotlights on link analysis. Additionally has an accommodating “Unnatural Link Detection” feature that distinguishes unsafe backlinks that may have brought about a penalty (or can bring about a penalty not far off). Powerful tool.

Whether you are a SEO Professional, Digital Marketing Agency, SMB or Brand, hoping to expand your traffic or to screen your site’s development, this SEO tool will give you best in class advanced digital marketing strategy research and bits of knowledge for your business.

Be one stage ahead by effectively breaking down and tracking your site and your rivals. The SEO tools give a remarkable analysis process that will extricate basic information for your web promoting campaigns. Conveying and organizing marketing intelligence datapoints in a way that will make it less demanding for you to comprehend why your site may not rank as it ought to be, while your rivals are receiving all the search rewards.

Official Website:

88. Kerboo:

Cost: Paid

Kerboo is an SEO tool suite for search engine marketing professionals. Incorporates backlink analysis, link prospecting, on-site SEO reviews and rank tracking.

Backlink Analysis is a tool to break down the LinkRisk inside a site’s backlink profile. Review can likewise be utilized for disavow file administration and proactive link profile administration through the day by day imports feature. An intense manual penalty and penguin recovery tool.

Take in More About Backlink Analysis

Cool Feature: “LinkRisk” dissects your link profile and distinguishes spammy/perilous backlinks.

Official Website:

89. Link Research Tools:

Cost: Paid

A powerful link examination tool with some link building features incorporated with it (like link prospecting and outreach).

However, LRT’s cool element is its “Link Detox” tool. This tool by default examines your backlinks and demonstrates to you which links put you at danger of a Google penalty (or links that as of now brought on a penalty). As such, it makes recognizing spammy links super simple. When we run a trial of Link Detox it was right around 100% exact at separating amongst good and bad links.

Official Website:

90. Majestic SEO:

Cost: Freemium

With an enormous, updated index Majestic is one of the top link examination tools available. The tool additionally has a couple of accommodating propriety metrics like “TrustFlow” and “CitationFLow” that let you know regardless of whether that site you need to get a link from is definitive or spammy.

Cool Feature: “Clique Hunter” indicates you regarding sites that tend to link to your rivals (however not you). Simply pop in a few sites and Majestic demonstrates to you the different “cliques” that they have a place with. This is an extraordinary approach to newly find link building opportunities.

Official Website:

How to Keep Up With the Latest SEO Trends Be it Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds!

91. Monitor Backlinks:

Cost: Paid

A far reaching SEO platform that gives you information on recently obtained backlinks, keyword rankings and site speed. It even sends you cautions at whatever point one of your rivals gets another link. The dashboard since its clean and gives you ONLY the basic information you require.

Interface with your Google Analytics account and get email alerts when your site gains or loses backlinks.

The tool screens your opposition and cautions you when they get new links with great SEO value.

In light of the new links your site got, you can see the effect on your Average Keyword Position in Google.

Once your Keyword Position builds, you will have the capacity to screen the amount of traffic your site gets from Search Engines and how important the new links are.

Monitor Backlinks utilizes your Google Analytics account and numerous different assets to extract all the essential metrics. You can make correlations between your site and your rivals to discover new growth opportunities.

Official Website:

92. MozBar:

Cost: Freemium

Nifty toolbar for Chrome and Firefox that demonstrates to you the Page Authority and Domain Authority of the page you’re on.

However, the toolbar likewise demonstrates to you the DA/PA of Google search items (this feature works for Moz Pro endorsers). This is a wonderful approach to scrutinize the first page rivalry.

Official Website:

93. Open Link Profiler:

Cost: Freemium

A strong link analysis and reverse engineering tool.

Yes, Open Link Profiler’s index isn’t as enormous as the bigger tools (like Ahrefs and Majestic). Be that as it may, its paid form has some cool features (like on-page examination and site reviews) that can make the monthly installment beneficial. Additionally, the free version is the best free backlink examination tool one has ever utilized. So in case you’re balling on a financial plan and need to see your rival’s backlinks for nothing, give OpenLinkProfiler a try.

Cool Feature: “Hub Finder” is fundamentally the same as Majestic’s “Clique Hunter”. Enter a couple of contenders into the tool and see who links to them (however not you).

Official Website:

94. Open Site Explorer:

Cost: Freemium

Open Site Explorer is amongst the top 3 link examination toolst that comes packaged with Moz Pro. The measurements that OSE gives — like Domain Authority and Page Authority — are what SEO professionals utilize each day.

95. SEO PowerSuite:

Cost: Freemium

A suite of value desktop-based SEO tools that incorporate a rank checker, backlink investigation tool, site evaluator, and keyword research tool.

Discover, monitor, investigate and think about — burrow all the backlink information you require for protected and effective link building.

  • The biggest backlink index on the Web.
  • 50+ backlink variables to analyze.
  • New link-building opportunities.
  • Competitors’ links to figure out
  • Penguin/Panda-proof link review
  • Easier link data administration

Official Website:

96. SEO Tools for Excel:

Cost: Freemium

The best “SEO tool for excel” that has been utilized in this manner. Effortlessly check a site’s backlinks (by means of ahrefs or Majestic API), social shares, HTTP status, word tally, external links and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. All from inside of Excel.

Official Website:

97. SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker:

Cost: Free

How’d you jump at the chance to see the PA and DA for a huge rundown of URLs? Pop the rundown into the Bulk Metrics Checker, hit “go fetch” and you’ll get a convenient list.

Need to check a few essential SEO measurements for a site? The Bulk Metrics Checker can bail you out. It will check the PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and IP address of a few spaces at the same time. It will even give you a chance to send out the outcomes to Excel.

Official Website:

98. SEOGadget for Excel:

Cost: Free

On the off chance that you need to draw information from Moz and Majestic into an Excel spreadsheet, the SEOGadget for Excel tool makes it simple.

For a long, long time we’ve utilized Microsoft Excel to pick up understanding, make figurings, make reports and take care of issues. While maybe, a full time coder may see some impediment in the stage, Excel is a gift from heaven to practically the whole search marketing system.

For a large portion of us, working with information from outsider advertising tools tends in any case a CSV export. On the off chance that you consider how much time we’ve all spent sitting tight for a CSV file to download, and how much time we’ve spent combining the information into Excel after the occasion, you may concur it’s a time sink, and not an awfully gainful piece of your analysis.

SEOgadget for Excel addresses that issue by associating straightforwardly to administrations, for example, Majestic SEO and Moz by means of their API administrations.

Official Website:

99. SEOquake:

Cost: Free

A decent little toolbar for Firefox and Chrome that shows you critical SEO measurements (like domain age, number of backlinks, and traffic estimates) all from inside your Chrome or Firefox browser.

SEOquake can show similar information on Google search results. This can help you figure out if or not a keyword is madly aggressive… or ready for you to get a spot on the first page.

Official Website:

100. ShareMetric:

Cost: Paid

ShareMetric gives you an extremely quick screenshot of a page’s social shares, links and Google keyword rankings. Particularly supportive in the event that you need to see what keyword a page ranks for in seconds. You’ll require a SEMRush or Moz API to get backlink and keyword data. Nice tool.

Official Website:

101. URL Profiler:

Cost: Paid

In the event that you need to check data on a colossal rundown of URLs (like Domain Authority, number of backlinks, whois data, social shares and readability), URL Profiler is the best tool available to take care of business.

URL Profiler doesn’t simply do a solo task; it can be arranged to recover an extensive exhibit of link, content and social information for ANY task. A large number of URLs without a moment’s delay – without any limits or constraints – simply the information you require, when you require it.

Official Website:

Thus, we saw these tools in detail. Now it’s time for the practical implementation. An SEO course in Pune would teach you some of these SEO tools with hands on.

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