What is new about Automating the Oracle Database?

Believe it or not, the more you improve them around information source management, the more issues you can get (derived from the computerized itself) and on the contrary the a longer period you can get in purchase to focus on something more immediate, important or exciting. However you see it.

Of course, the discussion “If you improve everything well, then you will have almost no issues” is actually legitimate but actually it it is not more than just an discussion.

You have seen, used, and probably proved helpful with Automated Storage Management (ASM), Automated Amount of work Database (AWR), Automated Database Analytic Observe (ADDM), Automated SGA Management (ASM).

There is even a guide known as “Easy Oracle Automation” not to discuss the 90’s guide “High Efficiency Oracle Database Automation: Developing Oracle Programs with SQL and PL/SQL” when computerized in the information source had completely different significance from what it has now.

Just look at the costs above, you can get both guides for 10 bucks!

You may choose yourself if the language easy and Oracle fit in the same phrase. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Establishing AMM for example is just one (or two) parameter(s) in the init.ora information file but be careful plenty of your time you might invest in bug analysis. Try to search the Metalink bug information source for AMM, think if you will get many or grosses of strikes.

Are you still with me? Now, there are 5 significant ares of information source automation:

1. Back-up automation: this is most well-known area of computerized around the information source. Very few DBAs hassle to personally backup the information source. However, how many can improve recover and restoration But someone should go personally through the records of unsuccessful computerized back-ups and debug the factors and re-run the back-ups.

2. Tracking automation: Lines Control is doing it for you. Simply create sure that agents’ position is also supervised for if an broker is down/hung then there is no monitoring. Of course, we want to ensure that the agents’ monitoring procedure is also under monitoring and so on and so on … In my personal viewpoint Lines Control is the best device designed by Oracle around the information source. And it is free if you do not use the specs. Of course the of Lines Control without the options is like the value of a knowledge source with no customers in it (but then protection is not an problem, right?)

3. Automation of common DBA activities: theoretically almost everything can be automated: start-up and shut down of the information source, etc. Query is: is it truly value it? Do you improve Oracle set ups and patching? Well patching can be semi-automated using the provisioning package in situation you have plenty of a chance to invest in establishing the program. I have seen all views on that topic. Can you improve autoextend of the information file program when it is 99% complete. No way, right? Do you instantly add datafiles to a tablespace when it is almost full?

4. Security automation: now this is a awesome one. Often ignored by some DBAs computerized protection of the information source collection can be quite valuable in situation of should-not-have-happened circumstances. Often audit is designed incorrectly. The value you get from effectively set information source protection computerized is remarkable. Many organizations comprehend very well the protection threats and issues but whether they really comprehend it or not is a question.

5. Automated SQL tuning: it is the best (I have already and I will share it at Oracle Start World). I will publish independently on the topic but here in brief what it is:

– Oracle instantly operates the SQL Adjusting Consultant on chosen high-load SQL claims from the Automated Workload Repository (AWR) that are eligible as tuning candidates

– This process, known as Automated SQL Adjusting, operates in the standard servicing MS Windows on a every night basis

– You can personalize popular functions of the servicing ms windows, such as start and end time, regularity, and times of the week

– Automated SQL tuning operates by standard for at most one time during a servicing window

– Automated SQL Adjusting needs one-time configuration

– Available from 11g onwards

– One of the best new functions in 11g and the best 11g new function for Data Middle DBAs’

You can be a part of the DBA course to make your profession as a DBA in this field.

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