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If you’d like to learn how to become a Data base administrator, this article will guide you through the needs and skills required, as well as career development and salary details for DBAs.

Database Manager Job Description

Our world is beginning to change technically at such a fast rate, it’s mind-blowing to keep track of! Nowadays there is so much details being moved, stored, managed, recovered, etc. Data source directors manage these considerable amounts of data and gather them into data source. Data source directors then store, trouble shoot, and improve the data source as required, utilizing database management tools and software.


Database Manager Requirements


All companies are seeking candidates with a bachelor’s stage in either details technology, technological innovation, or similar technical stage (with at least 2 decades of appropriate experience). Some companies are willing to substitute decades of appropriate expertise rather than of a stage. For most advanced stage roles, like a mature database administrator, a experts stage in details technology is preferred.

Work Experience

In lieu of a stage, some companies will take two to five decades of data about database administration. For most advanced stage roles, like a mature database administrator, you’ll need 3-5 years of relevant expertise in addition to your stage.

Salary Information

According to the Institution of Work and Research, data source directors made a normal of $73,490 per season, which means $35.33 per hour during of 2010, and the estimated growth in this field is increasing at 31%, nearly double the national regular. By 2020, there is a estimated 33,900 new tasks that need to be loaded, for a total of 144,700 data source manager tasks available.


Some of the skills you’ll need are:

  • Database instancing

  • Database modeling

  • Database backup and recovery

  • Database troubleshooting

  • Data warehouse designs and concepts

  • Strong analytic skills

  • Knowledge of SQL, MySQL, .NET, Microsoft Server, Linux, and/or Oracle

  • Knowledge of other RDBMS

  • Shell scripting

  • Script creation

  • Providing end to end support

Database Administrator Jobs

There are a variety of database administrator jobs. These include working with:

  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • MYSQL Server

  • Microsoft Server

  • .NET

The progression for DBA jobs is as follows:

  • Entry-level database positions

  • Junior administrator

  • Senior administrator

A data base administrator can get by with an associates level or a certification in a computer-related subject after acquiring some experience. A certification system lasts annually, while an associates level takes two years to complete.

Many employers prefer data source administrators with at least a bachelors level in information technology or an associated field. In some cases, a masters level is required for higher-level positions. A bachelors level system is a 4-year system and is a requirement to a 2-year masters level system. Students interested in data source management professions should major in information technology, computer engineering, mathematics, statistics, on-line and business with an computer concentration. You can join our Oracle training to make your career in this field.


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