Google To Remove Content Keywords Feature From Search Console!

CRB Tech reviews came across this news, that is the hot topic of discussion in the world of SEO. We would like to share the same with you, for your knowledge. In order to have a command over SEO and its related concepts, one ought to consider joining a SEO training course in Pune.


Moving on to the trending news coming straight from

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst working at Google Inc, has formally declared at Google Webmasters Blog that Google is evacuating Content Keywords option from the Search Console.

How To Decide Content Priority and Amplify SEO Content

At the point when Search Console (GSC) was called Webmaster Tools (GWMT), you can see the content keywords highlight in left side bar under Google Index area. Google has now removed the Content Keywords report from Search Console, a component that has turned out to be dated throughout the years as Google has presented more proficient technologies.

Content Keywords functioned as a helpful purpose back in its day of being the best way to see what Googlebot found when it crawled a particular site. This was some years back, when Search Console was known to be as Webmaster Tools.

7 Best Content Marketing Techniques works in 2016

According to John Mueller, users can be confounded about the keywords recorded in content keywords include so that is the reason they have chosen to get rid of the Content Keywords menu in Search Console.

Google has now said that there is Fetch as Google and Search Analytics, perceiving how Google crawls your site is less demanding. The words on your pages, the keywords maybe, are still essential for Google’s (and your clients’) comprehension of your pages. While frameworks have become better, they can’t read your brain: be clear about what your site is about, and what you’d get a kick out of the chance to be found for. Tell guests what makes your site, your products and services, extraordinary!

The Relationship Between SEO and Content Marketing

After doing this, Google has come up with the Fetch and Render tool, which gives a visual display of what Googlebot sees when it crawls your domain. This tool comes up with much more prominent data to site hosts than what you can gain from keywords alone.

For those astonished by Google’s decision to remove Content Keywords, you can’t state the organization didn’t make you aware. Google’s John Mueller specified back in the month of May, in a Google+ Hangout, that the report would soon be expelled from Search Console.

CRB Tech reviews feels that all the SEO guys need to take a note of this and work accordingly. To learn the latest in SEO, you should go to a SEO training institute in Pune.

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5 Lead Generation Ideas For Assured Website Conversion Rates

CRB Tech reviews brings to you few tips on lead generation, that would help you get increased website conversion rates. For learning the process of lead generation in detail, join a SEO certification course.

Guess what?

These lead generation techniques are proven ones and effective too!

1. Ensure that the calls-to-action stay in people’s natural eye path:

CTA placement can profoundly affect the quantity of leads you’re creating from your site. But then, relatively few advertisers are investing a ton of energy contemplating, testing, and tweaking CTA placement to maximize their conversions. Many claim that the so far as they place their essential CTA over the fold, they’re ready.

Begin your CTA placement tests by putting them where individuals’ eyes actually go on a page. An eye-tracking study found that when individuals read a site page, we actually begin by looking in the upper left-hand corner of the page, and afterward move our eyes in a F-molded pattern.

Remember this when you’re setting your CTAs, particularly on your landing page and your other prominent site pages — and don’t be reluctant to try in view of how it bodes well for your own particular promoting story ought to be told.

5 Global Co-Marketing Strategies For Holiday

2. Make use of pop-up and slide-in forms the correct way:

Pop-ups have been denounced in the most recent couple of years — and naturally, as well. Excessively numerous advertisers utilize them in a way that disturbs individuals’ experience on their site as opposed to improving it.

Yet, pop-ups do work — and, all the more critically, when they’re utilized as a part of a way that is useful and not troublesome, they can be a solid piece of your inbound strategy. So in case you’re pondering whether you ought to utilize pop-up forms, the short answer is yes — the length of you utilize them in an inbound-y way. As a matter of first importance, that implies offering something significant and applicable to the visitors going to that site page.

When you’re thinking about what sort of pop-up to utilize and what action ought to trigger them, think about how individuals are drawing in with your pages. When somebody peruses a blog post, for example, they’re commonly going to look down the page to read the content. All things considered, you should seriously think about utilizing a slide-in box that shows up when somebody’s scrolled over a specific rate of the path down the page.

3. Include anchor texts to older blog posts that sync closely with gated offers:

What makes anchor text CTAs so viable? Suppose you hunt down “press release template” in Google, and you click on the principal organic search result — which is as of now our blog post about how to compose an official statement.

As a researcher, the following thing you’d most likely do is rapidly go through the post to check whether it fulfills your search. One of the main things that’ll get your attention is an anchor text that reads, “Download our free press release format here” — which happens to be precisely what you were searching for when you queried “press release template.” There’s a truly good chance will click on it.

This is where relevancy gets to be critical. The anchor text CTA works truly well for this situation since it fulfills the onlookers need immediately, inside the initial few passages of the blog entry. The more significant the anchor text CTA is to what the guest is searching for, the better it’ll perform. Essentially including an anchor text CTA close to the highest point of each blog post won’t really mean it’ll produce a ton more leads — and to be perfectly honest, you’ll chance annoying your reliable endorsers.

What Does Latest Research Regarding SEO and Social Media Reveal ?

4. Facilitate the launch of a new campaign with launch post and blog posts on relevant topics:

Each time you dispatch another advertising campaign, posting the good news on your blog ought to be a key a portion of your launch plan. It’s an awesome approach to tell your current subscribers what new content, products, and components you’re putting out there, and it additionally assists these releases with fresh out of the box brand new visitors.

5. Make use of social media in a strategic manner for lead generation:

Top-of-the-funnel marketing metrics like traffic and brand mindfulness isn’t all online networking is useful for. It can even now be a useful — also cheap — hotspot for lead generation.

Notwithstanding promoting new blog posts and content to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites, make sure to frequently post links on blog posts and even specifically to the landing pages of offers that have truly performed well for lead generation. You’ll have to do a lead generation scrutiny of your blog to make sense of which posts perform best for lead generation.

When you link specifically to landing pages, make certain the copy in your social posts sets the desire that tapping the clicking on link will send individuals to a landing page.

Contests are another approach to create leads from social. They are fun for your adherents, as well as show you a ton about your audience all the while connecting with them, developing your reach, and directing traffic to your site.

5 Big Changes of Google AdWords in 2016

More tips for lead generation through Facebook and Twitter:

Notwithstanding optimizing your website pages and social nearness for leads, dependably be searching for chances to build the traffic of your most converting pages by upgrading these pages for the keywords they’re as of now ranking for, and linking to these pages internally and externally.

That was all about our topic of discussion for today, that was regarding lead generation strategies.

For more concepts like B2B lead generation, online lead generation etc. a best SEO course would be best for you.

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9 Key Content Types For A Hit E commerce Site!

This blog from CRB Tech reviews would enlighten you on the content types, every e commerce site must have. After all, content is the king. For more on SEO and content strategies, take the help of a professional SEO training institute in Pune.

Content is the foundation of today’s promoting strategies.

Be it a short bit in an AdWords promotion or a protracted blog post, it helps you to pull in new readers and build a crowd of people.

Yet, there is another kind of content – the non specific data about your store, which ought to be accessible appropriate from the landing page that persuades users to purchase from you.

How To Decide Content Priority and Amplify SEO Content

Want to know the best part?

Proper content is half the battle won.

Let us now move towards the content type:

1. Shipping Info:

You realize that, to numerous customers, the cost of delivery is one of the key considers in the purchasing decision. So is the time it will take to get the thing shipped. Also, nothing is more disturbing than discovering at a checkout that your store doesn’t ship to a client’s area or it costs significantly more, than your purchase.

Also, subsequently, show clear data about transportation alternatives you offer, costs, conveyance destinations and carriers you utilize.

2. Offers:

Offers are frequently the primary concern that drives shoppers to purchase. In any case, if your store consistently highlights offers, sales or deals, make a devoted page for clients to rapidly find how they could purchase and save money on your site.

Raven + Lilly highlights a devoted Sale section giving visitors a fast access to their recent promotions.

3. Paying options:

28% of users will forsake the purchase since you don’t acknowledge their favored payment method, at any rate as per Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Obviously one approach to prevent this is by receiving all significant payment ways. Be that as it may, that is not generally achievable.

In the event that that is the situation, utilize content to change over customers whose payment strategy you don’t acknowledge. Show clear data about how they can pay for things. Also, in the event that you don’t acknowledge a prevalent method (i.e. PayPal), clarify your reasons why. Being straightforward about it may persuade a few customers who incline towards this method to utilize a substitute one on your store.

5 Ways To Create Magical Content For SEO

4. FAQs :

A study by Forrester found that up to 72% of purchasers like to utilize self help option as opposed to connect with an organization.

What’s more, therefore, having an up-to-date knowledge is significant for giving acceptable customer service.

Your information base segment of the site ought to incorporate data about your products; exhortation on best utilization practices, answers to most regular customer questions, troubleshooting guidance, T&Cs and other data that would help customers conquer their most basic issues.

Right Channel Radios includes a full Learning Center section helping customers discover more about their products, troubleshoot usage issues and answers most basic questions.

5. Contact details and support information:

Clearly visible contact and support information sets visitors at ease that regardless of what happens, they will have the chance to get help.

Becky Higgins’ site highlights an exceptionally conspicuous link to customer service page, ideal in the header.

6. Return policy:

A clearly noticeable return or exchange policy not just educates customers about strides they have to take on the off chance that they have to send an item back.

It likewise consoles them that you will be there for them on the off chance that they require assistance or basically aren’t content with a product.

What’s more, frequently, if customers aren’t certain about purchasing from you, be it since they don’t believe you or have questions if the item is for them, a clear return policy may help them settle on that choice.

Taylor Stitch requires a sign in with order number before showing their return policies.

10 SEO Rules For Ecommerce Content Marketing in 2016

7. Blog:

A blog is an impeccable tool to draw in new visitors to your webpage. Be that as it may, the question is, how?

Give us a chance to show the value of blog utilizing the upcoming Christmas shopping season as an instance.

Before long a large number of customers will start their hunt down for that immaculate Christmas present. All the while, they’ll turn to Google or other search engines for proposals. Blogging offers a chance to catch those clients when they’re the well on the way to purchase. What’s more, you can do that by posting shopping and gift guides for helping them pick that immaculate offering.

8. Reviews:

Did you realize that 61% of customers will read reviews before choosing to purchase? (source)

Then again that 77% of voyagers won’t book a hotel without first perusing its reviews (source)

Thus not showing reviews on the site extraordinarily decreases your odds at converting over a visitor.

Thus permit customers to leave review and rate items. Also, don’t stress over negative reviews. Truth be told, having them may likewise help your conversions. As indicated by E consultancy, having negative reviews could increase conversions by up to 67%.

7 Easy Tricks To Get Better Content Ideas !

9. Social proof:

Finally, demonstrate to your customers that others have been purchasing or drawing in with your store as well.

One approach to do it is by showing the previously written reviews. Other, by demonstrating other customers’ conduct.

You could likewise display photographs of customers utilizing your products.

ASOS for example, asks their customers to tag photographs from them wearing the company’s clothes on Instagram with #ASOSLoves hashtag.

One of the most ideal approaches to increase conversions is by giving your guests the content they’re searching for at their current phase of the purchasing cycle. From data to help guests to pick you to blog posts to pull in new visitors, your store ought to gloat with significant and timely content.

For learning more, opt for professional SEO training courses in Pune.

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5 Trends In 2017 That Will Rule The World Of SEO

CRB Tech reviews is going to tell you about the trends that will rule SEO, come 2017. This would help you to plan a core strategy for Search engine optimization (SEO). For learning the nuances of SEO, take to digital marketing training in Pune.


Let’s continue with the trends.

10 Great On-Site SEO Techniques Webmaster Should Follow

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one thing that is about remaining one step in front of your rivals.

One of the most ideal approaches to finish this aggressive predominance is to know about how search engines are changing, and alter your content and SEO strategy before your rivals have an opportunity to make up for lost time. The SEO business is continually moving, so it pays to know about these developments.

It would appear that 2017 will be an intriguing year for SEO, with the accompanying patterns overwhelming this field:

1. Growth in number of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP’s):

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are an open-source convention that permits website admins to create pages fit for loading in a split second on cell phones. The thought is that a modest bunch of structural changes can make your site stack up to four times speedier and utilize eight times less amount of data. As of now, Google is beginning to support locales that have changed over to AMPs, giving them visibility in a merry go round and a little icon (with a lightning jolt) showing their AMP status. In 2017, one foresees we’ll see more partiality for AMPs in search results, with more brands exploiting the alternative.

2. Rise in “Dense” content:

Individuals are becoming fed up of reading a similar fluff content again and again, in various words. Early content marketing endeavors were centered around delivering however much bite-sized content as could reasonably be expected, yet for as far back as couple of years, we’ve seen a surge in “epic” content; long pieces that cover a subject thoroughly. Be that as it may, as the market’s been overflowed with both sorts of content, one feels another pattern may disregard length totally, concentrating on giving however much information as could be expected in the littlest conceivable space—dense content—to request to perusers.

7 Simple Tricks To Improve SEO Trends 2016

3. Machine learning updates:

Google RankBrain was released before the end of last year, and opened the way to the likelihood of algorithmic machine learning. The expansion of Google Hummingbird works as an approach to bit by bit take in more about how users state conversational questions—and upgrade its algorithm naturally as needs be. We haven’t seen another update like it since, however one envisions we’re past due for one. Google will most likely begin releasing more machine learning updates as the years pass by, beginning one year from now, and we may even observe machine learning in different areas, for example, data interpretation or promoting automation, also.

4. Emergence of a secret weapon called Personal Branding:

The author has been an advocate of personal branding as a core technique for SEO for a long time now. With an individual brand, you’ll have a less demanding time securing guest posts, building user trust, and driving more traffic to your site. In any case, a shockingly low number of brands have exploited this in their SEO endeavors. As web-based social networking platforms like Facebook keep refining their calculations to support individual posts over branded posts, one expects we’ll see more organizations and companies exploit individual branding. This will at the same time prompt to more open doors and more rivalry, so keep an eye out—and ensure your plan is in order.

How to Keep Up With the Latest SEO Trends Be it Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds!

5. User Experience Optimization (UEO) and SEO will blend together:

We will take here about how User Experience Optimization important in SEO. User experience has dependably been imperative to SEO—in any event to some degree. Google favors sites that are legitimately optimized for cell phones, ones that load rapidly, and ones where plainly users are making the most of their experience (with delayed time spent on page, and so on.). Be that as it may, in 2017, we may see an expanded accentuation on user experience—particularly as it identifies with mobile phones. AMPs, mentioned above could be the primary indication of this, yet search for different ways that Google will support pages that offer better user encounters in general.

6. Apps will experience the love:

In the course of recent years or somewhere in the vicinity, we’ve seen an immense increment in the SEO options accessible for mobile applications. From the nuts and bolts of application indexing and profound linking to content within applications, we’ve seen the improvement of application streaming, which permits users to “stream” application content while never downloading the application to their cell phone. Google so far has taken into account application users without estranging the core functions of its search engine, however in 2017, we may see a move to significantly promote application preference. It’s too early for applications to supplant conventional sites out and out, yet this could be another progression down that way.

The Easiest Way to Automate Your SEO Reporting

7. Personal Digital Assistants will evolve, changing the way many of us execute search queries:

Personal digital assistants have turned out to be so typical, we now promptly acknowledge them as a major aspect of our lives. Tools like Siri and Cortana have made our lives less complex, and have pointedly expanded the quantity of verbal, conversational queries that viewers use with regards to search. In 2017, we’ll see both broadening and expanded refinement of these accommodating components, opening the way to new sorts of search and more propelled types of conversational questions—and that implies new ranking open doors in both areas.

Hope that you got a fair idea regarding the SEO trends in 2017; and an insight into how to promote SEO content effectively, . Plan your process accordingly. For more knowledge on SEO, a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune, is the best place to be.

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5 Key Facts To Learn From Link Building In 130 Countries

CRB Tech reviews would like to explain you the takeaways from earning links in the international campaigns. We feel that you would be eager to know about the same. This article will fulfill your requirements. Advanced SEO course in Pune, is the place where you can learn about digital marketing content and other SEO related concepts.

There is an overwhelming frustration all over, “It’s really hard to use outreach to earn links or PR coverage in our country.” This is a problem not constrained to Peru alone. When you see the Fractl team and others sharing stories about how we procure several links for a solitary content piece, you may think it must be decent to do outreach some place like the US where online publishers are abundant and they’ll highlight awesome content without any strings appended.

6 Effective Link Building Tips For Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

In this article, we will share what we found about what causes content to spread around the world.

1. Connection between earning domestic and international links:

For a considerable length of time, we’ve seen that if content gets enough consideration in the US, it will naturally start to get worldwide press and links. Study affirmed that there’s a relationship between winning a high number of links locally and acquiring links from global sites i.e. internationally.

When we took a gander at 50 best client campaigns, that have earned the most noteworthy number of media stories, we found that these campaigns likewise got the most global scope. Out of the 4,000 worldwide placements we investigated, 70 percent of them originated from these 50 top performing campaigns.

We additionally found that content which earned no less than 25 global media pickups likewise earned no less than 25 local pickups, so there’s a base balanced proportion of universal to domestic pickups.

2. Importance of visual formats and non reliance on text:

World maps can be effectively comprehended by worldwide audiences, and make it simple for publishers to discover an edge to cover. A client campaign, which took a gander at how much individuals eat and drink the world over, included maps highlighting contrasts between the nations. This was the fourth-most noteworthy performing campaign as far as universal scope is concerned.

Images were the second most well known visual format, which lets us know that a photo might be justified regardless of a thousand words in any language. One incredible case of this is “Evolution of Miss Universe” campaign, where we made a progression of animated and interactive perceptions utilizing photographs of Miss Universe champs since 1952.

As one moves down the rankings, formats that depended on more content, for example, infographics, were less famous globally. Most likely this is on the grounds that global audiences can’t associate with content they can’t grasp.

While making content substantial visualizations, consider on the off chance that somebody who speaks an alternate dialect can comprehend it — would despite everything it bode well in the event that you expelled all the content?

15 SEO Link Building Tips For 2016

3. Topics of global interest perform the best:

We are aware that disputable topics are profoundly viable in snatching attention, and research affirms that pushing limits deals with a worldwide scale. (We weren’t precisely astonished that a campaign called “Does Size Make a difference?” resounded globally.)

In any case, don’t expect that you have to make your content about sex, drugs, and rock and roll on the off chance that you need to increase worldwide attention. As should be obvious, even person on foot toll performed well all around. Consider how you can make content that addresses essential human interests, similar to innovation, food and … Instagram.

4. Global outlook is not always a must:

In the event that your content subject has a geographic edge, make a point to widen it to have a multi-national or overall core interest.

Professional tip: Consider how you can add a universal twist to content thoughts that as of now performed well locally. The Miss Universe campaign case shared previously? That worked out as intended after an effective comparative crusade about Miss America. Correspondingly, one could likely reboot the “Tolerance in America” campaign to take a gander at racism around the globe and anticipate that it will be fruitful, as this subject officially proved popular at home and is surely pertinent around the world.

Top 8 SEO Link Building Myths

5. The elements of share-worthy content hold true globally:

Throughout the years, we’ve seen over and over that incorporating certain components in content significantly builds the possibility of success. The majority of content that made universal success incorporated some blend of the accompanying:

  • A geographic angle

  • Surprising information

  • A universally appealing topic etc..

To improve the probability that your content appeals to worldwide gatherings of people, make certain to read this post about the imperative part these components play in making content that acquires a great deal of links and social shares.

For studying such and other factors that affect SEO, look for a professional SEO training institute in Pune.

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Mobile Application Marketing: A Startup Guide !

CRB Tech reviews will introduce you to the world of mobile app marketing through this blog. In the world of mobiles today, focus on mobile app marketing strategies has become utmost necessary. For learning mobile SEO, Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune, is the place to be.


Let’s focus our attention on what is mobile app marketing and how to do app marketing.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages and Their SEO Effects

1. Develop it in right manner with continuous testing:

In some cases, even extraordinary advertising and promotions can’t spare an application. An application’s design and usefulness should be natural and give an ideal mobile user experience for groups of users to give it a shot and impart it to their circles. Mobile application testing previously, then after the fact dispatch guarantees that your application does what it says it will, which enhances client selection, and gives a positive client encounter, which enhances client engagement and retention. Eventually, a positive user encounter creates more real web-based social networking buzz, informal suggestions, and downloads.

To start with, you need to perform broad Q/A and user testing before you dispatch your application. Ensure it works on the grounds that once you jump into the application store you have a chance to make a major sprinkle or sink with innumerable others.

Optimizing and testing for the client will require information – loads of it. Find and pick a mobile analytics platform that works for you to start gathering information, for example, downloads, client pathways, and client engagement.

Some mobile analytics platforms:

  • Flurry analytics
  • Google analytics for mobile apps.
  • Mixpanel (Premium. Paid)

A/B Testing:

After release, you ought to perform consistent A/B tests of in-application components against each other to see what genuine clients react to, and recode or include features based client input.

Common Mistakes of Mobile Site Design You Need To Avoid !

2. Compose a great description:

The initial step to streamlining your application store page is to compose a reasonable and compact depiction that rundowns the principle components of the application, gives utilize instances of the application and utilizations of important keywords.


With regards to keywords, you need to stay away from keyword stuffing since they can rapidly turn individuals off, and the App Store does not quantify them in the portrayals. Rather, utilize relevant keywords that individuals would comprehend to recognize what your application does.

What Should it Say?

Your application depiction ought to state more than exactly what it does. Clarify how your mobile application will fulfill a need, take care of an issue, or offer an advantage that clients can’t get somewhere else. On the off chance that pertinent, you can likewise give a few points of interest on how your application might be superior to different applications in the commercial center. Try not to be reluctant to state, “The application is like ____, yet it additionally does ____.” Be certain to incorporate two or three quotes from positive surveys to fortify any cases.


You can rapidly lose individuals if your application’s description is one major mass of content. The vast majority can just devour data in little, composed pieces. Here are a few proposals to separate the content:

  • Utilize bulleted or numbered records
  • Restrain sections to 2-3 sentences, at most
  • Utilize sub-headings to arrange segments by theme

A case of an elegantly composed portrayal is the article and video saving application, Pocket.

Mobile SEO : Mobile Optimization for Website -Crb Tech

3. Catchy screen shots and videos:

An elegantly composed application description will unquestionably change over users to download your application, yet it is similarly as essential to incorporate eye-catching screen-shots that are significant and highlight the best components of your application. Some applications additionally overlay content and design around their screen-shots to make them significantly more outwardly animating and to convey a more grounded message. A good example of this is the Android launcher, Hola Launcher.

4. Develop a great website to support app:

It is astonishing what number of mobile applications launch to the market without a site (or an inadequately built one) to bolster the application and its showcasing endeavors. A site serves as your home base to openly talk about, showcase and advance your application without the limitations of the application store. So simply go ahead and utilize HTML5 components, give more top to bottom application subtle elements, transfer extraordinary media files – you have the adaptability to do whatever you need! Some good examples of mobile app websites are Whatsapp, Periscope etc.

5. Obtain user ratings and reviews:

Viewer ratings and reviews are crucial for increasing top visibility in the application store and driving downloads in light of the fact that they give social approval to your application; customers look to different consumers like themselves for exhortation and experience. It is one thing for you (the application developer) to claim how “EPIC” and “Wonderful” your application is, yet it is staggeringly more capable to have others saying it!

6. Get shared and featured:

Influencers are key people or associations that are viewed as legitimate and dependable, and, in this manner, have fantastic impact over groups of onlookers. Most influencers have a huge web based after – however not required – so having one or numerous discussion emphatically about your application can be the tipping indicate for your application go “viral.” However, remember that relying upon an influencer’s notoriety, he or she is in all likelihood drew closer day by day by other individuals with their thought processes. Influencer effort is deliberate process centered around building and sustaining a commonly valuable relationship. It requires investment yet can be extraordinarily fulfilling. The steps that can be taken are as follows:

  • Identify
  • Interact
  • Pitch
  • Nurture

This is some ways how to share the app and app content.

7. Social media sharing and leverage:

Pretty much every fruitful mobile application influences web-based social networking advertising to create mindfulness and elevate the application to targeted audiences. This is nothing unexpected given how online networking has ended up coordinated into each part of our own and expert lives. In 2014, Pew Research found that 71% of every single online grown-up in the U.S. are on Facebook, and 52% are on at least two web-based social networking sites.

  • Implement in app sharing.
  • Create a constant social presence.
  • Take to paid social media advertising.

Top 4 Reasons Mobile used for Digital Marketing In 2016

8. Release a free version of app:

Nothing strikes at the heart of man like those four wonderful letters! F.R.E.E. In the event that your application is free, make it known! In any case, if your application is not free, think about working as a “lite” variant that has some key components however requires obtaining the full or premium adaptation to gain all features. An application class that regularly has a tendency to do this procedure is “launcher applications, for example, Hola Launcher (said prior) and Go Launcher.

This classification will normally discharge a free “lite” rendition of their application with restricted components and in-application promotions. Users can in fact adhere to the lite form yet will frequently move up to open all elements and expel in-application advertisements. Another most loved dispatch strategy is to offer the full version of the application for nothing yet just temporarily. Accepting this is by all account not the only limited time strategy you are actualizing, you will without a doubt produce much social buzz and ought to build your downloads.

The mobile application market is blasting, and it is hinting at no backing off. Anybody with an incredible thought and mobile application promoting strategy has a chance to achieve a huge number of users and create a great deal of cash – if that is your kind of thing!

Thus we saw these easy ways to do mobile app marketing. For more on this, join Digital Marketing Training in Pune.

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5 Global Co-Marketing Strategies For Holiday

CRB Tech reviews would like to enlighten you on co-marketing ideas and strategies . To learn more about SEO and its related concepts, join a SEO course in Pune.

As the Christmas season approaches, advertisers are searching for approaches to expand profits, drive traffic, and enhance business-to-business connections. One of the most ideal approaches to do this is through co-marketing, or as it were, having two organizations work together to get the most out of a campaign. It requires investment to locate the right relationship, yet it is a great, and as one would see it underutilized, tool for success.

Cost Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Effectiveness of Co-marketing over holidays:

Co-marketing gets your brand before a moment important gathering of audience that you were not beforehand presented to, so running a holiday promotion or attempting to get your administrations seen by another gathering of people is greatly viable when you join forces with another related business.

Once more, co-marketing is a powerful approach to build your reach and get your product or services before new crowd this winter; be that as it may, you may not know where to begin. Your industry doesn’t figure a ton while making a general co-marketing methodology, yet it will figure out who you work with. By and by, the general co-marketing strategy guide will be entirely comparable crosswise over ventures.

Steps to implement your personal co-marketing strategy:

1.Fix your goals:

Before you push ahead with any co-marketing relationship, you have to unmistakably decide and enlist your goals.

Is there another product you need to push? Is your objective lead generation so you can dispatch forward with a bigger group of viewers in the New Year? Would you like to do a major social networking push? Would you like to re-outline or reevaluate your brand somehow? When you make sense of these particular components of your objectives, it will be less demanding for you to build up a plan since you will have the capacity to successfully discuss them with your partner.


It is one thing to talk about objectives, yet you make them realistic by listing them down. Write a formal promotional plan, with your particular objectives for the season at the top of the priority list (recollect that marketing plans change and should be re-evaluated after some time). In the event that it is useful, make a spreadsheet that permits you to make notes and verify things as you go.

6 Strategies For Your Digital Marketing

2. Assign a budget:

Before you start collaborative endeavors with another brand, you have to consider your finances. Upon initially meeting with another organization, you are probably going to be asked (if the organization knows about co-marketing) what your financial plan is for the push you are going to make with them. You need to have no less than a rough thought of what you’re spending endeavors can resemble, or if nothing else what your most extreme spending plan is.


Since you are not generally co-marketing with another organization, you don’t need to devote some portion of your standard marketing plan to the cost. You can either pull reserves from other promoting/advertising you are doing or put aside a specific sum every year/season to co-market. Whenever organizations (or your manager) understand the value of co-promoting, it is simple for them to set aside a consistent part of the yearly spending plan. In any case, if this is your first time attempting this technique, you might need to force reserves from other advertising you are doing, incidentally.

5 Key Strategies For Brand Building to Attract Customers

3. Take into consideration probable partnerships:

Once you’ve considered your own objectives and strategies, and you’re financing, the time has come to begin to consider associations. Here are a few things to consider before connecting or advancing with any co-marketing association:

Co-marketing example:

An incredible case would be a dental practitioner prescribing a specific toothbrush or toothpaste. The two businesses have a similar audience, yet they are not immediate contenders. To start with Choice Dental has a blog where they prescribed (and linked back to) the toothpaste Sensodyne. While it is likely that the dental specialist basically loves that toothpaste and did not contact Sensodyne to begin with, this is an open door for the company to connect with Sensodyne and check whether they also can suggest this dental office. It’s an awesome approach to begin that relationship!

4. Types of Co-marketing projects:

There are an assortment of co-marketing ventures that you can deal with, and this is once more, going to identify with your objectives and what you are planning to deal with for your organization, yet it is likewise going to be subject to what the other organization needs to do also. Here are a few ideas of co-marketing ventures you can work together on:

  • Email marketing (Read how to do email marketing, email marketing tips for more info.)
  • Website development
  • Collateral
  • Events
  • Training

Content Marketing:How To Set Up A Perfect Content Marketing Strategy

5. Implementation:

When you discover another company to collaborate with and you’ve decided how you need to approach marketing together, you have to ensure you are in agreement around a couple of things. Similarly as you did at the outset with building up a marketing plan, you will need to set up a plan and desires with the other company.


  • Build up an agreement that obviously explains the terms of your coordinated effort particularly the topic/execution method, timetable, objectives, content proprietorship, lead-sharing understandings, time allotment, and promotion plan.
  • Be clear about your own goals and what you anticipate that the outcomes will be. Ensure you are in agreement for content and subject of the promotion.
  • Examine timeline to ensure it works for both brands similarly.
  • Make a division of work in light of the qualities of every organization; don’t attempt to go up against more work or obligation than the organization you are working with.
  • Survey the greater part of the terms you have set and ensure both sides are upbeat and clear on the desires.

These are the steps to execute co-marketing campaigns. You can as well learn about co-branding and other related concepts with the help of an SEO institute in Pune.

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11 Things Majority SEO Courses Have To Offer

In the previous blog from CRB Tech, we saw some things which over 50 SEO courses have to offer us. Over here, we would see the remaining things. The ideal place to learn SEO is an SEO training institute in Pune.


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Giants In SEO

Moving on to the SEO related fundas.

1. SEO is a life time battle:

Your rivals aren’t resting or folding their hands. They require that #1 ranking position as much as you do, with the exception of you’re focusing on a keyword where rivalry is right around zero.

There’s dependably somebody enduring to thump you of that position. That is the reason you should keep on earning links. That is the reason you should keep on improving your page. That is the reason you should keep on having the best design. For whatever length of time that you keep on doing all these, you may keep on ranking #1. Yet, there’s no assurance in light of the fact that there may be somebody who will show up better than you.

Therefore, you have to battle it out your entire life.

2. The first step in SEO is keyword research:

Keyword research is the main most imperative part of SEO. Miss the point and you will spend the entire year neglecting to arrive a solitary visitor from search engines. Hit the nail on the head and you’ll see numerous customers even in your first month in business.

Picking the right keywords is critical to your SEO. I prescribe that you target low-competition keywords when you’re simply beginning.

3. Rival backlink profile might lead in the wrong direction, further analysis required:

There is dependably a purpose for any development, whether outrageous or gradual. Sites utilize numerous strategies to enhance ranking, however backlink building is a standout amongst the most widely recognized and effective off-page optimization techniques. Backlink examination assume the pivotal part in a battle of link building. It’s vital to watch out for the backlink profiles and quality linking of your rivals, particularly as another contestant into some market specialty.

As of now, there is no real way to tell which links from a competitor’s profile are hurting and which are helping, unless you utilize a unique SEO tool, such as Positionly. Positionly’s backlink checker gives helpful data about different organizations in your field, including link prospects to consider what backlinks are the most esteemed and what keywords they are positioning for.

10 Important Things To Learn From Various SEO Courses

4. Always keep a check on SERPs:

There’s nothing superior to eyeballing the SERPs yourself to check whether there’s solid competition for your picked keyword. Run a look for your picked keyword, and visit every outcome that appears on the first page.

Put forth the accompanying questions:

  • Are the initial few results streamlined for the watchword?
  • Is the keyowrd in the title tag? In the URL? On the page?
  • What’s the Page and additionally Domain Authority of the URL?
  • Are the initial few results powers on the keyword subject?
  • What’s the inbound anchor text?
  • Could you convey a higher quality asset for this keyword?

You don’t need to rank #1 for any of your picked keywords to gain traffic, however you ought to be happy with splitting the main five.

5. Create a center hub and dominate SERPs:

Not very many successful sites comprise of a solitary page. In any case, you don’t need to make tens or hundreds of pages before you can be viewed as a power on a subject.

While it’s great to distribute new content all the time, you ought to have maybe a couple pages you need to rank on search engines. These pages I’m discussing are called pillar contents or content hubs.

Each new content you publish ought to link or be associated with a content hub on your site.

It’s far easier to rank a content hub than attempting to rank each new site page you make on your site.

The content hub is your cash page. It’s one the most vital pages on your site. Your business relies on upon this page.

6. Vary the anchor text:

Anchor Text is the unmistakable, clickable text in a hyperlink. For instance, here’s an anchor text to my landing page. Those texts that show up in your anchor text can represent the deciding moment the page you’re linking to.

It could have a major positive effect on the page’s ranking on search engines, and the other way around.

Search engines give careful consideration to anchor texts.

You ought to utilize the keyword you’re attempting to rank for in your anchor texts to that specific page. Be that as it may, there something you should think about anchor text:

You ought to abstain from utilizing your target keyword a lot in your anchor texts.

What number of is too much?

It’s exceedingly prescribed you utilize your target keyword 5% of the time. That puts your site erring on the side of caution. When you utilize your target keyword a lot in your anchor texts, it tells search engines that your links aren’t normal, and that puts your site at danger of an algorithm penalty.

‘Going Viral’ An SEO Myth?

7. Relationships are the sources of best backlinks:

The best links originate from relationships since it’s hard for your rivals to reproduce them.

Individuals discuss regarding link building procedures, for example, guest blogging, broken link building, getting interviewed, developing a web tool, and so on.

All these link building strategies are powerful, however your rivals can simply attempt to do a similar thing. They are not uncommon the length of your rivals can bear to do them.

These links that beat all are the ones you win in view of the relationship you have with somebody or an organization.

8. Best backlinks come with backlinks:

Link building never ceases. You generate links to your site pages with the end goal of ranking high on search engines. For most SEOs, this is the place their link building comes to a halt.

On the off chance that this is the way you build links, then you’re treating it terribly. The best backlinks come with backlinks.

The more links your backlinks have, the all the more capable the backlinks gets to be. The page where your backlink is originating from ought to have some social shares from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. In the event that your backlink doesn’t have anybody discussing it, then something isn’t right and such backlink shouldn’t be depended upon to raise your rankings.

9. Highest quality backlinks can come from….

Consider something cool the press would love to expound on. On the off chance that you can get a fascinating anecdote about you in the press, other authority sites would lift it up, connecting to the first article. Small sites would lift it up as well and link to the first article and even link to you.

This is not so natural to do, but rather it’s the speediest approach to get more than 5,000 top notch backlinks and get the world discussing you and your business.

The press is continually scanning for new fascinating stories to publish. Consider something fascinating you can do. At that point do it and inform the press regarding it. That is the manner by which to get the entire world connecting to your site.

10. Site speed matters:

Speed is the ultimate thing. Quick stacking pages can enhance indexation as Googlebot invests its time all the more proficiently when crawling a quick stacking site. Since Googlebot designates every site a particular crawl budget (contingent upon different components, for example, power and trust), having the capacity to download and crawl pages speedier implies that it will eventually download and (as a rule) index a higher number of pages.

10 Great On-Site SEO Techniques Webmaster Should Follow

11. Each SEO is an entrepreneur:

There are numerous ways you can begin utilizing SEO to advance your life and the lives of everyone around you. You can connect with the neighbourhood businesses in your community and inquire as to whether they need to build their clients from search engines.

For instance, Mike Ramsey fabricated a multi-million dollar Internet marketing organization beginning from zero.

You can locate a beneficial, low competition keyword and begin profiting from that specialty.

You can apply what you simply figure out how to your present business or startup.

You can begin a marketing blog and do a SEO case study for the world to see. This could prompt to lucrative employment offers from of all shapes and sizes brands.

The possibilities are seamless.

If you’re still reading, I’ll jump at the chance to state a major congratulations to you. You’re presently an SEO Pro.

Yet, for a formal education in the field of SEO, choose an SEO training course.

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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Giants In SEO

If you are a startup or own a small business, then, this article from CRB Tech reviews would be of great use for you. The question before such people is whether their site or small businesses can match up with the big guys at some point or the other. For SEO strategies and training, take the help of Digital marketing classes in Pune.

What’s the bottom line?

To tell you how can your small business or site can match up with the big guys. After all, that must be your concern.

It might appear like an outlandish daunting task to contend with big sites in the SERPs, yet there are advantages to running a small site that can have a huge effect to your SEO. In today’s article, we clarify how independent ventures and sites can target openings the big sites can’t, notwithstanding their regular preferences.

10 Important Things To Learn From Various SEO Courses

5 Ways to compete:

1. Target those keywords that are not being targeted by the big ones:

Initially lets talk about keywords. So in the SEO keyword universe, there will be keywords that a major brand, as in this case Expedia, is unwilling, incapable, or has picked not to target yet in light of the fact that they have a circuitous way to ROI or lawful issues or PR issues. Those can be things like:

Editorial keywords:

So Expedia has business associations with various hotels. In this way, it is not to their greatest advantage to rank inns in a specific district from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 100. As a small site, you don’t have that imperative, and you can pursue those sorts of keywords that your greater rivals inclination against doing, and that can be powerful too.

Long-tail keywords:

So perhaps Expedia is unquestionably focusing on something like “Istanbul city guide,” yet they are certainly not focusing on something like “best shops to visit in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.” By the way, after gazing that upwards, one couldn’t locate an awesome rundown. So on the off chance that somebody needs to make a rundown of those, that would be genuine helpful on the grounds that the Grand Bazaar, elusive things.

Comparison keywords:

So Expedia can’t pursue their rivals’ brand names, and they unquestionably wouldn’t pick for the most part to contrast themselves with another brand. So Venere flights versus Expedia flights, they’re simply not going to have a page on that. Be that as it may, you can have a page on that, and you can contrast those things with each other. That is leeway that a little site will have over a bigger one.

2. Focus on authority and brand association in elite niche:

So like we discussed, Expedia is centered around travel. In any case, Rand’s Travels can concentrate on city-particular itineraries or ranking travel destinations or some other thin cut of a specialty that Expedia can’t assemble that same brand value in.

3. Go behind indirect/harder-to-monetize content:

So Expedia is aware that they’re by and large seeking after not simply keywords, but rather content that people purchase straightforwardly from Expedia, and will take a gander at that way to transformation. In any case, you may state, “I won’t care on the off chance that it takes three visits or four visits or five visits for somebody to change over. I need to gather trust. I need to construct authority in my specialty. In this way, I can follow content that Expedia would not follow.” They may be lodgings, flights, cars, and urban areas. You may be prescribed sites and travel training and news and strategies and tips and neighborhoods.

How To Decide Content Priority and Amplify SEO Content

4. Focus on providing value with content:

You can put more in a solitary bit of content than Expedia or a major brand ever could. So when you take your small niche and you say this keyword or this set of keywords is critical to me. This search plan is critical. Will make 10x content. Will put 10 times more effort and vitality and assets into building that than what my enormous brand rival can do. In the event that they are a two-star asset, will be a five-star asset.

5. Build one to one relationships:

Notwithstanding that component of building better content, you can likewise assemble better, more straightforward relationships with the people you require those associations with. So Expedia experiences their PR team, and they have their groups of people that do their relationships. Be that as it may, you can go coordinate. You can state, “I’m Rand’s Travels. Will go meet with individuals in Istanbul while I’m there and produce those relationships by and by and develop those relations via social media and have discussions and leave blog comments, and that will fortify my credibility and my niche advance.”

5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking

That is a colossal preferred standpoint also, and that can increase the compass of your content and to get you visibility on these keywords and this content that your rivals essentially can’t touch since they’re too huge. They have to do this stuff at scale. When you have to get things done at scale, you essentially can’t focus similarly, and that is the place your big advantages originate from as a little site.

Hope that you have got a fair bit of idea about how to achieve this feat. All the best! For more guidance, you can also visit a digital marketing training institute in Pune.

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The Easiest Way to Automate Your SEO Reporting

In this blog from CRB Tech reviews, we will see as to can SEO be automated ? At least in the context of technical reporting for SEO. Our focus for now will be on this. A digital marketing course in Pune can help you in learning various SEO concepts including knowledge of SEO automation software.


Let’s proceed towards technical reporting automation in this article.

As the web gets more perplexing, with JavaScript framework and library front ends on sites, dynamic web applications, single-page applications, JSON-LD, etc. we’re progressively observing an ever-more noteworthy surface area for things to turn out badly. At the point when all you have is HTML and CSS and links, there’s exclusive so much you can mess up. In any case, in this day and age of progressively created sites with all inclusive JS interfaces, there’s a great deal of space for blunders to worm in.

The second issue we confront with quite a bit of this is it’s difficult to know when something’s turned out badly, or when Google’s changed how they’re taking care of something. This is just exacerbated when you account circumstances like site migrations or redesigns, where you may all of a sudden file a great deal of old content, or re-map URL structure. How would we address these difficulties then?

How To Decide Content Priority and Amplify SEO Content

The older technique:

In older times, the way you’d examine things like this is through taking a gander at your log files utilizing Excel or, in case you’re hardcore, Log Parser. Those are extraordinary, yet they oblige you to know you have an issue, or that you’re looking and happen to snatch a segment of logs that have the issues you have to address in them. Not inconceivable, and we’ve expounded on doing this decently broadly both in our blog and our log file analysis guide.

The issue with this, however, is genuinely self-evident. It requires that you look, as opposed to making you mindful that there’s something to search for. In view of that, one thought one would invest some energy researching whether there’s something that should be possible to make the entire procedure take less time and go about as an early cautioning system.

‘Going Viral’ An SEO Myth?

A helping hand:

The principal thing we have to do is to set our server to send log documents some place. One standard solution for this has ended up utilizing log rotation. Contingent upon your server, you’ll utilize distinctive strategies to accomplish this, yet on Nginx it would appear like this:

# time_iso8601 looks like this: 2016-08-10T14:53:00+01:00

if ($time_iso8601 ~ “^(\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})”) {

set $year $1;

set $month $2;

set $day $3;


<span class=”redactor-invisible-space”>

</span>access_log /var/log/nginx/$year-$month-$day-access.log;

This permits you to view logs for a particular date or set of dates by essentially pulling the information from files identifying with that period. Having set up log rotation, we can then set up a script, which we’ll keep running at midnight utilizing Cron, to pull the log record that identifies with yesterday’s information and examine it. Should you need to, you can look a few times each day, or once per week, or under the most favorable conditions suits your level of data volume.

5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking

After receiving the logs for the day, here’s what you can get your system to report on:

  • 30* status codes:

Produce a rundown of all pages hit by users that brought about a redirection. On the off chance that the page linking to that asset is on your site, redirect it to the genuine end point. Something else, contact whomever is connecting to you and inspire them to sort the link to where it ought to go.

  • 404 status codes:

Comparative story. Any 404ing assets ought to be checked to ensure should miss. Anything that ought to be there can be examined for why it’s not settling, and links to anything really missing can be dealt with in an indistinguishable way from a 301/302 code.

  • 50* status codes:

Something awful has happened and you’re not going to have a decent day in case you’re seeing numerous 50* codes. Your server is kicking the bucket on requests to particular resources, or perhaps your whole site, contingent upon precisely how terrible this is.

  • Crawling budget:

A rundown of each resource Google crawled, how frequently it was asked for, what number of bytes were exchanged, and time taken to resolve those requests. Contrast this with your site map to discover pages that Google won’t crawl, or that it’s pounding, and fix as required.

  • Top and least requested resources:

Elaborating on what are the most and least asked for things by search engines.

  • Bad actors:

Numerous bots searching for vulnerabilities will make requests to things like wp_admin, wp_login, 404s, config.php, and other comparative resource URLs. Any IP address that makes repeated solicitations to these sorts of URLs can be added naturally to an IP blacklist.

  • Reporting of pattern-matched URL:

It’s easy to utilize regex to match asked for URLs against pre-characterized patterns, to provide details regarding particular areas of your site or sorts of pages. For instance, you could report about picture requests, Javascript records being called, pagination, form submissions (by means of searching for POST requests), escaped sections, query parameters, or virtually whatever else. Given it’s in a URL or HTTP request for, you can set it up as a segment to be reported on.

  • Behavior of spiky search crawl:

Log the number of requests made by Googlebot consistently. In the event that it increments by more than x%, that is something of intrigue. As a side note, with most number series, a computation to spot outrageous exceptions isn’t difficult to make, and is likely justified regardless of your time.

Data outputting:

Contingent upon what the significance is of a specific area, you can then set the data up to be signed in two or three ways. Firstly, a lot of 40* and 50* status codes or bad actor requests would be worth setting off an email for. This can tell you in a rush if something’s going on which conceivably demonstrates a huge issue. You can then get on top of whatever that might be and resolve it as an issue of need.

The data all in all can likewise be set up to be accounted for on by means of a dashboard. In the event that you don’t have that much data in your logs once a day, you may basically need to query the records at runtime and create the report crisp every time you see it. Then again, sites with a great deal of traffic and hence bigger log files might need to reserve the yield of every day to a different file, so the data doesn’t need to be registered. Clearly the kind of approach you use to do that depends a considerable measure on the scale you’ll be working at and how effective your server hardware is.

Common Mistakes of Mobile Site Design You Need To Avoid !

To conclude:

On account of server logs and basic scripting, there’s no reason you ought to ever have a circumstance where something’s wrong on your site and you don’t think about it. Proactive warnings of technical issues is a vital thing in reality as we know it where Google crawls at an ever-speedier rate, implying that they could begin pulling your rankings down because of site downtime or errors inside a matter of hours.

Set up legitimate observing and ensure you’re not got short!

By joining digital marketing training in Pune, one can learn about various SEO aspects like search engine optimization activities, automatic SEO tools etc.

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