Most Popular Programming Languages In Trend

Today CRB Tech write about the most popular or trending programming languages worldwide. The easiest way to do is seek public opinion or using the Tiobe index listings.

Even if you search Google then you would get some pretty good idea. In this blog discussion we compared five programming languages to show how they fare against each other.


The C++ language and also the C language continue to be popular worldwide. India ranks in the highest trending area followed by France and South Africa.

Though C++ is very around the world, yet it is not popular everywhere.


This language rules the Tiobe charts; but same as C++ there are areas where Java does not flourish. Like C++, India is near the top and there is a new entry i.e. Bangladesh which actually has the highest trending for Java. The U.S. fails to appear in the top five.


A very popular language again in India and is trending as one of the strongest language. To mention, China comes in at number two position for C#

It is also popular worldwide; but in areas of Africa they don’t. As with the previous two languages, the US is not in the top five.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a language that continues to try and hold its own. This happens to be the only language among the five we are discussing and does not have India listed in the top five.

Though Visual Basic is yet popular worldwide, including trends in areas of Africa where C# does not register, its most popular area is Central America.


Swift is now being used in place of Objective-C by a lot of iOS developers. Hence it has gained.

Swift is popular in many of the countries as the other languages. Again US is not among the top five. The Philippines, followed by Singapore and Indonesia, are the top three, with India coming in 4th.


Trending is the most interesting when you compare the five languages together. C/C++ continues to trend on a steady path, even at a higher level relative to most languages. Java fared the worst because it has gone from being higher than C/C++ to being well below. In recent months, Swift is trending higher than where Java is now. If both continue then Swift will likely overtake Java. Though C# has also trended relatively lower, but at lower numbers. The most dropped language is Visual Basic and it has fallen below C# and Swift to take the bottom position among the five languages.

To mention the data is based on Google Trends, which is relative to what people to how people are searching. Also you must note that like the Tiobe index, this is also a flawed way to look at language popularity. But we must admit that the data is interesting. If you have any say on the above, comment us below.

Most popular languages

Finally we mention what you can see is the most popular trending language in each country. C/C++ is predominant across the world, with Java spread in several countries as well. Finally, VB shows up only in few areas. That say Visual Basic is on the decline.

We conclude the discussion here.

Let us know your opinion in the comments sections below.

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