Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certification

Oracle certification are tangible, industry-recognised qualifications that can help you be successful in your IT profession and offer considerable benefits to your company.

Oracle certification are an honest approval of coaching and experience that can speed up your professional development, improve your efficiency, and improve your reliability. Today there are over 440,000 Oracle Qualified Experts globally.

Oracle Database 11g is Oracle’s biggest launch of new performance and is Oracle’s state-of-the-art launch, major the database market into new ground in clustering, automated, high accessibility and more.

This extensive elearning course makes learners for the Oracle 11g Data base Administrator. The course is finished online, at your own time, at a location that you prefer. This course contains in-depth database management subjects such as problem solving, problem restoration, and handling storage and memory.

Exercise examinations are involved as well, which will allow you to respond to query in the same structure as test on examination day, and can offer in-depth educational reviews on each query to thoroughly cover every topic you need to master.

This course contains the following features:

  1. Instructor-led demonstrations and visible demonstrations to build up your skills based on real life circumstances.
  2. Unlike a live category, you can fast-forward, do it again or go back all your lessons. This gives you all the benefit of hands-on coaching with the versatility of doing it around your routine 24/7.
  3. Flash Cards and Education and learning Games are also provided throughout the course.
  4. Practice examinations help you get prepared for your examinations. These examinations are generally 100 inquiries to ensure you are 100% prepared if you are taking a certification examination.
  5. You can also communicate and work together with other learners through our boards, student efforts and statement functions.

Who should complete this course?

  1. Oracle 11g Designers and Data source Directors.
  2. People considering a profession as a Oracle Data source Designer or Manager.
  3. Entry Specifications / Prerequisites

You must have a good working knowledge of Microsoft company Windows.

Topics covered in this Course
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Using SQL to Query Your Database
  • Conversion Functions, Group Functions, and Joins
  • Subqueries, Set Operators, and Data Manipulation
  • Using DDL, Views, Sequences, Indexes, and Synonyms
  • Controlling User Access and Managing Schema Objects
  • Data Dictionary Views and Large Data Sets
  • Managing Data in Different Time Zones
  • Using Subqueries and Regular Expressions
  • Database Architecture and Installation
  • Database Creation and Instance Management
  • The ASM Instance and Network Connectivity
  • Storage Structures and User Security
  • Managing Concurrency, Undo, and Auditing
  • Managing Database Maintenance and Performance
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Moving Data and Oracle Support

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