In AutoCAD Electrical Location/Installation codes are significant part of the design and need to be used in reports, for organizing information transfer to Autodesk Inventor. There are various cases this information is included to each component one at a time.


All you need to do is a location box needs to be inserted around one or more components. Updating option is existing with you and the location and installation codes for the parent components inside the box for apt an similarity with the location box.

Here are few location box awareness based AutoCAD Electrical commands:

Into a location box the insertion or transferring of a component updates the location and installation values of the component.

The choice for updating the location and installation values is initiated by moving a component out of a location box for the components to have a good compatibility for matching the drawing values.

It shows whether the insertion of a component is considered inside or outside a location box.


1) Click on Schematic tab then to Insert components panel find a drop down of Location Box click on Location Box.

2) Insert Location Box- here you will find

  • Rectangular Box
    • Select first point
    • Select Second point
  • Orthogonal shape
  • Input 9 in the command line
  • Select as many points required for including the components needed.
  • Declare c in the command line for closing the shape.

3) Location Dialog Box

  • Provide Location and/or Installation code that is utilized for the browse to select an existing code from the project or LOC file. Like and pick a component can also be used from the active drawing for setting the codes.
  • Whether for updating the location and installation values, select it for the parent components inside the box for matching the values of the location box.
  • The visibility of the location is selected and installed with attributes of all the components inside the box.

Text Height- Input the details of height or select the Pick Height button for choosing a text object on the drawing with the desired height.

Box description– Input the description value.

Description insertion point– Modify the location for the description text. If rectangle is not the shape of the box then the button is disabled.

Use= Installation + Location Values- Based on the location box values enter a predefined value.

Use Location-Installation values=Based on the location box values insert a predefined value.

Drawing- Shows all Location Box Descriptions- Drawing dialog box. Select a description from the list.

Pick Like– Location Box dialog box has temporary exist so you can choose a current description value on the drawing.

4) Edit Component command is used for editing a location

Adding important location must be a streamlined process and information of the installation code to your project data must speed up the process maintenance and integrity.

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