What are the Oracle Database links for remote queries?

If you are a customer in the LOCAL database, you can access things in the REMOTE information source via a knowledge source weblink. To do this, simply add the information source link name to the name of any desk or perspective that is offered to the remote consideration. When appending the information source weblink name to a desk or perspective name, you must come before the information source weblink name with an @ indication.

For local platforms, you referrals the desk name in the FROM clause:

select *

from bookshelf ;

For remote platforms, use a knowledge base link known as REMOTE_CONNECT. In the FROM stipulation, referrals the desk name followed by @REMOTE_CONNECT:

select *

from bookshelf @remote_connect ;

If your details source initialization factors include GLOBAL_ NAMES=TRUE, then the information source weblink name must be the same as the name of the remote example you are linking to.

When the information source weblink in the previous question is used, Oracle will log into the information source specified by the information source weblink, using the details offered by the weblink. It then concerns the BOOKSHELF desk in that consideration and profits the information to the customer who started the question.

This is proven graphically in remote query. The REMOTE_CONNECT information source weblink in the remote query is situated in the LOCAL information source.

The signing into the LOCAL information source and using the REMOTE_ CONNECT information source weblink in the FROM stipulation profits the same results as signing in straight to the remote information source and performing the question without the information source weblink. It makes the remote information source seem local.


The most of information source hyperlinks that can be used in a single period is set via the OPEN_LINKS parameter in the database’s initialization parameter information file.

Queries implemented using information source hyperlinks do have some limitations. You should not use information source hyperlinks in concerns that use the CONNECT BY, START WITH, and PRIOR search phrases. Some concerns using these search phrases will work (for example, if PRIOR is not used outside of the CONNECT BY stipulation and START WITH does not use a subquery), but most tree-structured concerns will don’t succeed when using information source hyperlinks.

Use the CREATE DATABASE LINK declaration to produce a database link. A database link is a schema item in one database which allows you to accessibility things on another database. The other database need not be an Oracle Data source program. However, to accessibility non-Oracle techniques you must use Oracle Heterogeneous Solutions.

After you have made a database link, you can use it to relate to platforms and thoughts about the other database. In SQL claims, you can relate to a desk or look at the other database by appending @dblink to the desk or perspective name. You can question a desk or look at the other database with the SELECT declaration. You can also accessibility distant platforms and opinions using any INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or LOCK TABLE declaration. You can develop your oracle careers by joining the sql training in Pune.

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