What Is Mysql? And My Database?

What Is Mysql? And My Database?

Who is This Content For?

This article is published from the perspective of a website owner and is instructed at prospective website owners (or current webmasters) who are instantly faced by mysterious conditions like “MySQL database” or “PostgreSQL database” and the like.


It is not intended to be a extensive educational meaning for development learners. If you are one, you should seek advice from a development guide for the appropriate meaning. The description below is intended for the layperson who recognizes these conditions pop up in locations like web hosts’ function details and the “System Requirements” details for various web application like PHP programs, and wonder what it indicates, and whether it’s something that they need to be involved about. In other terms, this information is intended for a non-technical viewers looking for to get the big image and see if it is appropriate to them.

What is a Database?

Before I can response what MySQL indicates, I have to describe what a pc “database” indicates.

Essentially, where computer systems are involved, a details source is a just selection of details. Particular (or “specialized” in US English) details source application, like MySQL, are just applications that allows you shop and recover that details as effectively as possible.

A little example may help ensure it is better why we use specialized details source application. Think about the records saved on your pc. If you were to save all your records using a (brain-dead) data file labeling plan like “1.doc”, “2.doc”, “3.doc”, … “9,999,999.doc” (etc), you will gradually experience a problem of discovering the right data file if you’re looking for a particular papers. For example, if you’re looking for a business offer you made a while ago to XYZ Company, which data file should you open? One way is to sequentially check every individual data file, beginning from “1.doc”, until you get the right details. But this is obviously a very ineffective technique of getting the right data file. And it’s mainly caused by an ineffective technique of preserving your details ( preserving your files) in the first position.

There are many data source that assistance the use of SQL to accessibility their details, among them MySQL and PostgreSQL. In other terms, MySQL is just the product of one details source application, one of many. The same goes for PostgreSQL. These two data base are very well-known among applications that run on websites (probably because they are free), which is why you often see one or both of them being promoted in the function details of web provides, as well as being detailed as one of the “system requirements” for certain web application (like web blogs and cms systems). Thus our DBA training institute is always there for you to make your career in this field.

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