What is the need for electrical CAD software for electrical documentation?

Either electrical CAD software or AutoCAD is used by the electrical professionals for the purpose of constructions. Here the main focus is about the advantages and disadvantages of using two types of CAD software for electrical related work.


If you are planning to make a hole in the wall then wall drill is used and for making a hole on the board, a wood bit is used. It is possible to use the wood bit instead of wall drill or wall drill instead of the wood bit but then the process would become tedious and the result will not be as expected.

The same metaphor can be used for constructional CAD software.

AutoCAD is the king

An internationally used construction CAD software is AutoCAD and it is for a good reason. It is considered as one of the renowned tools for construction drawings with many innovative functions for changing diameters, shaping, viewing details from various perspectives, etc. Thus AutoCAD software is right for you when this is the main requirement.

Electrical documentation and AutoCAD

Although it is designed for creating electrical documentation in AutoCAD, it is possible to do it

These are the things you can do:

Electrical symbols can be designed- but the required intelligence cannot be added to them

Ordering lists can be drawn- but there is no possibility of filling them automatically

You can write texts- there are no means of automatic translation.

Relay coils and contractors can be placed- there are no means of automatic updating of references

In the software, the basic workflow is designed for construction work. With the addition of electrical functions on top the construction core, and thus the workflow would be time-consuming. A mediocre result would be given by combining constructional functions with electrical CAD.

Electrical Professionals lack AutoCAD training

AutoCAD software is not something handy with the electrical professionals. Therefore creating electrical documentation using AutoCAD there is a need for an extra individual to create it based on the rough sketches from the electrical professionals.
Electrical professionals are seldom experienced AutoCAD users. Using AutoCAD for electrical documentation therefore requires an extra person to create the documentation based on sketches from the electrical professionals. This involves communication back and forth between the persons involved – including the misunderstandings this might bring.

The importance of Electrical CAD software

While developing electrical documentation, there is a need for various other intelligent functions.

You need functions like:

Automatic wire numbering

Reference designations

Intelligent copying

Support of electrical standards

Automatic update of parts lists and connection lists

Copying easily in and between projects

Assistance for installing correct drawing

Signal references between pages

Communication with PLC I/O tools

In between symbol references

Creating and sending ordering files automatically

Connecting lines and automatic drawings

Foreign country business demands automatic translation of texts in drawings, and the skill to choose the type of text to translate.

Component databases -major time saving

The diagram symbols are intelligent in the electrical CAD software. For the component they represent, they have an article number apart from that the component’s electrical connection points can be identified and handled with cleverness by the software.

The software can be used automatically by attaching these types of information to a component.

This is the following work flow:

You will get electrical symbols of this component in the pick menu if you choose a component from one of these databases.

Article data are transferred automatically to the diagrams if you place these symbols on the diagrams.
Without the requirement of typing, any component information at all is possible thus the software can fill out all types of lists automatically.
The symbols have the same article has the originals when you copy these symbols in the diagrams.
It saves lots of time.

Electrical and Mechanical CAD Integration

Both AutoCAD and an electrical CAD software can be used at the same time. For instance, just create a drawing plan in the AutoCAD and after completing it you just need to insert it in the OLE object.

On the top of the AutoCAD file, in the electrical CAD software PSCHEMATIC Automation, you can draw the electrical drawings. In the PSCHEMATIC Automation, the electrical information can then be stored. Directly from PSCHEMATIC, you can open it if you need to make any changes in the ground plan.

After completing the changes, just get back to the normal working mode of PSCHEMATIC and include more electrical information to your PSCEHAMTIC drawing above the AutoCAD drawing.

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