An IBM’s database product called as DB2 is a Relational Database Management System. It is used for storing, retrieving, analyzing the data efficiently. With the assistance of object-oriented features and non-relational structures with XML, DB2 product is quite extended.

  • History

DB2 product has been developed by IBM originally for their specific platform. In the year 1990, it was considered to develop a Universal Database (UDB) DB2 Server for running various operating systems like UNIX, LINUX, and Windows.

  • Versions

The current version 10.5 is present in the IBM DB2 and it exhibits the features of BLU Acceleration and its code name is Kepler.

Here Are The Some Versions of DB2 Below:

3.4 Cobweb

8.1,8.2 Stinger

9.1 Viper

9.5 Viper 2

9.7 Cobra

9.8 Its added features with only pure scale

10.1 Galileo

  • Data Server Editions and Features

The requirement of needed features of DB2 is the basis for the organizations to choose an apt DB2 version. Here are few DB2 server editions and features:

  • Advanced Enterprise Server Edition and Enterprise Server Edition : Especially for mid-size to large-size business companies, this edition is developed. There are various platforms like Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Table partitioning High Availability Disaster Recovery (HARD) Materialized Query Table (MQTs) Multidimensional Clustering (MDC) Connection concentrator Pure.

  • Workgroup Server Edition (WSE) : For Workgroup or mid-size business organizations this is very much designed. With the help of this WSE, you can work with High Availability Disaster Recovery (HARD) Online Reorganization Pure XML Web Service Federation support DB2 Homogeneous Federations Homogeneous SQL replication Backup compression

  • Express C : All the capabilities of DB2 is offered by it at zero charges. On any physical or virtual systems it can run with any size of configuration.

  • Express Edition : Especially for entry-level and mid-size business organizations. It is a full-featured DB2 data server. It provides only a few services. Here are few edition that comes with- Web Service Federations DB2 homogeneous federations Homogeneous SQL Replications Backup compression.

  • Enterprise Developer Edition : Only single application developer is offered by it. It is useful for designing, building and prototyping the applications for deployment of various IBM server. For developing applications, the software cannot be used.

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