Electrical Engineering: Understanding It’s Scope, Salary and Other Aspects

Let’s begin by seeing what is electrical engineering. Later on, we will take a look at the various aspects related to this field.


What is electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is the branch that is related to the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers work on a wide variety of components, systems and devices. Ranging from tiny microchips to large scale power station generators.

Guess what?

Electrical engineering happens to be one of the oldest and core branches of engineering. A number of relatively newer engineering branches have emerged from this very branch. E.g. Power engineering, Electronics and communication engineering, Control engineering etc.

Simply speaking, Electrical Engineering happens to be a branch of Engineering that deals with ideas identified with electricity and electric hardware e.g. generation, transmission and utilization of electricity, electromagnetism, machinery like generator, transformers, motors, AC Current, DC Current, circuit systems, control systems and so forth.

Scope of electrical engineering:


Electrical engineering is a standout amongst the most popular engineering branch in India and has been one of the main driving thrusts of high innovation in the course of recent decades. Electrical engineering is quickly growing not just inside core zones like wireless communications and mobile technologies additionally in different areas, e.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology and biomedical engineering.

Taking into consideration how popular this branch is, getting admission into prestigious institutions like the IITs and NITs is enormously competitive. The same applies in case of job hunting as well.

Electrical Engineering is a core branch of Engineering. An evergreen branch. Qualified Electrical Engineers are dependably sought after, since most Industries utilize electricity and electric machines. Engineers are needed by industries for operational, support and manufacturing purposes.

Considering how popular and differing electrical engineering is, regardless of the possibility that recession influences one segment, electrical engineers can look for jobs in other sectors. Renewable resources, energy, environmental conservation, power conservation and sustainability areas will see a considerable measure of jobs in the coming couple of years for electrical engineers because of issues, e.g. climate change and global warming. Likewise, with mobile technologies and communications as yet going solid, ECE students have a steady future right now.

Job opportunities in this sector:


In case of graduates, job openings are available in the Government sector and in addition private sector. Discussing Government sector jobs the major recruiters happen to be – Indian Railways, BHEL, Indian Armed Forces, Thermal Power Plants, ONGC, Power Stations, State Electricity Boards, PWD Department and so on. In the previously mentioned Government organizations and divisions, one might discover job posts like-

  • Assistant electrical engineers.

  • Electrical engineers.

Most of the private assembling units and industries makes utilization of electric power and machines. Consequently, it is safe to mention that indirectly or in a direct way, an extensive extent of ventures recruit Electrical Engineers!

Graduates may discover below mentioned job posts in different industries, apart from the two mentioned above:

  • Automation engineer

  • Plant designing and planning officer

  • Purchase and Quality Control Executive

Graduates may likewise take up a job as a teacher in the wake of finishing the M.Tech. program. They may likewise go for PhD program and venture into the Research and Development division.

Salary prospects:


Starting salary relies on various factors, like, nature of college, marks secured in exams and so forth and may fluctuate between 2-5 lakh rupees each year.

Electrical engineering offers a promising career ahead for skilled professionals with loads of job opportunities and good remuneration. As seen above, even recession wise, this is a safer field to pursue.

So, if you hold a liking towards this core branch of engineering, then this ones definitely for you!

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