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A simplest way to reconstruct .Net Framework

Having an arrangement of the .NET Frameworks that works accurately is essential for all Windows clients and designers are no special case. Through the course of development, it is anything but difficult to unintentionally overwrite required records. With an end goal to minimize investigating, Microsoft gives the .NET Framework Repair Tool. This instrument gives the capacity to check a Windows framework for mistakes with any of the .NET Framework bundles that should be introduced.

The project might be executed by means of the summon line or through a graphical wizard. Summon line switches are accessible which permit the apparatus to be run unattended and to empower appropriate .NET bundles to be situated on a system offer (versus requiring Internet access). There is additionally an alternative to handicap the default conduct of sending an indicative log document to Microsoft after the apparatus has been executed.

The run of the mill operation of the utility makes the accompanying strides:

1. Filter the machine for the known mistakes with .NET Framework establishments and if found, give a rundown to the client for review

2. Following by are the steps taken by the typical operation of utilities -

Guaranteeing Windows Installer administration is appropriately operational

Reset optional access control records on framework envelopes

Confirm and remedy upgrade enlistment

3. In the event that the activities in step 2 have not been fruitful in redressing the issue

an alternative to play out a full repair of the introduced .NET Frameworks.

4. Alternatively send a CAB record containing framework logs for transmission to Microsoft.

In a trial keep running on this present creator’s machine, the system’s operation took around 20 minutes. Whenever finished, a document was left in %TEMP% index which contained the majority of the log records from my client registry’s AppData. The taxi likewise included registry dump records for HKCR and HKLM (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE).

Full points of interest on the system’s operation are accessible in a blog entry by The .NET Fundamentals Team and in its comparing KB article. The most recent rendition, V1.3, incorporates support for every .NET Framework through 4.6.1. It underpins operation on Windows working frameworks through Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1.

The framework of .NET began as a restrictive system, in spite of the fact that the organization attempted to institutionalize the product stack very quickly, even before its first discharge. Not with standing the regulation endeavors, developers—especially those in the free and open-source programming groups—communicated their uneasiness with the choose terms and the possibilities of any free and open-source usage, particularly as to programming licenses. From that point forward, Microsoft has changed .NET advancement to all the more nearly take after a contemporary model of a group created programming venture, including issuing a redesign to its patent guarantee to address the worries.

.NET Framework prompted a group of .NET stages focusing on portable registering, installed gadgets, elective working frameworks and program modules. A diminished variant of the structure .NET Compact Framework, is accessible on Windows CE stages, including Windows Mobile gadgets, for example, cell phones. .NET Micro Framework is focused at extremely asset obliged inserted gadgets. Silverlight was accessible as a web program module. Mono is accessible for some working frameworks and is tweaked into famous cell phone working frameworks (Android and iOS) and diversion motors. .NET Core targets cross-stage and cloud-based workloads notwithstanding the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Microsoft began development of .NET Framework in the late 1990s, initially under the name of Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). By late 2000, the principal beta adaptations of .NET 1.0 were discharged.

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Exploring MVVM, MVC, MVP Patterns

Exploring MVVM, MVC, MVP Patterns

The Design Perspective Operator (commonly known as MVC) structure helps you to build programs that are make sure sustain. It consists of three major elements, namely:

Design — this is the part that symbolizes the application’s data
Perspective — this symbolizes the demonstration or the customer interface layer
Operator — this part typically contains the business reasoning of your application


The primary objective of the MVC style design is separating of issues to accomplish testability. The Design Perspective Operator style design enables you to separate the issues and creates your application’s code simpler to make sure sustain. In a typical MVC style, the request first reaches the controller which holds the model with the corresponding view. In the MVC style design, the scene and the controller creates use of technique style and the scene and the model are synchronized using the viewer style. Hence, we may say that MVC is a substance design. The controller and the scene are generally combined and one controller can be used by several opinions. The view registers to the changes in the model.
Model Perspective Presenter

The MVP (Model View Presenter) style design also consists of three elements – the model, the scene and the speaker. In the MVP style design, the Operator (in MVC) is changed by the Presenter. Compared with the MVC style design, the Presenter signifies scene due to which mocking of the scene is simpler and device examining of programs that make use of the MVP style design over the MVC style design are less difficult. In the MVP style design, the speaker manipulates the model and also up-dates the scene. There are two modifications of this style. These include the following.

Inactive Perspective — in this technique, the scene is not aware of the model and the speaker up-dates the scene to mirror the changes in the model.
Monitoring Operator — in this technique, the scene communicates with the model directly to combine information to the information manages without the involvement of the speaker. The speaker is responsible for upgrading the model. It manipulates the scene only if needed — if you need a complicated customer interface reasoning to be implemented.

While both these versions promote testability of the demonstration reasoning, the passive view version is recommended over the other version (supervising controller) as far as testability is concerned primarily because you have all the scene modified reasoning inside the speaker.

The MVP style design is recommended over MVC when you needs to provide support for several customer interface technological innovation. It is also recommended if you have complicated customer interface with a lot of customer connections. If you would like to have automated device analyze on the customer interface of you, the MVP style design is well suited and recommended over the traditional MVC style. If you want you can make your career in this field then you can join our .net course.

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Bringing PHP to .Net is the Aim of Peachpie

Bringing PHP to .Net is the Aim of Peachpie

After Microsoft company open-sourced Roslyn, the compiler technological innovation became the foundation for a number of trial compilers that allow everything from obtaining C# to JavaScript, to offering an entertaining scripting atmosphere using C#.

Now a lately revealed Roslyn-based compiler venture known as Peachpie allows PHP to be collected into convenient category collections and implemented in the .Net structure.

In inclusion to possible efficiency benefits, obtaining to .Net provides PHP designers accessibility to the present lifestyle of software published for .Net, as well as popular functions of the .Net playback itself.


Another benefits of using Roslyn: It produces subjective format plants (ASTs) from PHP rule. Enabling the resource rule to be modified by the compiler and made available to the customer makes it much simpler to create research resources or programs that change the actions of other programs.

Peachpie is caused by an previously venture known as Phalanger, a PHP playback and compiler for .Net. Offered as a toolset for Visible Studio room 2010 through 2015, Phalanger allowed such projects as debugging a PHP website straight in Visible Studio room.

Many functions organized for Peachpie are not available yet, as the present focus is on offering a working example of know-how. For now, the parser facilitates only PHP 5, although assistance for PHP 7 is organized. A primary execution of the AST is available, but programs are under way to develop ASTs using Roslyn’s innovative ISymbol customer interface. And none of the .Net-related representation or more self examination resources are available yet.

PHP’s wide implementation — it’s been in use for 20 years — assures it will stay a common technological innovation choice for fast Web growth. With PHP 7, the terminology experienced an important efficiency increase and obtained its own subjective format shrub performance, among other achievements.

But PHP’s unreliable design and piecemeal progress started out up possibilities for other systems, such as Node.js, to step in and provide a more contemporary set of alternatives. (PHP debugging, for example, has long been problematic).

Peachpie isn’t likely to police arrest that pattern, but it will at least provide a way for both .Net and PHP designers to make use of what each growth atmosphere has to offer: PHP’s depth of present programs and growth skills and .Net’s playback and meta-programming features. Our .net training course is more than enough for you to make your profession in this field.

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Software development courses

Software development courses in Pune

Given the vast demand and popularity of software courses, there are a lot of software development courses in Pune available to students and professionals. Software development courses entail much more than mere commands and syntax. They cover the entire software life-cycle. They teach you ways to create algorithms, and study best practices to get the most out of software training. Through software development courses, you learn unit testing, profiling, debugging, etc.

Now the course modules and patterns may vary depending on the type of software development program you choose. IT experts predict a rise of more than 32 percent in the coming years. This means, about 3 lac jobs will be added to the job market by the time we reach 2018. Virtually anyone with a technological bend of mind can get his career on the right track with software development courses. One thing that’s absolutely necessary if you are taking up a software development course is problem solving skills. You need to have attention to detail, must be able to do multi-tasking, and have a tendency towards analytical thinking. Also, communication skills will go a long way in establishing rapport especially once you take up a job.

A lot of Universities are doing their best to accommodate software development courses in their scope. But software development courses are usually vast and in-depth and should therefore be pursued only if the said facility has good infrastructure, latest knowledge and competent staff. The vast and detailed nature of software development courses makes it imperative for students to look into the details carefully before signing up for a course. References and recommendations are a good way of starting your hunt for the best software development courses in Pune. Institutes like CRB Tech Pune would be your best bet if you wish to get some career advice before enrolling for a course.

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What is the scope of .NET in the future? Or what is the future of .NET?

When such stumbling questions comes to mind then there comes a question

“OH NO! Which line to choose?? JAVA or Dot NET??”

It is said that scope lies where you make your way your own scope. It’s totally dependent on you to decide where your interest does lies pertinent to which your scope is destined

“If you are interested you can be innovative if not you will be beating around the bush”



See, over a period of time, software evolves. Everybody knows that when Microsoft declared its C# language in 1999 and couple of years later, .NET was introduced. After 12 years, here we are. .NET and C# is still here which makes survival of the fittest as a true statement. It may have evolved a lot since then. Although there are some trends that have become extinct such as VB.NET, Windows Forms and Silver light and there are couple of appearance like HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and Windows Store Apps.

If you look today, .NET 4.5 with Visual Studio 2012 is the main focus of Microsoft. Visual Studio 2012 perhaps is one of the best products to build Windows and Web software applications.

Silver light is dead. Windows Forms is becoming legacy.

Look at Silver light today? Silver light is dead. Even the Silver light.net website is closed by Microsoft. For the development of windows, more clients are adapting WPF over Windows Forms.  Widows Forms are not having too many new improvements happening in from Microsoft. Windows Forms and WPF are matured enough and Microsoft doesn’t seem to be adding anything new.

Where are ASP.NET and W PF today? Well, WPF is still in high demand and MVC and Web API are the future products of ASP.NET but traditional ASP.NET is being overwritten with faster, effective and rejuvenated HTML 5, JavaScript, and JQuery. There is no surety or it is unpredictable about the future of Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET but it is not the case with DOT NET there is plenty more to do with .NET.

Let’s take a look at what Microsoft is promoting? The current track of Microsoft development has three major verticals for certifications; they are:

  • Windows Store Apps
  • Web Applications
  • ALM

Using C#, DOTNET4.5 and Visual Studio2012 you can applications in all three disciplines

May be after some years DOT NET may evolve in something else at the same time you as a software developer must also evolve.


C# and XAML are the two languages on which Microsoft has invested a lot . You can say the future of Microsoft depends on these two languages. No matter if you develop a Windows Phone app, Windows 8 app, ASP.NET web application, a service, or Windows thick clients, you can use these two languages. So learning C# and XML is always a good idea and promise you a bright future.


Window Communication Foundation has become an industry standard to build distributed applications. W CF is also a part of DOT NET

A DOT NET Developer can earn an average salary of Rs 2lakhs per year. A skill in Oracle adds as an added advantage. DOT NET technology has become popular for all web related projects and will play an even larger role in future versions of Microsoft products. Organizations worldwide are implementing .NET technologies and Web services to create connected businesses and to help individuals communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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Hardware and Networking

Career in Hardware and Networking

Nowadays computer has become everything and it is very much mandatory in everyone’s mind; actually a baby is born with a computer it s a nice joke right? Computer plays a huge role right from any household requirements to entertainment, news, career, jobs etc. The physical parts consist of many wires and devices and plug-ins those are termed as hardware.  Networking deals with linking a group of two or more computer systems to share data and information. The employees who work for the better performance and configuration of the computer are called as hardware engineers. The hardware and networking course also involves the process of manufacturing and installation of hardware. Many Indian and foreign IT companies in the country are there to offer you a good career rather than just a job in this sector.

Career Opportunities:

Hardware and Networking has a great demand today because of more vacancies and there are clients with hardware problem so they will be the beneficiary community. The candidates who have completed this course will definitely have amazing opportunities in both private and public sector. For Hardware engineers, the most suitable place is hardware developing companies. Even industries, corporate houses, and public sector undertakings are offering a great source of opportunities today. Hardware and Networking experts are of great help and great in demand in financial institutions, private and public sector banks, colleges, schools, etc. So why not hook up with this course and come out with fly colors Even self employment is possible like having your Hardware firm for assembling or dissembling or you know what you can be a master in detecting if there is a breakdown in any of your system, friends there are amazing growth opportunities as well. You can also become a professor in any college regarding hardware and networking or you can also become a corporate trainer in any IT company which also pays you good enough with leave offers as well. So if you are a good student you can become a good teacher as well.

  Salary Package:

Current scenario in terms of salary package for entry level engineers will be starting from Rs 8000 to Rs12000 depending on the nature of the company, performance of the candidate and experience level you will be paid a handsome package say for about 50,000 to 60,000 per month. But of course job satisfaction is more important if you are happy with the job and find yourself interested and dedicated for the growth of the company in that particular area then money has no option other than running behind you like water from the dam.

Top ten companies with handsome revenue:

Serial number Company name Revenue $
1 HP 85,393
2 Samsung 74,763
3 Foxconn 61,800
4 Nokia 46,412
5 Dell 44,877
6 Toshiba 44,242
7 Intel 36,320
8 LG Electronics 33,429
9 Cisco 32,840
10 Canon 29,999



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Automated testing

Automated testing benefits


Anyone associated with software systems development would know the importance of software testing. It is of paramount importance in determining the efficacy and performance of a product or software. Without the right testing techniques, quality cannot be achieved satisfactorily. And poor quality would mean dissatisfied customers and eventually substantial loss to the company. Needless to say, it’s hard to imagine software development without software testing. One of the most popular methods of software testing is automated testing.

The right automated software testing techniques can radically improve the development process and reduce related costs. Also, these tests can help in increasing the life of software systems. It is impractical to expect all tests to be automated. While deciding which tests need to be automated, a realistic evaluation of their value versus the effort is necessary.

When testing needs to be done fast and frequently, automated testing is ideal. Shorter development cycles ensure that automated testing outdoes the initial costs in no time making it extremely beneficial for the user as well as the company. A lot of times, companies choose automated testing over manual testing because the latter is boring and highly prone to errors. Automated testing on the other hand, allows repeatability, ensures accuracy and allows testers to focus on more important matters since tests are executed without user interaction.

Automated testing is a vast field and the challenges are many since the entire future of the application or software depends on it. Being a very important aspect of development, it cannot be compromised. The tester handling it should be extremely efficient and knowledgeable. Companies are exceedingly particular about their choice of software testers. Make sure that you pick up an appropriate course in automated testing. For the best choices in automated testing, both in terms of courses as well as jobs, visit CRB Tech Pune.


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Automated testing

Automated testing – The way forward

Automated testing refers to the type of software testing where you check applications / technology / software by means of specific set of codes or a program to determine if it meets the parameters that were decided at the time of designing. Unless it is in line with the governing parameters and the performance and quality is as expected, there is no point in releasing it. Testers have access to a variety of tools to conduct automated testing. Types of testing such as performance and regression testing can be carried out successfully using automated testing, though there are usually a lot of factors to consider before choosing the testing methods.

In the last few years, software testing has undergone a huge change and new tools and techniques are being introduced into the market every now and then. No doubt, automated testing has become much simpler and effective than before. For the same reason, a lot of people are under the belief that automation testing is no longer a niche field and virtually anyone with reasonable technical knowledge can conduct it using tools and software. The truth is that expectations from automated testers have increased tremendously and there are skills that are beyond the capacity of an average tester.

Formal education can do a world of difference to automated software testers. Thankfully, all top institutes in Pune and other cities are offering the finest courses in automated testing. Given the unique responsibilities that an automated software tester is expected to handle, the courses are designed carefully covering everything that’s important from testing point of view. Testers need to identify the right tools and techniques at various stages of the developmental cycle. Institutes like CRB Tech ensure that plenty of real-time experience is given to students through live projects and necessary skills are honed to perfection.

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Advanced .NET

Advanced  .NET

Primary Responsibilities:

The .Net Developer

  • Designs
  • modifies
  • develops
  • writes
  • implements software programming applications and components
  • supports and/or installs
  • software applications and components
  • works from written specifications and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job
  • Maintains documentation of process flow.

Skill Requirements:

  • Utilize established development tools, guidelines and conventions including but Not limited to ASP.NET, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C#/VB.NET
  • Design, code and test new Windows and web software applications
  • Enhance existing systems by analyzing business objectives, preparing an action plan and identifying areas for modification and improvement
  • Maintain existing software systems by identifying and correcting software defects
  • Investigate and develop skills in new technologies
  • Create technical specifications and test plans

Benefits of .Net Application Software

1.      Agile Architecture

Create new business opportunities:

Both internal and external architecture agile application are provided by XML Web services, making integration of applications across the intranet or Internet simple. It allows you to integrate with your applications, suppliers and customers. The .NET Framework is designed from the ground up to use XML Web services as its native communication mechanism.

Time Reduction for Marketing

The .NET Framework enables you to leverage existing applications, developer skills, and IT skills to build out your IT infrastructure faster than ever before. It’s deep runtime capabilities enables you to easily convert existing applications into XML Web services and rewriting or recompilation are not required.

Deliver excellent TCO

Windows already delivers some of the best total cost of ownership. The .NET Framework as an added advantage builds on that – make it more reliable, security, deployment, and performance –  enabling you to run applications on high-volume, low-cost hardware.

 Protect current investments

XML and Global XML are the basis for Dot Net Framework. C# and the CLI, is being standardized in ECMA, protecting your investment by enabling other companies to implement the .NET Framework.

 2. Rapid Development

Use any programming language

The .NET Framework enables developers to integrate any programming language and there can be a versatility of programs languages. This can stand for the growth of the technology

Take advantage of leading tools

There are many .NET Framework features which were designed specifically for improvising the tool’s quality, such as combined debugging and profiling. The .NET Framework also helps

Microsoft Visual Studio.Net

 Write less code

The highly componentized design used by dot net framework  enables developers to focus on writing business logic. Developers can utilize dozens of built-in controls for common tasks such as shopping carts and treeviews or tabviews and need not  write IDL or Registry code.

Employ Windows Application Services

Windows® .NET Server and Windows 2000 Server have the most advanced application services available: the fastest transaction monitor and message queuing engine, the most advanced data access subsystem, the best Web server. The .NET Framework takes advantage of these. For example, .NET Framework transactions are COM+ transactions, and all the new COM+ capabilities in Windows .NET can be used from the .NET Framework.

3. Improved Operations

Improve performance

The typical Web applications performance has been improved by DOT NET Framework. It does advanced compilation and caching features that improve performance by a factor of two to three over existing Active Server Pages applications.

Simplify application deployment

Installing applications is as easy as copying them into a directory and “DLL Hell” is eliminated. Self-healing when applications are damaged is also an added advantage  and applications can be upgraded while they are running.

Run more reliable applications

The .NET Framework makes applications more reliable. For example, .NET Framework manages memory, threads, and processes to ensure that memory leaks don’t occur. And ASP.NET monitors running Web applications and can automatically restart them at administrator-defined intervals.

 Be confident with evidence- and role-based security

The .NET Framework security system provides  method-level control over what applications can and can’t do based on who wrote the code, what it’s trying to do, where it was installed from, and who is trying to run it.

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hardware and networking course in Pune

What to look for in a hardware and networking course in Pune?

Computers is perhaps the only field where there seems to be no dearth of jobs for IT professionals. Right from technicians to engineers, everyone can find a job of their liking in the IT sector. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that with the globalization that computers and Internet have brought about, the dynamics of the job market have changed drastically. Not surprising then, there is a huge demand for computer courses, both online and offline. Hardware and networking courses considering their scope and popularity are much in demand these days. In fact, hardware and networking courses in Pune have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of students in the last few years.

These courses teach you everything about the systems and components and ways to connect them to facilitate data sharing. So, with the right network of computers, printers, wireless communication devices, and several other related systems and components, it is possible to seamlessly share information and work in sync. Companies rely on their network engineers and system administrators to take care of these tasks. Usually, the networking team is significantly large, but the scenario is a little different in smaller companies. Since having a dedicated team for networking costs a lot, they usually have network engineers coming over to their organization like a consultant to fix problems as and when they arise.

Hardware and networking courses in Pune are available for students as well as working professionals. You may take up a basic course or a detailed one with industry internship and placement assistance. While choosing a course, especially an online one, make sure that you understand the mode of teaching and the method of examinations. Talk to the facilitators to know if they will be giving you enough exposure to handle live projects. For thorough training and assistance on hardware and networking courses, do visit CRB Tech.


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