Heading Tags SEO :Tips of How To Optimize H1 to H6 Tags


Heading tags form an important part of SEO. Today, we will see how to use these tags in an effective manner and in the right way. This would form an important part of the search engine optimization tips.

Heading tags are vital from the point of view of formatting or structuring the content for any kind of web document. By making use of the heading tags, we distinguish or assort the content that is present on the web page. It is recommended that you use the heading tags for headings only and not for making the text Large or Bold.

What Do You Mean By Heading Tags?

Heading tags <h1> to <h6> are used to define headings at various levels in the web document.

Amongst these, <h1></h1> tag happens to be the first in the hierarchy of headings. It provides you with the heading with the largest font. It comes at the first level. On the other hand, <h6></h6> is at the lowest level as far as the heading hierarchy is concerned.

Heading tags can be defined as follows, in your HTML code :




<h4>text </h4>



The h1 tag is supposed to be used for the main heading. Further, for sub headings, h2, h3 and so on tags can be used. The h1 tag is the boldest and the largest as opposed to h6 which is the smallest in size.

Do not be under the impression that, heading tags are only used for formatting of the web pages. Also, that search engines heading tags are just for the proper division of content on a web page. Instead, it forms one of the on page techniques that help to built user friendly websites. The search engines scan these defined headings for structure indexing. In short for, search engine rankings. So now you see the importance of heading tags optimization.

Making Use of Heading Tags for SEO:

Apart from the page structuring part, there are a few more uses of these tags that you should be acquainted with. Here are they:

  1. One Page Websites:

If you want to have immaculate on page SEO of your blog posts, then heading tags optimization is necessary. The common mistake committed by starters is over using the h2 and h3 tags. Sometimes, h3 tags are used instead of h2 tags.

This would affect your on-page SEO strategy and forms one of the important on page factors.

  1. Hierarchy:

Hierarchy of headings needs to be maintained in a proper and pre-defined manner on your web page. H1 tag would come first, followed by the others namely h2, h3, h4…h6. This is vital for a better SEO of your page and site.

  1. Purpose of Using Them:

The main aim of using the heading tags is to give the user a better feel of the web page with sorted content under the headings. They would get an idea by just reading the sub-headings. The h1 tag should be used in such a manner that it says everything about your page in one line. It is like the content summary of your page.

  1. Heading Tags with Keywords:

Keywords form the core part of SEO. Be it on page or off page SEO. The first step is to find the keywords by searching them. The second step is to assort them as focus keyword, primary keyword and so on. Using the focus keyword in the h1 tag is recommended. It should appear in the title.

Per a web page, there should be at least one h1 tag that acts like a newspaper headline. Sub headings should be used for sorting other content on the page.

  1. H1 Tag In HTML5:

In the older versions of HTML, use of only a single h1 tag per web document was allowed. But in the HTML 5 version, more than one h1 tag can be defined as per the requirement of the design.

Hope that you have understood the use of various heading tags for designing your web page.

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7 Best Content Marketing Techniques works in 2016


Usually, SEO organizations concentrate all their efforts on content strategy, totally ignoring competitors sites and pages. This is actually a surprising and shocking fact. By competitors, we mean organic search competitors.

In fact, some tools like SEMRush are available in the market for carrying out analysis between the owner site and other sites in the market. By doing this, one can understand the reason behind the high traffic on competitor site, instead of theirs.

Back-linking is considered to be one of the popular strategies. However, one should understand the fact that this can serve the purpose for a short time. If you want a permanent solution, then better content is the only option. Your content should be many times richer and better than that of the rival site. When one does so, links are a guarantee 100%.

Now, lets’ move on to the actual ways to rank content in a better manner:

  1. Content Types/Kind of Content:

When you speak about content marketing techniques, the most important thing is the type of content used on your site. Content can be presented in many types. Right from audio, to animations, video, info graphics etc. Any of the types can be used. Only the thing is that, one needs to choose wisely as stand out and easily reachable content will surely grab more attention. Info and micro graphics are used widely these days and have become immensely popular.

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  1. Simplified Writing:

Avoid use of high fundo and complex words and phrases in your content. Keep the vocabulary as simple as possible. Here we do not have the aim to win any award for writing. We just need to keep our visitors engaged and make them understand as to what is written. If they do not understand what you have written, then they would simply close your page and move to the next site.

  1. Load Timing:

Slow load times simply kills your content. A number of factors are there which decide the loading time of your page. You need to understand these factors and work on them constantly. The funda is to step up the loading time of your site, and make it faster and more speedier. No user likes to view slow loading pages. People thrive for speed in this Internet era. Value of your page content would become zero if it takes too much time to load.

  1. Infographics:

One requirement of a big screen or a huge page is number of images that are aesthetic large and attractive. Also known as infographics if they contain text on them. Wide infographics are better avoided as they cannot be shared on a number of sites. Tall and visually attractive infographics attract, engage and convert a large number of visitors. Visual methods are very powerful and appealing.

  1. Content Length:

More in length, the better. It is advisable to write descriptive and wholesome articles on various topics. Bullets can be used to distinguish within the points. Sub headings are also powerful to divide the content properly. Properly divided content is easier for reading. Becomes easier to the eye rather than reading a complete para. Tags like strong, italics can be used to capture the attention of the user.

  1. Page Title:

It is agreed that, keywords and their usage is important. But having a page title that is worth a click is a master strategy. Often, a page title is published that is different than the title of the article. This is done to optimize the search. Never to catch search users with irrelevant titles. Initially, it may work but you may loose credibility with your visitors in the long run.

  1. Visuals:

It is found that on an average, article having 9 images is ranked first. Therefore, making use of diagrams, charts, images and other visual medium is essential. They should be shareable in nature and compelling.

These are a few powerful content marketing techniques in seo  to rank your content high on the search engine.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Pune

Digital Marketing training institute


Earlier the news about the latest innovation or trends or anything of that sort were gathered from newspapers, books, televisions and journals and now the time has moved ahead in the form of smartphones and tablets and thus providing that the world is digitizing. It is the main back bone for updations and the latest technological advancements. In the present competitive world everybody needs to move forward and for that knowledge is required and one can gain speedy knowledge from the digital media.

As the population is increasing along with the competition, to be ahead of all, for being placed in big MNCs etc. There are many training institutes available for the needy candidate to train them for a stipulated amount of time and provide them knowledge of the respective domains of training.

The requirement of the world wide web, there is a tendency of everyone at large towards learning about online promotion and its application in several methods. Remarkably, the electronic promoters suggest that since the second half of 2006 there has been a significant increase in the search interest in digital or online promotion courses across most parts of the world. However, this fast moving stable trend started in India this year, all thanks to the increasing transmission of online and social networking popularity that is predicted to grow further

However to provide complete knowledge about the digital marketing courses and it is crucial for clear vision of modules of digital marketing. Here are a few domains in this field:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Email Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Internet Marketing

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And given below are the top 5 digital marketing trainers that will help you to provide the latest knowledge and the training regarding digital marketing.

 1.CRB Tech

CRB Tech is one of the best institution with excellent career growth in terms of SEO and digital marketing and they also sophisticated lab facilities and well bred trainers for providing the adequate knowledge required for each candidate to become an employee. Their training period is approximately for four months and it is the only institute to provide guaranteed placement in stamp paper and they have various links with MNCs to get you placed in one of them.

See CRB Tech Reviews


World’s Leading Skills Development Organization, is the one-stop solution for learning about technology. When making reference to internet promotion as an entire idea, NIIT provides Innovative Online Program-Google India for the professionals to understand the different elements of electronic industry. Also, it provides Certification in Digital Marketing wherein details of how to tap the industry with the best internet promotion information are trained to the members of the program. This Digital Marketing training course institution is based in Pune.

 3.Learning Catalyst

There are 7 cities including Pune having the centers of this institute and they offer specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing(SMM) and one and half month integrated digital marketing program for the candidates coming from design, technical and marketing backgrounds.

 4.Digital Marketing Academy

Digital Marketing Academy is the one that offers following set of courses to the aspiring digital marketing learners:

  • Digital Marketing In-Depth
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Google Ad words/PPC/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

 5.Webnext Solutions

One solution for online promotion needs’, is the ultimate job provider of Webnext Solution which states to master in complete online promotion coaching as well as online promotion coaching alternatives all across the world. Established in the year 2011, Webnext Solutions is based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and serves all the websites of online promotion by providing classes in SEO, PPC, SEM, Incoming Marketing as well as the entire Digital Marketing program, through qualified skilled professionals from Google, Microsoft company, Google and NIIT Imperia.

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How To Build a World Class Digital Marketing Team?

How To Build a World Class Digital Marketing Team? Producers create complex online marketing technique plans in wishes of getting that complicated goal: to provide a great experience that sportfishing fishing reels clients in and keeps them coming back. Unfortunately, there’s a wide seaside between what manufacturers want to do with digital and what they actually do — because they simply can’t use enough top-tier online marketing abilities to operated with their ideas.


For example, manufacturers know they should agree to social, noticeable storytelling, and experiential marketing to connect with Millennials, but they aren’t able to hire the skill-sets who is capable of doing on these growing designs. Opponents for superstar digital marketers is extreme, with companies such as Facebook or myspace or fb and Google, as well as deep-pocketed start-ups, getting up the best and best.

So how can manufacturers attract the kind of abilities they need to stay relevant? Concentrate on is a major example of an established retail store outlet brand that does online marketing well. Target’s stock is trading near its record high and the business has powerful earnings growth – and that’s in huge amount due to an experienced marketing team. Concentrate on usually usually spends well over $1 billion dollars dollars a year on marketing and has over 1,000 affiliates on its worldwide marketing team. Not long ago i sat down with Concentrate on CMO Indicate Fitzgibbons to find out how his company attracts – and keeps – the best online marketing abilities.

What’s unique about Target?

There are four major reasons top digital marketers choose to get involved in Concentrate on, according to Fitzgibbons. First, they know “marketing has a seat at the table.” In simple terms, marketers at Concentrate on feel their execute is effective and their feedback will be observed. Second, they know Concentrate on is willing to try test online marketing designs – from assisting Gwen Stefani’s performance of a live professional video at the Grammy Awards to the company’s billion-dollar mobile coupon app business, Cartwheel, to the Concentrate on Media System that allows manufacturers communicate with Concentrate on clients online, on mobile, and in-store via impressive marketing content. All of these tasks were created and designed entirely in-house. Third, at Concentrate on, online marketing isn’t just a cost center. Every program must meet specific earnings goals, making the world wide web marketing team a ideal part of company growth. 4th, they know the execute they do will achieve huge variety of consumers; more than $ 30 million people visit Concentrate on stores, and 20 million shop online, each week. Our Digital Marketing training institute is more than enough for you to make your profession in this field.

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The Next Big Bang In Digital Marketing

The Next Big Bang in Digital Marketing There’s a easily increasing area of technological innovation known as ‘computer vision’ that you may not also have of, but which has the prospective to turn way of life as we know it.

Computer viewpoint is this is the noticeable department of artificial intelligence and contains pcs that evaluate and comprehend pictures (image identification, in other words). Thanks to gradually available supercomputing power and powerful studying neurological techniques, a process that’s usually based on how the mind is aware of, pcs using complex techniques are qualified to see and comprehend what’s going on in pictures on a wide variety.


The very amazing people who develop this type of program have come to be more officially known as pc viewpoint scientists, but we at GumGum want to use the a bit more user-friendly phrase, picture scientists.

Prevalent in colleges for a long time now, picture scientists are beginning to have an enormous influence on the expert world, too. The pc viewpoint technological innovation industry is required to obtain over $33 billion dollars dollars by the end of the a very extensive period.

A number of places — medical care, in particular — are already benefitting from know-how. There are healthcare developments like the Dulight system — a small wearable digicam that uses picture identification to identify things such as food, money, and visitors signs– which is building up the visually-impaired in ways we never imagined were possible.

We’re also seeing other benefits come from picture identification, such as Panasonic making a refrigerator that identifies meals that have gone bad.

Another industry where picture scientists are having a significant impact already is internet promotion. For example, the technological innovation have given improve to a whole new technique of promotion – the in-image ad.

In-image promotion uses impressive image-recognition program to support ads over appropriate article pictures. For example, GumGum’s technological innovation can be used to identify an picture on a information site of a clean-shaven man and provide an ad within it for a knife product. Our digital marketing training institute is always there for you to make your profession in this field.

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Digital Marketing Technology And Elusive ROI

Digital Marketing Technology And Elusive ROI A lot of companies now identify that one of their aggressive differentiators is the strength of their promotion techniques.

Digital promotion technological innovation develops brand existence, nourishes long-term client connections and delivers in new customers and leads. It’s now essential to the sales-and-marketing tool kit.


But traditionally, accomplishing that challenging promotion technological innovation ROI has been a task. Marketing groups have fought to make the case to professionals that must invest to provide results. Resources like promotion automated software were once considered nice-to-haves. But as the company atmosphere gets more aggressive, that understanding is moving — big-time.

In 2015, promotion costs enhanced 11% at the more than 300 companies that addressed the Gartner CMO Spend Study, 2015-2016. Two-thirds of the participants revealed that they expect a higher budget this year.

At once, the companies are filled in technological innovation. Some 3,500 promotion technological innovation items are available — an 87% increase over 2015’s 2,000 items, Scott Brinker said on his Primary MarTec blog.

Aaron Dun, mature vice chairman of promotion at SnapApp, said, “I think that we are sinking in technological innovation right now. Promoters need to have the self-discipline to focus in in on technological innovation that are really going to push their income opportunity forward and put the rest on the backlog list.”

Since the companies are filled with tools, how can you figure out where to invest in promotion technology? Amazingly, the place to begin is not in the ROI, but in your company objectives.

Before you even begin considering about technological innovation or ROI, consider your company objectives and techniques — only some will require a technological innovation financial commitment. Business objectives might include improving income, enhancing productivity, decreasing client purchase cost, improving client life-time value, accomplishing better client transformation rate, enhancing lead quality, reducing transformation efforts and assisting an account-based income design, among other things. Now let’s take a look at how to arrange your thinking:

Improve the consumer’s journey: Consider the consumer’s trip or income channel, Bob Offsey, chief promotion official at TandemSeven Inc., said. “I look at our buyer/customer trip and figure out where their current experience is inadequate — through qualitative research — and/or where they are having problems [being changed into a sale],” Offsey said. “Then we figure out … whether items or technological innovation are required.”

Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM, decided. “More and more companies are taking this procedure,” she said. “For more compact companies, helping the consumer’s trip can be a healthy strategy.”

Think like an financial commitment manager: “It’s important for marketers to realize that the company always has a choice about how to invest its resources,” Dun said. “I begin by [asking], ‘How much are we spending in promotion to purchase a new money in bookings?'” Then consider — and try to determine — how technological innovation will generate effectiveness, range, enhanced confirming or some other higher-order goal. Use ROI designs to focus on your technical financial commitment options. Our digital marketing training is more than enough for you to make your profession in this field.

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Choice Of Preference SEO or Email?

Choice Of Preference SEO or Email? Creating an electronic technique can be a complicated challenge. When you first start considering the choices for attaining your clients, you see that there is a lot of information assisting backyard garden promotion initiatives. E-mail is the best way to develop your product, cry so many research. But SEO is the best way to get your website right in front side of purchasing clients, cry others.

When you’re determining how to spend your promotion price range, you might come across this type of “one or the other” considering, especially in regards to SEO and promotion via email. Nowadays, we’ve got the way to go.


As annoying a solution as it might be, the best method a mix of both of these promotion techniques (as well as others, like public internet promotion and material marketing).

Sales occur due to high-touch, high-relevance promotion which enables your clients understand how you fulfill their needs. Controlling your way of promotion centered on your exclusive client mix is more important than information you could resource.

Here’s what this might look like for your business:

For some sectors, SEO delivers a better ROI centered on client actions. If your clients depend on search to research alternatives to their problems, then making an investment in your website’s SEO should be a greater part of your financial price range than promotion via email.

For other manufacturers, especially those that depend on discount rates, word-of-mouth promotion, and personal recommendations, email operates the show. Reaching clients who have decided into your posts in their mailbox will be more significant than any position SEO could bring you.

If You Have to Select, Evaluate Your Customer Base

In a imaginary world in which you truly had to select (like the Incoming.org query, “Would you rather be prohibited from Search engines or have zero email deliverability?”), the response would be different for every company.

Does this mean you should analyze your details and choose one type of promotion to concentrate on? Definitely not. You should never depend on just one resource of generating leads because technological innovation and promotion are always modifying. You don’t want to be trapped in one promotion technique as it falls down in value during a natural variation. Instead, make price range choices in accordance with the information and observe your promotion profile so that you can move it according to the needs of your clients over time. Our SEO training institute is always there for you to make your profession in this field.

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Digital Marketing In India Has a huge Potential

Digital Marketing In India Has a huge Potential India is one of the major nations for Adobe’s income creation in on the online promotion worldwide, a mature professional of Adobe Systems Indian Pvt Ltd said here on Wed, including that the Japan Hawaiian area is the quickest growing market for the company and appears among the top 10 markets in the entire globe.


“If you look at the total income of Adobe a last season, it was $4.896 billion dollars and Japan Hawaiian provided nearly 14% of the entire income,” Umang Bedi, md (south Asia), Adobe, told IANS ahead of “Adobe Symposium 2016″ to be organised here on Friday.

The growth of content across systems and data has become an important aspect in a customer’s life, said Bedi, including that manufacturers today are being compelled to take up customized, appropriate and useful encounters to provide value to the clients.

There is a new pattern of ‘cross-device co-op’ to better recognize customers as they shift across gadgets. This not only keeps track of the activities as they change from one system to another but also provide users a better and reliable encounter.

“Another pattern I am seeing is it clip. Video is the new speech. Not just loading which is just an integral section of the whole idea but movie has use cases for education, medical care and every other industry in Indian,” Bedi mentioned.

Bedi indicated out that in the near upcoming, synthetic intellect (AI) would become a big pattern in this space.

“I am seeing this large pattern of Internet of Things (IoT) with our clients (where gadgets talk to devices). Although enhanced truth (AR) and exclusive truth (VR) are still some time away but I see both of them becoming a big pattern in the upcoming,” Bedi indicated out.

When requested how the realm of direct and on the online promotion are coming together, he said the off-line and online promotion lines are clouding now.

“All business is e-commerce and Adobe discussed it a last season. You could research on the internet and buy on the internet or vice-versa. Offline information mill going on the internet and companies which were genuine e-commerce information mill now setting up stores. Adobe is here to create the same encounter off-line and on the internet,” Bedi described. Our digital marketing training institute is always there for you to make your profession in this field.

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What Are The Basic Concepts Of SEO?

What Are The Basic Concepts Of SEO? While SEO (search engine optimization) is not too tricky or too difficult, it certainly isn’t the most convenient model to comprehend, especially to someone who doesn’t have experience online or technology.


Whether it’s the way conditions sound (meta data optimization) or a particularly technological part of SEO (like schema markup), I usually come across misunderstandings quite often with those customers who are new to the ideas of SEO. In purchase to secure against a customer’s misunderstandings or more intense, feeling substandard, a effective salesperson has to create a link between the client and SEO in purchase to develop a clear knowledge of the methods of a effective SEO strategy.

This is crucial to providing the revenue process to a effective close. Having a client keep a discussion puzzled in the least bit is often the loss of life shake of the revenue pattern. Never fear; analogies are here! Just as the Online is full of analogies (the web, creeping, server, etc…), SEO has some particularly beneficial metaphors to enhance anyone’s knowledge of its primary (or even advanced) ideas.

Let’s look at three of these analogies in an attempt to obtain new resources to help others view the standard ideas of SEO.

The Basic Concepts of SEO

Backlinks = Ballots of Confidence

In trying to clarify the significance of obtaining appropriate, reliable back-links into your website, I be familiar with quiet or mumbling at the other end of the phone. Is not that simply putting the phrase ‘back” in front of a idea that is apparently globally recognized, ‘link’, would cause to so much misunderstanding?

I find that talking about back-links in conditions of their operate is very attractive developing what they are in another’s mind. This is where “votes of confidence” comes into play. If one can know that these websites connecting to your website are vouching for your website to google, one can begin to hold the significance and part of back-links in an SEO strategy. This simple metaphor helps do just as well of engendering a growing knowledge of a key idea.

Any (extremely) sluggish optimizer can generate more visitors to a website. Terrible, you can pay five dollars to increase your visitors over night, and you don’t have to do any real SEO work. The issue is that it is highly uncertain that this visitors will cause to a transformation on your website. After all, the objective of a website is to information a customer to take some action, be it read an article, purchase a gadget, elect on a image, or complete a contact page.

To get this idea across, a colleague of my own uses the billboard example consistently. He says something like this: “Your web website is like a commercial on one hand of the street. People can generate past it all day long, but, if they don’t take over and take note of your information, what is the objective of having the billboard?” His factor is that having all the visitors in the world issues little unless those customers are transforming. I really like this example, and I have implemented it in my revenue phone calls. Our  SEO training course has been completed over here.

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Searching The Experience for Optimization

Searching The Experience for Optimization The last few years, search engines such as Google, Bing, and even Apple, have been upgrading their algorithms and machine learning processes to account for the end-user’s experience. But, since their algorithms are built upon the work completed by automated crawling bots (pieces of software that manually scour the internet), it has always been difficult for them to truly simulate the actions of a flesh and blood user. And it’s not feasible for them to create an algorithm that’s based on the anecdotal feedback of an army of individual users that submit their findings.


Instead the search engines have started to write logic that, to their best estimation, is what a user experience should be on a website. Some of the criteria they are now measuring are site speed, mobile optimization, site structure, content, and dozens of other signals that should give the algorithm an idea of whether or not search engine users are getting what they expect from a website.

So, what does this mean for companies, marketers, and website owners when it comes to their SEO?

Basically what I, and dozens of other SEO industry experts, have been writing about for years has now come to fruition. We’ve exited the era of search engine optimization (SEO), and have now entered the new age of search experience optimization (also… SEO).

And this is great news for anyone that performs digital marketing correctly. It means that “gaming” the system has become less and less viable, and that groups who rely on black hat techniques are seeing their efforts become less effective.

So, how should websites be optimized for the search engines now that user experience plays such a big role?

Ask questions, provide answers.

Previously, marketers used to obsess over ideas like keyword density, meta descriptions, and link profiles. They had everything down to percentages and numbers and it all made sense when it was placed into an excel sheet. But how on earth was a website that was built from data on an excel sheet supposed to appeal to a human being?

That’s the problem the search engines set out to fix. And you need to accommodate the changes they’ve made. Our seo training institute is always there for you to make your profession in this field.

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