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Important Tools Every Programmer Must Know

If you are aware of these tools then it will be very much beneficial for you in your day to day job. Let us see the important tools every programmer must know:

1) SQL :

Standard Query Language is the full form of SQL and is used for database related works. The data from the table can be read, updated, and deleted with the help of using SQL. In the real world, as the database is omnipresent there must be a good understanding of SQL from the programmer point of view. It is not just limited to the basic commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE but there are various complex queries with the use of aggregate functions, joins, subqueries and other advanced functionalities.

2) Word :

It is not that frequently used when compared to Microsoft Excel today but it is still the most important tool for software engineers and programmers. It is quite useful in creating user documents and software modeling as a developer eg: requirement analysis, software design etc. It is possible to create excellent documentation with wonderful formatting options.

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3) Linux Commands :

Most of the programmers use this tool and is widely used for Linux. At some point in life, being a developer you will end working on Linux. Therefore it is quite beneficial for you if you learn this programming language and it is possible for you to debug any error with your application that depends on Linux.

4) Text Editors :

Text Editor software is another important tool that must be in the resue of a developer or a programmer. Software developer handles lots of text processing job and it will be advantageous to you if you are aware of text editor. Most of the industry experts suggest you learn and know about Text Editor eg: NotePad++ or Sublime.

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5) SVN :

Another significant version of a control system is SVN much before Git. Currently most of the projects depend on Git but still, there are other projects which depend on SVN. Most of the programmers will get the advantage of learning SVN because of its open source functionality.

6) Powershell :

If you have the experience of working with Linux and suddenly you have shifted to Windows then you may feel the difference as there are no Linux Commands in Windows but Powershell makes the problem quite easier. It is developed by Microsoft to simplify configuration management and task automation. A command-line shell is present in the powerful shell that relies on the .NET framework and that is a scripting language which helps in automating the stuff and making a script similar to the ones you do in Linux.

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7) Excel :

For software developers and programmers, there is another important tool called as Microsoft Excel. Better avoid doing mistakes in spreadsheet application as there are lots of things more than Excel that you can consider. Because of its omnipresent behavior, it is very important to learn Microsoft Excel. There are lots of uses for Excel like automating and creating reports and recollecting the stuff, etc.

8) PowerPoint :

The important Microsoft tool other than Excel and Word is Powerpoint and this is the reason they are important for Software Engineers and IT professionals along with QA, BA, developer and project manager. The quite famous tool for creating presentations is none other than Microsoft PowerPoint and there are situations where there is a need to do presentations as a programmer like expressing your model to the managers, ideas to business and doing lots of knowledge sharing sessions among teams and this is the reason why you cannot avoid working on powerpoint.

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Which Is The Best Career Option Among Java And Android?

Well, it is not a problem to learn both Java and Android, here is a debate for people who are confused which is better for them. There are lots of opportunities available for you in Java and Android is at its peak and is an excellent source of passive money flow. It can be considered as a subsidiary skill. This debate has been existing for a long time. Let us examine which is apt for you.

How will Java benefit you?

To begin with, Java is considered as a core and a mature language.In every aspect of our daily life, Java is still present because of its stability, scalability, and maintainability. Java serves everywhere from ATMs to server-side applications. It also promises an exciting future.

Explain the hiring procedure in Java?

You will definitely be hired by big companies if you are highly skilled in Java. The major benefit of sticking to Java is that there is a slow rate of change when compared to other technologies, this will make your stay in JavaEE for a long time. It can also be considered that Java jobs are quite stable when compared to Android jobs.

If you have a dream of working with company based projects then it will be considered a wonderful idea for pursuing advanced Java and Android will be quite apt for you if you choose to work by freelancing.

Benefits of Learning Java

What will be the income?

The average income of Java developers is about 95000 US dollars to 115,000 US dollars. The job posting for Java is 77% higher when compared to other job posting globally.

What benefit will you get from Android?

On Linux, you can find an open source mobile operating system called Android that is very difficult to break. It is not completely different from Java but then ti can be considered as an advanced version of Java development.

The life of Android is longer than it is actually expected as it has reached far away from starting from mobile apps. There are other technologies which use Android but it is risky as well. You might not be sure about the replacement of Android with another platform.

Till the date, it is available it will definitely be famous and will offer wonderful functionalities to the devices. It is quite easy and you just have to download the Android software development kit or SDK online. It is possible for you to work with Android as your hobby, you can easily edit because of its performance and high memory, ability, rich development to assist media files in various formats and therefore it is easier to learn and grasp.

7 Important Ways To Learn Java Programming Faster

Explain the hiring procedure?

There are lots of companies which are MNCs are venturing into the market with their products and they are developed with Android and this is expected to run in the future as well. As per industrial experts, contract workers are hired and this is a good trend today when compared to full-time workers. Freelancing is also very much considered today by 48% of the hiring managers over the next 12 to 18 months. There is a constant rise in this kind of job.

There are lots of booming job opportunities that are offered by Android currently and is considered a dynamic revenue model. In the year 2015, shipments of devices given by Android have increased by 81% which implies that Android s quite dominant and a perfect platform which is quite affordable.

What is the pay scale?

In the year 2016, Android developer salaries were about 96000 US dollars to 115,000 US dollars. There has been a steady increase in its fame and pay scale over the past 6 years. Android has a good amount of ad-based revenue when compared to other platforms.

 What does the future holds for Java technology?


Among the two Android can be considered apt for you because it also provides lots of freelancing opportunities, work less and earn more!

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Important Points About a Final Modifier In Java

Let us see some significant details about final modifier in Java:

1) In Java, the final is considered as the modifier which can be offered to a method, variable or a class.

2) With a class, when a final modifier is used then the class cannot be extended further. You can protect your class with this method and it will not be subclassed and provides the final due along for security reasons.

3) At the time of usage of a final keyword with a method, it is not possible to override in Java which implies that you cannot override the method in the subclass. The actual logic of the method is protected with this method. It is a stake to make a choice between just one method as final and whole class as final. The power of inheritance is taken out by making a class and it sometimes is apt for making the sensitive method rather than the entire class.

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4) At the time of using final keywords along with a variable, there is no possibility to change it after it is assigned. Although it is very difficult to understand when you make a reference variable implying towards a collection or an array.

This actually implies that a final reference variable cannot be referred to another object but it is possible to change the internal state of the object that is you can include or remove elements. This actually implies a final reference variable is not possible for pointing another object but it is possible to change the internal state of the object.

5) At the time of using static keyword along with the final modifier then the variable turns to become a compile-time constant. The static final variable is the value it implies and is copied completely as such a variable can be shared among various JARS by updating its value in one JAR and it will not be enough.

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6) A blank final variable is also considered as a non-static final variable and it is not initialized in the same line and it has to be declared. A blank final variable is supposed to be permitted by Java by initializing all the constructor. If a blank final variable is not initialized promptly all the constructors will throw an error.

7) Apart from lambda expression, there are a couple of other changes done along with streams. A new concept is introduced by Java 8 known as an effective final variable which permits a non-final variable for accessing the internal class or lambda expression.

A non-final local variable cannot be accessed by you before an anonymous class or inner but from Java 8 onwards you can offer its effective final that is the value cannot be modified after assignment.

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8) After making a class final all the methods become a final class effectively and it cannot be extended without inheritance and there is no possibility to override them. In the inside of the class, there is a discussion going on about overriding final methods and that is not true as the inner class cannot extend a final class.

9) Finally, both the member variables and local variables can use the final modifier specified inside a local code block or a method.

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Important Libraries and Frameworks For Java Developers

For Java developers let us see few of the important frameworks and libraries. Here are few web development frameworks like Seam, Spring MVC, Primefaces Google Web Toolkit with Eclipse RCP platform for developing desktop GUI in Java.

1) Spring MVC:

The best Java web development framework currently is Spring MVC and there is no second thought over here. There are lots of ways, there is a simpler way for Spring made Java development, streamline and it also offers the most required boost. An IOC container offers the spring on its core which gets the responsibility for handling the system objects and connecting them together but this is regarded as one of the Spring functionality.

For enterprise Java development the important thing over here is the enterprise and Spring has a suite of libraries. A top-class security framework is offered by Spring along with a simple way to implement LDAP authentication.

2) Struts:

Java web development framework king is none other than Struts even before Spring. In the days, it was the apt Java MVC framework and till now there are large companies who use it. In early 2000, the web applications were composed mostly of Struts. Since then, Struts have come from a long way and Struts 1.0 has moved forward and currently, Struts is mostly Struts 2.0. Simple Web 2.0 applications are developed and it is quite good.

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3) Junit:

For Java application, the best Unit testing framework is Junit. It will definitely give you a good career break if you have mentioned Junit in your CV. Although since a long time Junit is present and almost become a portion of Java application development and it uses annotation for writing unit test even much better than before.

A lot of power and convenience to the unit test has been included by Junit 4.0 annotations. A unit test can be written in a simpler way for checking Exceptions.

4) Maven:

It is a known fact that Maven cannot be considered as a framework but to me, it seems like a framework used for building. ANT was quite famous for Maven and mostly there are various organizations that have their own build framework relying on ANT. Currently, the rule is for Maven.

Convention over configuration is the backbone of Maven and in ANT you require to define all of them eg: target directory, source directory etc. A standard project structure is enforced by Maven and it uses default values which are reasonable for build procedure simplification. One more thing which makes Maven quite a good framework is an idea of maven repository.

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5) Hibernate:

Two years back, Spring and Hibernate were the most wished skill sets. The pair was spoiled somewhat with the help of EJB 3.0. It is very good to learn Java persistence framework and is worth learning. JEE or Spring is used by the projects and Hibernate fits very good in the Spring.

6) PrimeFaces:

Java Framework offers JSF component for developing a rich web application as per Primefaces. For Java Server Faces 2.0, a rich set of components are offered by PrimeFaces. Based on JSF 2.0 Ajax APIs, it has also a constructed support for Ajax. There is also a good community support present and this is the key to success for any open source framework.

Best Frameworks Programmers Should Learn in 2018

7) Seam:

A Java web framework from JBoss also called Seam and the reason for it is its Ajax Support and easier use of EJB 3.0 and the excellent way to leverage JSF.

8) Google Web Toolkit:

The ideal Java Web Framework from Google is GWT or Google Web Toolkit. You can also find lots of tools, plugins, examples which can assist you to know about GWT quickly.

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Learn programming language-How To Get started?

It is not just about considering our options but you also need to consider yourself before you initiate the process of learning programming language. Gnothi seauton is an ancient Greek saying which means know yourself. Undertaking a large learning program is very difficult and therefore it is tough to undertake it. It is very important to be aware of yourself and you need to make the choices which will initiate good chance of success. Before answering these questions be true to yourself:

Explain your preferred learning style? How do you understand it the best? Is it by listening to a lecture? Reading? Real-time experience? Pick up the ones which is quite effective for you. Just because a style is famous or someone else advised you, please don’t choose a style.

Explain your needs and requirements? The reason behind looking out for how to learn a program? Are you going to switch your job? How fast you want to change it? Just understand that these are needs and not wants. You may be wanting to change the job within 2 weeks but you need a better job within a year to stand up for yourself.

Explain your available resources? Especially, returning to college and securing a degree in computer science will be good, but you must be true to yourself. Must your learning be given sufficient amount of time and money for several months to take part in a boot camp? Learning opportunities must be offered in your area.

Use the resources available to you in an effective way and before taking a step please do research about the course.

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Choose a language

  • As you initiate your goal and select your options, just think that what others say will not matter at all. When compared to others, some languages are quite famous. The most famous languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python currently are good to learn. This will not be forever as what is famous today will pass away in future and therefore do not get stuck with the choice.

  • The basic principles of classes, methods, conditionals, functions, control flow and other programming topics will be the same more or less irrespective of the language to use. There will be a change only in grammar and community best practices. In Perl, you need to learn the program as you can in Rust or Swift.

  • You need to work in various languages as a programmer in the course. Therefore just do not get stuck with the first one you learn.

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Check the depth

  • Just be sure before plunging into the course that programming is the one you would be doing the rest of your life. For that, you need to take a sip of the course before diving completely. This is not everybody’s cup of tea.

  • Just explore the smaller or the cheaper options of the learning program to make sure of your enjoyment you may have or frustration or bore you may acquire from the 40 hours course a week. If you are not happy or enthusiastic about the course you will not finish it. Even though you complete the course you will land up in a miserable job. Don’t waste your life doing what you don’t want.

  • Luckily software development is not just limited to programming and it is unbelievably helpful for being familiar with programming concepts and get to know about software but there is no need to be a programmer for getting a well-paying job in software development.

  • Project manager, technical writer, quality assurance, user experience, designers, data scientist are some of the important roles in this process. The software must be launched successfully for requiring lots of different roles and people. For becoming a good programmer, you need to know how to program. Just check your options and get to know what actually suits you.

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Explain The 5 Best Tips Every Developer Should Know

A continuous learning culture is developed by marching a step toward simple step and it is used for encouraging development teams for sharing knowledge with each other even while working on widely various technology stacks.

New technologies are to be learned by the developers and construct new things. Here are five tips for helping your developers happy and innovate the flow.

1) Social media should be used for staying above the trends :

Just get to know about your peers whose vision actually matters and follow them on blogs, twitters, LinkedIn or other places by sharing the views online. Technologies will be updated with your peers that are actually used by you. You need to invest time by focusing on the thing you want and there are lots of peers that are present conversing about cool things that are done by them and the pieces of technology used by them.

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2) Stay Skeptical :

It is very significant to stay up to new and all you need to do is stay fixed. Your goals will be fitted with the apt technology which is sometimes older. The technologies that are not used by you first must not be considered seriously. This is the position that should be considered first termed as the risk factors.

3) Go To Events :

Boot Camps, conferences, meetups and likely events will assist you and your team network and must pick up details that will not be shared online publicly. Interactive experience matters and is the benefit of actually seeking the meetups.

Developers can seek help from other events like hackathons and get to know new technologies. You can have a basic understanding of the experience with the new technology.

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4) Certifications to be considered :

Their place also contains certifications by frequently observing lots of desirable future employers or current. Certifications actually matter and they are frequently wished for future or current employers as they seek confirmation of few technical competence in specific technology. Certifications are actually required by the developer as per the employers as it is used internally in an important way.

5) Open Source community participation :

There are many project developers who have the basis as the open source technologies. In open source communities, participation and contribution are very good enough. In our technology stacks, there is various software that happens in the open source part.

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Explain The Predictions Of The Future Of Programming

The progress of technology is the only thing that is faster than time. In this 2018, let us see the technological changes in the future so that you can build your programming skills for the future.

1)Moore’s Law will be defeated by the cloud

It is said that chip companies growth has come to an end. They cannot increase the chip speed more than two years as they were doing at the time of halcyon years of the 80s and 90s. Maybe this does not matter as the boundaries between the chips are less known than before.

The thing that actually mattered in the past was the speed of the CPU and you could only go as the silicon hamster within could rotate its wheel. Your productivity will be increased every few years by purchasing a bigger, faster hamster.

On the screen, the CPU on your desk does not provide information on the screen. In the cloud, most of the work is done where it is not understood about how many hamsters are present in your job.

2) IoT security will be very tough

Most of the programmers had a wake-up call about Mirai botnet for producing the next generation of the internet of things. Similar to any other computer, these clever little devices can be infected and they can lead to an internet connection and to create an issue.

There is no mechanism for fixing software and this is the main problem. With a big journey, the lifecycle of a gadget mostly begins from a plant which is producing a warehouse and is finally given to the user. Between assembly and first usage, it does not take 10 months to unveil it.

During this time period, the gadgets are moved halfway around the world. You need to wait in the shipping containers by sitting in the boxes. After this sit on the pallets at big box stores or in warehouses.

Top 10 Programming Skills Necessary From An Employer’s Point Of View

3) New ways of video domination in the web

When video tags are embedded by the HTML standard committee into HTML itself, there were no grand plans of remaking the entertainment. The glitches from plugins are solved by them and that is what they required. JavaScript commands are responded by the video tags and that makes them importantly programmable. This is definitely a big change.

4) Consoles will continue to replace PCs

At gaming consoles, it is very difficult to be mad. The games are quite great and the graphics are quite amazing. The games are very much great and it has a very good graphics. Great video cards are built by them and relatively stable software platforms actually rest in the room that is existing.Only in the initial stages, living room consoles are present.

Developer Must Know These Technologies For 2018

5) Data will remain, king,

Data slinging pundits are teased by the word-slinging pundits after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It predicts that all of their statistical analysis was a foolishness exercise. The predictions were incorrect and the people belonging to the big data looked bad. How to conclude over here? By comparing both the predictions and the election results.

6) Machine learning will become the new standard feature

There are only a few more years for the machine learning algorithms to take a leap. Currently, data scientists and programmers need to write a lot of their own code for performing complex analysis. There are lots of languages like R and few of the cleverest business intelligence tools will halt the specialty and initiate a normal feature in most of the software stacks. They will initiate from being four or five special slides in the PowerPoint sales deck in the architecture drawing which is about to be considered as taken.

What does the future holds for Java technology?

7) As PCs continue to fade, UI design will become more complicated

Every day it appears like there is at least one reason for you to use a PC. Right from the dawn of smartphones, living room consoles and the tablet, office workers are the only who will attach themselves to the PCs.

Programmers face the difficulty over here.The basic assumption is that keyboard and mouse are very much essential for the software or website users. There are lots of users who don’t have both. Into a glass screen, smartphone users are mashing their fingers and they barely use the room for the complete alphabets.

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