Best Seo Tricks For Increasing Your Google Ranking

SEO is one of the best way for increasing traffic and for those and for the freshers you need to know the basic tips for being successful in this field and you can join the Best SEO classes to know more about this field.

1. Improve Your Content Readability

Readability of the content is important over here. If your content is text heavy the visitor will not be entertained to read the content completely. You need to be creative enough for attracting more readers. You should know the right amount of words per sentence, per paragraph and per blog at the same time the usage of right of kind of words, understandable enough for the reader matters over here. Use tools like the Readability score or the Yoast WordPress plugin.

2. Long Registration lengths of the domain matters

A domain which has long years of registration is considered trustworthy in SEO world and you cannot alter your domain length. There are some experts who says that you can also increase the trust by being open with the public about your personal details like your name, contact, and address.

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3. Improve Page Speed

Speed of loading the page matters. If your loading speed of the page is high then you will get lots of visitors and there by your Google ranking will also be high. There are some drawbacks for the loading page lag like many images of big size. So just check your loading speed of your page and if you find its lagging then make the necessary changes to improve your speed.

4. Be Cellular Friendly

Today everyone uses palm tops like mobile and tablets for searching or for browsing. So it is your responsibility to make it appear clearly on that small screen and if it is not then the user will skip the page. You should design your page in such a way that it is mobile friendly. A mobile site could make a very good profit and a good Google ranking for your website.

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5. Use Listicles

It is always good to provide listical title and content for easier reading of the user. It is said that content given in points is better when compared to content given in paragraph. You can also give titles like Best, Top, Awesome to provide a good ranking search. You can also add numbers and bullets your contents. Only thing is keep the listing limit between 5 and 15.

6. Improve the About Us Page

About us page should also be improved and very catchy when compare to other pages. You need to take time and do a lot of research to create a worth reading about us content to market yourself and your page. You can also add photos or videos related to your site for optimizing it.

7. Clear up Your Comments

Clear up the comments that do not appear to be legitimate. Thank those comments which are worthy and appreciative. Negative comments can reduce your ranking.

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8. Make Exclusive Headings and Meta Descriptions

If you miss on to use unique headings and meta descriptions then you are Google rankings will be affected. A proper optimization requires exclusive headings of say 60 -70 characters and meta descriptions for giving a gist about the content. This meta description should be very creative and unique such that it should provoke the users to read the content.

9. Stop Keyword Stuffing

Key word stuffing was used for getting good Google ranks and but then later Google penalized such websites as it confuses the reader and converts it into a spam.

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