Oracle DBA Jobs In Pune

Oracle DBA Jobs In Pune

There are various kinds of DBAs. Some DBAs function in the designer arena, while others are heavy into efficiency and adjusting, and still others fall into the functional factors of handling SQL Server. There are a number of different projects a they might execute depending on the atmosphere in which they perform. To help recognize all the different kinds of projects a DBA might execute I have collected a record.


My record covers many different kinds of projects. I have classified these projects into 7 different areas: Settings, Details source Specifications, Details source Style, Growth, Servicing, Tracking, and Preparing. For each process, I’ve listed a short description of the responsibilities associated with that process. In some surroundings, a single DBA might execute each of these projects but in other surroundings, these projects might be distributed by many different individuals. If you are contemplating being a DBA, or are currently a DBA then these are of projects you might expect or should be performing.

Configurations Tasks:

SQL Server Device Configuration

DBAs should set up the real physical machine for each new SQL Server set up. The DBAs will continue to perform with program employees to recognize fault patience as well as requirements. These requirements will be used to get the real physical installation requirements. In some surroundings, the DBA will execute the real set up of components and setting up the operation system. In other surroundings, they might just provide information to the systems administration employees in how to set up the components associated with a SQL Server machine.

Installing SQL Server Instances

The DBA will be accountable for setting up SQL Server software and additional circumstances on a SQL server machine. DBAs should consider how each set up should be installation. When you have multiple circumstances and machines, you should consider making a scriptable set up so all set ups are consistence across all circumstances. This reliability will help reduce the care factors of handling all your instances

Tasks Related Details source Standards:

Develop Data source Standards

In order to keep reliability across a company the DBA should create database standards. The DBA is accountable for creating and interacting these standards across the business. Specifications should not be created in a vacuum, so the DBA should accomplish database conventional conversations with program designers in a company. Specifications are an changing procedure, once developed they need to be maintained. The DBA should create sure as new produces of program technological innovation and database versions come out that the factors are analyzed and customized properly to fulfill the needs of the ever changing atmosphere of technological innovation.

Review Details source Designs for Standard Compliance

Once standards are in place a DBA needs for making sure each new database, or enhanced database is analyzed for making sure it satisfies the database standards. If databases don’t fulfill the factors then the DBA should play the traffic cop role, and be sure a database either satisfies the factors, or some form of exception procedure is completed to document why a particular database does not fulfill the factors. There are many Oracle dba jobs available for you to make a choice.

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