Microsoft Announces The Visual Studio For MAC

So Microsoft has finally made the announcement of VS 2017 and a release candidate. The organisation, Microsoft held the keynote for its Connect() developer conference where it announced the next version of its integrated development environment (IDE), VS 2017. The business is also providing a release candidate, which you can get from

The IDE has been in way in the name of Visual Studio “15” since the early part of this year, and it gives a new installer. To mention that in fact, for the first time in history, the smallest installation comes at under 750MB. But obviously, packing it out with all of the attributes that it provides will make it much bigger; can be assumed to be over 60GB.

The company’s latest IDE has a heavy focus on mobile cross-platform development, coming with an iOS Simulator, an attribute which used to be an exclusive manner in designing on a Mac.

VS 2017 also involves improvements to IntelliSense, which is one of the most popular and helpful features of VS. New improvements include smart preselecting, filtering and XAML support.

Smart preselecting will make you determine the “target type” that is required at a position in code and will preselect items in the IntelliSense completion list matching that type. This will increase your typing flow and removes the burden of having to figure out the expected type at a given location. IntelliSense filtering will help you to filter the completion list by category; for instance, you can filter out the extension methods or see only events. This attribute boosts productivity when you’re working in a large code base where there are many items in the completion list or when dealing with unfamiliar code.

To be frank enough, this release will deliver a whole new experience for XAML IntelliSense to help the programmers bind quickly and correctly and view only relevant information. This smarter completion experience includes completion when binding events, paths and functions with x:Bind; camelCase matching support and namespace prefix auto completion.

There are also new Code Analysis attributes. Code Analysis originally launched with VS 2015, as a mode of knowing issues with your code while you’re typing it, rather than at the run-time. The new version of Visual Studio “takes live analysis and code fixes a step further by increasing the set of refactoring and code fixes available, and by introducing code style analyzers that identify style issues in code as soon as they’re typed.”

New refactoring options include:

  • Move Type To Matching File
  • Sync file and type the name
  • Translate property to method
  • Use object initialize
  • Convert null-check + throw to use?? + throw
  • Convert string.Format to interpolated string
  • Make method synchronous
  • Add the missing case
  • Add braces

This also has a new feature or attribute to debug named, called “Run To Click“. This attribute will enable developers to run a program until it reaches the line of code that breaks it. This does away with the need of creating break points.

But of course, this is a full new version of Visual Studio, and it would be impossible for us to outline its countless new attributes.

We conclude the discussion here.

Let us know your opinion in the comments sections below. And feel free to refer Microsoft’s site to gather more information.

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