10 Reasons To Learn Java

10 Reasons To Learn Java

Here is my list of 10 reasons, which I tell anyone who requests my personal viewpoint about learning Java, and whether Java is a best growth terminology in conditions of possibilities, growth and group assistance.

1) Java is Simple to learn

Many would be surprised to see this one of the top purpose for studying Java, or considering it as best growth terminology, but it is. If you have a extreme studying bend, it would be difficult to get productive in a few months, which is the case with most of expert project.

Java has proficient English like format with minimum magic characters e.g. Generics position supports, that causes it to be simple to study Java program and discover.

2) Java is an Item Focused Programming Language

Another purpose, which created Java well-known is that it’s an Item Focused Programming terminology. Developing OOPS program is less difficult, and it also enables you to keep system flip, flexible and extensible.

Once you have information of key OOPS concept like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Bequest, you can use all those with Java. Java itself represents many best methods and style pattern in it’s collection.

Java is one of the few close to 100% OOPS growth terminology. Java also encourages use of SOLID and Item oriented style concepts in form of 100 % free projects like Spring, which ensure that your object reliance is managed well by using reliance Hypodermic injection principle.

3) Java has Wealthy API

One more purpose of Java growth language’s large success is it’s Wealthy API and most importantly it’s highly visible because come with Java installation. When I first started Java growth, I used to program code Applets and those days Applets provides excellent movement ability, which shocks new developer like us, who are used to program code in Turbocompresseur C++ manager. Java provides API for I/O, networking, resources, XML parsing, data source connection, and almost everything. Whatever left is covered by 100 % free collections like Apache Commons, Search engines Guava, and others.

4) Impressive growth tools e.g. Surpass , Netbeans

Believe it or not, Surpass and Netbeans has played a crucial role for making Java one of the best growth languages. Programming in IDE is a pleasure, especially if you have written in DOS Editor or Note pad.

They not only can be useful for program code finalization but also provides powerful debugging ability, which is essential for real life growth. Incorporated Development Atmosphere (IDE) created Java growth less difficult, quicker and proficient. You can easily search, refactor and look program code using IDEs.

5) Great collection of Start Resource libraries

Open source collections helps to ensure that Java should be used everywhere. Apache, Search engines, and other company has provided lot of excellent collections, which creates Java growth easy, quicker and affordable.

6) Wonderful group support

Community is the biggest strength of Java growth terminology and system. No matter, How good a terminology is, it would not survive, if there is no group to back up, help and share there information. Java has been very lucky, it has plenty of active boards, Stackoverflow, 100 % free companies and several Java user group to help everything.

7) Java is FREE

People like FREE factors, Don’t you? So if a developer need to know an improvement terminology, or a company wants to use a technology, COST is key point. Since Java is exempt from start, i.e. you don’t need to pay anything to create Java program. This FREE thing also helped Java to gained popularity among individual developers, and among large companies. Accessibility of Java developers is another big think, which creates company to select Java for there strategic development

8) Excellent certification assistance – Javadocs

When I first saw Javadoc, I was surprised. It’s good piece of certification, which tells lot of reasons Java API. I think without Javadoc certification, Java would not be as well-known, and it’s one of the primary purpose, Why I think Java is best growth terminology.

9) Java is Platform Independent

In 90’s, this was the primary purpose of Java’s popularity. Idea of system freedom is excellent, and Java’s tag line “write once run anywhere” was attractive enough to attract plenty of new increase Java. This is still one of the purpose of Java being best growth terminology, most of Java applications are developed in Windows environment and run in UNIX system.

10) Java is Everywhere

Yes, Java is everywhere, it’s on desktop, it’s on mobile, it’s on card, almost everywhere and so is Java developers. I think Java developer out number any other growth terminology expert. Though I don’t have any data to back this up, but it’s based on experience. This large accessibility to Java developers, is another purpose, why company prefer to select Java for new growth than any other growth terminology.

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