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A Quick Reference To Auto CAD Electrical!

Symbol Libraries

Complying with the standards, the Auto CAD Electrical offers library symbols like:

  • IEEE 315/315A
  • IEC-60617
  • NFPA

You can find the symbol’s location in Users| Public| Documents| Autodesk| Acade{versions}|Libs.

autocad training

Icon Menus

For inserting the schematic and panel components use the icon menu. Icon menu is defaulted by the program’s ACE_<standard>_ MENU>DAT for schematic symbols and ACE-PANEL_MENU.DAT for panel symbols.

You will find these menu files located in users

{username}|AppData|Roaming|Autodesk|AutoCAD Electrical {version}| {release}|{country code}| Support.


Catalog Lookup

In parts catalog database these search sequence and naming conventions are used:

<project name>-CAT.MDB situated in the same folder like the .wdp file for active project.

DEFAULT_CAT.MDB situated in the same folder as the . Wdp file for the project that is active

DEFAULT_CAT.MDB situated in |Users| {Username} | Documents| Acade {version} |AeData| {language code} | Catalogs

DEFAULT_ CAT>MDB situated in a support folder.


Graphical footprint symbols to catalog part numbers are mapped. Here are few search sequence and naming conventions used:

<project name>_FOOTPRINT_LOOKUP.MDB located in the same folder as the .wdp file for the active project.

FOOTPRINT_LOOKUP.MDB situated in | Users|

{username}\Documents\Acade {version}\AeData\{language code}\Catalogs

FOOTPRINT_LOOKUP.MDB situated in a support folder


The schematic symbols are mapped when inserted form panel footprints. Let us see the search sequence and naming conventions used over here:

<project name>_SCHEMATIC _LOOKUP.MDB situated in the same folder as the .wdp file for the active project.

SCHEMATIC_LOOKUP>MDB situated as the .wdp file for the active project

SCHEMATIC_LOOKUP.MDB situated in |Users|

{username}\Documents\Acade {version}\AeData\{language code}\Catalogs

SCHEMATIC_LOOKUP.MDB situated in a support folder


Used while converting description or switch position component text from one to another language. Situated in Users\{username}\Documents\Acade {version}\AeData\{language code}\Catalogs.


Used for generating PLC I/O modules. Situated in |Users|

{username}\Documents\Acade {version}\AeData\{language code}\PLC.



Available circuits are defined along with circuit types, and defaults for each option inside a circuit. Situated in\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\AcadE {version}\{language code}\Support.


Annotation of circuits, defines values, engineering calculations and offers wire type analysis.

Din Rail and Wire way


Parametrically used for generating din rail and wire way. Situated inUsers\{username}\Documents\Acade {version}\AeData\{language code}\Catalogs.



Various component selection descriptions are listed, accessible by clicking defaults on the insert/edit dialog boxes.


The family codes are mapped with new values overriding the tag code in the family of the library symbols.


Attribute mapping file for Title Block Update.


In reports use User-defined attribute lits.


The generic LINEx labels are customized in the various title block and information project dialog boxes.


The installation of default list and location codes, connected by clicking project in the location or installation section of the Insert/Edit dialog boxes.

Schematic Symbol Naming Convention

  • H or V is the first character for horizontal or vertical wire insertion.
  • The following two characters are interchanged for family type (for instance, PB for push buttons, CR for control relays, LS for limit switches).
  • For child contacts the fourth character is generally a 2 and 1 for everything else ( standalone or parent component).
  • The fifth character is 1 for normally open, 2 for normally closed if the symbol is in contact.
  • Rest of the characters are not specified and they keep the names unique. Symbol names are restricted for 32 characters.

Replaceable Parameters

Parameters that are replaceable are codes used for defining tagging formats.

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