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Find the best software training courses in Pune

If you are planning to pursue a career in computers, then you should know that you are one of the millions of students who are doing the same. In order to leverage it most effectively, you need to be certified by the best training institute in the city. While choosing the best software training courses, you need to look into the relevance of the course. The IT world moves at an amazing speed and everything keeps changing all the time. New software gets introduced, old programming languages and codes become redundant and the tech-savvy professional has to ensure that he keeps pace with the changing dynamics of the IT world.

The job you are currently doing or your area of specialization will also influence your choice a great deal. For instance, a course in programming may not be needed at all if you are an architect. A computer-aided design program may just be what you need to complement your profession. No matter what your profession is, there is a perfect software training course to match your needs. So, what exactly should you look for while zeroing in on a course or a training institute and how do you know if you are indeed on the right path? Well, to start with, you must look into the reputation of the training institutes and trainers.

You should also look at the testimonials since they mirror the experiences of past students. A lot of times, testimonials give you a good idea about what you are getting into. The resources that a software training institute provides are also an important factor especially if the software you are studying is rare or new. Books and study material for such courses would not be easily available outside.

For more information, contact CRB Tech Pune.


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Choosing software training courses for your company

Every company needs some sort of software training course to keep pace with the changing needs of their business. After all, companies are getting more and more meticulous about their choice of hardware and software and want nothing but the best. But with software comes upgrade and regular updates. In a completely automated environment, companies ensure that they have the right professionals to manage their IT chores and are frequently updated about the changing versions of software. For the same purpose, it becomes imperative to find software training courses that will keep the workforce informed.

If it’s a niche skill for a limited workforce, you may enroll them for a software training course in one of the best institutes. A lot of institutes offer special discounts to corporates who need their services frequently for their employees. On the other hand, you may invite the trainers over if you are addressing a large group. Corporate training programs are usually an important part of the offerings of training institutes.

You need to remember that despite having the best tools and software; it is ultimately the people who are going to operate them. Without the right training, they would never be able to use them to their full potential. A lot of employees are still not using even their emails effectively. Even spreadsheets and word processors are a big challenge for many employees. You need to help them develop the right skills so that they can employ the software efficiently and subsequently improve on productivity and performance.

You need to ensure that you invest your money in the right software training courses. A realistic evaluation is necessary, both of your needs and their limitations, before you pick the perfect course. For corporate training and assistance in choosing the right software training courses, visit CRB Tech Pune.

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SEO is very important for social media and it is sure that there is no end for social media. But it is too early to draw these conclusions that SEO is dead pertinent to current situation or driven by past.

Lack of observation

In the tug of war between search engine optimization and social media is that social media is always the king and is always very much important and claiming that social is claiming over search is mere lack of observation. Social media cannot take over search it might add value but taking over is mere exaggeration

The work done by search engine optimization are pretty awesome on their part and they have been doing the same of serving millions of people in terms of data at its best capability and will do the same in future

Change is the only factor that cannot be changed

People’s communication, behavior with respect to content online has been changed. The methods of sharing information online also matters over here.

Earlier in 2000, Google used to worry only about trillions of data from HTML pages on the Web Index. All it focused on was about providing service to the user in terms of their query. After that quite a lot has changed over the years. User behavior has changed. Information is shared in the form of small parts of data and authority has been changed from larger silos to smaller pillars.

In 2000 there were websites which are not trust worthy search engine will check for authentic reliable data with the number of referrals to the website and more the referrals more possibility for the website to be on the front.

But today likes, shares, tweets and post are more critical factor for the fame of the webpage

More than likes and shares

Likes and shares are not the limits. There are significant metrics like engagement levels, reach amplification, frequency, co-citations, demographic relevancy, historic amplification, authority circles, etc. The claim that social is taking over search is only partially true. What’s actually happening is that social has become an integral part of search today, and in ways that will evolve the two in better and sophisticated ways.

Evolving SEO

Both SEO and Social media are like two eyes they will not intersect their vision but are always parallel and there is no concept of one eye getting blind. Point is that neither of them is dying or dead.

Rather, search has evolved into a bigger, more significant, more sophisticated marketing channel. Search will evolve again as it grows. Optimization techniques as we know them today will change. Some metrics will be deprecated, some new ones will emerge. So, from this perspective, SEO is “dead” — that is, SEO as we knew it years ago.


The reality is that social will evolve, as well. Technology that simplifies actions changes user behavior. Earlier it was information seeking now it is smart phones call. Tomorrow is all about virtual reality. People’s recommendations will be more cleverly used within search results for queries.

Today, the two entities that define search, the “user” and “data,” are more efficient and more effective enough. In such an ever-changing, dynamic world of search, it’s only our lack of awareness or observation that makes us think that optimization is dead.

 “Quest for knowledge is the source for SEO and Social media”

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The Fundamentals of Computer Networking

The Fundamentals of Computer Networking, DBA stands for Data Base Administrator as the name itself states; the candidate must maintain and administrate the database. The responsibility will be like

  • Installation
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Configuration
  • Upgrade
  • Administration
  • Securing

Of databases in an organization

The roles are like:

  • Development and design of database strategies
  • System monitoring and improving database performance and capacity
  • Plan and synchronize the implementation of security measures for the database

Skill set:

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)

E.g. SQL/PSM, Transact SQL

  • Knowledge of database theory
  • Knowledge of database design
  • Routine maintenance, recovery, and handling failure of a Database
  • Storage technologies, memory management, disk arrays, NAS/SAN, networking
  • Distributed computing architectures, e.g. Client/Server, Internet/Intranet, Enterprise
  • RDBMS e.g. Oracle Database, IBM DB2

JOB Designation:

DBAs are mostly also known as  Database Coordinator or Database Programmer, when compared to DBA  database programmer must have  more advanced skills in SQL programming The only common thing is both DBA and Database Programmers may not have and do not require the knowledge  of database administration, backing up, restoring  to do their job well.

The role also has its parts in other jobs of Database Analyst, Database Modeler, Programmer Analyst, and Systems Manager.

Some organizationshave an ascending or descending approach for database administrators, generally:

  • Junior DBAs
  • Mid-level DBAs
  • Senior DBAs
  • DBA consultants
  • Manager/Director of Database Administration/Information Technology

Qualifications Required

  • Some companies are in need of candidates having Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related field to perform job duties as a Database Administrator.
  •  In general, DBA’s work with commercial databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and many others.


  • Organizations may ask for a database administrator to have a certification for the particular RDBMS in use.

 Salary Statistics

The Labor Department reports that database administrators made an average salary of $77,080 in 2012. The highest-paid in that profile earned $118,720, while the lowest-paid earned $42,930 that year. Some of the most highly compensated positions in these industries are communications equipment manufacturing, computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing and natural gas distribution. The top-paying areas for this position are scattered throughout the country, with San Francisco, Trenton, N.J., and Washington, D.C., taking the top three spots.




$ 68,510


$ 71,310


$ 77,140


$ 75,730


$ 77,080


DBA vs. Technology

Take home annual salary of $79,120 or about $38.04 per hour, database administrators is well-compensated. But they are overridden in the paycheck department by computer systems analysts, software developers and IT managers, which check in with average salaries of $83,800, $93,280 and $129,130, respectively. However, the average salary of database administrator is about $860 more annually than the average salary of computer programmer.


Designation Salary($)
IT MANAGER 1,20,000
Software 90,060
Computer Systems 79,680
DBA 77,080
Computer Programmer 74,280

DBA also has a major role to play in banking industry in terms of say core banking or data mining and data warehousing. The front end used in bank is always oracle database  and it is connected using Java Data Base Connectivity

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