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Important 10 APIs And libraries That Java Developer Must Know

Let us see some third-party library developers in Java that can be used by the application of useful tasks. For using these libraries, Java developer must be aware of it and this is the main thing this blog explains.

1) Logging libraries

In every project, there is a need for logging libraries and they are quite common. They are quite significant from the server-side application as the logs are kept where it is visible for you to see what is actually present in your application. Although JDK shifts with its own library which is logging there are lots of better alternatives that are actually available eg: SLF4j, Log4j, and LogBack.

2) JSON parsing libraries

In the current world of web services and internet of things (IoT), JSON has become the go-to protocol for carrying information from client to server. The XML has been changed as the most wanted way for transferring information in a platform-independent way. There is no JSON library present in a JDK and yet luckily there are lots of good third-party libraries which permits you to both create and parse JSON messages.

Do You Know What Is JSON And Why It Is Used?

3) Unit testing libraries

The single most significant thing is unit testing which isolates and average developer from a good developer. For not writing unit tests, programmers often are given excuses but the most common excuse for ignoring unit testing is the experience and knowledge that is to be left for famous unit testing library eg: PowerMock, Junit, and Mockito.

4) General Purpose Libraries

If you are a Java developer you will definitely have a good time with very good general purpose and a third-party library in a Java developer eg: Apache Commons and Google Guava. In my projects, these libraries are present and they reduce lots of tasks.

5) Http Libraries

The lack of support for HTTP is the only thing which is not apt for JDK. With the help of using classes in package, it is not quite simple and seamless by using open source, third-party libraries similar to HttpCore and Apache HttpClient.

The assistance of HTTP 2.0 is brought by the JDK9 and better assistance for HTTP with famous HTTP client libraries eg: HttpCore and HttpClient.

Best Java Libraries For Developers

6) XML parsing libraries

You can find lots of XML parsing libraries that are present eg: JAXB, Xerces, JAXP, Dom4j, Xstream etc. Xerces2 is the future generation of high performance and fully compliant XML parsers. The Xerces Native Interface (XNI) is unveiled by the latest version of Xerces and a complete framework for constructing parser components and configurations that is quite modular and simple to program.

7) Excel reading libraries

With the Microsoft Office, the real world application has to interact and you need to trust it or not in some form or the other. There are lots of application requirements for offering functionality to export data in Excel and if you are willing to do the same from your Java application by requiring Apache POI API.

8) Bytecode Libraries

For generating the code or interacting with bytecodes if you are writing framework or libraries then there is a need for bytecode library. They permit you to read and change the bytecode produced by an application. In Java, there are famous bytecode libraries like javassist and Cglib Nodep.

A first look At The Bytecodes Of The Java Virtual Machine

9) Database connection pool libraries

From Java application, if you are interacting with the database but not using database connection pool libraries then you are not having something. It takes time to create connections during runtime and make the request processing slower and it advises the DB connection library usage.

10) Messaging libraries

Messaging is the same as logging and database connection which is the common feature for most of the real-world Java application. JMS is offered by Java, but that has no portion linked to JDK and you need to have ideal jsm.jar.

Reference site: Javarevisited

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Best And Highest Paying Programming Languages

On a daily basis, lots of unsatisfied professionals who are employees, students and jobless or underemployed workers think of programming as career choice which is apt. You will get to see software engineering job as the most paid jobs which are well represented and it mostly looks like lots of other jobs that need coding abilities.

It is interesting to note that the highest ranked positions are none other than the programming roles that do not need an advanced degree or few of licensure. This can be mixed with the fact that there is a good number of free learning material and course ware that is needed for aspiring developers and there is a good clarity of the appeal.

Their earning potential has been enhanced for those looking substantially without thinking about the cost of a legal degree or medical where coding is another unique option.

The (big) data

1) Stack Overflow

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey is a large volume of data in the year 2017 shows hat 64000 developers all over the world have been offered with a good amount of pay in the United States as:

1. Scala

2. Go

3. Objective-C

4. Coffee Script

5. Perl

There are top five languages globally like Rust, Closure, Elixir, F#, and Go in that order. Ahead of languages, stack overflow also had tools and technologies in 2016. It is noteworthy to mention that Cassandra, Apache Spark, and Adopt were in top five and one JavaScript library linked with Closure, Go and Perl. For checking the results there will not be much of a stretch for doing this point for achievement of big data.

Learning Java will provide you a Lurcrative Career

2) Gooroo

Data analyzes and compilation is done by Gooroo for 500,000 job ads every months and it leads to consistency of Stack Overflow. The current data is the basis for its language rankings:

1) Scala

2) Clojure

3) Ruby

4) Bash

5) Python

The top of the list is done by Scala and Clojure and Gooroo does not have data on F#. Here the main odd man is Bash and as we cannot see Bash programmer as a job title.

If there are other tools includes included like the big data and JavaScript with Spark Cassandra, Node, Hadoop and Backbone that makes the top ten.

Learn programming language-How To Get started?


A wealth of salary data is present in the Indeed with a page dedicated for users to search and compare salaries relying on nearly 1 million job ads, employees, and users over a one-year period. With the help of a subset of the most ranking languages from the Stack Overflow data and Gooroo here are top five:

1. Bash

2. Scala

3. Java

4. Go

5. Ruby

Bash stepped in more than 15000 dollars above Scala for an average annual salary which is larger in difference when compared to the space among the others in top five.

4) What to note about best-paying languages

Scala is considered as a language with good salary package with respect to the data with big data ecosystem of tools offering a good amount of paycheck as a field of interest. This is true as anecdotally it is considered that Scala is a good choice for using the listed big data tools.

Go and Clojure each ranked in the top five in two of the three datasets would coincide with what we actually expect.

Similar to Scala, both are actually young languages and is famous among smaller circles but is not that common and is basically used for industrial strength tasks inside the organization that depend completely on engineering expertise.

Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2018

Reference Site: techbeacon

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3 Best JVM Languages That Every Java Developer Must Know

If you want to learn Java programming for enhancing your knowledge and skill but you are not aware which programming language to select then you are welcomed over here to read this blog. There are three JVM languages that are best suited for Java programmers in 2018. It is definitely good to be a Polyglot developer and they are often valued high on interviews. It also enhances your thinking.

It also enhances your thinking as different programming languages have various features which make few things very easy.

You will get to know the experience and knowledge of comparing cons and pros of two programming languages, which is needed to write a better code.

Most of the language that is suggested by Java developers is JVM as they are easy to know about Java programmers. In some way or the other, there is a link related to Java and this is the reason behind the in-depth knowledge of the mind of any Java developer.

There are three programming language Java developer you need to know in 2018. It is very difficult to learn the languages therefore only three languages are mentioned:

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1. Scala :

There has been a long time Scala has been around and when it arrived at first it was touted as the wonderful language to replace Java. This does not happen mostly after few functional programming features enhanced in Java 8 for instance stream and lambdas but Scala is still the language for most the Java developers.

In the past two years, Scala has enhanced lots of companies and startups for using the Sony, Uber, Autodesk, Amazon, etc which makes it the most wanted skill.

There are famous Scala frameworks like Spark, Play, Akka is also assisting companies for adopting Scala for web development and Big Data solutions no surprise that Scala developers are paid more than 120K USD on an average.

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2. Kotlin :

In 2011, Kotlin was unveiled by JetBrains but no any programmers are able to pay attention till Google has unveiled it as the main language for Android Development on 2017 Google IO.

Similar to Groovy and Scala, Kotlin runs on the JVM platform and is later compiled to Java bytecode.

So if you are willing to learn Android development and want to make your app safe from NullPointerException and want to make your function with purity write few higher order function stuff or few functional programming stuff that you need to learn Kotlin in 2018.

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3. Groovy :

The Groovy landscape in 2017 has been explored and from that experience, I can say that most of the Java developer must learn Groovy. Java programming is really complimented by it with its concise syntax and power programming features like collection literals, multi-line strings, def to define anything.

The lines of code will be reduced if you start learning Groovy when compared to Java. Spock framework is specification and descriptive based unit testing framework which is simpler and extends what Junit actually offers.

Reference site: Javarevisited
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Significant Things You Need To Know About Java 9

During the month of September 2017, the recent version of Java has been announced by Java. It was unveiled after three years from the release of Java 8, by putting a wonderful Java that lies in the hands of developers.

In the release cycle for Java, Java 9 is a turning point. Let us see in this post we will get to know about new developer features in Java 9. Let us check from the point of view of operation there are enhancements and changes for security and performance.

1) Modularity

Let us check with the most significant feature of Java 9, the Java Platform Module System. With Java there is the biggest all-time problem that is running in library. On a big platform, 20 years of development takes its toll. There are lots of classes which gets held up similar to you expecting them in a big code base. Apart from this there is no point to encapsulate implementations of private classes in the JDK. External libraries proliferation are led by relying on the inner details which destroyed the Java platform evolution. Such dependencies are en-quired by the module system during execution and compilation.

Java 9 Features

2) Productivity

In addition to the module system, Java 9 has small features that improve developer productivity. For example, collection factory methods allow you to create immutable collections with predefined elements in a single statement. No more annoying workarounds needed to create small, predefined collections.

Java 9 and Jigsaw Modular System

3) Performance

A new version of Java is run often by getting performance enhancement and you cannot change the code. There is no exception in Java 9. An illustration of enhancement is the Compact Strings feature. There is no string that is exhibited with ASCII character set that is saved with a particular byte per character.


The development features productivity are ahead from the only point of view to adopt Java 9. Lots of features are acquired by the platform which improves the security. In Java 9 there are lots of security enhancements for securing the networks. For securing HTTPS connections, the latest versions of TLS are now assisted. Apart from that stapling of certificates are assisted. There is no more security improvement with the filter incoming ability for serialization of data.

The curse of Java’s presence is none other than serialization which leads to lots security exploitation in the recent years. You can consider a blacklist or whitelist for filtering incoming serialization data streams by reducing the attack surface of Java serialization.

Accepting Java 8 Features in the Threshold of Java 9

5) Release Cycle

Until now we have discussed the Java 9 features. But you can find one more reason why Java ( is a significant release: The end of the era is marked by feature drove Java versions.


Java is made agiler than before because of these strategies. The significant features are split into progressive steps and offered every 6 months. Every time after their completion, the features are transferred and if one version is not available there is always one more version within 6 months.

Reference Site: Dzone

Author name: Arnab Sarkar

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Significant Web Development Frameworks You Need To Know

As a large number of web development frameworks are present now it will be a tough task for selecting the right one for the next web development project. In this post, we are going to check the higher web development frameworks so it is possible to do quality work in reduced time and fewer costs.

Top Web Development Frameworks : 

A thorough research is done as a web development specialists at ValueCoders and here are few frameworks you need to know:

1) Angular JS :

If you are aware of the recent web development technologies, then you must be aware of the name Angular JS. For particular single-page web applications, angular is a JavaScript open source framework developed with the help of an MVC architectural pattern. There is no full-stack, but you can find a front-end dealing basically with web pages. A full revamp of the initial version of the framework of this framework has given a complete expectation after the Angular 2 release.

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The next version called Angular 4 is quite better. Google is the most frequent in the web development framework’s list because of its frequent and constant updates and must be considered as an important part of your next web development project.

2) Laravel :

When there is a talk about backend web development, laravel actually comes into the picture. It was unveiled in the year 2011, Laravel is a free, PHP web framework which is open sourced and has a motto for constructing state of the art web applications after the model-view-controller (VC) architectural pattern.

Modular packaging system along with a dedicated dependency manager has few features of Laravel that help in the maintenance and application deployment in a lot of ways for accessing databases which are relational and its orientation for syntactic sugar.

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3) React.js :

An open source software called React.js which is also a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook with a big developer community. This library is used for developing the user interface for web applications. For the purpose of constructing large applications, this specific framework was invented with the data that changes over a period of time constantly.

React is unveiling with wonderful things in the future known as React Fibre. It is regarded as an ongoing re-implementation of React’s algorithm which is a core. For developers, it is considered a big headline for developers this year. Therefore you can number on this library for considering the React developers for the next project.

4) Node.js :

Non-blocking and event-driven I/O is the main idea of Node.js , therefore, they are lightweight and quite effective against real-time applications when a large amount of data that is run over distributed devices. In a lay man’s context, for particular reasons, Node.js is used for filling particular needs.

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Node.js is not just limited to a framework but is a complete environment. It is the attraction of the developers and is hoped to be the same for a long time. You can create fast network applications which are scalable as it is capable of working a major number of connections which are simultaneous with high performance which offers high scalability. Hiring models developers or using Node.js may be perfect for you if you want a full JavaScript environment with various tools.

5) Ruby on Rails :

One of the frequently used frameworks for web developers is considered as Ruby on Rails. Most of the developers enjoy using it and ruby is regarded as a fun programming language. Airbnb, Hulu, Basecamp are few big brands that are developed by their websites along with RoR.

There is a full of free runs on Linux for ROR since the year 2005 which is also open-source. It is quite easy and very enjoyable to work with from a developer point of view. You can also shift from the planning stages to the actual development at a fast pace but it is quite easy for handling when compared to other technologies.

Reference site: edumobile
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Best 10 Resources For Learning Javascript

In this blog, we will get to know about the best 10 resources for learning JavaScript that will include websites, books, tools, blogs, etc.

1) Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke

Marijin Haverbeke wrote the digital book called the Eloquent JavaScript. JavaScript can be learned from this book. The entire book can be accessed by you online. Programmers of any level can use the Eloquent JavaScript at their best.

You can learn in detail about computers in this book and how to use them. Currently, screwdrivers and computers can be compared effectively but they have lots of hidden complexity and therefore are tougher for operating and understanding. Most of them remain alien and are less frightening.

2) Learn about JavaScript Design patterns by Addy Osmani

About both recent and classical design patterns can be learned from his book that will assist you to Structure code in a wonderful manner. The main target of this book is on advanced JavaScript concepts like Command Pattern, Prototype pattern, and MVC patterns.

One of the significant parts of writing maintainable code is to notice the themes which are recurring in that code and optimize them.

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3) JavaScript for Cats

You can start learning JavaScript even if you are a cat and you can also find lots of wonderful place than this online book. This book offers an excellent introduction to JavaScript.

4) Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide

This developer resource network has Mozilla JavaScript Guide that has come up. It is one of the most significant guides that assists you to teach hands-on.

Any skill level can actually join this and it offers a good amount of exposure to recently advanced functions.

5) JavaScript is attractive

Various skills offered from a beginner point of view on this website. You can also find lots of resources which can be referred to you over here.

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6) Learn Javascript

All the basics of JavaScript are covered over here in this book for the beginners. It shows in a quite simple manner and a short passage on most of the subject which follows the exercises and examples.


You can find lots of information on this blog and it will assist you to know more about concepts from Javascript. You can also find subscriptions in this blogs of all the JavaScript updates in WordPress.


An Engineer at Google namely, Addy Osmani has written this blog on open web tooling. A very great personality namely Addy Osmani and his blogs explain you lot about what is new in JavaScript and what are the recent updates.

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You can also subscribe to this top blog as it offers you with all the JavaScript concepts. Exploring JavaScript is similar to Prefectionkills website for example.

10) Grunt

The JavaScript Task Runner Tool is none other than a Grunt tool. With the usage of this task runner tool that will need to do less work when doing tasks repeatedly can be minification, unit testing, compilation, etc. With the help of Gruntfile, you can actually configure it. Most of the work can be done by the task runner for basically nil efforts of yours.

Reference site: Acadgild

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