Introduction to Oracle Automatic Storage Management

Oracle ASM is a quantity administrator information program for Oracle database information files that supports single-instance Oracle Database and Oracle Real Application Control (Oracle RAC) options.

Oracle ASM is Oracle’s recommended storage space control solution that provides an alternative to conventional quantity managers, information file techniques, and raw gadgets.

Oracle ASM uses hard drive categories to store information files; an Oracle ASM hard drive team is a collection of drives that Oracle ASM controls as a unit. Within a hard drive team, Oracle ASM reveals information program interface for Oracle information source information files.

The material of information files that are stored in a hard drive team is distributed to eliminate hot spots and to provide consistent efficiency across the drives. The efficiency is comparable to the efficiency of raw gadgets.

You can add or eliminate drives from a hard drive team while a information source continues to access information files from the hard drive team. When you add or eliminate drives from a hard drive team, Oracle ASM instantly redistributes the information file material and removes the need for recovery time when redistributing the material.

The Oracle ASM quantity administrator performance provides flexible server-based reflecting choices. The Oracle ASM normal and high redundancy hard drive categories allow two-way and three-way reflecting respectively. You can use external redundancy to allow a Repetitive Array of Independent Disks (RAID) storage space subsystem to perform the reflecting protection function.

Oracle ASM also uses the Oracle Managed Files (OMF) feature to make simpler information source information file control. OMF instantly creates information files in specific locations. OMF also names information files and removes them while relinquishing space when tablespaces or information files are removed.

Oracle ASM reduces the management expense for managing information source storage space by combining information storage space into a few hard drive categories. The smaller variety of hard drive categories consolidates the storage space for multiple data source and provides for improved I/O efficiency.

Oracle ASM information files can exist together with other storage space control choices such as raw drives and third-party information file techniques. This capability makes easier the incorporation of Oracle ASM into pre-existing environments.

Oracle Automatic Storage Management Group File System (Oracle ACFS) is a multi-platform, scalable information file program, and storage space control technology that expands Oracle ASM performance to support customer information files maintained outside of Oracle Database. The Oracle ASM Powerful Volume Manager (Oracle ADVM) provides quantity control services and a standard hard drive device driver interface to clients.

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