Top 10 Programming Skills Necessary From An Employer’s Point Of View

Efforts are made with the help of becoming a programming professional but it is very useful for you as the IT big shots will hire you for that. Let us see the top 10 programming skills that will be beneficial for you:

1) Data Structures Knowledge :

The most effective tool of a programmer is the knowledge of a data structure similar to an axe for a woodcutter. The code or cause can be slowed down with the help of wrong data structure to be a memory hog. This explains that your tool is known for its importance and universality of data structure that mostly asked FAQ in technical interviews.

2) Java :

The TIOBE Index has the top list as Java and is referred as the most used programming languages. Above 7 billion devices its object-oriented programming and cross platforms are run and is widely called as extensive usage for native construction of Android Applications.

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3) SQL- Structured Query Language :

For managing data, SQL programming language is widely used. A significant programming skill which has various programming application interaction with data directly or indirectly. From the backend, there are various businesses and websites for databases that depend on SQL. Dell, UnitedHealth, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Chase, Disney, and Citi is used by few of the recruiters of SQL developers.

4) C :

The most frequently used programming language is referred to as C. C is next to Java as per Tiobe programming Community Index 2017 as per the programmer with lots of management as it gives you the knowledge of operation as per your program that is working internally. There are top employers like Microsoft, IT giants Amazon, HP, and Dell.

5) HTML :

The basic component above which the web is constructed is called HTML and is one of the most fundamental programming languages. CSS, HTML, and Jquery are combined actively by WordPress for the best responsive themes. For front-end developers, the median salary is about 75000 dollars.

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6) Python :

There are lots of high-level companies that use the programming language called as Python. Q&A, Pinterest, Instagram are the few sites of social media that are written in Python. It is very simple to learn and powers Django, a full web application framework. eBay, Dell, Intel, Amazon, Yahoo seeks Python developers which is the average salary of about 83000 dollars.

7) Mobile Development :

Among the top three jobs in America, you can find Mobile app developer as one of them. For better applications and businesses, continuous work is done on Apple and Play Store. As per Bloomberg, by 2020, the global market will reach 120 billion dollar market. With the help of mobile development, the best advantage of this will be through mobile development.

8) PHP :

Along with Debase, MySQL, Interbase, PostgreSQL, ODBC, and SQLite are assisted by the PHP. You can learn easily with the help of open-source programming language for making it efficient when writing the code along with developing the applications are done.

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9) Multilingualism :

Your chances will be enhanced by learning lots of programming language. If you are aware of more than one language you can have lots of tools to get your job actually done. It is a known fact that such developers salary is not determined.

10) JavaScript :

An interactive programming language that is a role of web fabric can communicate with lots of frames. It is also used for every web browser to make and customize the web pages to be communicable for a better user experience and create server-based applications.

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