Our Online training course syllabus for oracle

  1. Introduction.
  • Identify the oracle product
  • Describe the basic concept of a relational database
  1. Installing oracle database 10g software.
  • System requirements.
  • Red hat Linux Installation
  • Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer on Linux Platform
  1. Create an oracle database.
    • Oracle Database Architecture
    • Oracle instance architecture
    • Oracle Read Consistency and Concurrency

Oracle online training

  1. Controlling the database.
  • Start and stop the agent
  • Start and stop the enterprise manager database console
  • Start and stop the listener
  • Startup and shutdown the database
  1. Database Creation.
  • Manual
  • Database Configuration Assistant(DBCA)
  1. Storage Structures.
  • Defining the table spaces and data files
  • Create table spaces
  • Manage table spaces
  • Obtain table space information
  1. File Management.
  • Control File Management
  • Redo Log File Management
  • Parameter File Management
  • Obtain table space information
  1. Administering users.
  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Create and manage roles
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Control resource usage by using Profiles
  1. Oracle Net Services.
  • Understand Oracle Net concepts
  • Use Oracle Net Manager to create and configure listeners
  • Use the listener control utility to control the Oracle Net Listener
  • Use the Oracle Net Manager to configure client and middle-tier connection
  • Use TNSPING to test Oracle Net connectivity
  1. Managing schema objects.
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define constraints
  • View the attributes of a table
  • View the contents of a table
  • Create indexes and views
  1. Oracle Backup & Recovery (User Managed).
  • Introduction
  • Design, Testing, Implementation Strategies
  • Offline(cold)/Online(hot) backups
  • Performing Complete Recovery
  • Performing Incomplete Recovery
  1. Oracle Backup & Recovery (System Managed: RMAN).
  • Introduction
  • RMAN Architecture
  • Configuration
  • Setting up Catalog
  • Online/Offline Backup using RMAN
  • Backups Options
  • Incremental Backups,
  • Scripts,
  • Complete Recovery
  • Incomplete Recovery
  • Table Space Point in Time Recovery (TSPITR)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Recovery of Corrupted DB-Blocks
  1. Cloning.
  • RMAN
  • Manual

Our CRB Tech provides Oracle online training.

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