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8 future predictions of Java world

8 future predictions of Java world

GPU Successor of CPU

CPU in those days were considered as an asset and one possessing it boasted  as if  they had everything in this world. But today even the best CPU in US $ is rarely more than 200. What do you think will be the case with GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)?  It’s nearly 500 or 600. And today my friend it’s totally about gaming. Gamers just boast about the power of their GPU cards but they don’t even bother about CPU

There is a steady progress in world to catch up with the current trend. GPUs are used plenty of softwares today. Yeah it’s true that there were some inherently graphical processes, like the Web browsers. There are a variety of applications for different areas like Physics for studying matter, Chemistry for reactions, Astronomers for galaxy stimulations, biologists for population studies.

Soon better compilers will make it possible to write code and let the compiler detect when it can run effectively on the GPU.

Awesome database performance

When “database” came into existence people stopped being “programmers” and hooked up with “database users.” Actually databases are more efficient at handling data than anything a normal human programmer can create, especially under pressure. They have their expertise in RAM and juggling with memory hierarchy. Data Entry and maintaining records in the Databases is the most effective means of dealing with data and there is going to be an improvement in this field as well

Simple extraction of information from the database and delivering it to a “big data” package will turn out to be a tedious job. Data in the database is set free and its engine will perform the analysis which will be much faster because it will reduce work load and it will be smarter enough then what we have now

JavaScript will be Omnipotent

JavaScript is very much required on the browser, which acts as an all-rounder for almost everything a client computer does. Now the server side is integrating it with tools like Node.js.

The mainframe will possess COBOL. Biologists will hang out with Python. Linux will be coded in C.

JavaScript will assuredly become more dominant in other areas as well. The only way for Smartphone was to write code in the native language as expected by the manufacturer: Objective-C for the iphone; Java for Android; C# for Microsoft. Now most mobile developers choose HTML5 applications running in browser like views as a phenomenon. JavaScript is good enough and portable to the Web, too.

Android will be Omnipresent

Android today is applied in the equipments like refrigerators, car stereos, watches, televisions, even headphones. Unfortunately there has always been a complaint about the complexity of UI because it can do too much, but that’s missing the point. If Android is running underneath, the platform will dominate.

It’s going to get even more complicated. PC manufacturers are looking at the expanding tablet world and feeling left out. They want to run Android on Windows and let people use their Android apps on their desktops, too.

Internet-more platforms

Adverse effects of Android (and Linux) conquering the world is that more and more objects will be joining the Internet of things. Android on your refrigerator will lead to the opportunity code generation for the refrigerator itself, some calorie-counting options, or a recipe suggestion engine for what’s left inside the ice box. Who knows?

Car will be the next invention. We mean automated cars which will be a great demand in the market especially for Java developers.


Success of open source stacks like Android, Ubuntu, or MySQL, there remains a sticky problem with finding the revenue to support development. A demonstration version under an open source license is provided by the vast majority of open source companies. The best open source projects will find a way to tighten the screws in a comfortable way without scaring away customers.

Plug INS as a replace

There are many web apps riding the power of code snippets other than basic apps that can be plugged into a bigger framework. Photoshop used to be the dominant engine for editing the images, in part because of the fertile world of plug-ins. Now the newer apps like Magic Hour have made plug-ins easier for access. Even filters can be shared  just like they share photos by Magic Hours user.

Long live the command line

Although there are working apps, a mind blowing amount of work is still done in text editors and terminal windows. The command line will not be vanished don’t worry. In fact, more and more modern tools will work only with the command line. The fact is, command lines are too flexible and too universal to be replaced. Pretty GUIs with amazing interfaces and drag-and-drop widgets may get attention, but the programmers keep returning to text.

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Java Demand

Java development

the most requirements in demand in most companies both in India and abroad. If you go and check out any website say, monster or any job alert website especially for IT sector you can plenty of job opportunities for the post of java developer or any entry level engineer. It’s up to you to bag the opportunity because vacancies are many so can carve your place to be a niche in any company

Employers search thousands of times to look for software developers, engineers, architects and leads, well you know it can be said in a statement that the number one request by a large margin is either for Java or for J2EE. Such an amazing programming language like which is running successfully for the past 20 years has a firm foot in today’s living.

Other than Java/J2EE there are many other programs most in-demand for software development skills that are as follows .Net, C++, C#, and  senior development skills like SQL, HTML, C, Web and Linux. It is said that “Experience is clearly of value, with many hiring mangers seeking senior developers”. But new graduates don’t worry or don’t get frustrated as hiring managers who are searching for “computer science” ranked number 33 on any employment site.

    “Between every difficulty there lies and opportunity.”

For technologies specifically charged towards Web development, JavaScript came in at 12th among the list of programming languages, followed by ASP.Net (17th), HTML5 (19th), PHP (20th), and CSS (32nd). A recent report found that Web application developer to be the best entry-level job. Mobile platform skills were not up to the mark when compared to Web skills in a generalized assessment, with Android ranking 31st and iOS coming in 35th place.

If you want to have a future foresee then it can be anticipated that there is an increased demand for developers and designers with skills pertaining to wearable electronics, the Internet of Things, and drones and robots.

The job market in general is very much promising for software developers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a 2.8 percent unemployment rate for this sector in the first quarter of 2014. Well if you go back or rewind say five years ago it was five percent of unemployment in the same first quarter and 5.5 percent four years ago. So you can see there is an improvement in the job opportunities. There are approximately 80,784 available technology jobs as of today including 48,202 full-time positions.

“When the candidate is ready the job will appear”

                !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST OF LUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Certified Java developer course

Combined working of java professionals has created many online certification courses in java.It is very simple such that anyone who is very much interested to be a java developer can go through this to be an effective java developer. It is very effective enough; you will be learning and experiencing a whole new world to its fullest by putting in minimum effort.The third issue is not about the method of studying but still all the topic s will be covered enough.

Let us see about the Silicon India Certified Java developer course.

Java is very much important in terms of demand in the IT Industry today and it will be so tomorrow as well. It is a fantastic course to hook up with because it has a greater scope in the near future in terms of java developer or web developer. There are many outdated software like VB and DOT NET which are moving out and paving way for the hero JAVA to come in. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead!


Silicon India Certified Java developer course

It is a very great opportunity for you to take up an e-learning course like this which will be helpful enough you need not have classroom learning and you know what when you learn through reading something it takes 8 times to understand for the normal average person but when you listen it through audio lectures it will take four times on an average for any normal person who is interested to learn and finally it takes minimum of two times when you have a visual learning all you need is interest and commitment

“Perseverance always pays and never goes without credit”

All we expect from you is for you to have a PC or a Laptop so that you can read through our text tutorial, watch concept videos and work on project modules which will make you feel at home with java.

NIIT, has reached the pinnacle of glory in IT education for the last 30 years, and has been very innovative in creating latest technology experts across sectors and the training they provide, the strategy they use are also very much awesome enough and over 1, 30,000 students have been in Java Technology.NIIT imbibes knowledge in Core and Advance Java Technology with practical real life scenarios as well.

The Java platform at its core, is a way of computing that is based on the power of networks and the idea that the same software should run on different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets and other devices. The architecture-neutral nature of Java technology is extremely important in a networked world where one cannot predict what kind of devices our partners, suppliers and employees may use to connect to you.

Certificate Program In Advanced Java Se  Programming For Web Development

  • It is all about Developing Enterprise Web Applications Using J2ee and Core Technologies Such As Jsp/Servlets and Struts That Are Implemented for Developing Web Applications in Java
  • It introduces J2ee for Web Application Development. Java server Pages (Jsp) And Servlets the Key Web Technologies Defined in the J2ee Platform.
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Advanced Java

One of the most common platform today for enterprise systems is none other than JAVA SE. Oracle Java SE Support, Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite are Oracle’s solutions for enterprise developers running mission critical applications on the Java SE platform.
Oracle JDK 7 Update 40 (7u40) is still yet out there to get released; Java Mission Control and Oracle JDK both are integrated together

Cloud Computing

It helps or connects its users for sharing any physical or virtual document on demand. Java is rapidly expanding to support developers who choose to build, test or deploy through the cloud.

Advanced Java advantages

  • Before getting moving further; please ask a question to yourself that does your interest lies in gaming, online chat in the world wide level then you should take up java as your career
  • Java is very easy and friendly programming language which is also portable and reusable as you may know. It also works on pc or Mac and is totally self paced.
Infosys limited
Designations Salary Range
Java Developer INR 2,88,422 – INR 9,55,745
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
Java Developer INR 2,44,949 – INR 7,95,257
Wipro Technologies Ltd.
Java Developer INR 2,56,521 – INR 10,17,224
IBM Global Services
Java Developer INR 2,56,521 – INR 10,17,224
HCL Technologies Ltd.
Java Developer INR 2,42,568 – INR 8,68,856
Cognizant Technologies Ltd.
Senior Java Developer INR 8,70,000 – INR 9,42,000
Logica CMG
Java Developer INR 3,39,000 – INR 3,62,000
Java Developer INR 39,000 – INR 42,000
IG Group
Java Developer INR 5,74,000 – INR 6,25,000
Java Developer INR 12,10,000 – INR 12,90,000
Trade Ship Inc.  
Senior Java Developer INR 5,84,000 – INR 6,35,000


The recruitment process is like this the companies look for the candidates who has done their Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or computer Engineering. Further the next step if you want to grow would be doing certification courses from a good or a reputed training institute.

Java developer needs to have skills like:

  • SCMAD: mobile applications
  • SCBCD: Business application development
  • SCJWS: web services and java technologies development
  • SCWCD: J2EE application development using web components


  • paid vacations
  • health insurance
  • life insurance
  • paid sick leave
  • disability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • educational reimbursement plans
  • retirement plans
  • savings plans
  • stock purchase plans

For a fresher, the designation is of trainee or Junior java developer. With experience and additional skills one can advance to become senior and lead java developers.

Job description of a Java Developer

  • Testing
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Document
  • Implement computer programs and new applications using object oriented programming techniques using Structured Query Language and J2EE
  • Need to find and fix the code defects.
  • Perform analysis on the existing design solutions and processes and streamline those, increase the speed of output, eliminate non-value codes and add steps/codes to improve overall quality of the program.
  •  need to monitor applications
  •  Give presentation about the description of computer system and/or applications to the technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Some of the tools and equipments used by a Java developer are:
    • Operating manuals
    • Computer networks
    • Language Dictionaries
    • Flow charts and schematic diagrams
    • Web Software and Servers
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hardware and networking institutes in Pune

 Take your career to new heights with computer hardware and networking institutes in Pune

A career in computers was once one of the most sought after careers. It remains so even today and in fact it’s a booming industry. But now students are more focused and know exactly what they want to do with their career. When it comes to computers and IT careers, there are a lot of courses and programs available in computer hardware and networking institutes in Pune.

New strides in technology have made it important for computer professionals to stay updated and upgrade their knowledge from time to time. For the same reason, computer training institutes are offering courses at all levels to students and computer professionals. Computer hardware and networking institutes in Pune offer a complete package to students that include communication and soft skills training too.

Choosing the right computer hardware and networking institute in Pune is important because you have to be with the one that is recognized and offers to help you every step of the way, both during and after the course. Institutes like CRB Tech Pune ensure that they offer grooming lessons too to their students. In fact, they offer wholesome courses that include training on various aspects that are necessary to boost their career growth.

Each course is designed laboriously to cover the minutest details related to the topic. There are short, customized courses in subjects like Ethical Hacking, Network Security, etc that are ideal if you already have the skills and knowledge pertaining to computer hardware and networking and wish to seek information about a particular subject only.  A lot of companies invite institutes for short courses too to provide hands on training and live sessions to their employees and familiarize them with the working and maintenance of operating systems and networking. A good training institute can do wonders to your career. All you need to do is choose one wisely.





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database administrator

Quick facts on how to become a database administrator

Database administration is touted as one of the most popular career options in the world of IT. Of course, there is a reason why it is being pursued by a large number of IT professionals globally. One of the prime reasons is that database administrators are forever in demand, be it IT companies or any such companies that rely significantly on database management. If you are planning to pursue a career in this field, here are some quick facts on how to become a database administrator.

Database administrators are generally well paid and usually find a job in no time. This is because of the critical responsibilities they handle. The work environment is standard though you may be expected to extend your time at office if the need arises. If you ask any expert on tips on how to become a database administrator, he will tell you that you will have to have a very strong technical aptitude in computer programming and databases along with excellent problem solving skills.

A lot of times, you may be expected to fulfill responsibilities ‘on call’ since system issues can come up any time. Being a highly critical department, it becomes imperative for you to understand that this job requires a very good understanding of the database software being used and the way the various systems function. In Pune as well as other cities in India, there are a multitude of institutes that offer courses in database administration. Online courses are also gaining momentum thanks to the convenience of self paced learning they offer. No matter which institute you choose, it is important that it is of good repute and offers adequate placement assistance.

For the right training and guidance on how to become a database administrator, you can always depend on CRB Tech Pune.

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Understanding the complexity of database administrator responsibilities

It’s a lot easier to choose a database administrator job if you understand the complexities of database administrator responsibilities. Typically, a database administrator’s duties can be divided into three major categories; namely maintenance of existing database systems, planning and development of new and innovative ones, and lastly, modifying them for optimizing performance.

With increasing dependence on LAN and other networks, corporates rely heavily on the expertise of their database administrators. The need of a good metadata is felt across all sectors to enable users to compare data from various systems. The database administrator’s major role involves managing the metadata and enhancing the data flow across systems for better access and retrieval. Metadata binds information together enabling organizations to function as a complete whole. In an era where information is power, companies are becoming extremely choosy about the database administrators they take on board.

All database systems must be under stringent scrutiny, as data loss is something no company can afford. There have to be proper data handling policies in place wherein it is clearly understood who will access data, what would be the format for utilizing new applications, and who will be responsible in case of emergencies. Considering the size of the data, it needs to be broken down into smaller components and people need to be assigned to respective components who can take the responsibility of storing, amending and deleting data as and when required.

Database administrator responsibilities are huge and understanding them properly helps organizations match the right people with appropriate skills. Once this is achieved, it is easier to manage dataflow, create database applications, and tweak the existing ones effectively. CRB Tech Pune brings together employers and talent to ensure that they get the perfect match. All their courses are accordingly designed to match the dynamic needs of employers across all sectors.

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The role of a database administrator

If there is anything database administrators are fiercely protective about, it’s their data. In an era where data sharing is extremely easy and swift, companies are taking every possible measure to ensure that their data remains protected at all times. Given the control social media and apps have on our lives, it has become imperative for them to take such a stand. In order to protect their sensitive data, they ensure that they have a good database administrator on board who can implement the necessary security measures to safeguard the data. Database administrators are often referred to as DBAs too and play an important role in every organization. The job of a database administrator primarily involves setting up databases to organize and store data and manage them in a way that they are readily available to the concerned people only. This involves regular testing and upgrading to avoid loopholes and enhance efficiency.

Centralization of data comes under his job profile and he has the right to decide who can access a particular data. The KRAs of a database administrator also includes reviewing and approving the design of databases and decide the rules pertaining to data storage and access. The data is neatly archived and closely monitored with the necessary measures taken for backup and recovery. Although the duties of a database administrator may look fairly simple, it is not easy as it involves huge amount of data and the complexity of the job increases because of the fact that it belongs to different departments. Needless to say, the way it is saved for backup and recovery will be different for each one. Corporates usually have an entire team that works on data security to safeguard it.

If data security is what you are interested in, CRB Tech Pune can help you find the perfect job.

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Leverage the benefits of software career guidance

Career guidance and analysis is an important part of everyone’s career especially if it’s in the field of IT. Innovations and technology dominate the scene and new opportunities keep coming up every day. So, what do you do when you belong to such a dynamic field? Should you continue at the same pace waiting for your annual appraisals or contemplate a career shift? Software career guidance can perhaps answer all your career dilemmas. Considering the grueling demands of the work culture and the general unrest that prevails among students and working professionals, it makes sense to consult a career counselor and seek his advice.

If you have hit a plateau in your career, counselors can assess your situation and see if there is scope for lateral or vertical progress in your domain. If not, they check if there can be a course that can act as an impetus for your career. There might be exciting career options that you may have never considered or perhaps ignored, thinking they are not your cup of tea. After all, having a career is not enough; it has to be exciting as well as inspiring. The only way to know if you are on the right track is to have an expert who can evaluate your case and suggest changes.

If you are a beginner, the number of career choices available can get a little overwhelming. You can talk to career counselors who can help you chart a career based on your talent and inclination. CRB Tech Pune is known for its excellent software career guidance along with its placement and training solutions. Most institutes rely on aptitude tests to guide you. The good ones however, go beyond the conventional counseling methods to ensure that you become good learners along the way and make your academic pursuits more meaningful.

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Software career guidance

Choosing a job takes a lot more than individual preference or capabilities. It’s about understanding market trends, knowing what’s in demand and creating a plan of action to achieve what you want. In today’s world, education is extremely expensive. Despite the fact that knowledge never goes waste, we cannot deny the truth that not knowing what to learn can wreck your finance as well as career. And if you are planning a career in software, it is crucial that you take software career guidance from the experts. Institutes like CRB Tech have years of experience in guiding people at various junctures of their career. Every individual wants to grow either in the existing field or make a new beginning in an entirely different one. Planning this transition also needs a good amount of career counseling.

The advantages of software career counseling are just too many. Given the infinite career options available to candidates, it’s easy to get confused and make a wrong choice.  Thankfully, career counselors don’t rely on experience alone to help you make a choice. They have various tools and techniques at their disposal to guide you and help you sail through every imaginable career situation.

You can mail your queries to career counselors too, though meeting them personally and discussing your concerns go a long way in career planning. Career counseling is a critical step in career planning since a lot of students as well as their parents are confused due to the overwhelming career choices available today. Counselors encourage you to take aptitude tests that gauge your inclination and skills, to check if the career you have chosen is right for you.

Career seminars are a great option too if you are looking for some insights on latest career opportunities and technology trends. There are career mentoring programs too that focus on self-learning under the guidance of skilled mentors.

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