For revolving the issues of control and automation, there are various sectors that uses ever changing technologies in control systems for production processes and efficiency. A higher quality and reliable control systems are required for this. There are new trends in the latest control devices for industrial automation deals with communication protocols for field devices like control valves and other final control systems. These requires the top high quality and efficient management techniques. New trends in commercial automation deals with latest management devices and interaction methods to manage area devices like management valves and other last management elements. There are some instruments or smart devices implemented in automation industry and it has the ability to control capabilities without any interface to other field control devices like PLCs.


What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation means using lots of control devices like PC’s/PLC’s/DCS, which is used for controlling on various functions of an industry without important involvement from humans providing automatic control efficiency. For getting the desired output, in some industries, control strategies are used and thus making the automation system requirement a necessary.

For the use of advanced control strategies like cascade control, latest control hardware devices like

PLC sensors, signal equipments, standalone computing systems, communication systems, HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems.

Need of Automated Industry

For the reduction of periodic or manual checking

For performing important operations like periodic checking of the process and it is mandatory to perform industrial operations. Reduction of periodic and manual checking is the benefit of using automation equipment and thereby applying automatic working conditions.

To boost the Productivity

For increasing the productivity rates such automation devices are used.

Reduce the Production Cost

Using automation devices helps you in reducing the production cost as there are no man power involved.

To improve Product Quality

In most of the cases doing the same work again and again with man power will not improve the product quality. With the result of automation equipment the quality of the product is improved as it is very efficient and accurate.

To boost the Flexibility

For boosting flexibility automation devices are the best as there is no complex procedure involved in the production when compared to manpower efforts.

Operator Friendly and Improves the Safety

As mentioned earlier the complexity of operating procedure is reduced and it is quite operator friendly.

Structure of Industrial Automation

There are various stages of operation in the structure of industrial automation. They are made up of the sensor level, automation control level (Unit, cell, procedure controls),supervision stage and business stage. Pyramid structure indicates that, as you go up the tip , the details is aggregated and while coming down it is demolished. This implies that we will be offered the details for a particular variable option.

Process layer is also termed as Sensor level. In a continuous and periodic manner, sensors and actuators receive the process variables . These are the mandatory parts of the automation system.

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