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PHP is surely a standout amongst the most well-known scripting languages for web developers working over the globe, hence taking the scene of PHP programming in India and abroad to a genuine high. Fairly comparable has been the scene for ASP.NET that serves as a helpful tool for designers in building web applications. Both of these programming languages are utilized as a part of making substantial web applications and easy to complex locales thus neither of them can be said to be unfeasible and less-effective. However, there are a couple of contrasts that may give PHP an edge over ASP.NET or the other way around.

A Brief Overview of PHP and ASP.NET

PHP signifies Hypertext Pre – processor. It’s a scripting device that has immediately picked up unmistakable quality attribution’s to it’s not an insignificant rundown of promising components. More than 244 million sites as of now have PHP introduced at present. WordPress and PHP are a portion of the well-known destinations manufactured utilizing PHP. It is sponsored by a huge designer group that works day and night to make it more intentional for clients. Being open source truly indicates the brighter side of this adaptable programming dialect.

As a successor to ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET is created by Microsoft. As a simple-to-use scripting device,NET serves as a valuable system in the hands of developers. A standout amongst a huge angle identifies with the utilization of any .NET upheld language for coding. It is likewise one reason why ASP.NET is most loved among developers. In addition to that, Microsoft’s control of web program business sector and you regard the comprehensive value of this Microsoft created language. Observe the pattern of these two prominent programming languages.

PHP versus ASP.NET – Scalability and Performance insightful Comparison

Despite the fact that PHP and ASP.NET bring a considerable measure of improvement cordial components; there are some purposes of correlations where these come with no holds barred. For an instance, consider the versatility viewpoint; both of these programming languages are profoundly adaptable however the degree of adaptability relies on the abilities of engineers to scale their application adequately. It’s surely understood that versatility primarily relies upon the software developers experience, faithfulness to programming rules and guidelines and so on. In this way, both of these rise out as equivalent champs in this circle.

Additionally, quite a bit of open deliberation has been rotating around the execution of these magnificent programming languages. Web application speed estimation relies on a few components that ought to be essentially having no impact on the pace and execution of sites. Also, the performance of web applications is an element of server, database and script. PHP based web applications take after the LAMP stack that has been widely improved for better execution.

An exceptionally minor distinction exists between a PHP+MySQL stack and ASP.NET+MSSQL stack, However, PHP+MySQL is developing out as a victor. Likewise, there is a decent risk that a PHP web application running on Linux host will beat a comparable ASP.NET application running on Windows host.

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Top 5 Silverlight Development Tools

Silverlight Development Tools –

  • Microsoft Visual Studio -

Microsoft Visual Studio is software-based application widely used in creating web sites, web pages, web applications, web services along with this, it is also used in developing programs for Microsoft Windows. Visual Studio brings an entire toolkit of productive tools which are further utilized in creating application by using oversaw code. Visual studio uses Microsoft software development platforms like Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. All the current components of Visual Studio are accessible for Silverlight. This variant of Visual Studio incorporates Silverlight-particular components, including IntelliSense, investigating, and Silverlight venture formats that make and connection all required records.

  • Microsoft Blend –

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio is a client interface plan apparatus created and sold by Microsoft for making graphical interfaces for web and desktop applications that mix the elements of these two sorts of applications.This apparatus can be utilized to make and alter the presentation layer of an application by controlling the XAML canvas and controls, working with design, and programming the presentation layer with a dynamic dialect, for example, JavaScript. It was one of the applications in the Microsoft Expression Studio suite before that suite was stopped.

  • Deep Zoom innovation –

The new application, Deep Zoom innovation in Silverlight permits clients to see pictures on the Web like they never have. The smooth set up zooming and panning that Deep Zoom permits is a genuine progression and increases current standards on what picture survey ought to be. High determination pictures should be set up for use with Deep Zoom and this apparatus permits the client to make Deep Zoom organization documents that control the zooming background and after that fare all the vital records for sending with Silverlight 3.

Microsoft Silverlight is an expostulated application structure for composing and running rich Internet applications, like Adobe Flash. A module for Silverlight is accessible for a few programs. Silverlight is likewise one of the two application advancement stages for Windows Phone, yet pages that utilization Silverlight can’t keep running on the Windows Phone or Windows Mobile forms of Internet Explorer, as there is no Silverlight module for Internet Explorer on those stages.

Microsoft .NET RIA Services improves the conventional n-tier application design by uniting the ASP.NET and Silverlight stages. The RIA Services gives an example to compose application rationale that keeps running on the mid-level and controls access to information for inquiries, changes and custom operations. It likewise gives end-to-end backing to normal assignments, for example, information acceptance, validation and parts by coordinating with Silverlight segments on the customer and ASP.NET on the mid-level.

  • Silverlight 3 Installation Procedure –

1. click on the link – http://silverlight.net/Default.aspx

2. click on ‘GET STARTED’ Page by clicking it.

3. Discover Download Silverlight Link

4. Click on Install Now Option then you can download the Silverlight Plug-in.

5. At that point Install Silverlight By utilizing downloaded silverlight plug-as a part of installable setup programming.

6. While Installing Silverlight you can see the improvement screen as roar.

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Top 5 Reasons That Make ASP.NET More Secure Over PHP

In May 2005 a study was done over application servers of Fortune 1000 organizations. Despite the fact that it’s a matter of 8 years back, the actuality keeps on enduring. The report demonstrated that 43.6% of them used asp.net and just a pitiful 5.2% utilized PHP. It must be said that both have their special offering focuses, yet from certain prime context asp.net is minimal in front of PHP.

A leading employment sector provides a data which is indeed true that up to Jan 2013, asp.net has been supported substantially more than PHP. Decision in choosing a perfect stream puts light on the ongoing situation as the individuals pick the domain which is testing and at the same time is productive.

Asp.net developing obviously is the favored profession alternative, in this way allure the purpose of being a “secured” choice to manage later on times to come. Individuals who fill in as Asp.net specialists are obviously bigger in numbers than the check of individuals who chip work at PHP. The bigger tally surely loans its weight behind a conviction.

In actuality, by all accounts it is fairly clear that asp.net is more secure than PHP. Prime center has given over certain points which builds up in particular -

1. The event based programming in asp.net is developers heaven ground. Primarily asp.net handles both server and client side server that is impossible by PHP, adds more to its security controlling aspect. The .net structure is putting forth greatest versatility and security contrasted with PHP. ASP.net MVC4 asp.net is scaling a bigger number of statures than PHP.

2. The other thing, Asp.net offers language between the access by which any language can be utilized as a part of this system. One additionally gets the reliability of utilizing more than one language as a part of a specific application. There is no need of transferring source code in the server, however with PHP the circumstance is distinctive. This makes asp.net more secure as muddled DLLs are safer. Asp.net application development is consequently thought to be much more secure than PHP while utilizing as a part of any site.

3. There are a few in-constructed security extras in asp.net like SQL injection aversion, likewise PHP do not promote the feature. In PHP one should be more reliant on tools for performing this activity, one has to begin with wrapping questions one by one by utilizing the mysql’s genuine departure string. All these additional strides complete by asp.net automatically. Thus, if there arises an occurrence by using asp.net developers are much more secure if there should be an occurrence of any error as the majority of the activities are consequently possible as well.

4. The discharge cycle of updated versions arrives in a more extensive break looked at with asp.net. The moderate or late arrival of upgrades in PHP regularly has been the inside purpose of feedback.Additionally there is no reasonable spot as official group where certifiable answers are accessible when it is identified with PHP. The client backing and security redesigns of asp.net are truly best incision. Hence a large portion of the project arrangement clients seek asp.net website improvement administration

5. All these highlighting focuses may have lead us to a conclusion that asp.net is much more secure than PHP. Be that as it may, this exchange is unending so focuses will continue including without a doubt.
In conclusion, there are couple of more security low focuses in PHP, for example, it is case of coldhearted. The element of PHP that gives one, a chance to make URL parameter variable is truly disorderly as this puts a site at risk. In asp.net the security part is as of now secured with segments accessible.

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Best 13 Free .NET Development Tools.

.NET Development and essential Development Tools -

.NET is a broadly useful advancement platform. It can be utilized for any sort of application sort or workload where broadly useful purpose solutions are utilized. It has a few key components that are appealing to numerous engineers, including programmed memory administration and present day programming dialects, that make it simpler to effectively fabricate excellent applications. Various usage of .NET are accessible, taking into account open .NET Standards that indicate the essentials of the stage.

A .Net developer has his own list of development tools required for various process in .NET. He utilizes this list to increase his creativety and to create an ease in accessibilty. Each time this list goes through certain updations.

Taking after are some among the best tools used in .NET -

SQL Server 2012 Express Edition

- Assemble web and portable applications for different data types
– Basic Reporting Services, Decrease OS fixing by as much as 50-60% with backing for Windows Server Core.
– Associate with nearby SQL Server Express databases and administer objects with full Object Explorer incorporation.


- This is a magnificent tool for learing LINQ created by Joseph Albahari.
– Utilizing this you can execute any C# or VB expression.
– LINQ Pad is an extremely valuable tool for exploring the databases with LINQ and Entity

Visual Studio Productivity Power Tool

- It is useful in planning of projects, tab separation with colors in your solution and with numerous more elements.
– Visual Studio Productivity Power Tool is an extension for Visual Studio that makes a developer’s life easy.


- ReSharper is a capable dot net developer tool that upgrades the coding speed since it gives a vast det of actions for coding, examination and refactoring.


- NuGet is extremely valuable dot net developer tool for dot net learners when including a particular extension, library, bundle to your Visul Studio.


- FileZilla is an incredible dot net developer tool for transferring your web application records, dlls, pictures and so on utilizing FTP, FTPS and SFTP customer.


- Fiddler is an amazing dot net developer tool while debugging of web applications as also tracking and monitoring the request and responding to your web application.


- Same as Fiddler, FireBug is additionally an incredible dot net developer tool mostly taught in dot net tutorials, for your Web application assets following and observing the requests, reaction of your web application.

SQL complete

- SQL Complete is a wonderful tool commonly used in dot net tutorials for adding intellisense to SQL Server like Visual Studio. You should have this dot net developer tool in SQL Server.

YUI Compressor

- YUI Compressor compresses any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets that works precisely as the first and take least time in stacking.

Versioning Essentials

- Ankh SVN, an open ended subversion specially designed to deal with source codes distinctive variants like VSS and TFS

- Tortoise SVN is additionally an open source subversion Source control for dealing with your’s source code diverse variants.

Web Essentials

- Web Essentials is an extraordinary extension for Visual Studio. It influences intellisense to the CSS, Javascript and HTML editors.

Jscript Editor Extensions

- JScript Editor Extensions is an incredible extension for Visual Studio. It strivea as a support for consequently highlighting the coordinating opening or shutting prop, enclosure, square sections, wavy props and some more.

You can join training institutes in pune to enhance your knowledge in .net field.

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A Detailed Introduction To Visual Studio .NET

CRB Tech Reviews introduces you to the world of Visual Studio .NET.

If you want to develop web based, desktop or mobile applications using ASP, then Visual Studio .NET is the place for you. It provides a complete set of developmental tools for developing the various applications. XML web services can also be built. There is a common integrated development environment (IDE) for all VB .NET, Visual C# .NET, C++ .NET, J# .NET etc. This enables sharing of tools and in development of mixed-language solutions. These languages act as a liver to the functioning of the ASP.NET framework. This gives access to major technologies that ease the building of ASP based web applications and XML web services.

We would cover the following in this article:

  1. Visual Studio Highlights

  2. .NET Framework

  3. Getting Started

  1. Some Highlights of Visual Studio .NET:

We will see some information related to the latest tools and technologies present in this version of Visual Studio.

  • Mobile Designer:

This is an extended version of ASP .NET and .NET Framework. It provides an environment to develop web based applications for cell phones, pagers and PDA’s. This particular environment is clubbed into IDE of Visual Studio. Using this one can built mobile web applications and also edit a mobile web form. All this from inside the Visual Studio.

  • XML Web Services:

These services can be termed as applications that can call for data and requests using XML in place of HTTP. These services are not compatible to a particular technology or platform, and therefore can be used by any of the languages or operating systems. In Visual Studio you can integrate web services from XML using C#, Java Script etc.

  • Web Forms:

These are used to construct programmable and interactive web pages. Being browser compatible HTML and script, it allows to display the pages across all platforms. Web pages can be created using this by making use of design controls in the front end and code at the back. Just like you would create the VB forms.

  • Visual J#:

Those who have the knowledge of Java can use this development environment to construct applications and services using Java language syntax. That too on .NET framework. It clubs the Java syntax into the Visual Studio’s integrated development environment (IDE). Visual J# has almost all the functionality present in Visual J++ 6.0. This also include extensions from Microsoft. Applications developed using this cannot run on a Java Virtual Machine. They would only run in the .NET framework.

2. .NET Framework:

The .NET framework is composed of mainly three parts namely:

  • CLR or Common Language Runtime:

This forms the core of the framework. It manages memory allocation and garbage collection as well. Keeps a control over the running processes, ensures that the security policy is maintained. Handling the dependency of one component on another one. During the development phase, its role varies as it takes to automation. It makes the work of developer easy, specifically as compared to COM.

  • Unified Programming Classes:

It provides developers with API’s better known as application programming interface libraries. As of now, C++ coders use MFC, while Java coding experts use WFC. The framework brings these separate models under one roof and give VB and Jscript programmers access to class libraries.

  • ASP .NET:

It provides a web application development environment with a group of controls and infrastructure that make it easy to build web applications in ASP. It includes HTML interfaces like drop down menus and text boxes. It also provides services like session management and process recycling. It reduces the amount of code required to be written and increase application’s reliability.

3. Getting Started:

Walkthroughs allow you to guide through task completion in Visual Studio .NET. Read them to get to know the product and how different technologies can be combined.

Web Forms Application Walkthroughs:

Mentions the process for developing a web based application clubbed with business object components.

Rich Client Walkthroughs:

Throws light on the process for developing a MFC based application.

Enterprise Templates:

Visual Studio serves you with a variety of project templates that can be used for various distributed applications. They define the basic structure and also provide architecture and technology oriented guidance for design purposes.

Moving Existing Applications:

Each release comes with advanced tools and technologies. Therefore, applications developed with earlier version may be required to be updated in order to be compatible with the latest version. Similarly, Visual Studio also may be required to be updated so that it can load and function with the latest version of Visual Studio. We provide it jobs in pune so register to get a dream job after training.

For .NET training and placement reviews, please do visit CRB Tech Reviews.

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How is .Net Interesting to Know About?

How is .net interesting to know about?

The most real question is What is .NET ?, and the easiest response is : it is a Structure in which Microsoft company windows programs may be designed and run. To be sure that this response does not tell much. In order to understand .NET we must go back in history and follow enhancing windows and the coming of Microsoft company windows growth.

Let’s see how a standard windows program works.

Windows provide the developers with various features – known as API. Starting from initially windows get into the professional market to the newest form of WindowsXP, APIs are the standard device to let them know what you want it to do. If you want to build a Discussion Box you must contact a specific API offered to you by windows. Creating submit needs another API contact. And the list goes on. As new GUIs appear on the seen, new APIs are presented in windows. But using these local APIs was a very complicated process.


Creating a simple Screen that printing “Hello World” could take more than hundred collections. Evaluate this to 5 collections of “Hello World” program in DOS. Due to this problems, windows growth was regarded something better left to professionals. The other professional company’s noticed this and started marketing Visible Resources that created the programmer’s life easy. Using Visual C++, Visible Primary, Borland’s C++ and other such IDEs, it became easier for making Microsoft company windows programs.

Various providers create their own “Wrapper classes” that covered the windows APIs in an Object-Oriented way. The (MFC) that are used in Visible C++, is an example of Wrapper classes. The MFC equal to Visible Primary is VBRun; and for Visible J++ it is WFC. These Wrapper Sessions, along with the Visible GUI tools created it very practical for making windows programs.

They pointed out that programs need a strong way approach each other. And this led to the release of Item Connecting and Embedding (OLE). OLE was a very useful idea, but it had two significant faults : It was infamously difficult to program, and it was restricted in its opportunity – i.e. it only did a few things like move and fall, clipboard discussing, OLE customer, OLE server etc. You can join our .net classes to make your profession in this field.

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Why Is .NET Important and what is it used for?

Why Is .NET Important and what is it used for?

Microsoft’s .NET effort permeates all aspects of processing. From your os and Web internet browser, to the web servers that run the Online, down to portable devices, cell phones, and radios—.NET has a tale. Windows aspirations is to change the way we develop, access, and communicate with Online programs. Given this, it’s simple to see that .NET is essential to anyone who accesses information digitally.

Because .NET is so far-reaching, its significance is described in a different way for different viewers. It examines each viewers and describes .NET’s significance to each group.


Microsoft wants to offer more application. It wants to be on the web servers that run Online programs all the way down to your VCR (UltimateTV). To realize its goal, Microsoft organization has constructed some of the smartest thoughts and added unknown enormous amounts into analysis, all concluding in a bet-the-company strategy—.NET.

.NET helps Online solutions. Of course, an Websites is application and the world’s biggest application organization will do more than simply accomplish their development. Microsoft organization plans to strongly take part in the development, hosting, handling, and providing of Online solutions to businesses and customers. One need only try Windows Ticket technological advancement, or explore bCentral or MSN to get a look at how the organization is concentrating on becoming the Web’s application solutions provider. After all, who better to make use of Windows items than Microsoft?

.NET captivates designers. Microsoft organization knows that to gain the commitment of designers is to offer more items. For example, when a designer creates Microsoft-centric rule, that rule is implemented on  web servers. When a organization deploys  server application, it entails Microsoft-trained IT staff to assistance, increase, and manage that application. One can see how the  brand can distribute within a company; it comes down to one designer and one venture.

The only way to win over designers, however, is with a fantastic item. .NET is the fantastic item. It gives designers choice and power. It allows them to develop programs, not write recurring workouts (more on this in a minute). It provides resources that allow application to interoperate across systems and indeed motivates heterogeneous techniques. Whatever the company need, Windows commitment is that Windows technological advancement will assistance it.

The new solutions model makes cool item areas. The great deal of data streaming between programs needs additions to present techniques as well as. And, of course,  is stuffing these holes with new promotions and .NET modifications of present items.

.NET is also Windows reverse to technological innovation such as Java and motions such as free. With items such as C# and contribution in Online requirements bodies such as the one that ratified SOAP, Microsoft organization plans to position the organization as an impressive and important member of the application community. In doing so, it will be fighting Sun’s Java and operating-system based on Linux system. The organization wants to confirm that its method of analysis and advancement makes a more powerful processing model for company and end users. You can join our .net classes to make your career in this field.

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